Can’t Get Enough Ch. 02

August Ames

Steven paced his bedroom in anger for an hour before telling his mother he’d made plans with some friends and wouldn’t be back until very late. Climbing into his truck, Steven drove directly to Dani’s house, all the while praying he didn’t get stopped by the cops.

He practically jumped from the truck when he pulled into her driveway and ran up to the front door. He rang the doorbell, suddenly realizing that all the excuses he’d played out in his mind for the past two hours would go over like a lead balloon.

Impatient, Steven banged on the door. “Dani! Dani, let me in!”

Just as he was about to bang on the door again, it opened, a startled Dani staring at him in disbelief. “Steven, what on earth…”

Steven pushed past her, walking into the living room before turning on his heels. It was then that he noticed what she was wearing: a slim, form hugging black dress that went mid-thigh and black heels. Her hair was up somewhat, with wisps of hair cascading down. She looked unbelievably hot. Completely fuckable.

Oh hell no!

“Steven…honey…” Dani stammered.

“No way, Dani. No way!” he fumed. “No fucking way you are going on a date!”

“How…how did you know I have a date?”

He stepped closer to her and her perfume hit him like a blast of erotic wind. Biting back a groan, he leaned closer and said in a husky whisper. “I heard my mom tell you she wanted all the juicy details. Maybe you should have told her how juicy your hot little pussy already was from riding my fingers as you came, hmm?”

“Steven…oh God…”

Ignoring her, he pressed the front of his body to hers; letting her feel his cock against her stomach as he gasped her hips and pulled her flush against him. He shifted his hips slightly and she sighed. Leaning down, he licked at her left ear lobe and whispered, “You’re going to cancel your date, Dani. You’re going to call whoever this guy is and tell him you’ve changed your mind.”

“Steve, no,” she protested, though not very convincingly. “He’s…he’s probably already on his way here.”

Steven wasn’t letting this go. He knew that she was close to caving in and he wasn’t about to give up now. Not when he was so much closer to his goal – to be buried deep inside her hot, wet pussy.

He kissed down her neck, nipping here and there as his hands roamed over her back and down to her ass. He pulled her again hard against his body and she moaned.

Dani felt as if she was melting. Her resistance was fading quickly. Never had she wanted anything more in her life. The shame and guilt she’d felt all day left her the second she felt his hard cock against her body. She sighed, wondering how long she could fight him before she gave in. She didn’t want to, but oh, she really did want to.

“I’m so fucking hard for you. Do you bursa escort have any idea how much I want…no need…to be inside you?” Before she could answer, Steven turned her around and pressed her over the back of the high-back chair, pushing his body flush against hers. He ground his hips into her ass while leaning over her back. He bit the back of her neck before reaching down between her legs. “No more dry humping for us, baby. No…the next time you come it’s going to be with you tightly wrapped around my cock.”

“Oh honey…” Dani sighed, shuttering. The way he was talking to her was only turning her on more. She’d always loved when a guy talked dirty to her; talked with a level of confidence that said what he wanted he was going to get.

“Yeah, baby…” Steven slid his fingers into her panties and growled at their dampness. And the baldness. She’d shaved her pussy since this morning. “Fuck yeah…you shaved your cunt. God that’s hot…and you are so fucking wet.” Gripping the thin material of her panties, he slipped them over her hips and let them pool at her feel.

Dani was so pliant now; her moans and gasps telling him all he needed to know. Reaching down, Steven unzipped his jeans and carefully freed his cock from the tight confines. Rubbing the oozing head against her wet, fuckable pouty lips, Steven slipped the head of his cock inside her and froze. Dani was already coming and was squeezing him like a vice. She cried out as her orgasm rolled through her and it took everything he had to not come.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck…come.”

Dani was gasping, shocked at how quickly and easily he’d made her come just by slipping his cock barely insider her. Months of pent up sexual frustrations, never made easier by her own hands, rolled through her with the mere touch of Steven’s cock inside her. “Oh honey…” she gasped out before pushing her hips back and she felt his cock slip further into her.

“Fuck…yeah baby…fuck that cock!”

Dani began to slide forward and back, pushing his cock deeper into her with each thrust, while Steven simply held onto her hips and let her direct their fuck. She grunted, thrusting her hips faster each time, and never was there a sexier sound than the moans of his name on her lips every time he was buried balls deep inside her.

“Oh God…Steven!” Dani cried out as she came again, her pussy clamping over Steven’s cock again. It was too much for him to handle. Too long had he waited for this moment and it was everything he’d imagined and more so as her pussy squeezed and milked his cock for all its worth, Steven grunted, thrust his hips deep into her and exploded. Dani felt him come inside her and let out a long, guttural moan as he coated the insides of her with his seed.

Staying buried inside her, Steven leaned down and kissed her neck. bursa escort bayan “Mmm…Dani,” he moaned against her ear. “You…God…you are so fucking hot.”

Before she could reply, her doorbell rang, startling them both. Steven slipped out of her, his cock coated in their combined juices as Dani stood up, knowing it was his come she felt seeping out of her.

“Get rid of him,” Steve growled, standing there with his semi-hard cock still sticking out of his pants. “I’m not through with you yet.”

Dani shuttered and approached the door. All she could smell was sex and wondered if her “date” would be able to smell it as well. She opened the door part way, shielding most of the entranceway from his view. “Hello Jonah, I’m sorry. I should have called but I…I think I’m coming down with something.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Dani. No worries. We can reschedule when you’re feeling better.”

“Yes. Sure. That would be fine. Thank you for being so understanding, Jonah.”

Jonah nodded and retreated back to his car, noting a pick-up truck parked on the road in front of her house. He momentarily wondered if she was seeing something else but then pushed it out of his mind. She’d told him that he was her first date in several years and she didn’t seem the type to lie.

Meanwhile, Dani had shut the door and pressed her forehead against it, still not believing what had just transpired. She had done it; she’d fucked her best friend’s son. Actually, she allowed her best friend’s son to fuck her. And oh God, did he fuck her.

She shivered as she thought about how hard and thick his young cock was; how it felt inside her, stretching her. It’d been so long, she thought. And he’d managed to make her come twice in only a few minutes. Her loser husband had never been able to do that. Then again, she’d never wanted anyone as much as she’d wanted Steven.

Turning to the living room Dani saw him staring at her and shuttered again. His cock was rock hard again and he’d stripped off his clothes. His eyes were full of desire and lust and she’d never felt so fucking sexy in her life.

“I have to have you again, Dani,” he said in a husky voice. “Come here.”

Still fully dressed, including her high heels, Dani went to him.

He kissed her, deeply. His tongue invaded her mouth as his hands roamed once again over her ass. Moving his mouth to her neck, he bit down a bit roughly and Dani let out a soft moan. “Did you like that, baby? I think you liked that.”

“Yes. Yes, I loved that.”

Steven chuckled. “Good. And I’m not done with you yet.” He moved to the couch and sat down, his cock proudly jutting up and out. “Take off that dress and come here.”

She liked forceful Steven. She liked him a lot. Slipping the dress over her head, Dani’s full breasts bounced on escort bursa her chest as she moved to stand in front of him. Bending down she slipped off the heels and waited for him to speak. He was touching his cock, leisurely stroking it as his eyes roamed over her amble and luscious body. God she is so fucking hot, he thought to himself. And she’s mine!

“Climb on me,” he said. “Sit that hot ass down and suck this cock into that hot cunt.”

Dani climbed onto the couch and lowered herself down and onto his cock, loving the feeling of fullness she got from him being buried inside her. She gasped in surprise when Steven took her left nipple in her mouth and sucked – hard! He sucked so hard she felt faint at the sensation and her nipples puckered tightly. “Mmm…yes, honey…”

Without waiting to be asked, Dani slipped up to allow his cock to nearly slip from her before she sat back down. Repeating this, she rode him hard and fast, her hands splayed through his hair as his hands and fingers pulled and played with her hard nipples.

“That’s it, baby…ride that cock. God you feel so good. Better than I ever imagined. And I imagined this a lot. Every time I took my cock in my own hand or was fucking some stupid co-ed, it was you that I was imagining. And oh fuck…but you exceeded even my imagination.”

His words only spurred her on more. The idea that she was someone’s sexual desire turned her on. Bending down, Dani kissed him hard, her tongue mating with his as she continued to slam down on his cock.

When he sensed she was tiring, Steven grasped her ass and stood up. Still buried inside her, Steven flipped them around and laid her down on the couch. Pulling her legs together, he hugged them to his chest and pounded her hard.

“Oh God! Oh Steven…yes…yes…fuck me…oh fuck me!” she screamed as Steven fucked her faster. “Oh I’m going to come again!”

Steven grunted when he felt her pussy clamp over his cock once again. It was difficult to keep pounding into her when she was squeezing him so tight and with a roar of her name, Steven unloaded another blast of seed inside her cunt. Thrusting until he couldn’t come anymore, Steven spread her legs and collapsed on top of her.

“Fuck me but you are so hot, baby.” Dani could only moan in response. “I don’t think I have any come left in my balls. It’s all deep inside you. God, do you have any idea how fucking hot that is?”

He slipped out of her and collapsed on the touch next to her, exhausted. To his utter surprise, he felt Dani stir next to him.

“That you’ve now shot two loads into me is very fucking hot, honey. And I’m willing to bet that our combined come tastes awesome.” And with that, Dani leaned down and took Steven’s cock in her mouth, tasting them both. “Mmm…I was right. Delicious.”

“Holy fuck but I am never going to get enough of you.” And as Dani moved her mouth down to take one of his balls into her mouth, Steven threw back his head and growled. “Every chance I get, I’m having you, baby. Be prepared.”