California Girls 4


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California Girls 4

Kate woke a few hours later wrapped in her sisters arms. Brianna had fallen asleep too and Kate gingerly disentangled herself and planted a tender kiss on her lips before silently retreating from the room, down the hall and into her own.

Kate jumped onto her bed and grabbed her phone from the bedside table. She had a missed text from Hannah
“Hey babe, sorry my parents sprung this trip on me, I promise we can have some more fun when I get back.”

“Ooh I can’t wait ;)” Kate sent. She thought about telling Hannah about that morning with Brianna but decided against it, she set her phone back down and settled down in her bed.

The nap with Bri had definitely helped her but her ass and pussy were still tender along with her nipples so Kate decided it better to not get dressed and she lay naked in her bed waiting for Hannah to respond.

A few minutes her phone buzzed and Kate picked it up.

“When I get back its my turn with Rourke ;)”

Kate smiled and put her phone down, drifted off into sleep a few minutes later.

Kate woke up an hour later to the hungry grumbling of her empty stomach and upon checking her phone and seeing that it was 1:30 in the afternoon, decided to head down to the kitchen to make herself and Bri some lunch.

When she entered the kitchen Brianna was already sitting at the counter with an oven heated pizza sitting in front of her. She had put on her pink dress again and Kate could see her nipples through the thin fabric.

“Hey,” Bri smiled.

“Hey sis,” Kate said.

Bri smiled, “I kind like you this way,” nodding towards Kate’s naked breasts and lower.

“Huh?” Kate pouted, “Oh, ya I’m just a little sore.”
Bri laughed, “Here do you want some pizza?”

“Please! Im starving.”

The sisters spent the day together and as the time for their parents to arrive approached Kate reluctantly went upstairs and put on loose shorts and a sweatshirt. Around 8:00 that evening their parents arrived and the girls continued on as if nothing had happened.

Over the next week they were limited to quickies in stolen moments when their parents weren’t in the room. They could hide away to the hall closet or the bathroom and make out of a few minutes,or at night Kate would sneak into Bri’s room and they would silently finger each other to orgasms.

Kate had taken to not wearing underwear around the house and Brianna enjoyed sliding her hand up Kate’s shorts or skirts and feel her get hot and wet over her hand at dinner. She loved teasing her sister, watching her squirm in the seat next to her as she worked her finger around her pussy. The horny girl wanting to cum but at the same time trying not to since their parents were right across the table.

One night Kate got Bri back. It was Brianna’s turn to wash the dishes and while she was busy with the soapy water and dirty dishes Kate came up behind her, clamping one hand over her mouth and immediately shoving the other down the front of her shorts. Bri was shocked at first and almost panicked but began to grind against her sister as she felt her fingers massage her clit and probe her hole.

Kate knew Bri was going to cum when she started moaning into her hand and began to buck against her, so she pulled her hand and but kept her grasp on Bri’s mouth. Kate waited a few minutes, one hand firmly clamped over Bri’s mouth while the other played on her flat stomach. She waited until she was sure Bri had come down from her climb to her orgasm before sticking her hand back in and fingering her.

Once she felt Bri getting close to orgasm for the second time, she pulled her hand out again and released her hold on her mouth, quickly leaving the kitchen. As she retreated from the kitchen she beard Bri whimper with need but knew it would be a good ten minutes before she could finish the dishes and try to got some relief.

Unluckily for Bri her dad called a family meeting and twenty minutes the whole family was on the couch when their dad stood up.

“Ok girls, your mother and I have some news,” He said.

“Oh great,” moaned Brianna

“Oh hush” said her mother.

“Listen,” he continued, “I have my twenty year high school reunion coming up this weekend and your mom is coming with me. That means you’ll be on your own again for three days. Since you handled it so well the last time we think you could handle this one as well.”

Kate and Bri tried to hide their smiles as what their parents said sunk in, a whole three days to themselves!

They spent the next hour going over details, mostly “dont burn the house down, keep Rourke inside at night for protection, we’ll leave money for food, call the neighbors if something happens yadda yadda yadda…”

Once they had given the girls all the information they could possibly need for any contingent they left to go pack and Kate and Brianna raced upstairs, locking Bri’s bedroom door before collapsing onto her bed, laughing and excitedly talking about all the things they would doing.

It wasn’t long before Kate pulled Bri into a kiss, slipping her hand up her shirt she gave her little sisters firm tits a squeeze. Bri moaned into her mouth and Kate took the opportunity to slip her tongue in.

Their tongues fought for a while before Bri broke the kiss and moved her lips to Kate’s neck, kissing from where her jaw met her neck down to her collar bone, sucking on the soft flesh of her neck.

“Oh Bri I just thought of something!” Said Kate as her sister sucked on her neck.

“mmhmm?” Bri hummed, still kissing her way up Kate’s neck.

“We should- auhh ya right- we should get Hannah to come over this weekend,”

Bri stopped, “A three way?”

“Well Rourke too,”

“No, I mean, I thought it was just going to be you and I?” pouted Bri.

“Ya I just thought we could have Hannah over for one of the days since we’ll have three days to ourselves.”

“Ok then Friday and Saturday for us and Hannah comes over Sunday?” smiled Bri.

“Yes, but just you and I,” smirked Kate, kneading one of Bri’s mounds in my hand, “We’ll leave Rourke for when Hannah comes over.”

Bri leaned in and kissed her sister, moaning as Kate continued to knead her tits. Her other hand dropped and tried to worm its way into her pants but Bri stopped her.

“No, I wanna wait until tomorrow.”

Kate smiled, “Have it your way,” She gave her sister’s nipples one last pinch before she bounded out of the room.


The next morning was a regular morning, mom made breakfast, everybody ate, the girls watched TV. Then day became hectic as mom ran last minute errands and dad finished packing for the trip. The day went by and at 6:00 everybody said there goodbyes and the girls were finally alone.

“So Bri,” Kate smiled wickedly.

“Yess Kate,” she purred.

“What should we do first?”

Without responding Bri locked her lips over her sisters and with her free hands reached down and yanked Kate’s leggings to her knees. Kate bit Bri’s lower lip, not enough to hurt her but enough to elicit a small moan. Bri wrapped her left hand around Kate’s waist and cupped her right hand over her mound and squeezed.

Kate let go of her sisters lips to moan and brought her left hand up and pulled the front of Bri’s shirt down delighted that she wasn’t wearing a bra she gave her right nipple a pinch.

Bri was furiously rubbing her sister clit with her thumb while her middle finger curved inside her. She felt Kate hook her fingers on the elastic of her shorts and pull them down, Bri did the rest and kicked them off and Kate followed, kicking her leggings aside as well.

“lets go upstairs” rasped Bri.

“No time,” Kate gasped, kissing down Bri’s neck before pulling her to the floor.

Kate was mashing her mouth on Bri’s little pink nipples while her sister fingered her soaking cunt and grinded on her leg, leaving a sticky trail.

Without warning Kate sat up, pushing her sister back so that she was sitting back on the carpet too. Before Bri could began to question what had happened Kate scooted forward into a scissor position and moaned as she made contact with her sister’s hot sticky cunt.

Bri opened her mouth to say something but moaned as Kate started grinding her pussy against hers.

“Shiiitt….Kate where…did you…learn that,” she managed to get out in between gasps.

“Watched it in porn,” She moaned.

Bri was surprised that it turned her on so much to know that her sister watched porn and was soon mashing her pussy against Kate’s. The room was filled with the girls heavy breathing and moans as they picked up pace. Kate grabbed Bri’s leg and slammed hard, the sound of Bri’s whimpers and squeals replaced the soft moans as she felt her sisters hot pussy slam against hers, grind, pull back and then did it again.
A few thrusts later Bri was cumming in a shuddering full body orgasm, “AUHHH YESS KAAATTTEE,” She wailed as her sister slammed away at her gushing pussy.

Kate was close when her sister had cum and was only spurred on more when she heard her wail her name. Kate slammed against her sisters cunt, even hotter and wetter from the waves of cum flooding out. Finally Kate’s body stiffened and she gasped as she felt her cervix contract around waves of cum washing out of her tunnel.

Kate collapsed on her back, breathing hard as she felt the hot cum run down her pussy and dribble down kocaeli escort bayan her ass. She felt her sister’s legs relax, though still intertwined with hers, as she lay back. It was an erotic sight, two bombshell brunette sisters laying sweating and gasping on the carpet, their pink pussies only inches away still covered in their hot slippery cum.

Bri was the first to finally recover, she crawled up next to her sister and pulled her into a kiss. Kate moaned into her mouth before joining in the kiss, melting into her sister.

They lay there kissing, it was no longer lust filled passionate kissing but more gentle

“Kate?” Bri broke the kiss, “I’m tired, can we go up to you’re room?”

“Sure, ya” Kate frowned a little.

Bri trotted upstairs, leading Kate into her room and then into the bed where she slid her naked body under the covers.

Kate felt the familiar warmth between her legs when she slipped into bed, pressing her naked body against Bri’s. They were facing each other, legs intertwined and breasts squashed together when Kate pulled her in for another soft kiss.

“Mhmm kaatee” Bri moaned, “stop, we should wait until tomorrow,” she whispered.

Kate pulled back and groaned, “But Bri you get me so wet,” she whined, “and I know I do the same for you,” she purred, reaching her hand in between Bri’s slick legs and dipping a finger into her soaking pussy.

“Kate I want to save some for tomorrow,” she moaned, trying to suppress a whimper as Kate continued digging her finger into her slit.

“But Bri I want you,” Kate whispered, biting her sisters lower lip and rubbing Bri’s clit with her thumb.

“Ah shiiiit” Bri moaned as Kate began thrusting her finger, “oohhh okay, one more,” she said, collapsing into the kiss. Bri was tired but she was just as horny and gave herself over to her sister, spreading her legs as Kate added a second finger to her drooling cunt.

Soon Kate’s fingers were flying in and out of her sister’s soaking pussy and she decided it was time to try something new. Bri was laying on her back with her legs wrapped around Kate’s upper abdomen while she mashed her tits with her mouth and fingered her. Bri was getting hotter and hotter and as well as coating Kate’s fingers, her juices were running down her slit, down to her asshole and pooling in the tight ring before overflowing and running down the small of her back onto the bed.

Kate pulled her sopping sticky fingers out, moved her middle finger down an inch and pushed forward again. Her index finger slid back into Bri’s slit with no issue but her middle finger met resistance at her asshole.

“Kate no not there,” Bri moaned, still swimming in orgasmic ecstasy.

Kate ignored her, pushing harder until her finger slid in to the first knuckle. Bri whimpered and squirmed but could do nothing underneath her sister as Kate buried her finger in her virgin asshole.

“Auuhhhh Katteee,” Bri moaned as Kate pushed her finger into tight ass. The feeling was incredible, even though there were only fingers the double penetration was overwhelming and in a few thrusts Bri was squirming and cumming underneath her sister.

“AUUHH GODDD KATE!” she wailed, girl cum flooding out of her cunt and soaking her legs. Bri lay panting on the bed as Kate rolled off of her, planting soft kisses on her and chest until she was able to get her breathing under control.

Bri curled up next to her, still shaking In the aftermath of her massive orgasm.

“Goodnight Bri,” Kate whispered, kissing her on the cheek.

“I love you,” Bri whispered.

“Huh?” Kate mumbled.

“Nothing,” she said.

They lay in silence for a while, trying to fall asleep but not yet able too.

“Bri,” Kate started, “I love you too,” Kate’s eyes were shut but she smiled and she knew Bri was smiling too. Kate wrapped her arms around her sister as they fell asleep.


Kate woke up to the sun streaming in through her blinds and smiled remembering last night. Then she remembered Bri in her arms, still asleep and breathing softly Kate looked at her sister. She looked so innocent, naked and in the morning sun, and this made Kate want to take her again right there. But she stopped herself kissing Brianna softly and gently disentangling herself to get out of bed.
She slipped on some black cotton panties that hugged her shapely cheeks and slipped downstairs, loving the cool morning air on the rest of her naked body.
Kate walked into the kitchen and checked the fridge and cabinets, “Shit, mom and dad didn’t go shopping before they left,”

She checked the time and decided that the market would be open, then found her shirt and leggings on the floor from the previous night. Kate grabbed a pen and left a note for Brianna,

Morning beautiful 😉 I went to the market to get some food for breakfast so sit tight. Love you.

, before she grabbed her car keys and drove off, arriving at the market in five minutes. Kate grabbed an assortment of fruit, some eggs, ham, cheese and Bri’s favorite cereal before paying and deciding to head home. Half way home she was sitting at a red light when she noticed something, a new store had just opened up on the plaza, “Couldn’t hurt to take a look,” Kate smiled to herself.

Bri woke up a few minutes after Kate had left. A little disappointed in waking up to an empty bed, went downstairs in hopes of finding Kate making breakfast. And possible still naked, Bri smiled to herself.

She was even more disappointed to find the house empty, and after reading the note slumped against the counter pouting. Then she noticed poor Rourke on the patio, pawing at the glass in hopes of getting to her naked body.

“Sorry buddy,” She frowned, “I have to leave you until tomorrow.”

Bri lounged naked around the house while she waited for her sister. Two hours later Kate still hadn’t returned and Bri was worried. She picked up the phone to call her but as she was pressing the last few digits she heard the car drive up, and twenty seconds later Kate came in through the door with a mischievous smile.

“Morning sis,” Kate grinned

“Hey,” Bri said, “what took you so long?”

“Well I got the groceries then a special store caught my eye and I did a bit if shopping,” Kate cooed.

“Oh what did your get?”

“I’ll show you later, for now lets eat.”

Kate put the bag of groceries on the table and instructed Brianna to make a smoothie out of the fruits while she made an omelet.

Twenty minutes later the girls were at the table, Brianna now dressed in a long night shirt, eating the omelets and smoothie.

“So what’s in the bag?” Bri asked after swallowing a mouthful of egg.

Kate took a gulp of her smoothie and smiled, “You’ll see,”

“mmh” Bri pouted, eating the rest of her breakfast in silence.

A few minutes later Kate was finished too and she took the bag and went upstairs.

“Hey where are you going?” shouted Bri.

“I just ate I need to brush my teeth.” She called back.

Bri waited a second before she decided it would be good to do the same. She walked upstairs into the bathroom and leaned over the sink, gazing at herself in the mirror. Her hair was messy and curtaining half her face but she thought she looked cute and sexy.

“Bri come here,” Yelled Kate’s voice from down the hall.

“Coming!” she squealed. She bounded naked down the hall and into Kate’s room and gasped.

Kate was standing in the center of the room next to her bed, completely naked except for a black strap on proudly sporting an erect pink gel penis.

“Oh my god Kate,” Bri gasped.

“Do you like it?” Kate smiled wickedly, stroking the 6 inch phallus.

Bri just stared, mouth agape as Kate stroked the pink cock, slowly stepping towards the bed. Almost in a trance Bri followed, sitting down on the bed as Kate positioned herself between her legs.

Bri’s pussy was drooling just from the sight of her bombshell sister stroking that pink dick while her tits lightly bounced whenever she moved.

Kate smiled as she bent down and spread her sister’s legs, licking her lips at the sight of the soaked little pussy.

“I guess we can skip the foreplay,” Kate purred.

Brianna still hadn’t said a word, her eyes remained fixed on her sister while she nodded.

Kate’s pussy was getting wet behind the strap-on base plate as she watched her sister eyeing her with lust. Kate was soaking and in love, watching Bri’s eyes roll back in her head as she fed the cock into her soaking cunt.

“oohhh kkatttee” Brianna moaned as her sister slid the pink cock deep inside her. It wasn’t as long as Rourke’s 11 inch monster but it was alot thicker and she loved the way it stretched her.

“Oohh its sooo thick,” she moaned.

“You like that Bri,” Kate purred seductively, thrusting the cock further into her sister.

Brianna squealed as Kate stuffed the phallus deeper into her sopping pussy.

“Ooh fuck me,” She moaned, eyes narrowed with lust.

Kate bent down and kissed her sister, “Gladly,” and began to pull out.

Bri moaned, long and low as her cunt sucked on the retreating cock until only the head was left inside. She wrapped her legs around Kate’s waist and pulled her in hard.


Kate pulled back and thrust in again.


Kate began fucking Brianna, filling her sisters hot squishy cunt.


Bri was yelling and squealing each time Kate bottomed out and then pulled back for another brutal thrust.
At first fucking Brianna with the cock had been an awkward experience for Kate, who was unused to a thick heavy tool standing out 6 inches in front of her, but as she banged her sister she became more accustomed to it and thrust harder and faster. The sight of her nubile sister writhing and squealing izmit escort beneath her was too much for Kate and she could feel her juices running down her legs as she slammed into Brianna.

After a hard, brutal thrust into Brianna’s upturned hips Kate felt her sister’s body cramp up against hers and watched as her mouth gaped, “Ooh sshiitt Katee I’m cummmming!”

Kate smiled and thrust again, hard, and sent her sister’s orgasm rocketing higher. She relished the sight of her sister squirming in her orgasm as she screamed every time she fucked the cock back in.

“AOOUHHHH Kate don’t sto-” she wailed, chocking on her words as Kate complied and slammed the cock back into her.

Bri’s eyes had rolled back into her head and her mouth hung open as Kate thrust her cock into her over and over again. Kate’s quads were on fire, but so was her pussy, and she was too in love with watching her sister squirm and scream underneath her to quit now.

Finally when Kate’s quads could no longer push her forward she collapsed next to her sister and Brianna moaned as the thick cock was pulled from her clenching tunnel.

“Oh…My….god!” Bri gasped, “Holy shit Kate that was incredible,”

Kate could only smile, still panting on the bed, the fake penis, now sticky with Bri’s cum, was pressed against her leg.

After a few minutes of laying there Kate sat up and took off the strap-on, “Okay Bri it’s your turn,”

Brianna sat up and gingerly took the toy,”I’m not sure I can do you with….with a penis…..I wouldn’t know how to use it,” she stuttered.

“Bri,” she said holding her sisters hand, “It’s fine, It was awkward for me at first too but then you get used to the feeling.”

“Okay I’ll give it a try,” she smiled. Bri slid on the base and Kate helped her adjust the straps, her pussy was getting wet up just looking at Bri sporting that fat tool.

“Oh ya Bri,” Kate purred, getting down in a doggy-style position. She wiggled her ass enticingly at her sister and Bri reached out with a hand and smacked on of her fat cheeks.

Bri grabbed her by the hips and angled the gel penis towards her juicy cunt. Kate spread her legs in anticipation as she felt the sticky head against her entrance.

“Ooohhh you’re right that’s nice and thick,” Kate moaned as the cock slid to the hilt in her pussy. Kate immediately began rocking back and forth on the cock, letting Bri get used to the feeling.

“Oh god yess that’s good,” kate squealed.

Bri pulled back until just the tip was in and slammed forward.

“I think I’m getting the hang of this,” She laughed, slamming into Kate again.

Kate moaned her approval, “Aaauuhhh” her face now buried in the bed with her ass high In the air.

Bri was soaking, the feeling of her sisters squishy cunt around the fake cock was almost as good as actually having her own pussy against hers.

Her eyes were shut as she slammed into her sister, her moans of pleasure only adding to her arousal. Bri opened her eyes and looked down. Her sister was in the hottest position possible, her face and tits squashed against the bed while her ass was high in the air. Her legs splayed apart for easy access to her cunt but it also spread her asscheeks, giving Brianna an amazing view of that pink ring clenching and unclenching as she slammed in and pulled out.

Almost in a daze Bri reached down and grabbed Kate’s hips with one hand, pulling her in and she thrust forward and slamming even harder into her.

“Auuh god yes Brii fuck me!” She screamed.

After a few strokes and more screams from Kate, Bri reached down with her other hand and roughly pushed her thumb Into her sister’s ass.

“OHH SHIT BRI!” Kate wailed.

Brianna slammed into her sisters gooey cunt while she fingered her squirming ass.

“OHHH FUUCCKK IM CUMMMMING” Kate screamed, gyrating her hips back into Brianna.

But she didn’t let up, Bri kept thrusting Into her sister as her ass clamped down on her thumb and she began to wiggle it around inside Kate.

“OHH YOUR THUMB,” Kate gasped.

Kate writhed in orgasmic pleasure until finally her body has pumped out all the cum it could and she collapsed, exhausted, to the bed. Bri collapsing beside her.

“That’s alot of fun,” Bri laughed.

“Hehe ya” Kate giggled.

The rest of the day was spent playing with the strap on, the girls fucking each other in a wide variety of different positions and both of their holes.

At the end of the day, as they lay exhausted in Bri’s bed Kate texted Hannah.

“Come over tomorrow around 10 ;)”


Bri moaned softly as she woke up, her ass still hurt a little from yesterday but nevertheless she smiled, thinking about the way Kate has bent her over the couch and thrust that thick pink dick up her little hole.

She looked to her right to see Kate still sound asleep and then saw the time.

“Shit why am I up at 7” she groaned.

Bri rolled out of bed, the strap on falling to the floor as she did, and went downstairs to get something to eat.

Ten minutes later she was leaning over the kitchen counter with a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice in front of her, absentmindedly flipping through channels (The TV was visible from the kitchen).

A few minutes later Brianna had settled on a show and watched intently as she ate her cereal. She was so enthralled In the show and eating what she didn’t notice Kate until her arms were wrapped around her.

“Morning beautiful” Kate cooed as she kissed Bri’s neck.

Bri giggled and smiled, already feeling the warmth building between her legs.

“Hannah’s coming over later,” Kate continued.
“oohh that’ll be fun” Bri squealed.

Bri was getting hornier but she found enough self restraint to get away from Kate before her hands began to wander.

As the time for Hannah to arrive drew closer the Kate and Bri began to get anxious.

“What are we gonna do when she gets here?” Bri asked expectantly.

“Well I know she wants to ‘play’ with Rourke,” Started Kate.

“Ooh what if we surprise her,” Brianna squealed.

“What do you mean,” Kate raised her eyebrows.

“Come here,” Bri said. She whispered her idea to Kate.

“Oh Bri you are a dirty girl,” Kate smiled wickedly.

“c’mon lets get ready,” She smiled.

At 5 minutes to ten the girls were on either side of the door waiting for Hannah. Kate wore only a black lace thong and Bri had borrowed Kate’s pink one from the other night. After a few minutes of giddy, nervous excitement there was a knock at the door.

Kate looked through the curtains to see it was Hannah before yelling (as if she was upstairs) that the door was open.

A second later the door flew open and Hannah sprinted into the house but almost immediately fell to the carpet. The two sisters had tackled her to the floor and held her down as she struggled under their combined weight.

“What the hell,” Hannah screamed.

“Hannah relax, just relax, stop moving,” Kate ordered.

“What are you doing!”

“Just relax we need to talk about something.”

As Kate said that Hannah noticed something, it wasn’t just Kate holding her down but also Bri and both of them wore only their underwear, their delicious perky tits bouncing as she squirmed beneath them.

“What’s going on,” she asked, abandoning her struggle.

Kate took a deep breath and sighed, “Hannah, after you left for your surprise vacation I came home and caught Bri with Rourke.”

Hannah was too busy listening to Kate to notice that had Brianna left and then quietly returned with Rourke, sitting him down behind her where she couldn’t see.

“-But since I had just had that night with you and after what I had done with Rourke I ended up getting into bed with her and….. we had sex.” Kate cringed at telling her friend those last words. Hannah was silent.

“Hannah?” Bri whispered

“Y-you guys had sex?” Hannah stuttered.

“Shit” mumbled Bri, “she’s disgusted.”

“Ya we did,” Kate replied.

“No I’m not,” Hannah said to Bri,”Its a little weird since you guys are sisters, but after what happened with Rourke I think we’re past that.”
Kate and Brianna smiled to each other, leaning back on their knees and letting Hannah get up.

She pulled her knees up underneath herself and pushed her torso up with her arms so that she was on her hands and knees and that was her mistake.

As soon as she got into that position Kate put a leg under her hips and then each girl grabbed an arm, pulling them out from underneath her and pushing her face back down to the carpet and pressing her arms, spread eagled, to the floor.

“Guys what the hell,”Hannah shrieked, her voice slightly muffled by the thick carpet.

“Relax,” Kate purred. Taking one hand off her shoulder, she moved it to the buttons of her shorts and undid them, pulling down the zipper and then reaching around and pushing them over the curve of her upturned ass and down to her knees.

“Kate what are you doing,” Hannah gasped. She had stopped her struggling and angled her head as best she could to see up and behind her.

Kate had one hand pinning her arm to the ground with a knee on hand while the other knee was next to her elbow. Kate was eyeing her butt as her hand traced circles around it.


“oohhh!” Hannah moaned as she felt the sting of the hand on her firm naked cheeks.


“OHH Shhhiiiitt!” Hannah gasped, her ass rippling from it’s spanking.

Kate watched as the pink lips, pushed out between Hannah’s legs, began to moisten.

“Hannah you look ready for Rourke,” escort bayan Kate purred, giving her bubble butt another slap.

Hannah moaned her response into the carpet but then lifted her head, “Kate I can’t lose my virginity yet….” She gasped, “It was hot watching you have sex with him and I want to cum as much and as hard as you did but I dont want to lose my virginity to a dog,” she pleaded.

Kate was shocked. Brianna had already positioned Rourke on top of her and was coaxing his cock out of its sheath.

“Hannah but you said…” Kate pouted.

“I know”, Hannah smiled wickedly, ” but, have you wondered how good that might feel in your ass,”

Kate and Bri laughed and Hannah squirmed on the ground, confused.

Kate bent down, “It feels amazing,” she cooed, going giving that perfect ass another smack.

Hannah bit her lip and suppressed another moan as Kate spanked her and Bri ran upstairs to grab the lube. While she did thayx Kate rubbed Hannah’s clit and pushed a finger into her juicy cunt.

Half a minute later Bri was back with the purple bottle and squirted a liberal amount onto Hannah’s upturned anus. She watched goose bumps run across her cheeks as the cold liquid made contact and Hannah giggled.

Kate stroked Rourke’s until it was hard and spurting pre-cum, aiming at at her best friends ass.

“Auuuhh….. I’m ready…put him…. in,” Hannah moaned.

Without hesitation Kate released Rourke’s cock and pushed the head into Hannah’s tight hole.

“OHH SHIIT!” She gasped, “Oohh I can feel him squirting down my hole,” she moaned.

Bri had been holding onto Rourke while Kate slowly slid his cock into Hannah, but Bri let go of his hips and as soon as he no longer felt the restraining force of her arms he sank his hips into the tight virgin asshole in front of him.

The house filled with Hannah’s wails as the dog fucked his cock in and out of her clenching hole.


Kate slid of her panties stuffed a finger into her soaking pussy, relishing the feeling as her finger sank into the warm tight hole.

Kate increased her thrusting as she watched her sister slide underneath the squirming girl, positioning her head right underneath her upturned ass, Rourke’s balls slapping against Hannah’s ass cheeks only an inch above Bri’s advancing tongue.

“OOHHHHHAAUUHHH” Hannah moaned as the Brianna’s warm tongue made contact with her swollen clit.

Kate added a second finger and watched, drooling, as Brianna ate her best friend, who was moaning into Bri’s pussy each time her tongue slid along her swollen labia or Rourke bottomed out.

Brianna had only eaten a girl (her sister) a couple times, but she was a fast learner and knew she was doing well when she felt Hannah’s hot panting breath on her wet lips.

Bri’s pussy surged as she felt the breathing grow more and more ragged until the body above her tightened up and a wave of cum flooded her mouth.


She bucked and shuddered in between her two lovers, her screams filling the house as Bri licked and Rourke fucked her through her orgasm.

As Hannah came down from her orgasm she felt Bri yelp into her pussy. Hannah opened her eyes to to the sight of a thick, opaque pink cock sliding into Brianna’s asshole.

Bri moaned into Hannah’s pussy again as the phallus sank all the way in. Hannah had a second to look up at Kate’s smiling face before Rourke’s hot cock rocketed her into another orgasm.

“OOHHH MYY GODDD!” Hannah screamed, her ass clamping down on the thrusting cock while she felt wave after wave of cum dribble into Bri’s mouth.

While Hannah lay panting under the pounding dog cock she realized that Brianna’s breathing had become more ragged and she was moaning into her pussy more and more.

Hannah opened her eyes again and nearly came at the sight of Kate thrusting her cock into her little sister’s asshole. God that thing stretched her.

Bri’s gooey cunt was only inches below her face and looked in desperate need of attention, so Hannah did the what any logical girl would do, she pushed her tongue into the squirming cunt and came for the third time as she felt Brianna scream into her pussy.

Kate thrust in one last time and groaned as she felt Brianna’s body stiffen up and felt the tightening of her asshole as she tried to pull out.

Since the strap on was firmly lodged into Bri’s asshole Kate began grinding her hips against Bri’s bare flesh and heard her muffled screams as the cock rubbed against her inner walls.


Kate looked up from her sisters clenching asshole and saw that Rourke had stopped humping and nestled his knot in between Hannah’s cheeks.


Brianna was still jerking underneath the older girl as she screamed into her pussy as they both came in massive, simultaneous orgasms.

Rourke finished cumming and dismounted Hannah, who came again from the torrent of excess cum flooding out of her clenching asshole and down her legs, which Brianna happily lapped up.

Kate sat back and pulled off the strap on as Hannah gingerly moved her leg over Brianna’s head and rolled onto the carpet, the cum still in her asshole leaking out onto the floor.

“That was so hot,” Gasped Kate.

“Ohhh my asshole,” Moaned Hannah, rolling onto her side, her back to Brianna

Brianna giggled on the floor and rolled over, licking Hannah’s still gasping asshole.

“oohhh” Hannah groaned.

They lay there for a few minutes as their holes tightened up again and any remaining cum leaked out of them. Rourke came bounding back into the room sometime later sporting a hard on and it gave Bri and idea. Kate, who was laying on the ground facing away didn’t notice as Brianna whispered to Hannah.

“Hey Kate….” Hannah called, “Can I try that?” She asked, her face turning a little red.

“What, this? Kate smiled, holding up the glistening pink penis.

Hannah smiled and nodded, taking the straps and sliding the up her legs until it the base rested on her crotch and she giggled.

Hannah grabbed a pillow from the couch and lay down, putting it underneath her head.

Kate crawled over and sat up facing away from Hannah, one knee on either side of her pelvis and slowly lowered herself onto the dildo.

“Oohhhhh” moaned Kate as her ass sank down the thick shaft.With the strap on firmly up her asshole Kate wiggled her hips, feeling the gel flex inside her and run against her walls before laying back on Hannah, her fat tits and hard nipples crushed under her back.

Kate was laying face up with her asshole impaled on her best friend while she watched Brianna positioning their dog’s cock at her entrance. She gasped as the hot tip pushed its way past her sticky lips and spread her hole as he pushed in, slowly sinking all 11 inches into her gooey cunt and bottoming out in her cervix.

“ooohh god he’s sooo deep,” Kate moaned.

Hannah tilted her hips and pulled the dildo halfway out before thrusting in again and skewering Kate’s asshole.

“OOH FUCK,” She yelped.

Rourke walked forward on his hind legs, pushing his cock even deeper into the squirming teen before pulling back and slamming in again.

“uhhhhh” Kate moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Rourke picked up a steady pace, fucking his cock in and out of her squishy cunt while Hannah pounded her asshole with the thick strap-on. Kate was going crazy, screaming and thrashing in between her two lovers. Hannah pounded away her best friend’s asshole from below while the dog split her cunt with his red hot cock and soon the house was filled with Kate’s screams.

Hannah suddenly felt something wet and warm engulf her panting mouth and gasped as she felt the gooey lips make contact with hers and here eyes shot open. Above her were the two firm, tanned globes of Brianna’s butt being lowered onto her face. She darted her tongue into the folds of the girl’s tight pussy and felt the legs next to her head jerk.

Bri reached down and grasped Kate’s tits, holding them still and pinching her nipples under the pounding she was taking in both holes.

Brianna was grinding her pussy on Hannah’s mouth and could feel herself rapidly approaching orgasm. It wasn’t helping that Rourke had now extended his head, while he was still fucking Kate, and was now lapping at her nipples.

“OOOHHH SHIT I’MMM CUMMING” Kate wailed. Her pussy clamped down on Rourke’s cock while her asshole tightened around the dildo and she came in a violent orgasm.

As soon as he felt the cunt clamp down on his member Rourke thrust in one last time time, lodging his rapidly expanding knot into the wet hole, and blew his load into Kate. She screamed and gasped as the hot gooey cum coated her walls and filled the little available space in her overstuffed cunt.

Bri shuddered and came to the sight of her sisters thrashing body. Her body tensed up and her thumb and forefinger clamped down on Kate’s nipples and Kate screamed as the stimulation overwhelmed her and she began to squirt. Wave after wave of hot slick girl cum shooting from her pussy as she shuddered and wailed.

Kate’s entire body was flush red and she was still impaled on Rourke and Hannah while her sister squeezed her rock hard nipples.

Kate came again and again, screaming and shuddering until finally her reserves of cum ran dry and the last of it dribbled out of her cunt.

Rourke slid his cock out and Kate moaned softly, too tired to react as the wave of hot dog cum flooded out of her pussy.

She rolled off of Hannah and Brianna released her hold on her nipples.

Kate lay on the floor, exhausted and breathing hard while cum ran down her lips and inner thighs. Bri leaned over and kissed her while Hannah removed the strap on.

The next few years were going to be fun for them.