Career Path


After I finished high school I took a holiday before I decided on a career. I lived with my parents so I didn’t need to worry about money. I spent most of my time at the beach but on days when the weather was poor I would catch a train into Sydney to wander around the CBD. I was still pretty naïve back then so any time away from the suburbs seemed like an adventure.

One weekday, after visiting a museum, I walked through Hyde Park trying to decide what to do for lunch. I paused at a plaque on the wall near a particularly ugly water feature. After I read the story of the artist I studied the dolphin statues that surrounded the feet of a partially clad gothic princess. Although she was bronze she had nice breasts, one of which had an exposed nipple.

I was about to walk away when I realised that there was a man standing near me. At first I thought that he was looking at the statue but then I realised that he was trying to read the plaque.

“Sorry” I said as I stepped back “I didn’t realise…” My sentence trailed off. He smiled at me and moved closer.

“Oh that’s OK” he said “I was more interested in the beauty than the sculptor.”

“Yeah, me too!” I replied sheepishly. I wasn’t sure how to talk to a much older man that I didn’t know.

“She’s got a nice body.” The man said. He was now standing beside me.

“Yep,” I hesitated before uttering “but she’s got an ugly face.”

“True” he smiled as he spoke to me “but look at that mouth. Those lips are just meant to have a cock between them.”

“Ah, mmm, yeah” I replied as I started to blush.

“Sorry, I’ve embarrassed you.” The stranger spoke in an apologetic tone. “Sorry. Hey you’re not skipping school, are you?”

“No, I left school in December.” I curtly responded.

“Oh, you look young. Are you over eighteen?” the man asked as he turned to face me.

“Yes, my birthday was in June.” I answered but I didn’t know why. This guy was starting to be a nuisance and I was getting hungry.

“Well, that’s good,” he said, “I was just heading out of my office to get some lunch at a bar. Do you want to join me?”

I thought about his offer for a few moments. I had never been to a bar in the City but I only had a couple of dollars to spare. I had never met this guy before, either, so I didn’t know what to say. I started blushing again.

“OK, look, sorry.” He spoke quietly, “If you don’t want to, that’s all right, I won’t be offended. I don’t like eating alone, that’s all. I could pay for your meal, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

After a long pause I reluctantly agreed.

We walked for a few blocks. He kept asking me questions, mainly about what sort of job I was looking for. Eventually we stopped at the entrance to a bar. As we walked down the stairs I noticed that the walls were decorated with pictures strippers.

At the bottom of the stairs was a small desk. A middle aged woman asked me to prove how old I was. As I fished my licence from my wallet she chatted with my new friend. It sounded as if they knew each other.

He headed for the back of the small bar toward some small alcoves gaziantep escort that were slightly raised. I followed as I tried not to trip over. The room was quiet dark. There was a spotlight on the stage and a couple of bright, though grubby, lamps at the service area.

He stood by the end alcove. I walked up to him and he directed me to sit down first. I hesitated. He told me that he wanted to sit beside me. He had to be on the outside so he could to pay without having to reach around me.

I sat down and slid toward the wall. He sat down beside me. A waitress came over. She was mid-thirties and nothing special to my teenage eyes. She did have large breasts and a nice smile. She took our order and he handed her a twenty dollar note. As she walked away my friend and I started to chat.

“My name’s Steve.” He told me as placed a coaster in front of me, “I didn’t think to mention that till now, sorry. I don’t usually meet people in the middle of the day.”

“I’m Mike.” I lied as I automatically offered my hand to shake.

“Pleased to meet you, Mike.” Steve smiled as he shook my hand.

The waitress returned. She placed two beers and fifteen dollars on the table in front of Steve. As she leaned forward I saw that Steve was overtly looking down her blouse. She seemed to linger more that necessary. As she turned to go Steve firmly patted her on the butt. He handed her a five dollar note.

“Thanks Steve.” She said to him as she pushed the money into her back pocket.

He turned to look at me. I shrugged my shoulders and I explained that I hadn’t been to a place like this before. He asked me if I was a virgin. I laughed as I replied that I wasn’t but that I had only been with a couple of women.

“So, what sort of women, girlfriends?” Steve asked me as he slowly sipped his beer.

“No, my girlfriend is a virgin.” I said. I was starting to feel warm from the beer.

“So is my wife!” Steve laughed as he leaned toward me. “Tell me about your conquests. You know, man to man.”

“Once with a prostitute,” I blurted out “and once with a friend of my mother.”

“Wow,” Steve replied. He seemed genuinely surprised. He leaned back. He told me that I was so athletic and handsome that I must be the town stud. He thought that I had my choice of women.

“If only!” I scoffed, “I went with the pro to make sure everything works. I was worried because I wasn’t interested in masturbating. I came into the city one night and paid for a screw.”

“How did that go?” Steve asked as he shook his head in amusement. He waved at the waitress and she poured more beers.

“Good” I said as the drink really started to take effect “I was nervous at first, walking around trying to decide which one. Eventually I spotted one who was standing near an alleyway. She looked about thirty, had a nice tan and was wearing tight black jeans. She had long blonde hair in a pony tail”

“Go on! What sort of top did she have on?” Steve asked as the waitress put the fresh beers on the table. She picked up the ten dollar note that was still on the table from the first round.

“She was wearing a cut off t-shirt. She had big tits and was obviously not wearing a bra. Her nipples nearly poked through the thin t-shirt.” I answered, pausing for a minute as I realised that the waitress was listening to me. She leaned across the table to pick up my empty glass. Steve gently cupped one her breasts. I looked down her blouse at the lacy bra holding back all that warm soft flesh. Steve squeezed and I saw the flesh move in response. As the waitress slowly drew away from Steve’s hand he told her to keep the change. She smiled and walked away.

“Go on!” Steve said as he sipped his beer. “What did you say to her?”

“Well,” I said as I centred the coaster under my beer “I didn’t say anything. I was too nervous. She saw me walking towards her and asked if I wanted a fuck. I nodded, she told me how much and a minute later we were down the back of the alley.”

“She told me to get my cock out as she undressed and placed her jeans on a stack of empty pallets. I struggled to get my shoes off without falling over. By the time I had my jeans and boxers off she was lying on the pallets with her legs spread. I took one look and put my head between her legs. I started to lick her pussy but she grabbed my ear and dragged my head toward hers. She placed her other hand around my hard cock and guided into her pussy.”

“I gave it to her for about 5 minutes before she wrapped her legs around me and bit my neck. I came straight away. I lay on her for a few moments before she bucked me off. She started to sit up and waved me away. I got dressed and caught the train home.” I leaned back and took a long sip of beer. I could feel my cock starting to harden.

Steve leaned toward me again and put his left hand on my right thigh. He told me what a great story teller I was and how he wanted to hear about my other screw. He squeezed my thigh and I felt my cock grow harder. His hand worked further up my leg. I took another mouthful of beer. His hand reached the top of my leg. He was talking in a whisper now, so he had his mouth up against my head. I could feel his warm breath on the back of my ear. He moved his hand into my lap and started rubbing the bottom of my stomach, just above the base of my penis.

His hand felt nice but I was worried. No man had ever touched me like this. We were in a public bar, the waitress was watching and I had an erection. My cock was straining at my underwear. I was sure that my bulge was visible to everyone in the bar. I felt Steve’s tongue lightly touching my earlobe. His hand moved onto the base of my erection. I felt his fingers slide along my manhood. I arched my back and spread my legs. I was so hard I thought that I would rip my jeans.

Just as I was starting to really enjoy Steve’s hand he pulled away from me. He sat up straight and moved slightly along the seat, away from me. I realised that the barmaid was back. As our glasses were still full I wondered why. Had she spotted what Steve was doing? Was I in trouble? My erection started to soften. She stood beside Steve. My face was bright red.

She put one hand on our table and the other on Steve’s shoulder. She lowered her head until her eyes were level with his. This enabled me to look right down her blouse, which was now open to the third button. I realised that she had removed her bra at some stage. I had a great view of her boobs and her right nipple. It was huge and just waiting to be kissed. Steve put his right hand up and undid the last button of her blouse. The material fell away a little more and we both got a good look at those delicious melons in all their glory. She shook her torso slightly. Those hard, chewy nipples were on show for us.

She whispered into Steve’s ear. She stood up and walked away as she redid the buttons of the blouse. He shook his head as if he was trying to regain his senses. After another slow sip of beer he looked at me. My cock had returned to normal by then but I could feel a damp drop of pre-cum in my underwear. I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled. He couldn’t stop grinning.

“Would you be interested in fucking her?” Steve asked me quietly.

“Ah, ummm, I guess so” I stammered trying not to fall of the seat.

Another waitress bought our meals. I drank some more beer. Steve started telling me how wanted to fuck the waitress at the end of her shift. He wanted to give it to her doggy style so he would come quicker. He had a train to catch.

He told me about the blowjob his secretary gave him yesterday. She came to work late and he was masturbating in her office when she came in. He threatened to sack her if she didn’t swallow. He talked about the sex he had with his wife.

I started to get hard again. When I was halfway through my meal I felt his hand squeezing my knee. I parted my legs and soon he was rubbing my cock. In a few strokes it was erect. I put down my fork and he guided my hand into his lap.

I was surprised to find that he had unzipped. His cock was standing proud. The dirty old table cloth hid all our sins as he pushed my hand onto his cock. I made a fist and started slowly pumping as he wrapped his hand around mine. He slid forward to stretch out his legs. I kept running my hand up and down the length of his thick shaft. He held my hand to the tip and I caressed his knob. Drops of precum lubricated the movement of my thumb and forefinger.

He indicated that he wanted me to finish him off. He begged to me to pull harder. He was close. I gripped his cock with gentle firmness and tugged. He closed his eyes and grunted. I felt his warm cum oozing down my fist. I held his cock till he opened his eyes. He wanted me to lick my fingers but I said no.

I took my hand away and cleaned it with a serviette. He used another serviette to wipe his dick as he awkwardly but it back in his pants.

I was sure that the waitress was watching. I went back to eating. He reached between my legs and grabbed my still hard cock. He ran his hand up down my shaft for a few minutes till I blew in my jeans. He quickly finished his beer, got up and walked out of the bar. He didn’t say goodbye or look at me as he went.

I finished eating. The waitress pointed at the damp stain in my crotch and laughed as I walked past her.

I was about to walk up the stairs when the middle aged woman at the desk asked me to wait. She wanted to talk to me in the office.