Cabin at the Lake Ch. 07


As usual, a big thanks to LarryInSeattle for his editing.

The action moves to the couch and Mark’s inhibition continue to erode.

All characters are over 18.

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My brothers and I make short work of the dishes, debate whether to sit out on the screened porch, and decide to pamper ourselves and stay inside where the chairs are padded with something other than wood. My brothers take their usual chairs. First, they cover the seats, in deference to decorum and simple hygiene. New naturists take note: It is considered gauche to put your bare ass on something others may sit on in the future.

The couch, old and battered, is already draped with a sheet. Mark has staked a claim on one end, crossing his legs so self-consciously that Julie and I grin at each other. Julie sits, legs folded beneath her leaning against her dude. I settle in at the other end of the couch. I brush my feet off and bring them up on the couch. It isn’t a very big couch and one foot brushes against Julie’s thigh.

“Damn girl your feet are freezing!” She squawks, as she jerks away.

I pull my feet up as close to my ass as I can. “Sorry. My feet are always cold. Chad used to make me wear socks to bed.”

Julie reaches for my feet. “Don’t be sorry. You startled me that’s all. Tuck ’em in.” She rolls toward Mark. Her skin looks so enticing she doesn’t need to ask twice. I tuck my toes under her leg and she rolls back, trapping them under her thigh.

Terry rises from the comfort of his chair, grabs another quilted throw from the shelf by the fireplace, and drapes it over our legs. Julie is covered from the waist down. My legs are covered. This suggests several interesting possibilities. I glance at my brother, wondering, but keep my mental ear muffs on. He returns the look, his face offering no clue as to his intentions and he sits back down.

The room is silent. There is enough of a breeze off the lake to set the wind chimes singing. The crickets and frogs tune up. God I loved this place. I kick myself for staying away for so long.

I resist the urge to try and see what everyone else is thinking. Me? I’m enjoying the warmth and weight of Julie’s leg on my feet.

Julie rouses herself enough to speak. “Someplace out here too far from the hospital for us to live sugar?”

Mark sighs. “Probably. At the least we’d need someplace in the city for when I’m on call. It’s is lovely out here though.”

Julie settles for a soft “uh-huh”.

“Places don’t come up for sale very often doc.” Gary pauses and glances at Terry, then at me. I am still keeping my mind to myself. I’m clueless.

Terry shrugs then nods.

“When our folks bought this place, the lake was a well-kept secret. They bought three lots altogether, a little over 15 acres. They always intended to build a family campground, room for them here, and plenty of room for cabins for the three of us.” He paused. “Anyway, that never happened. If you’re ever serious about getting a place out here come to us first. We’re not looking to make money off the deal. We’d sell you one of the lots at a fair price.”

I can feel Julie tense with excitement but her face falls when she looks at Mark.

He looks worried, puzzled. “That’s a terrific offer. Thank you but I’m not sure how it would look for me to take a sweetheart deal from a patient’s family.”

Terry waves a hand at him, as if shooing away a particularly pesky fly. “Hell doc, we aren’t talking about giving it to you. We’d charge you a fair price, just not the price we’d charge some stranger.”

Julie pokes Mark in the side. “I got money saved,” she tells Gary. “If this fool isn’t interested. I am.”

Gary smiles at her. “Deal. We wouldn’t sell it to anyone else so there’s no need to spend the night getting all wound up over a real estate transaction. Anyone want a scotch?”

I’m already beat. I shake my head. The others are all in. Gary rummages around in the kitchen and returns with two glasses for Mark and Julie before getting one for himself and Terry. The room falls silent again.

I wiggle my toes under Julie’s leg. She glances at me and I smile. She arches one eyebrow, questioning. I wiggle my toes in reply.

“You comfortable wedged into that corner sugar?” She asks, looking at me with a smile. “Why don’t you switch positions? You can rest on my hip. Lord knows I carry enough padding there.”

“Oh for Pete’s sake,” Mark groans “You don’t have fat hips. Guys?”

Terry jumps in first. “Nope. Of course I’d have to get a better look, maybe even a better feel,” he laughs at the look on Mark’s face. “Just kidding doc. But nope I don’t see any fat.”

Gary settles for a simple, “Look’s fine to me.”

I ignore them as I snuggle up to Julie’s hip. One arm rests along her back, almost touching the hand Mark has draped around her shoulder. The other I wiggle between her legs, down low, nowhere near her pussy. It feels nice lying beside şişli escort her. I have had only one experience with another woman. We were both drunk. I hadn’t been impressed. I had never really had the desire to try again, until now.

Julie pulls the throw up so that it drapes over my shoulders, her hip, her torso, and Mark’s waist. My feet stick out the end but they are still nice and toasty. I start to knead the inside of her thigh with my fingers. The fingers on her back began to trace the outline of her shoulder blade.

Julie shifts slightly, moving her top leg forward, letting it rest atop Mark’s lap. Her lower thigh is almost completely exposed now and under the cover of the blanket, my fingers began to work their way upward. Before long, my palm is cupped against the lower part of her ass and my fingers are trailing up and down her slit.

I’m certain my brothers know what is going on. Their cocks surely do, given the way they’re rolling up their thighs. I’m less sure of Mark. Does he suspect? Does he care? Is he turned on?

I let my fingers work their way up Julie’s back, trailing them in soft arcs across her beautiful skin. My fingers brush against Mark’s arm. He doesn’t pull it away. Julie pushes softly against my hand. I press with my middle finger and it falls easily into her pussy. She is wet and hot and altogether wonderful.

My fingers more or less ignore her back and begin to stoke Mark’s arm. I rub the back of his hand, rub between his fingers, wrap each finger in my own and pull gently, one at a time. Below, a second finger finds its way inside Julie’s cunt. Pressing firmly against her bottom with my hand, my fingers begin to move in and out of her wetness.

She moans softly, not trying to hide it. I bend my thumb and find her clit. She moans again. Terry is the first to start stroking his cock. Beneath me, I can tell Julie is stroking her fiancé beneath the blanket. I move to begin to kiss Julie’s side and the blanket slips. It does not fall away to the floor but it does slide down enough to make it clear Mark is hard as a rock and that Julie is giving him a hand job. The blanket really doesn’t matter. Given the size of Mark’s cock the blanket would not have kept what is going on a secret anyway.

I can see unease creep into Mark’s face. I let myself feel him out. I remind myself I cannot make anyone do something they do not want to do. I feel no sense of jealousy in him. He finds what Julie and I are doing under the blanket incredibly sexy. He simply cannot imagine not feeling guilty about it. I suggest to him that it’s okay. I’m happy. He’s happy. More importantly, Julie is happy. No one is getting hurt. It’s okay.

His face relaxes. His body relaxes. His eyes close and he leans back against the sofa.

His eyes open when I push the throw to the floor. I mentally remind him to relax, that he is no longer my doctor, and he does. I pivot off the couch, never taking my fingers out of Julie’s pussy. I kneel on the throw, grateful it is there to spare my knees the wood floor. As my lips brush the inside of her thigh, Julie shifts her butt, opening herself to me. I tilt my head to glance at Gary. He has begun to stroke his cock. We’re all in now.

When I look at Mark, he is looking at me. I wink and he groans. He looks like a kid trying to decide if his dad is going to be pissed he’s scraped the car door. I give him another mental reassurance and another wink and he almost smiles.

When I take Julie’s labia into my mouth, she forgets about stroking her fiancé. Her hand leaves his cock and gently rests on my buzzed scalp. I miss my hair. I want to feel her fingers wrap themselves in my hair and force my face deeper into her pussy.

I suck at her lips, darting my tongue into her wetness, savoring her scent, her taste. It’s different than my own, richer somehow, deeper, more earthy. I love it. I pull my tongue up her slit and flick the hard pebble of her clit. She bucks under my mouth and I wonder if I had already made her cum.


Julie’s pelvis swivels under my assault, pressing and then pulling away from my insistent tongue. I gaze up at her. Her head is back, eyes closed. Her hand is warm and soft on my head. Her other hand is clutching at her right breast. Mark has reached across his body to massage her left breast. His other hand rides slowly up and down his cock.

I can’t see the boys. I can’t help it. I have to know. I seek out their thoughts. They are both dying to come to me, put their cocks in me, put their mouths on me, do to me what I was doing to Julie. I’m surprised to realize Gary is also imaging eating Julie’s pussy. And feeling guilty about it, guilty because of me and because he likes Mark so much. Guilt at invading his privacy drives me away. I re-focus my thoughts on Julie, Julie’s clit and her gorgeous shaved pussy.

I slip two fingers inside her pussy, pressing against the front wall, feeling for the ridge of her G spot. At the same time, I press down on her tummy, just above the pubic mecdiyeköy escort bone, massaging the front wall of her pussy between my two hands. The way she moves I can tell she likes it. Before I can stop myself, I shared the secret with Mark. He is totally engrossed in watching me eat his fiancé out. Good.

I suck and nip at her clit as my fingers firmly massage her cunt. The bucking of her hips slows but the swings becomes more pronounced. She arches her back and freezes. A low shuddery weeping sound whistles through her teeth. Suddenly my mouth fills with hot fluid, it splashes over my chin, and down my chest. I swallow convulsively and then clamped my mouth over her cunt, sucking greedily as she continues to buck and shake.

Julie collapses back onto the couch panting. She gently, but firmly, pushes my mouth away from her pussy. I content myself with lapping the moisture off her thighs. When I sit back on my heels, I notice Mark and the boys have more or less stopped stroking themselves. I long to suck off my brothers or let them fuck me but I know that would be way too much for the good doctor to deal with. I promise myself I will sneak into their room later.

Julie chuckles. She pats Mark on the shoulder. “Sugar, I love you more than life itself and you are a wonderful lover but no man can eat pussy as good as a woman.”

Mark shrugs. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, baby.”

“Oh, I more than enjoyed it.” She chuckles again and then stirs herself, rising from the couch. “Trade me places girl.”

I don’t spare Mark a glance or a thought. I want this. He’ll have to deal with it on his own. I’m determined to extricate myself from the suggestion business. It’s too much responsibility, too much to worry about and too much that could go wrong.

I sit on the couch as Julie stands. She shakes her head and holds out one hand.

“Up there, sit on the arm.”

I do as she requests. She kneels on the couch and her hands open my legs. I can feel how wet my legs are. Julie walks on her knees to kneel between my legs. The feel of her full lips on mine is mind-blowing. I can’t recall kissing the other woman I had sex with. Kissing Julie is yet another revelation. Women kiss differently than men, softer, sort of. Their lips feel different. They use their tongues differently. When she pulls away, I sigh with disappointment.

Julie gives me a peck on the lips and a smile before she lowers her head to my breasts. Her mouth is hot on my nipple. She pulls away and blows on it. I can feel it tighten and grow hard and then it is back in her mouth. She flicks and swirls her tongue, plucks with her lips, and when I think I will go mad, halts long enough to move to my other breast.

Her hand gropes between my lips, cupping my pussy and moving in small circles. I open my eyes enough to see Mark twist and rise up so he could see more clearly what his fiancé’s mouth is doing to my tits. His cock hangs down, long and hard, precum dripping from the head.


When Donna lets the blanket slip down I shoot a quick glance at Terry. He shrugs. I feel around in my head, looking for my sister but she appears to be absent. I assume she knows what she’s doing. Terry is jerking himself. I glance at Mark, worried he is going to totally fucking lose his shit. I get no vibe from him that he’s ever been involved in something like this.

I’m surprised to see the look of interest on his face as Donna swings to the floor and begins to kiss her way up Julie’s thighs. Fuck it. I wrap one hand around my cock and joined the fun. Julie’s hand leaves Mark’s dick. His hand replaces hers as his eyes are fixed on the sight of my sister dragging her tongue up Julie’s slit.

I forget all about the others as my sister starts to really work Julie’s cunt. When she cums, I jump, startled by the gush of fluid from her pussy. I have heard of squirters but this is the first time I have seen it.

As Julie falls limply back onto the couch I assume the show is over. I let go of my dick and wonder how long Terry and I have to wait before we can decently say good night. I want to feel his mouth on my cock and mine on his. I’ll never get to sleep without relieving the tension in my balls.

When Julie tells Donna to swap places, I perk right up. Terry leans forward as well. We both love the idea of a front row seat for watching our little sister getting her pussy eaten. Julie is taking her time though. I’m not complaining. It’s a huge turn on watching the two women kiss. And when Julie starts to suck at Donna’s nipples, I nearly cum on the spot.

Julie kisses her way down Donna’s belly, stopping to dip her tongue into her belly button. Julie’s back is arching higher as she moves lower, pushing her ass up toward Mark.

“Jesus dude,” I think to myself. “Can’t you see she is begging for your cock?”

As if to make the point crystal clear, Julie reaches between her legs and spreads her pussy lips with her fingers. I think all three of us groan in unison. Donna opens her eyes but she can’t see over Julie’s ass. I tell her, in my head, that it’s okay if she wants to join me, watch through my eyes but I hear only silence inside my head.

No matter, it isn’t as if Donna is being ignored. Julie’s mouth is now planted over her pussy. I watch, remembering what Julie has just said about women eating pussy better than men. I want to see what she’s doing, how it is different.

So far I don’t see anything different. She started with kissing. So do I. She moved her way down to the tits and belly. So do I. In fact, I fact I think I spend more time working the nipples than Julie does. I notice Julie has been stroking Donna’s slit as she sucks at her nipples. I think I do that. Is she working the clit too? No, it looks like she is just rubbing the outside of the pussy lips.

When Julie lowers her head I notice one difference. I usually go right for the clit. Julie drops her head low, almost to Donna’s asshole, and slowly licks her way up Donna’s pussy. Donna had done the same thing. Okay, make a note of that.

By now I usually have a couple of fingers inside, not Julie. She continues to lick and suck softly at my sister’s pussy lips while her fingers stroke the inside of her legs and her pussy where she can reach it.

Is that all there is? Just go slower? By now I’d be finger-fucking her and sucking at her clit. I don’t think Julie has touched her clit yet.

Julie pulls back and lays the flats of her fingertips over Donna’s pussy and massages it with slow circles. I think she is blowing on Donna’s clit as she is doing this.

Julie’s other hand is between her legs, not rubbing her clit but spreading herself. “Damn dude.” I silently scream at Mark. “She wants you to fuck her. Do it man or I swear to God I will.”


This isn’t the first time I’ve eaten out a white girl but Donna is by far the best. Her cunt is sweet as clover honey. I take my time. I take my time, mostly to make this good for her but also to give my beautiful but inhibited lover time to make up his mind that yes, I want him to fuck me. I want him to fuck me while I eat me some pussy. I want him to fuck me in front of two white guys, who I happen to know probably want to fuck me and their sister. I’d let them, too, but I can’t risk it. That sometimes silly, always sweet, lost boy behind me has become my sun and my moon. I’ll not do a thing that might drive him away.

Me eating a little snatch is probably okay with him. All men get off on a little girl-on-girl don’t they?

I reach between my legs and play with my pussy. I damn near hook a finger and call him to me but I don’t. Instead, I find myself chanting inside my head – “come on baby fuck me, come on baby fuck me, please fuck me.”


I have no idea what is happening here. I have no idea why I haven’t grabbed my clothes, grabbed Julie and gotten out of here. This is so wrong. I just sit here and watch my fiancé receiving cunnilingus from another woman, not any woman, my patient, former patient. And, I don’t just sit here, I start masturbating, masturbating in front of a former patient and her brothers. This is so wrong. I could, should, lose my license for letting this happen.

Why did Donna wink at me? I can tell she doesn’t mind me being here. In fact, I think she wants me here but that is irrelevant. Even if a patient truly wants to become involved with their physician it is not okay. Former patient, former patient. I’m not her doctor now but I was a few hours ago. There is not a physician in the state of Texas that wouldn’t condemn what I am allowing to happen.

Julie has her hand between her legs. God she’s beautiful. I confess, until I saw hers, I never thought of a vagina as beautiful. Hers is though, the thin strip of dark curls, the way the beautiful chocolate color of her labia fades into the dusky rose of her inner labia, the way she gets so wet and her sex shines and glows, like it is now.

And God, the way she ejaculated. I never believed in female ejaculation until the first time I went down on Julie. I am ashamed that at first I was a little taken aback. I thought she had urinated on me, not on me so much as in my mouth. She knew it too. She scrambled down to me, kissing and hugging me, explaining when she was really excited that happened sometimes. I got over being bothered by it and longed to cause it, knowing it was proof I had truly satisfied her.

I hear myself groan when Julie pushes her middle finger into her vagina. I glance at Donna’s brothers. They are staring at what my fiancé is doing to their sister. All at once that fact hits me, really hits me for the first time. Two brothers are watching their sister have sex and masturbating over it. What the hell have I gotten myself into?

Julie’s finger is moving in and out of her sex. She pulls her hand away and I relax, a little. Maybe she is coming to her senses. No, she leans over Donna’s body, pressing her breasts against Donna’s. That is one of the most erotic images I’ve ever seen. The way their soft breasts flatten against each other. I wish I could see the way their taut nipples press into each other but that is impossible.