Carol’s School Tales Ch. 09


Maybe I had been barking up the wrong tree with Sean and Tommy. I needed a man, a real man, someone who wouldn’t just mess me around, some who couldn’t resist me. Before we went to our next class I put on Hazel coloured hold up stockings in the girls toilet. I just made up my mind to seduce Mr Bird. So there I was sat next to Della right at the front. We had to do an essay on ancient Britain, including 10 things that Mr Bird had written on the blackboard. From time to time he looked up from marking some papers. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he had spotted my little splaying leg show. From where he sat he would see up my skirt, and he would be able to make out my stocking tops, and maybe even my powder blue panties! His eyes flicked to me more and more. At one point I opened my legs quite wide and waited for his eyes to lift above the desk. That was quite a wait! Eventually we made eye contact and I gave him a sexy smile. He coughed nervously but his eyes dropped to below the desk again.

“Would you stay behind please Becky,” he said, as we packed up our books.

10 minutes later I was in tears. He had told me that he thought he had made himself clear a few weeks ago. I stood there feeling the humiliation sweep through my body. How the hell could I have been so stupid?

OK perhaps I deserved that. But another cruel twist waited. Carol and Jim were going out for Carol’s Birthday. Not ME Carol, BECKY Carol! The bitch even opened my birthday card! That was bad enough, but the bloody necklace Jim placed round her neck was the last straw! I don’t know why but I ended up phoning Sean. He told me that he was going out with Della, so I was stuffed there too. So here I was on my 24th birthday at home alone. I went for a walk ending up down by the river. I could hear a bike approaching from behind me. It skidded to a stop next to me and there was Zack.

“What are you doing down here?”

“Walking,” I said sarcastically.

He got off his bike and began to walk alongside.

“Go away Zack I’m not in the mood,” I mumbled.

His arm went round my shoulder, Jesus he just didn’t get it did he? But then I didn’t push his hand off.

“Come on I’ll buy you a drink.”

He jumped on his bike and sped away. A few minutes later I saw him in the distance.

“Cheery or orange?” he asked.

I took the fizzy Cherry drink.

“Great what a birthday all I get is a fizzy soft drink,” I mumbled.

“I thought your birthday was a few days ago?”

I swallowed, “Yeah I mean dad and her have gone out for her birthday, and left me on my own.”

“Oh,” he replied.

We carried on walking and talking. While he wasn’t my first choice at least he was there. We sat on a bench that overlooked the river. I began to shudder from the cold and he put his overcoat around my shoulders. I didn’t say anything when he left his hand around me. Nor did I object when he pulled me to him. Then when he put his hand in my coat and stroked my leg. I didn’t even tell him to stop when it went under my denim miniskirt. I did resist when it found my panties and he started kissing me. That was until he managed to wriggle a finger into my pussy! I don’t know why I was letting him do this to me? Maybe I wanted to get back at him and her again! I soon kissed him back opening my legs at the same time. His zipper went down and he guided my hand onto his cock. At least he fancied me, or what I had between my legs! He was already hard and his kissing became more frantic. His fingers felt a little clumsy but even so I was getting more turned on by the second. Bahçelievler Escort Enough to pull my panties to one side and straddle his cock! I groaned a little but managed to sit down on him after a minute or so. OK this was just crazy fucking Zack. But he looked up into my eyes and I saw how excited he was. I bounced up and down, and he kept asking me if I was OK!

“God you’re better than Della,” he mumbled.

How I longed to hear that from my husband about Becky!

“Keep rubbing my clit,” I hissed.

Candy to a baby springs to mind here! His fingers fumbled around as I bounced up and down. Now I know he had forced me to give him a blowjob, but like I said this was my 24th birthday and where was my husband? The fact that we were out in the open and just off a public path hadn’t escaped me, but this was more than two horny 18 year olds. OK I know I’m not! This was about my preparation for sex with my husband. Well I don’t know what else to call it? But I could hardily tell that to the two policemen who stood over us! We made ourselves decent and tried to get out of being taken home by them. No bloody chance! I suppose a warning was a lucky escape for me. Although they didn’t say anything, I’m sure they would have seen us, as getting a little overexcited. What made things worse was me riding home in a police car, and there they were just coming back from the pub at the same bloody time!

I waited in with Becky as the policeman talked to Jim outside. For his part I could hear the policeman defending me.

“Go easy on her sir, but next time they should maybe experiment at home.”

Becky could hardily control herself; she just chuckled into her hand. I mean if I had been a real schoolgirl it would have been bad enough. But I was a 24 year old woman now, and I had been caught with Zack fucking on a bench! Jim came in looking somewhat shocked. Becky just stood waiting for the argument that was about to happen.

“Well you two told me to do it!” I snapped.

They both looked surprised that I was the first to speak.

“Don’t even think about having a go at me!”

Jim seemed a little lost for words, maybe because I was on the offensive.

“So did you enjoy yourself?” he spat.

I watched him grab Becky’s hand, and then mine. He dragged us both upstairs and threw us on the bed together. We both watched as he unbuckled his belt. He reached up my skirt and tore my panties off. I was in such shock I just stayed on the bed. Becky cackled at the way my panties hit the wall, and then left a shiny patch on the bloody paintwork!

“Guess you got a bit juicy then Carol,” she said, with a sly grin at Jim.

Becky’s amused expression dropped from her face as her father ripped her panties off too! There it was stood straight to attention. He looked from Becky to me and then back again.

“Jim what are you doing?” I asked, finally remembering I could talk.

“You first, and then you,” he hissed.

Becky and I looked at each other in shock. I watched Becky’s face slowly turn to a grin.

“No, oh no!” I screeched.

“Alright!” Becky enthused.

I felt his cock move into me. I was so confused I just let it happen!

“Just halfway unless your boyfriend has helped!” he moaned sarcastically.

I didn’t know what to think. I opened my legs as far as I could. When he stopped pushing in it was still hurting.

“That’s halfway do you want more?”

“Yes,” I mumbled.

He started pushing.

“NO!” I screeched.

He looked down with a strange Bahçelievler Escort Bayan triumphant grin. It was like he was proving that an 18 year old schoolboy wasn’t up to giving his wife what he could. He began fucking me, and I was surprised how well he controlled himself. I waited for a thrust that would cause me pain but it didn’t come. I closed my eyes praying he wouldn’t hurt me. He just kept his slow rhythm constant.

“Oh Jim,” I groaned, as he began to finger me.

The hurt was still there but I managed to control it to just little groans and whimpers. God his fingers were really giving me a good build up. I knew I would climax quite soon. I began moaning his name, in between the odd yelp! But his fingers felt so good. I shuddered feeling my orgasm spread through me. Jesus it felt like he had been taking lessons on how to please a woman. I mean he just knew where to touch and what to do!

“OH that’s great Jim. Just don’t push so, so far in me with your cock,” I whimpered.

Christ where did he learn THAT with his fingers! My body finally gave up the struggle and I let my orgasm flow. I slowly opened my eyes as his fingers began to pulse either side of my clit just like I usually did. They felt so soft and for some reason his nails felt longer than…….

“Surprise!” Becky said with glee.

She looked on as my face turned to horror. I yanked her hand away from between my legs! I pushed Jim off and fled to my bedroom.

“Oh come back Carol you can do the same for me,” she called.

I slammed the door feeling so bloody foolish. How the fuck did I not realise it was her! I put my headphones on and blasted out Take That, to drown out the fucking that was going on down the hall! I went downstairs to breakfast and there she was with that smug grin on her face again.

“You ever touch me again Becky and you can kiss goodbye to university,” I spat.

“Oh don’t be like that you enjoyed it,” she said, stroking my shoulder.

I raced out of the house and stood waiting for the bus. I had to endure the usual leering eyes from men in cars, and then the bus driver as he pulled up. Jim caught up with me at the bus stop. He gave me my sandwiches that I had forgotten to pick up. I ignored him and just snatched them from him. I climbed on the bus.

“Hi Becky,” the driver said, looking straight at my thighs as my skirt rode up.

I just narrowed my eyes and pushed my tongue out at him. Well if I was going to dress like a schoolgirl then why the hell couldn’t I act like one too!

We moved off to the next stop and I saw Sabrina get on. The driver handed something to her like he did now and then. That night when she got off she went and stood by the driver. I watched his hand slowly caress the back of her legs for a few moments. Then when she went to get off I saw him squeeze her backside. I walked down the bus when it got to my stop.

“See you tomorrow Carol.”

“Bye,” I said automatically, with my mind wandering to my homework.

“So you are Carol?”

The automatic door shut in front of me trapping me on the bus. It was only then that I realised my mistake. I turned to the driver.

“My name is Becky,” I snapped, “now let me off the bus.”

“Sure thing Carol,” he muttered.

I couldn’t concentrate on my homework that night. But I stayed in my room away from Becky. Jim was staying overnight in our old town due to business commitments. I felt a little wary getting on the bus the next day. I had spent half the night wondering why the driver had called Escort Bahçelievler me Carol. He couldn’t possibly know me; even if he did I thought I was pretty well hidden under all the makeup. I rushed to my seat halfway down the bus. He looked as normal at my little flicking skirt. But the usual dirty grin seemed a little different this morning. That night on the way home I watched again as the driver’s hand went up Sabrina’s skirt. This time though he looked back at me and grinned.

“Why are we stopping here?” I asked with a gulp.

He had pulled up next to a large hedge on a quiet road just before my stop. I watched his big fat body get out of the seat. He started walking back down the bus towards me. His white curly hair looked as greasy as ever, and his tight maroon top had sweat stains under the arms. I saw his eyes grin down at my thighs. I pulled my skirt down but it didn’t cover much.

“So why are you dressed as a schoolgirl?”

“Because I bloody well am a schoolgirl,” I retorted.

He wiped the sweat from his top lip and looked at my legs again.

“You know I remember you. Oh don’t worry about trying to think where from. You could always ask your husband,” he whispered.

I could feel my pulse racing, how the fuck did he know me? Well I was just about to find out.

“I recognised your husband. I used to work for him until he sacked me. Then I remembered the picture on his desk. You know the one of you and him on holiday in Paris?”

I knew the picture he was on about.

“So call yourself what you will you are definitely Carol. Hey wasn’t Becky his daughters name?”

I looked up nervously as I saw his face suddenly relax.

“Well now are you pretending to be his daughter?”

He started chuckling, that’s when I noticed the broken tooth in his mouth. God he was gross he must have been in his early sixties, and so fat his double chin had a double chin! I pulled back into the window as his head neared mine.

“Don’t worry sweet Carol your little secret is safe with me.”

I felt his lips on my cheek as I squashed my head into the window, trying to escape from this disgusting old man!

“Get off me you creep!” I hissed.

“Oh don’t worry sexy I just want a little compensation for getting the sack. I’m sure that fucking husband of yours won’t need to know. Hell you can tell him if you like but I think whatever you are doing isn’t quite right is it?”

I jumped feeling his hand on my leg just above my knee. It travelled up slowly snagging on my tights due to his rough old skin.

“So are you going to stop me, or do you want to keep your secret safe?” he whispered, licking his lips again.

I sat shaking for awhile then I slowly opened my legs. He gave a little excited sigh and his hand continued up between my thighs. I winced as he found my pussy through my tights and panties.

“Please don’t do this,” I whimpered, as his fingers rubbed my fanny.

“Show it to me then I will let you go.”

He took obvious delight in my horror at his request.

“Come on Becky, or do I start calling you Carol in front of everyone?”

I lifted my backside off the seat, and slowly pushed my panties and tights down in one.

“Oh what a pretty blonde thatch you’ve got there, and those lovely pink petals,” he enthused.

I felt his fat podgy fingers wriggle around my fanny lips.

“Please stop,” I croaked, as a finger pushed into me.

He pulled out his finger and I gasped as he put it to his mouth and licked it! He made me stand next to him as he drove me the rest of the way home. I had to endure his groping hand up my skirt feeling my ass all the way. Now I knew what he wanted the next day I felt even more disgusted.

I got to the bus stop 15 minutes earlier than normal. He was already there. God this was going to be so bloody awful! I didn’t deserve this, did I?