Cancun Ch. 06


The following morning I woke up a little later than usual at about 8 a.m. Madison was already awake.

“Rise and shine you freak!” she called out from the bathroom. I sat up in the bed and yawned. I then snapped to as I remembered the incredibly wild night of sex I had had with my 18-year-old stepdaughter the night before.

I was very embarrassed in fact. Madison came out of the bathroom wearing some very small terrycloth shorts, and a black mesh top with no top underneath. Her tits looked amazing and her nipples were hard and pointy.

“I’m going to show you who the boss of this house is today mister,” she said with an air of seriousness. “You fucked me really good last night, I’ll admit that. But my ass still hurts, and I didn’t appreciate having to piss in the bed after you basically raped me. So today, I’m going to do what I want, when I want with whom I want. If you EVER hope to fuck my pussy, my ass, or my mouth again, you’ll shut the fuck up and let me be today. Understand?”

I mumbled an incomprehensible “yes.”

“That’s right. Now I want you to get a quick start today. I found a topless beach that I want to visit. I don’t want a tan line on my tits. I had so much fun dancing for you last night, I may try an armature night back home when we return,” Madison said putting on a sweat suit top that matched her shorts, but not zipping it up.

I quickly got ready. I left a message and a hundred dollar bill on top of our sheets for the cleaning lady with an apology and an excuse saying I had too much to drink and didn’t make it to the bathroom. I then followed Madison out the door. All eyes were on Madison as she was basically walking around topless. Her nipples were hard and poking through the mesh fabric. My dick was already hard. It was going to be long day.

We boarded a bus that would take us across town to the topless beach. I carried our stuff for us. Every male in the bus stared slack-jawed at Madison and she loved every minute of it. Every female threw her dirty looks.

We reached the topless beach after about 30 minutes, and Madison dropped her shorts and took off the jacket and pulled off her mesh top. She was wearing the white thong. I spread out some towels and took off my own shirt. Madison’s ass was slightly bruised from the spanking she had endured the night before.

“Is your butt still sore?” I asked. “What do you think?” she replied sarcastically.

I pulled out the sunscreen and began to apply it to Madison’s back. As I worked down I knelt in front of her beautiful, round ass and before rubbing lotion on it, gave it a gentle kiss.

“Oh, you’ll be kissing my ass all day!” she said with a sinister smile on her face.

There were only a few women on the beach, and honestly most should not have been walking around topless. The majority of the people on the beach were men longing for a peek at a topless woman. Madison was enjoying the attention she was getting. Throughout the day groups of young guys, old guys, and really old guys, came up and started conversations with her.

They invited her out, offered to buy her stuff, and some just wanted to take a picture with a beautiful topless woman. They didn’t care one bit that I was laying next to her.

I eventually unpacked the water and snacks I had brought along. We shared a bottle of water and some trail mix.

“Ok,” I said, “I get it: you’re hot and men want you.”

“You’re damn right. So you had your fun last night, but that’s never going to happen again. Understand, mister?”

“Yes hon,” I replied. “But you have to admit, it was all really hot.”

“I don’t know. I’m planning on shoving that dildo up your ass tonight. I’ll tell you what I think afterward,” she replied with a truly evil grin. I didn’t know if she was serious.

We spent the better part of the day at the beach. Finally we grew tired and hungry and headed back to the hotel. Madison’s big titties looked amazing. They were a nice, dark tan color and smooth and shiny thanks to the lotion.

Once we got to the room, I hopped into the shower. My dick had been hard all day and it felt good to release it. Madison came into the bathroom. She had a very slight tan line on her tits from the previous few days, and of course a thin tan line where her thong had sat.

She hopped into the shower and asked me to wash her back. “My ass still hurts jerk!” she said.

“Your butt cheeks or your butt hole?” I asked.

“All of it. I can’t wait to fuck your asshole tonight,” she replied.

As I lathered her back and ass my dick grew as large as I had ever seen it. It was poking Madison’s ass.

“I’m not taking care of your big dick today, daddy,” Madison said. “That’s going to be part of your punishment.”

Madison finished up before me and as usual strolled out of the bathroom naked. I came out a few minutes later and found Madison finishing up one of the joints I had purchased a couple of nights before. I didn’t say anything to her.

We decided to eat a local restaurant. Madison flirted bursa escort with the waiter. She was wearing a very tight halter top and blue jean shorts. Madison wanted to hit the clubs after dinner. She hit the dance floor without me at the first place. Within a few minutes she was dancing with a very good looking fellow; grinding up and down on his crotch. I enjoyed the show and took my punishment like a man.

This went on for most of the night. At the last bar of the night, I bumped into a familiar face.

“Hey stranger, your girl is getting a lot of attention. Are you OK with that?”

I looked up and recognized Joyce from the day before. “As long as she remembers who brought her to the dance it’s OK with me,” I replied.

“I don’t know Ted,” she said. Joyce was dressed to kill, obviously out on the prowl. I asked her who she was there with. She had traveled to Cancun with some work friends. Most had hooked up and were nowhere to be found.

At this point Madison had disappeared. Joyce asked me to dance. While on the dance floor she began to grind on me. My dick had been rock hard most of the day. Again, she wasn’t quite my type, but in the end, I’m a man and she had a pussy.

As we exited the dance floor, she yelled in my ear “Look, I’ll be honest, I didn’t come all the way to Cancun to work on my tan. I’m at the Plaza del Mar in room 318. Give me a call if you want to fuck. I’m here another three days.”

I had only had sex twice in the past four years, and was now up to my eyeballs in pussy. Go figure.

I finally found Madison as I exited the club. She was outside smoking a cigarette with a group of college age boys. I made eye contact with her and she shot me a dirty look.

“I saw you dancing with that whore!” she yelled at me. The boys with her all howled their approval at the apparent dis.

I walked over to her and took her by the hand. “Hun, I only want to go home with you. Let’s go please.”

She pulled her hand away and stormed off toward the taxi stand. She didn’t say a word all the way to the hotel. When we arrived she went into the bathroom. She came out naked a few minutes later

“Take your clothes off. It’s time I shove that dildo up your ass,” Madison said.

I didn’t know if she was bluffing, but didn’t want to upset her anymore. I took my clothes off, a little surprised that I was getting hard already.

“Lay down on your stomach,” she ordered. She then tied my hands as I had tied hers the night before. Madison then began massaging my ass with her hands. She eventually parted my ass and began to lick my asshole. It felt great. She stuck about half an inch of her tongue in my ass and worked it around. I was moaning as it felt fantastic.

Eventually she reached into the infamous black bag and pulled out the heated lube. She lubed her hand up and worked her finger into my ass quite gently as I had braced for the worst. After a few minutes, she put in a second finger. Madison then reached into the bag, but instead of reaching for the six-inch dildo, she pulled out the nine-inch vibrator I had bought.

“Maddie, that’s way too big to put in my ass!” I exclaimed as I looked back with obvious terror on my face.

“Your dick is way too big to put in my ass, but I didn’t stop you did I?” She replied.

“Baby!” I yelped “My dick is NOT nine inches long!”

Maddie worked the very tip of that monster into my ass. I’m not going to lie: it hurt. “Pick up your ass, I want to play with your dick,” she ordered. I did as she said.

My stepdaughter slowly worked the vibrator into my ass while she slowly jerked me off. Every time I didn’t think I could take any more of it in my ass, she pushed it through a bit more. I winced in pain every time.

“Wow,” Madison said after about half an hour. “It’s all the way in!”

I couldn’t believe it. My ass was stretched to its limits. It felt like I had to go to the bathroom. She then forced me onto my knees and positioned herself underneath my dick and began to give me head. She was very slow and deliberate. It was torture. With her right hand she began to slowly fuck me with the dildo.

After about another ten minutes of this, I was getting near the point of no return. She then turned the vibrator on. This was more than I could handle. I needed to come. Madison began to slow down.

“What are you doing?” I pleaded. “I’m about to shoot my load!”

“I know,” she said. “I’m going to leave that in you tonight so you remember how badly you hurt my ass yesterday. I have something to do tonight.”

With that she got up and got dressed. “Dressed” being a figurative word as she was just wearing the black mesh shirt she wore to the beach with no bra, a mini skirt and no panties.

I fought my restraints to no avail. “At least turn this damn thing off!” I supplicated.

“No, I think I like my new toy there.” She gave me a hard slap on the ass and with that she was out the door. It took me almost half an hour to untie my binds. I still needed to come, and bursa escort bayan truth be told, the vibrator felt good in my ass. I gently sat down forcing the vibrator deeper into my ass. I then began to stroke my cock. I came in just a few minutes. I pulled the vibrator out of my ass and laid there feeling almost violated.

Madison returned a few hours later. I was expecting the worst considering how many men had hit on her that day.

“I’m home daddy!” she said. “Look what I did!”

Madison had gotten her left nipple pierced. Madison sat down on the bed after taking off her clothes. I decided not to say anything.

“I’m tired daddy. Let’s get some sleep,” she said. “We’re even now.”

We lay down together under the new covers. I stared intently at the new piercing on my stepdaughter’s nipple.

“It’s pretty sexy huh?” she asked. I nodded in agreement. With that she kissed me on the cheek and dozed off.

I woke up the following morning with Madison cuddling next to me. I went over the events of the last few days. I had enjoyed a pretty fulfilling sex life before I met my deceased wife Lilly. Some would say I had enjoyed too much forbidden fruit. My sex life with Lilly was amazing, too.

However, the last few days had been on another level. Madison wasn’t as experienced as some of my former lovers, but she made up for it with her youthfulness and her perfect body. It’s funny how an 18-year-old boy won’t appreciate an 18-year-old girl, like a 40-year-old man will.

Madison began to stir. “Good morning dad,” she said, burying her face into my chest. “Oooh, my nipple is sore.”

“That’s what you get for doing that to yourself. I hope the place had sterilized needles. Nothing like a little Hepatitis C to attract the boys,” I said.

Madison ignored me. She stretched a bit, and played with her new piercing.

“Doesn’t it look sexy?” she asked. It did. I simply nodded.

With that Madison pounced on me and started to French kiss me. I was already sporting morning wood, this only served to make me harder.

She worked her hand down to my cock. After a few minutes of serious kissing she began to stroke my dick.

“I’m going to lie on my back and I want you to fuck me. But don’t do it like a jackrabbit or something. Take your time. I want you to stretch me out daddy,” she instructed.

I got on top of her and inserted my penis into her cunt. Somehow she was already impossibly wet. I did as she asked and slowly fucked her, being deliberate with every stroke. After a few minutes I lowered my head with the intention of running my tongue over her pierced nipple.

“No daddy!” she shouted. “No bodily fluids! The guy at the tattoo shop said so.”

I continued my slow fuck of my stepdaughter for a few minutes. She was very wet, and truth be told, her piercing was driving me nuts. I repositioned myself every few minutes to stretch her pussy out as much as possible by fucking her from different angles. She moaned out loud every time I changed positions.

After about 20 minutes of slow, deliberate fucking I felt my orgasm rise. I picked up the pace slamming my hard dick into Madison as hard as I could. By this point we were both sweaty and hot. I shot my load deep into her pussy before collapsing on top of her.

I was going to go down on her to finish her off, but she stopped me and said she wanted to save it for later.

We ordered breakfast and ate out on the balcony in our bathrobes.

“Dad, I want to go to an all nude beach today. There were some kids talking about it at the tattoo shop last night. They said there weren’t any fat people like at the topless beach,” Madison said.

I just smiled and said yes. At this point, I wasn’t about to say no to my stepdaughter.

We finished breakfast on the balcony where I had an awkward exchange with the people next door who had watched me standing around with a hard on.

“Good morning!” the woman said with a strange look on her face.

I just smiled and went inside.

Madison was getting ready. Amazingly she was wearing some of the clothes she had brought with her – a night and day difference between the clothes I had planted. She saw me looking at her.

“What’s the point?” she said as she shrugged at me. “I’m going to take it all off anyway,” she explained.

I had never been to a nude beach, but the fact that I had walked around with a hard on at the topless beach made me nervous.

“Uh, I think I may masturbate before we go. I don’t want to get an erection on the beach,” I said.

“Daddy are you serious? We just had sex!” Madison replied. “Here pull it out.”

I pulled out my dick and she proceeded to put as much of the head as she could in her mouth. She jacked me off into her mouth with her left hand while she played with my balls with her right.

She wasn’t great at sucking dick, but she was enthusiastic for sure. She ran her tongue over my growing head, making sure to run the tip around the sensitive crown. Madison then ran escort bursa the very tip of her tongue along my pee hole as if trying to force it into me. My asshole literally twitched – it felt so good.

After a few minutes, she came off my dick “Seriously, I don’t expect a 40 year old-man to be this horny,” she said. Madison inspected my package for a second. “You know, I think you need to trim this thing up before we hit the beach,” she added.

Madison got up without releasing my hard on and pulled me by the dick to the restroom.

“Sit down in the tub so I can trim you up,” she said. I sat down in the same spot she had sat at when I shaved her cunt a few days earlier. She pulled my hair trimmer from my toiletries bag and proceeded to trim up my pubic hair.

After a few minutes, she literary blew my dick and examined her handy work. She then turned on the faucet and got my junk nice and wet. Madison got her shaving cream and lathered my balls up. She then proceeded to shave my balls clean.

A steady flow of precum was oozing from my dickhead. I was getting dizzy from the attention this gorgeous 18-year-old girl was paying my dick and balls.

When she was satisfied my balls were totally shaved, Madison rinsed the remaining shaving cream from my nut sack. She leaned down and sucked on my left testicle and then my right one – slowly engulfing each one in her mouth. She moaned when she was able to somehow fit both in her mouth.

She sucked my balls for a few minutes before releasing them.

“Nice,” she said. She then bent over, took half the head of my dick into her mouth and began to pump my dick again. Within a few minutes I was on the verge of an orgasm. She held my dick head firmly in place and prepared to swallow.

“Mm, mm,” she moaned as I shot my load and spasmed along with my orgasm. She then smacked her lips and looked up at me. “You’re running out of cum old man, you hardly came at all,” she added. “Don’t make me go out and find a 20-year-old stud.”

No doubt my reserves were low. I was 40 years-old and had had more sex in the last few days than I’d had in more than the last four years.

We made our way down to the nude beach Madison had heard about. It was getting close to 11 a.m., and while the idea of sitting around naked in the middle of the day didn’t seem wise, I figured we only had a few days left in Cancun.

We entered the beach and made our way down. After finding a nice spot we both took all our clothes off.

“I can’t go in the water because of the piercings, so I’m just going to get some sun,” Madison said.

We both put sun screen on ourselves and I worked it onto her back. I tried not to think about it too much as I did not want to get an erection in public this way.

After a few minutes I noticed two things. First, the majority of the people at the beach were either couples or gay men. The gay men were either young, in their early 20s, or older, in their late 40s. While I do try to keep in shape, I was surprised at how many men were openly eyeballing me throughout the day. It was kind of flattering, in the least most flattering way.

“Dad, you’re getting checked out!” Madison teased a few times. “If these guys keep checking out your ass, I’m going to get jealous!” I felt like the belle of the ball. Not.

After a few hours two young men approached us. They were both about 20, handsome and were in very good shape. The taller of the two had a very large penis; about eight inches soft. My own penis was at best four inches soft. He also had very large balls that hung very low. His friend’s penis was about the same size as my own, but not as big around. They were both uncircumcised.

Both men were in exquisite shape sporting incredible definition, but were both very thin.

“Madison!” the taller one called out. “It’s good to see you!”

My stepdaughter got up and ran to them, giving them both a hug.

“Hey guys! This place is great! I’m glad you told me about it. This is my stepfather, dad this is Marco and Paolo. I met them at the tattoo parlor last night,” Madison said.

Marco was staring intently at Madison’s large breasts. His friend Paolo didn’t seem to be at all interested.

“That looks fantastic!” Marco said referring to Madison’s piercing.

Madison squeezed her breasts together and flashed Marco a big smile. “Thanks! My stepfather thinks so too,”

I wasn’t too happy that Madison had told anyone here that I was her stepfather, especially considering that we were both naked at a nude beach together.

Madison and the two boys chatted for a few more minutes as I laid back down to get some sun. I had my MP3 player going, so I didn’t hear much of the conversation. Paolo disappeared after a few minutes. I was getting a little jealous of all the attention Madison was paying to Marco’s big dick. In fact he was getting a lot of attention from the many gay men on the beach too.

Marco eventually departed with a quick wave to me and a quick hug for Madison.

We walked around the beach a little before we decided to go back to the hotel. There Madison said she was tired and wanted to stay in. I found this surprising considering we only had a few days left, but agreed as I was really tired too.