Aaron started his black Ram truck and proceeded to back out of the driveway. He was camping upstate with his friends but was getting there a day earlier. All of his belongings were in the trunk. The camping site he selected to spend the weekend with his friends would not be full of people. It would take an hour to arrive at the location. Aaron rolled down the window to feel the fresh cool air on his face. The sun was shining brightly, and the wind blew his straight brown shoulder-length hair away from his face. He allowed his facial hair to grow more. Aaron noticed some women loved how he looked rugged. The song on the radio got his attention, and he turned up the volume to sing. While Aaron continued driving, şehitkamil escort the scenery changed. He camped in the fall to experience foliage in all its glory. An hour later, he arrived at the campsite, and there was someone to greet him at the entrance. Aaron made two trips to his car to gather his belongings from the trunk. The first thing on the agenda was to set up the mid-sized tent. Next, he filled the portable mattress with air. Aaron gathered some wood for the fire he planned on making. The day before, he marinated steaks to cook. He loved preparing food on an open fire because the flames caramelized the food but also kept the food tender. In the distance, a pair of brown eyes watched the man start a fire to cook his dinner. The pleasant aroma lingered in the air; she watched him chew all the food. When he finished dinner, the camper stripped down naked to use the outdoor shower. The fairy woman quietly came closer without alerting him of her presence. The water cascaded over his athletic tan body. Her eyes widened at the size of his superabundant cock hanging. “Ni must have him,” the fairy said repeatedly.  (I must have him) The fairy continued to watch him shower and retire in his tent for the remainder of the night. When he was asleep, she entered his tent to lay beside him, fingering herself. “Mime pussime needs your cock,” whispered the fairy. (My pussy needs your cock) Her mind drifted back to seeing the man’s superabundant cock earlier. The fairy’s hard nipples pierced the ice blue see-through metallic strapless dress. The white glittery fairy juices started to dampen her dress.   “Ni promise ana care tye happime,” said the fairy. (I promise to make you happy) The fairy’s body started to glow as she pleasured herself thoroughly. She quickly moved away from the man as he stirred in his sleep. When he was comfortable in his new sleeping position. The fairy carefully positioned the campers fingers inside her pussy. She slowly moved her body up and down, enjoying the pleasure for a little bit.“Ahhhhhhhh,” moaned the fairy.Before the fairy had an orgasm, she changed positions again. She squatted down on the camper’s face, and white glittery cum squirted out.