Carla’s Run on a Run


I was out running on the waterfront when I thought I saw a familiar female outline ahead, but in different clothes than I’d seen her before. I caught up to the lady and, as I thought, it was Carla who is also a member of my running group: at the group, we’d chatted casually a bit and we knew each other’s preferences: Carla liked to start fast, I started slow but built up over the distance, but its a large group so we knew each other’s [run] times and [running] interests, but not that much else.

Carla was quite surprised to see me and I replied likewise – the waterfront is busy with runners and walkers, but I seldom see someone I know despite living nearby for twenty years. I said that I didn’t recognise her clothes, as Carla was wearing a sports bra that was doing a good job of capturing her bust and some tight running shorts. Carla said that it was too hot for her normal attire that I’d previously seen her in and she didn’t recognise my tri-shorts and tri-top either, as I normally wear a singlet and normal shorts. I said that I’d planned şişli escort to go for a swim at the beach just before going home as I live nearby.

We realised we were heading in the same direction, so decided to run together and we started catching up about running. A few minutes later, the chat led to talking about relationships, something we’d never talked about before – Carla said that she had been single for a while. and I replied that I was also single. Carla asked about flings, which I was surprised about, as we’d certainly never talked about this, but I decided to go with the flow. I said I’d had a few hookups over the years, but I didn’t find them that satisfying as the ladies I’d hooked up with tended to move onto someone new after a while and I was looking for an FWB. Carla said she found hookups underwhelming too: she preferred ones where she knew the guy first!

By this time my shorts were getting rather tight with this “interesting” discussion. I looked over and I could see Carla’s nipples straining out the front of her bra; I was wondering how substantial her bust actually was. Idly, I slightly unzipped my tri top and, in return, Carla slightly loosened her zip exposing the top of her breasts, so I slightly unzipped a bit more, and, in return, Carla did the same so more of her breasts were unveiled. Now, there was a very visible lump between my legs and I could see a wet patch between Carla’s legs and her nipples were definitely growing. Then Carla’s hand swept down and over my right leg just brushing my hard cock, so I repeated the favour by brushing my right arm slightly over her bra.

I was getting horny talking about sex and so was Carla. We were still talking about flings and Carla said, “what about now?” I smiled and then said, “what about..”

Carla said “Pill and checked regularly, you?” I nodded.

Ahead was a toilet block, and, thankfully, an accessible toilet was open, so we went in and locked the door. As soon as the door was locked, our mouths connected and we started kissing passionately. Carla’s hands dove down and found my hard cock under my shorts and started bringing it into the vertical and then started stroking it. My hands found Carla’s bra, and I started exploring inside. All the while we were exploring each other’s mouths faster.

I then found the bra zip and released it exposing her full bust, and I then started kissing her tits as my hands found Carla’s wet pussy in her shorts and my fingers wandered up until I decided to drop her shorts. Then Carla moved down and released my cock from the shorts and started kissing it. It wasn’t long before Carla then stopped kissing my cock and pulled me between her legs and I put my head into her soaking pussy. As our kisses became more passionate, our grinding became more intense and I went in deeper, feeling Carla’s pussy squeeze my cock. Carla said that she was nearly coming and we kissed and ground harder. Soon, I felt Carla squeeze me deeply and started orgasming as I shot my load into her.

We carried on making out for a bit with me still inside Carla. We then decided we’d better free up the toilet. I asked Carla if she wanted a swim at the local nude beach and she knelt down and kissed my cock.