Cam Girl Ch. 03


After all the excitement things seemed to be approaching normalcy again until the day he bumped into Ashley’s mom while watching the love of his life doing what she did on the soccer field, making chins drop with both her skills and assets.

“I love watching them play.” she startled him. I bet you do, he thinks.

“Sierra is really really good. Even better than Ashley I think.” He almost spat out the water he was drinking.

“She is. I bet Ashley is pretty good too. I mean I know she is, from what I’ve seen of her play. Playing.”

“Do you think their relationship will last when they go to college? I mean as more than just a friendship?” He looked at her, not sure of what to say.

“Honestly, I always thought it was a phase, you know, experimenting and all that. They are pretty young still. But lately I’ve wondered if there isn’t more to it than that. They really do think the world of each other. You really think the world of my daughter too, from what I’ve heard.” He can’t help it. As hot as it probably was, the thought of her with her daughter disturbs him. A combination of jealousy, paternal instinct, and territory.

“Why, what does she say?”

“Nothing really. Just that you two shacked up once.” She looks to go into a state of near shock, her face is as white as a ghost.

“She told you about that? Oh my god. It was nothing Alan I swear. I’m so embarrassed. I had been drinking all afternoon one day and she came bouncing in like she always does, not even a knock on the door. Well, I had been reading an erotic novel about two women, and had literally almost nothing on, on the living room couch. Ashley and her dad spontaneously went out golfing and I was in a state of, well, I had been fucking myself ok?” She grabbed his arm.

“Anyways, instead of running away screaming or excusing herself or whatever she just comes right over and asks what I’m reading and reads the back, asking if she can read it when I’m done. She said she was really curious about sex with a woman. As if I don’t know about her and Ashley by now. Anyhow when I go to the bedroom to, you know, get a robe or something, she follows me in and asks me if I can look at something for her. Of course I say yes, having bursa escort no idea she’s talking about ‘if she shaved her pussy correctly’ saying she had just done it for the first time, asking me, basically her aunt, if I could clean up any spots she couldn’t reach. Alan, she was wearing crotchless fucking panties! I lost control. It’s my fault. I was just shaving her and she started playing with herself then one thing led to another, I felt disgusted and mortified afterward. She’s like a daughter to me!”

“It’s ok Tish, I understand.” He hugged her, now crying. They have been friends for over twenty years. “She is something else, and very sexy, and I don’t hold it against you. If Ashley did that same thing to me, I’m sorry but I really don’t see myself controlling myself either, I’m not upset at you.”

“Exactly, you understand. I mean I’m a woman, I’m supposed to have more self control than that. But the truth is, and please don’t repeat this, I haven’t had sex with anyone but Sierra in ten years. Me and Tom just don’t fuck anymore, and I need more release than my hand can provide sometimes.”

“Noted” he said, with a laugh. She laughed too, and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m glad we talked.” She walked off, fetching her daughter, while Sierra came running up to him.

“What were you guys talking about?” She asked, a tinge of jealousy in her voice.

“Nothing really hunny. Hey listen, don’t take this the wrong way, but has Ashley been asking about me?”

“Only every night since about 8th grade, why? Do you want to fuck her?”

“No no sweetheart,” her forwardness shocked him, but her voice didn’t sound sarcastic or upset.

“Well that’s a shame Dad, ’cause we’ve been talking about it since the night we got ice cream, and she needs a man, like really really bad, and we had you picked out as the primary target. It would be a hot show to stream, and I would actually be totally ok with it, maybe even join you guys.”

He thought for a minute, choosing his next words carefully.

“Well since you put it like that, I have an idea for a stream. Like an icebreaker. She walks into your room and catches me masturbating with your underwear. She asks me what I’m doing and takes them and bursa escort bayan sniffs them, saying she’s always been curious about girls. Then she drops her pants and asks me to look at her pussy, with crotchless panties on, saying she’s just shaved it for the first time and wants to know if she missed anywhere she can’t reach, and I help her out with that, one thing leading to another…”.

He looked at her daughter’s face and it was beat red with embarrassment, she slid over in the truck and kissed him, laughing. Much to his delight she then blew him with her oh so sweet mouth mercilessly, before he drove them home. Swallowing every drop.

That night, while sitting on the coach with his wife, he decided they should talk.

“Sweety, if I ask you a question, will you answer it honestly and before jumping to conclusions about what I’m getting at? There’s something that’s been bothering me and I want to get it off my chest.” He topped off her wine.

“Ask away, can’t promise you’ll like the answer.”

“Ok. Well, have you ever thought about Tish Masters in a sexual way?”

“Oh Alan, you know me. I’ve thought about that coffee table in a sexual way. Why? Wait, let me guess, you slept with her and want a threesome.” She gets up wanders into the kitchen, obviously annoyed.

“Nope, wrong. I ran into her at the game today and we had a heart to heart about our kids love affair, and she opened up to me that she was glad that they seemed to have a rich sex life. She let it slip that ‘at least someone’s getting laid all the time, she hasn’t in ten years.'”

“Don’t be a sucker Al, she just wants to bed you. Hell if she’s gonna act that desperate, I’ll do her myself. Everyone knows her husband has banged every stewardess at Delta, screw him. And her. Heh.”

They both laugh. He places a hand on her skirt, shimmying it up her leg playfully.

“I just felt bad for her, sincerely. We’ve known the girl since before Sierra was born. She’s always been lovely, and quite sexy honestly, it’s a shame she has no sex life whatsoever.” He tickles her inner thigh, moving toward her crotch.

“Just tell me if you want a threesome Al, stop beating around the bush. I could make that work.” She yanked escort bursa her skirt up and spread her still lovely legs, revealing the fact that she’s turned on.

“No honey, I’m fine with only you. But she joked she was considering switching sides, trying out for the other team if you will, and it seemed like she was half serious. The thought of you and her kinda turns me on.” She put her glass down, and put his hand in her panties, her pussy a sloppy mess. He finger fucked her wildly until she came, kissing her passionately. She’s always so horny, it’s no wonder her daughter is a overflowing well of estrogen too.

“Sometimes I wonder if you aren’t a mind reader Al,” she whispered. “I think about Tish all the time, she’s made plenty of passes at me, we even took a shower together on that camping trip when the girls were little. It got steamy but we stopped short of anything too hot. We did kiss but it was mostly just teasing and playing around because there was only one stall available. But I can tell you she would have, and we’ve probably both thought of it eight thousand times since then. I apologize for never telling you.”

“It’s quite alright. You just did. We all have skeletons. I’m just thinking, it may be time for another shower soon.” She reaches for his junk. He prays she doesn’t taste their sweet daughter’s lip gloss or something.


He found it extremely hard to concentrate at work the following day, his head spinning with thoughts of Emily and Tish, he and Ashley, Ashley and Emily, He and Sierra, Sierra and Tish, he even thought about Sierra and Emily, his daughter and his wife, together! He thought he may be losing grip, slipping onto a slope of sex addiction.

‘Don’t be a fucking pansy’ his ego chimes in, ‘every straight man on earth would give up a finger to be swimming in this much grade A pussy. Do it now, before they’re gone to college, getting torn up by all those young guys full of piss and vinegar, who can fuck them all day long, cumming the whole time, for fucks sake.’

He dove into his work, trying to think of anything but horny ladies. This lasted for less than an hour when he got a text from Sierra.

“I’m taking mom and Tish out to dinner and a movie tonight. Ashley is coming over at seven. She says she’s ready. Press the stream button on the dashboard. Please press record too. Have fun, I love you.” He had all he could do to try to get any more work done at all.