Cassie , Grandad Ch. 3


Wow, Cassie had never in her life enjoyed fucking. Grandad sure had the goods, and Cassie wasn’t going anywhere. She was going to ring Trent and tell him that she had met someone else and wouldn’t be returning, ever. Well that wasn’t a lie, she had met someone. Her own Grandfather. And he was the greatest fuck she had ever had. And there was no way she was leaving him. From this day on he was going to be her lover and she was really looking forward to sex regularly, very regularly.

After the session on the sofa Cassie was pretty tired, so after a hot shower she lay on her bed and drifted off into a satisfied sleep. Grandad was probably still dosing on the sofa so a few minutes rest would do them both good, she thought.

Cassie starting dreaming as soon as she drifted off, and it was the same dream she had already had.

It was dark out, and there didn’t seem to be a moon. The bedroom curtains were open and the window was wide open too. As Cassie lay on her bed naked, the breeze made her skin breakout in goose pimples, and her perk nipples were hard and tingling. As she slept she didn’t hear the door open and Grandad poke his head around. He smiled when he saw Cassie lying there naked. Mmmm. “What a wonderful sight, ” he thought to himself. He stood and watched Cassie sleeping and was suddenly aware of his cock tingling. He walked over to the bed and noticed that Cassie was breathing very deeply. “I must have tired her out” he said to himself. As he watched Cassie lifted her arms above her head and tossed her head from side to side, moaning. Grandad noticed her breasts lifting and dropping and couldn’t help himself. He knelt down beside the bed and whispered into his beautiful Granddaughters ear. “Cassie, wake up” but Cassie slept on, moaning in her sleep.

Without another thought he bend and gently licked Cassie’s now very erect nipples. They were so hard and tasted so sweet, and they seemed to expand in his mouth. Even doing that didn’t wake Cassie so he decided to see how far he could go before Cassie woke up. His cock was now at its full length again, but he decided to wait to fuck her again. He wanted her awake to enjoy what he had on his mind. torbalı escort He slowly stepped out of his shirt and shorts and lay down beside Cassie. She was gently snoring so he gently took her breasts in his hands and massaged them gently occasionally licking and sucking them. The more he did this the more Cassie moaned but she slept on.

Suddenly Cassie lifted her leg and it dropped over the side of the bed, and her left arm flung itself across her belly and she turned slightly. The view was spectacular, he could see her beautiful pussy glistening at him. The moisture was clinging to her wispy pubic hairs and looked so inviting. He immediately changed his position so he could look at her enticing young pussy. And without thinking he leaned into his granddaughter and touched her lips with the tip of his tongue. It had been a long time since he had tasted such a sweet young pussy and this was here on his spare bed for the taking. And boy did he want to taste it. His erection was telling him it was ready, but his taste buds wanted some sweet nectar from this beautiful vision before him. With caution he extended his tongue and licked Cassie’s pussy lips from the entrance of her vagina to her clit.

And back down again. Then gently pushed his tongue into her warm wet hole. Cassie moaned but continued sleeping. Then he fucked her with his tongue, in and out of her hole, dribbling saliva over her outer lips and knowing it was slipping down the crack of her ass. Her beautiful tight ass, he thought to himself as he tonguefucked her syrupy pussy. Suddenly Cassie gasped and he stopped to look up at her, her eyes were still closed but he swore he noticed a smirk on her lips. Her pussy was by now literally dripping wet. As he bend to continue his pleasure he saw that her clit was poking out about a third of an inch. And was begging for some attention. “Cassie, you are going to love this” he said as he licked his lips and gently sucked it into his mouth. It was hard and as sweet tasting as cotton candy. He licked and sucked on it so gently that Cassie still slept, only occasionally stirring.

He knew she would be close to an orgasm, but didn’t urla escort want her to wake, there was something else he wanted to explore first. So he stopped licking on her lovely clit and sat back to look at what he had done to his Granddaughter. Her pussy was leaking pussy juice and it mixed with his saliva was running down her ass crack and soaking the cotton cover of the bed. Her pussy looked so inviting so he slowly slipped a finger into her, it was so wet and tight. So he finger fucked her with his index finger. Cassie moaned and slept on, and at the same time moved slightly forward, sucking his finger into her. She wants more, he thought to him self, so he pushed a second and a third finger into his granddaughters wet pussy.

And slowly fingerfucked her, making sure she didn’t cum. Not yet anyway. He wanted her awake to enjoy that. By now his cock was nearly bursting, so he removed his fingers from her tight pussy and licked them clean. The taste was tangy and sweet, a taste he couldn’t describe but knew he would taste it again and again as the months went by. I am sure going to love having Cassie stay with me. He thought to himself. Cassie was still softly snoring as Granddad slowly got in between Cassie’s’ thighs and lifted his cock to her pussy lips. He didn’t intend to fuck her yet, but wanted to watch his cock against her wet hole. The same hole he had already fucked but this time it was different. She wasn’t consenting and he wanted to feel her tight pussy with the sensitive head of his hard cock. So he gently pushed his erect cock into her hole, only the head though, and he slowly fucked the entrance of her sweet cunt with the head of his erect cock. Did it feel nice! As much as he wanted to embed it into her he pulled it out and let it rest on her swollen lips. Later. Cassie moaned again but went on sleeping.

So he lay down beside Cassie and gently pushed her, and she did exactly what he wanted her to, she rolled over on to her side and threw her left leg over her right one. Now he could see he tight butt, and started to massage her lovely ass cheeks. Her pussy juices were glistening on her cheeks so he lowered himself on the buca escort bed and placed his face against her ass crack. The only way he could manage to lick the juices was to nearly poke his nose into her pussy. The smell was incredible, his nose in her pussy and his tongue again her ass hole. He lapped at the puckered hole and breathed in the musky smell of her pussy. It was wet and warm and as he licked and tongued her ass Cassie pushed herself onto his face, he could tell he was going to cum so he gently slipped a his finger into her virgin ass. Cassie again moaned and pushed down on his finger. With the amount of pussy juice that had flowed down her crack it was easy for him to slip his finger in and play inside her ass, God, I hope one day she lets me fuck her ass. That was something his wife hadn’t let him do, there was no way she wanted his monster cock in her ass, but maybe, just maybe Cassie would let him.

So as to not hurt her, he removed his finger from it’s tight hold and continued to lick and tongue her ass. The more he licked the tighter his balls were becoming. He needed release. So he again moved Cassie onto her back again and got between her thighs again. Her pussy was drenched in saliva and was begging to be fucked. And boy did he want to fuck her, to stick his cock all the way up her till it spewed millions of sperm into her womb. But not while she was sleeping, so he took his cock and started playing with it. It wouldn’t take him long to cum and he was sure Cassie wouldn’t mind waking up with his cum all over her beautiful breasts. As he slowly masturbated over his Granddaughter she started to stir, but by now he couldn’t stop. He had been so hard and horny for so long he couldn’t stop.

As Cassie opened her eyes she smiled, Grandad, I was dreaming about you. That was all he needed, cum flew from his cock and splashed over Cassie. Her breasts and belly were glistening with his sperm. You should have woken me and we could have had some fun. He reached and massaged her breasts and told her he had had fun while she was asleep. Tell me what you were dreaming about Cassie. I dreamed you were licking and sucking my breasts and my pussy and then you turned me over and tongued my ass. That was no dream Cassie. Well if you are going to do it again some time Granddad please wake me first. I wonder if I will like it as much as I did in my dream….Granddad cuddled Cassie against him and smiled to himself, I hope you do to my dear.