Busting Broncos Pt. 07

Female Ejaculation

Autumn was closing in; the nights were getting cooler although the days were still warm.

I had come into town to meet with a new client, a farm supply business that had been in the same family for three generations. The current owner had told me that the business was a mess. That was severely understating the problem.

As I came out of the business’s doorway onto the sidewalk, my arms full of boxes and bundles of paperwork; I felt good anticipating the work ahead of him. It was going to be like solving a puzzle; the books were in such a tangle.

I didn’t even feel someone barreling into me but the next thing I knew, I was laying on the sidewalk with a snow of paperwork swirling around me.

“Hah, hah, sorry sucker. I must not have been looking where I was going.” a voice said.

I looked up and saw that it was one of the Satans standing over me, the one who’d been burned in the fire. He had red patches on his face and neck and his once long hair was short fuzz now.

He spit on the sidewalk beside me, then turned and walked across the street. I sat up and looked after him.

The Satan reached the other side and as I watched, he walked a half block and turned down into an alleyway. At the same time, I noticed a young man standing directly across, staring at me. The owner of the farm supply business came outside and when I glanced back across the street, the young man was gone.

“Are you alright, Andy?” he asked as he helped me to my feet.

“Just my dignity bruised.” I replied. I looked around myself at the scattered paperwork, knowing it would take several hours of sorting to get it back in order. The breeze was scattering sheets further down the sidewalk, too.

“You pick up what’s here.” the owner said. “I’ll chase down the ones blowing away.”

We worked away at picking up the mess for a few minutes when there was a sudden blood curdling scream.

I glanced across the street. There was a middle aged woman standing at the mouth of the alleyway, her hands clutching at her hair. She let out another piercing shriek.

“I thought that only happened in amateur stories.” the business owner said, coming to stand beside me.

The next few minutes were a blur of activity. All up and down the street, people came out of the businesses and converged on the screaming woman. Moments later, the sheriff pulled up in his cruiser.

“Let’s go see what’s going on.” the business owner said, his records forgotten. I weighted down my pile of papers and followed across the street.

We pushed our way through the crowd so that we could see what everyone was gawking at. Halfway down the alley, the biker lay face down in a pool of bright red blood. The sheriff was standing over him, speaking into his phone.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” I called.

The sheriff turned and beckoned me and my client forward.

When we were next to the sheriff, he said, “This is one of those Satan assholes, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I said. “He’s the one who had all of the burns from their fire.”

“He just knocked Andy down across the street.” the business owner said. “I saw the whole thing and he did it on purpose.”

The sheriff turned and looked at me, his eyes unreadable.

“Is that so?” he said.

“I hurried outside and helped him up.” the business man said. “We were trying to gather up all of my paperwork when that woman screamed.”

I could see the sheriff visibly relax.

“So you didn’t see anything?”

“Just about the last twenty years of my business history blowing through town. I’m not sure we even managed to save them all.”

While the two had been talking, I had been looking at the biker. He was lying on his stomach and poking out of his leather clad back there was a long thin piece of metal, almost like a thick wire.

“Is he dead?” I asked the sheriff.

“No pulse, I checked first thing. Looks like that thing went right through his back and out the front, directly through his heart.”

“Is that some kind of spike in his back?” the business man said.

“I don’t think so. I think…” the sheriff said, glancing around. He walked over to a dilapidated fence that screened off a loading area behind one of the stores, and then waved us over.

“See where this piece of fencing is broken? Someone just wrenched it off and ran up behind the guy and pushed it through his back. He probably never knew what hit him.”

“Jeeze, that’s cold blooded.” the business man said.

An ambulance had come screeching up while we spoke and we all three got out of the way so that the medical people could do their job. While they were doing so, the sheriff went to his car and blocked off both ends of the alleyway with crime tape.

Photos were taken, the corpse was rolled onto a stretcher and everyone dispersed. The business owner and I went back across the street to see if we could find any more stray documents and then loaded the piles into my car trunk. When everything was safely stowed away, the business owner went back inside and I walked gaziantep escort around to the driver’s side. The sheriff was casually leaning against the door, smirking.

“Why were you looking at me like that a few minutes ago?” I asked him.

“Everyone with a reason is a suspect until I rule them out.” he replied. “You’re my first rule out, thanks to your witnesses.”

“Yeah, like I’d go around stabbing people to death in broad daylight.”

“Stranger things have happened in this town.” the sheriff said. “Feel like coming over to my place tonight?”

* * * * * *

A week later, I had basically forgotten all about the stabbing. My new client’s business records, in addition to being impossibly jumbled, were a total disaster. How he had never been audited and thrown into jail was a miracle. Untangling the gigantic mess had taken the better part of the week. When I told the poor guy what I’d found, he almost had a heart attack. I had already scheduled a meeting with IRS to save the business from being shuttered.

I walked into the town library, steeling myself for what I knew was coming.

Miss Brown, who’d been town librarian probably since the Mayflower, glared at me from behind her desk. She’d been known to reduce grown men to tears when they broke one of her rules. Lose one of her books and she’d probably rip your guts out.

She glared up at me as I approached and silently took the books from my hands. She opened the first one to the check out card, and then shuffled through the rest.

When she looked up again, her eyes looked like the gates of Hell.

“Almost a month overdue. Again.” she said.

“I’ve been so busy, things got away from me.” I replied.

She gave me a cold, serpentine stare and said, “So everyone in town who might want to read these books is supposed to wait for you?”

I broke into a cold sweat and glanced around the library, searching for an escape. Sitting at one of the tables was the same young man I’d seen the day of the stabbing. Again, he was staring at me with a blank stare.

“Do you have your card?” Mrs. Brown asked, bringing me back to focus.

I fished in my wallet and pulled it out and handed it to her, saying, “I’ll really try to do better, Miss Brown. I know I have no excuse.”

She ripped the card in two and then into four pieces.

“And you have no library card. Your privileges are suspended for a year.”

“But, I’ve always paid my fines and it’s not like I was late on purpose.” I said, humiliated.

“See me in a year and I’ll decide if you have learned a lesson.” was all she said as she went back to the paperwork on her desk.

I swiveled, wishing the ground could swallow me up. It didn’t help that I had to walk past the silently staring young man on my way out.

* * * * * *

That evening was the annual high school carnival. I had rented a booth in the gym, thinking it would be good publicity. I was raffling off 10 free horse riding lessons and every brat in town was dragging their parents over to buy a ticket.

Daddy and Uncle Cody had refused to even consider coming to participate, saying they already dealt with a houseful of whiny children every day, meaning my brothers and me. They were probably lying nude on their bed, drinking sodas and eating snacks in front of the TV.

I had forced my brothers, Steve and Tony, and our hired man/Steve’s boy toy Will to accompany me. On the counter in front I had specially printed flyers stacked for all four of the family businesses. We were getting a lot of interest in those, too, so my brothers weren’t too surly.

The sheriff was also in attendance, standing across the room from me in his tailored uniform, his big fat cock hanging down his leg. Every time I glanced his way, he’d make a suggestive face at me.

Finally, he crossed the gym and leaning close to my ear he said, “Can’t keep your eyes off of my cock, can you?”

“The fucker is practically taking up the whole room, what do you expect?”

He was about to reply when his phone rang. After a brief exchange he said, “I’ll be right there.” and clicked off.

“Cat up a tree or barking dog?” I asked.

“Some kind of trouble at the library. Don’t forget about me while I’m gone.”

“I wish I could.” I replied.

I watched him cross to the exit, his sculpted buns flexing in his skin tight pants. My cock reacted without even thinking about it.

At that point, I also became aware of the same young man I’d seen in the library standing across the room. When he saw that I’d noticed, he gave me a weak smile.

“Who is that creepy guy over there?” I asked my brother Tony, indicating with my head.

Tony glanced over and said, “Oh, that’s Kevin Morton. He was a couple of years behind me in school. He’s weird.”

I glanced over and he was still grinning at me.

“Why does he keep smiling at me?” I asked.

“Maybe he likes what he sees.”

“Oh, great.” I replied sarcastically.

Sarcasm is lost on Tony. He motioned to Kevin to come over and when he reached the booth, Tony said, “Kevin, you’ve never met my brother Andy, have you?”

“I’ve seen him around town.”

Up close, he was better looking for some reason. He had porcelain, flawless skin and dark blond hair. It was obvious that he had a well maintained body, you could see muscles through his t-shirt and he had well developed biceps.

Steve could tell that I was uncomfortable so the bastard said, “Tony, Will, let’s go and get some refreshments.” Looking at me with a smart ass grin he said, “We won’t be long.” and then herded the others away. He looked back over his shoulder as he left and stuck his tongue out at me.

I looked at Kevin and then to make conversation I said, “So, have you always lived here?”

“I have.” he replied, and then glanced at the ground. “Shoot, my shoe came untied.” he said.

He turned his back to me and bent over to retie his shoe. His ass, under his tight jeans, was like two perfect half melons. His buns flexed and tightened, squeezing the cloth in his tight ass crack. My cock, already teased by the deputy, suddenly was standing at full attention.

When Kevin wheeled back around, his eyes went immediately to my crotch and the hard meat straining against my zipper.

He smiled and said, “I noticed you the first week you came to town. I feel like you and I have a lot in common, I’ve been keeping an eye on you.”

“I know this is a dull town but that sounds really boring.” I said.

“Oh, you might be surprised.” he said and then glanced down at my crotch again. “Do you want to fuck me?” he asked.


“I know you like guys. I don’t really have a preference; I like men and women both. I’ll let you fuck me if you want.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I said.

Luckily, at that very moment, the sheriff, my brothers and Will all came back indoors at the same time.

When they reached us I asked, “Did you save the kitty in distress?”

“A little more than that.” the sheriff replied. “It seems Miss Brown tripped going down the front steps and broke her neck after closing up. We’re going to need a new librarian.”

“Are you sure the old bat wasn’t pushed?” I said, facetiously.

“Who do we know around here who has a history of pushing people down stairs?” Tony asked, pointing at the line of scar at his hairline.

“I have a solid alibi.” I replied. “Besides, you had it coming to you.”

“Oh, like I had it coming to me, almost getting beaten to death with a chair?” Steve asked.

“There are still days when you need beaten to death with a chair.” Will said, deadpan.

“I knew I liked you as soon as we met.’ I said to Will.

“It was almost worth it, just to see your face when you realized that we were pissing on you.” Steve said.

“They pissed on you?” Kevin asked.

“It’s a long story, literally water under the bridge.” I said. Turning to Steve I said, “But, don’t forget, we still have plenty of chairs at home.”

“Gentlemen, I hate to ruin this fascinating trip down memory lane but I need to go see if I can figure out what happened with Miss Brown.” the sheriff said.

Kevin asked, “Do you really think somebody could have pushed her?”

‘Lord, I hope not.” the sheriff replied. “Practically everyone in this town would be on the suspect list.”

Kevin hung around a while after the sheriff left. He really wasn’t so bad, just kind of nerdy but there was also something slightly off about him, something I couldn’t put my finger on. And he did have an awfully cute butt.

* * * * * *

The next afternoon I had to drive into town on business. I had accomplished my chores and was headed home when I drove past the diner. Glancing through the big plate glass window in the front, I could see the sheriff, back to me, leaning against the counter with his ass thrust out. The tight fabric of his trousers was molded to the two perfect globes of his ass, the center seam delineating the deep crack between them. I almost lost control of the car, I was staring so hard.

I decided I suddenly needed a cola so I pulled over and parked. When I entered the diner door, the sheriff didn’t even turn around. I passed behind him, making sure that my half hard cock rubbed against his meaty buns.

“You’re blocking public access.” I said as he jumped upright.

“So call a cop.” he replied. He looked down at the bulge filling my Levi’s and then said, “You just missed all of the excitement.”

I glanced down at the suddenly expanding mound at his crotch and said, “I doubt that. What did I miss?”

Lois, the woman serving the counter came over just then to take my order and after I requested a cola and some fries, before she had a chance to get away, the sheriff said, “Someone tried to poison your new friend Kevin.”

“You hush up; someone will hear your foolishness.” Lois told him.

“Your friend Kevin has a severe nut allergy and someone tried to slip some in his food.” the sheriff said.

“I’m glad I’m not allergic to nuts.” I said, glancing at the sheriff’s straining crotch again. “I don’t know what I’d do, I just love them.”

“It was all an accident.” Lois said, pointedly ignoring the sheriff. “I forgot that our chicken salad has walnuts in it and I cut his sandwich with the same knife.”

“When I got here, his face was as purple as a grape and he was choking like someone had stuck something down his throat.” The bastard looked at my crotch again.

“How awful for you, Lois.” I said, turning my back to the sheriff. “Should you still be working after that? It must have been horrible. Maybe you should go home and relax.”

“I’m glad there still at least one gentleman in this town.” she replied. “I’ll be fine in no time if someone will stop ragging on me.” She made a show of looking at the sheriff.

“Want me to take him outside and kick his ass for you?” I asked her.

She smiled and said, “I can beat that fat ass myself, but I’ll keep the offer in mind. I’ve heard a few stories about you.”

The sheriff, looking mock wounded said, “Fat ass? Fat ass?”

“Probably too much diner food and too much sitting around your office.” I said. “So, what happened to Kevin?”

“Luckily, he had one of those Epi-pen things. The EMT’s took him to the hospital just to make sure he’s okay. That must be a really severe allergy.” the sheriff said.

“Maybe I’ll look in on him on my way home.” I said, paying for my order. As I exited I said, “See you around town, fat ass.”

When I glanced back, Lois was smirking and the sheriff was looking over his shoulder at his butt.

It only took a matter of minutes to reach the hospital, so after downing my fries and cola I made my way inside. My nurse friend that I’d met when daddy had stayed there was behind the desk.

“I came to see how Kevin Morton is.” I told her.

“Aren’t you sweet? They just now put him in a bed; we’re going to keep him overnight for observation.”

“Sounds like it was pretty scary.” I said.

She leaned forward and said, “Just between you and me, he’s got the worst food allergy I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot.” She leaned back and said, “I bet he’ll be glad to have a visitor.”

She gave me his room number and pointed down the hall.

When I got to his doorway I glanced in. He was lying on his back in a cotton hospital gown and he looked pale and sweaty. He must have felt my eyes on him because he looked up sharply. When he saw me, he broke into a broad smile.

“You came to see me. How did you know what happened?”

I stepped into the room and said, “I just stopped by the diner and heard about it.”

“Close the door so we can talk.” he said.

I turned and did as he asked and when I turned back around; he had raised and bent one of his legs so that his gown tented over his knee. From where I stood I had a clear view of his long soft cock and big balls hanging between his legs. When I glanced up, he was watching me take him in.

“It gets bigger when it’s hard.” he said. He pulled the gown up so that his whole lower body was uncovered. He grasped his thickening cock and held it up.

“You can do anything you want to me.” he said.

He rolled over on his stomach so that his plump ass was now on view. He had smooth soft looking cheeks and his tight ass crack looked hairless.

I walked closer to the bed and as I gazed down at his plush ass, he arched his hips so that the crack opened and I could see his tight puckered hole. My dick immediately started growing.

“I’ve only been fucked once.” he said and then reached out and grasped my cock through the fabric of my pants.

“I knew you had a big one.” he said smiling. ‘I bet that’s going to hurt.”


I let my hand run over his silky ass cheek and my fingers strayed into his deep ass crack. I could feel the tight pucker of his hole nursing against my fingertip like a tiny mouth.

“You can fuck me.” he said again.

I pulled his gown down over his sweet ass and said, “You’re going to get us both thrown out of here.”

He still had my stiff cock in his hand and he said as he squeezed it, “Want me to suck you off?”

I heard footsteps in the hallway and had just managed to throw myself backward into the chair by the bed and lean forward to hide my erection when my nurse friend popped in.

“I just need to check vitals and that sort of thing.” she said. “Don’t let me interrupt.”

“Actually, I was just leaving, I have work waiting for me.” I said. While her back was turned, I got up and hurried into the hallway with my pants tenting before me.

I stuck my head around the doorway and said to Kevin, “I’ll call you about what we were discussing as soon as you get out.”

“I should be out tomorrow. Make sure you call.” he replied.

All of the way on my drive home I debated with myself the wisdom of getting involved with Kevin. He was cute in a nerdy way, he had a dynamite ass and he was more than willing to give it up. But I couldn’t shake the sense that something just wasn’t kosher with him.

As soon as I got out of the car in the drive, I could smell something baking. I had forgotten it was Friday, Tony’s baking day.