Caught Ch. 02


“Dude…” Calvin whispered. “What… the… fuck…?”

I tried to stand, but my legs were shaky. I covered my genitals with my underwear. I tried to look up at him, but I couldn’t make eye contact. My face was bright red.

“Alright, man,” Calvin said quietly. “I’m gonna let you clean this up and then get out of my house. I don’t want to know what was going on.”

He turned around to leave, and I was finally able to look up, getting a glance of his giant ass jiggling softly as he walked out. I was absolutely gutted. I felt completely numb, grabbing a roll of toilet paper and rolling it up and cleaning up the pool of ejaculate. I was still in shock of the whole situation. It didn’t seem real to me. I cleaned the bathroom up as well as I could, and despite everything that had happened, I still heard the voice in my head that said “Get the rest of the poop!”

Despite the fact that I’d likely ruined my friendship with my best friend, I felt my cock stir again as I looked at the brown streaks in the bowl. Half of me drugged by lust, the other half hating myself, I again wiped my finger on a streak of the shit, putting that hand in my pocket and shuffling out of the bathroom and out his back door.

I walked home in a haze, wanting to believe I had dreamed it all. I got into my bedroom and closed the door. I was utterly conflicted; one side of me cherished the friendship I had with Calvin more than anything, and the other side… well, my finger was a testament to the other side of me. I looked at the brown poo smudged on my finger and felt my cock begin to grow as I inhaled the odor of his waste, imagining his huge, wide, hips on the toilet. I felt the two sides of me at war with one another; yet I knew my sick, twisted side would win out yet again. I slowly put the finger into my mouth and licked it clean, my other hand rubbing me into a delirious orgasm.

I woke up to a buzz from my phone. It was a text from Calvin. My brain didn’t want to read it but my cock did.

“Hey Will, I need to talk to you… what happened today? And don’t try to BS me”

I thought hard about how to reply. I absolutely gaziantep escort could not give him the truth, I knew that. Our friendship would be permanently dead, if it wasn’t already. But I knew I couldn’t BS him because he could read me like a book.

“I’m sorry man, I was really horny, I was thinking about that girl Michelle from Calc. I just got carried away and had to jerk off.” I thought about it before sending.. it seemed honest enough, so I wasn’t completely lying… I was horny, after all. But enough lying to where I might still be able to salvage some dignity. I pressed send.

Within seconds, I had a reply.

“Will, I told you not to BS me… why were you bent over the toilet, then? Why did you insist on going in the bathroom after me? And why does it look like some of my skid marks were rubbed off the toilet?”

My face turned red, and I felt tingles in my skin, but yet just from him talking about his skid marks, my cock grew stiff.

“I was jerking off by the toilet and my legs got weak when I was about to cum, so I slipped and fell and my hand went in the toilet. And how did you know, did you look at your skid marks after?” I hit send. A mediocre story, I just prayed he would be distracted. We had never talked about him going to the bathroom before, it just seemed like it was off-limits. I knew with his condition, his bowel movements were more extreme than most, but we had never discussed it.

“Yeah, I did look at them, Will. I’m on a new diet, and it’s supposed to help with my huge poops but as you saw, it’s not doing much… so I look at the streaks and saw they were different after you left. And nice excuse, but they were on different sides of the bowl…”

Shit, how could I forget. That excuse was revealed. This kept getting worse and worse.

“I don’t think that’s true also because when I walked in, I didn’t hear you stumble and splash the toilet bowl. You were sitting on the ground, you just spun around…”

Fuck, I thought, reading his messages. He’s got me cornered. I didn’t know what to reply. Whatever I said, my friendship would be over.

My phone buzzed again.

“Were you masturbating to my shit? Be honest, Will.”

My heart skipped a beat. I knew I had been caught. And yet, my instinct, normally to deny it automatically, was to own up to it. In a strange way, I felt like it would be a weight off my chest. If he said it and I just say yes, somehow it doesn’t seem as bad as hearing it from my mouth.

I sigh, biting my lip as I write the one-word text: “Yes”.

I sit back, throwing my phone onto the bed and relaxing on my chair. Somehow it feels better to have the truth out, even if it is that I’m a disgusting pervert, and probably homosexual as well. Yet I’m not worried about what will happen. He knows the truth now, and my guess is that he’ll never want to speak with me again.

The phone buzzed.

I pause, taking a second to remember my life as it is before this pivotal moment. I grab the phone and look at it.

“So you liked the smell?”

“Yes, I did,” I write. The fact that he still wants to talk to me after my confession makes me excited. In the back of my mind, I can’t help but hope that secretly he’s into that kind of thing. But surely he isn’t.

“Really? I could barely stand the stink. That was the biggest shit I’d ever taken. I thought something was weird when you told me you wanted to go in there after me…”

I felt like something was typing for me. Something that wanted to get its voice out.

“Honestly, I loved the smell. I’ve never smelled anything so good, and I’ve never cum so hard. I just wanted to jerk off as soon as I smelled it. I don’t know why.”

“Wow.. I never thought it was possible for anyone to like the smell of my shit… let alone my best friend. So you have a fetish for shit then?”

“No, honestly its just yours. I think it’s because it came from your butt, that’s the only reason.”

“So it’s my butt that you have a fetish for, then?”

I paused, thinking it over before I replied. If I admitted it, there would be no going back. But the fact that I was already in so deep made the choice easy.

“Yes. Honestly I’m obsessed with it. I’ve fantasized about it for years now. And to be completely honest, I can’t masturbate to anything besides your ass now. It just doesn’t feel right.”

My palms were sweaty with anxiety, but I felt aroused just telling him the truth about how much I was enraptured by his great behind.

“Wow. I have to say I’m flattered. All these years I’ve worked so hard to hide my big ass and you really love it, huh?”

I didn’t miss a beat.

“Yeah I do. I stare it whenever I don’t think you’re looking. I’ve stolen your underwear and masturbated while smelling them. I fantasize about it all through the day.”

“I knew I couldn’t have just lost them! Though I never would’ve guessed you took them on purpose. Wow. So what kind of fantasies do you have about it?”

I couldn’t believe this. Not only did he seem like he wasn’t upset, but he was interested and wanted to know more! My heart was pounding.

“Kissing it, smelling it, just feeling it. I’ve kind of been obsessed with it for a while now. The bigger it gets the more I want to touch it.”

He responded almost instantaneously.

“I want that.”

My heart must have been beating 200 bpm when I read that. My dream might become a reality! Before I could respond, I saw he was typing again.

“Honestly, I had thought you were jerking off to my poop but I needed to be sure. It got me really horny thinking that that may have been the case, but I was just so shocked when I saw you in front of the toilet that I didn’t know how to react. I was a little worried that you wanted to fuck my ass, the way you were talking about it lol”

“No, I don’t, at least not right now. I just want to lick it. That doesn’t make me gay, does it?”

“No, no, no, of course not,” Calvin wrote. “It’s not gay unless we kiss on the lips. If you just kiss my ass it should be fine.”

“Oh, good”

A few moments passed, and then I received two texts. One was a picture of his mountainous behind, taken over his shoulder as his two huge cheeks stuck out absurdly far. And then a text from him:

“Why don’t you come over later? My parents are going to be gone for the night.”

My cock swelled up so much it hurt. I was going to have to rub another one out.