Caribbean Lust

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Caribbean LustThe day had been perfect. And now the sun, getting lower, was splashing brilliant red and gold hues across the caribbean sky. I saw you look at me and returned your knowing gaze. We both felt it, the attraction, the a****l magnetism. Maybe it was the waves, the wine, the sun, or this beautiful place. I came to you and kissed you deeply, lingering there and not wanting it to end. I could feel the heat of your pressing body as you swelled beneath me. But we both knew that there were better things to come as I worked my way to your neck. With my lips I felt you shiver as I tickled the almost invisible downy blonde hairs at the base of your lithe neck. I could feel your breathing becoming more irregular as continued and began to kiss and lick your beautiful breasts. I lingered more there, lost in your perfect form. Running my large hands across your flat stomach I felt you writhe under my touch. More urgent now, I felt your soft hands gently pushing my head lower, and lower still. I obeyed your urges as I felt your long legs beginning to part in anticipation. I could see your wetness shinning in the evening sun as I felt my manhood swelling in response. I tasted you and smelled the aroma of your womanhood in heat. I licked you softly at first, almost teasing, as I intentionally avoided your most sensitive parts. But you could only tolerate this Ankara travesti for so long before you thrust your pelvis up and pushed my head with a gentle firmness. I gave in and searched out your clit. I could feel it swelling as I swirled my tongue around and back and forth and again. With more firmness now I began lavishing your pussy with swipes of my lips and tongue. Your hands, never leaving my head, were gripping and at my hair. Through your soft panting I heard you beg me to put my fingers into you. I felt your increasing intensity as I pressed first one, then two fingers into you. Your excited pussy easily lubricated my searching fingers. With you breathless and urging me on I found your most sensitive inner spot. I felt you responding as I continued my lust filled assault. More familiar now with your body I knew exactly what to do. I continued as I noticed your breathing becoming more erratic, and your soft whimpering more incessant. I felt you nearing climax as I applied more pressure to your hard clit, my fingers still churning inside you. You stopped breathing momentarily and arched your back as I felt the first waves of pleasure wash through you. There was no denying your orgasm now as I felt your inner muscles rhythmically clutching and releasing my fingers. My own cock now was twitching as it responded to your pleasure. I continued, Bahçelievler travesti applying less pressure now, I let you come down gently. But with your body still writhing I knew it wasn’t over yet. I felt you once again responding as I applied my fingertips more firmly deep inside you. Your body began to tense again almost immediately, telling me that you were never that far off. Whimpering once again I felt your body stiffen as wave after wave washed over you. Like two familiar lovers I kept you there, hovering on nirvana as you came again and again. Finally, as you could stand the intense pleasure no more, you begged for me to stop. I relinquished my firm grip and began to kiss and blow lightly on your now hypersensitive pussy, relishing it’s beauty in the rapidly fading light. I worked my way up your body as I sensed your breathing now slowing to normal. As I continued to kiss and nibble my way up your body you began to giggle. Now every nerve ending totally spent, my kisses felt like tickling. Tingling up and down your spine, the intense sensations overcame you. We both giggled and laughed now as we rolled on the ground. You broke away laughing and lept into the water. I dove after you feeling the water tug on my still hard cock. We met there holding each other closely as we spun around in the moonlight. You reached down and squeezed Balgat travesti my cock knowing that I couldn’t stand it much longer. As you pumped me up and down in your hand I felt your legs wrap around me. Knowing I couldn’t take much more you guided me into your hot pussy. I pressed into you slowly, allowing you time to adjust to my girth. As we pressed our bodies tightly together I could feel you begin to move on me. Your tight channel transmitted it’s every detail through my cock to my tortured mind. Faster now, I could feel you grinding your clit along the length of my rigid pole. We seemed to move effortlessly now, our weight supported by the ocean itself. I could feel your intensity grow and we once again kissed each other deeply. I didn’t think I could last any longer as I felt your orgasm once again approaching. Our thrusting slowed as I felt you pressing hard against me. All movement stopped except your pussy spasming against my unyielding cock. Your tight hole felt like a boneless fist squeezing and pumping around me until I finally came with you. For a long while the world seemed to stop as our organs spasmed and pulsed against each other. Still locked in a tight embrace, we once again began to breathe. Kissing me, you pulled off of me and turned around. I held you with your back against me now, both of us looking at the moonlight dancing across the waters. Satisfied, our lust was complete for now, but one thing was for sure. Whether it was this place, the ocean, or the sun splashing colors across the sky. We knew that it was only a matter of time before we would once again be lovers.