Business Negotiations

Balls Lick

During the last three months, Ian had been traveling more and more, leaving me alone for weeks on end. He was beginning to get complacent about our relationship. It wasn’t that I was expecting great things, like marriage or something. But he had taken a step towards possessiveness. He was leaving stuff at my house and acting as if I had to be the little wifey. It was getting on my nerves.

While Ian was working hard on his deals, I had a few of my own in the fire. My primary concern was a deal with a new client. Barry was a tough negotiator and a real hard ass when it came to business. There had been more than one occasion when I thought the deal had fallen through the cracks. On Wednesday morning when I went into the office, I was ready for another tough round of negotiations with Barry. As I entered my office, Amanda was waiting for me, coffee in hand, and a message from Ian. He needed to see me first thing this morning. I tossed my briefcase on my desk and headed to Ian’s office. Melanie looked up from her desk, smiled and said Ian was in a rare mood today. I encountered that mood immediately after opening the door to his office.

Ian was sitting behind his desk, glaring at me. As I shut the door, he started to yell about what did I think I was doing, how could I begin negotiations without him. He was yelling about Barry. I didn’t know where he got off complaining about a deal that didn’t even involve him and I told him just that. We got into a yelling fight and I ended up telling him to go to hell and walked out. By the time I had reached my office, my blood was boiling. How dare he! My body was churning with fire, ready to explode, and now I had to go into a meeting with Barry. Just what I needed!

Sitting across from Barry in the conference room, I was having a difficult time concentrating. I was so angry with Ian. Finally, Barry stopped the conversation and asked me what was wrong. He said I looked ready to spit nails. I told him I just might. Barry chuckled and said I looked like one hell of a spitfire today, my eyes were burning holes in walls. He said it looked good on me.

I looked at Barry and noticed that he was staring very appreciatively at me. I had noticed other times when Barry’s eyes tended to wander to my cleavage, or to my ass. I hadn’t given it a thought. The one thing I’ve never done is seduce my clients, even though I knew Barry would be hell on wheels in bed. He was not what I had expected when I’d first met him. I had envisioned an older man, late 60’s, gray hair. What I got instead was a well-built man in his late 40’s, jet black hair and a body that was incredible in his tailored suits. His hands were what really set me going. He had long fingers that looked like they knew exactly how to touch a woman. Barry was still staring at me, smiling.

I reached back, suddenly feeling very warm, and removed my suit jacket. I had on a sleeveless white silk top underneath. I knew that the way it Ankara escort hung on my breasts was perfect, accentuating them without being tight against them. Sure enough, Barry’s eyes went straight to my breasts. I felt myself getting hotter again. My blood was still boiling from Ian, now it was boiling, but for an entirely different reason.

Getting back to business, I pulled Barry back to the negotiations. We talked for another hour and then decided to take a break. I got up and went to the sidebar for a glass of water. I felt Barry behind me. I turned, standing very close to him. I watched as his eyes moved up and down me, lingering over my mouth and my breasts. I sipped my water and licked my lips. Looking down, I noticed that he was beginning to show signs of life in his pants. I walked back to the table, crossing my legs as I sat, causing my skirt to ride up slightly. The top of my stockings and garter were just barely visible. Barry sat down next to me this time.

“I think the negotiations are going very well, Clohi, don’t you?”

I nodded and smiled.

“I think there’s just one more thing I’d like to put on the table, though. You.”

My blood was hot and on fire. I could feel the warm liquid slipping from between my legs. After my fight with Ian this morning, I needed this badly.

“Perhaps that can be arranged. What do you have to offer to get me on the table, Barry?”

I moved in my chair, causing my skirt to slide up further on my thighs. Barry’s eyes went immediately to my legs.

“I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”

Setting my water glass on the table, I looked Barry in the eyes.

“I think I’d like to see what I’m getting first before I lay myself out, vulnerable, on the table.”

Very slowly, I reached out and grazed my fingernail across the growing bulge in Barry’s pants. Barry pushed his suit jacket out of the way, slipping it off his arms, as I slowly undid his belt, sliding it free. Gently, I undid his pants, sliding the zipper down slowly. Reaching inside his boxers, I wrapped my fingers around his growing cock. He felt huge in my hand, thick and long, pulsing with blood. Pulling him free of his boxers and pants, I ran my finger over the tip of his head and then down the side. Barry groaned quietly, his cock pulsing in my fingers.

Licking my lips, I watched Barry’s eyes as he watched my fingers move slowly up and down the length of his rod. He was right of course, I wasn’t disappointed. Leaning over into his lap, I gently kissed the head of his cock, letting my lips stay there a little longer than necessary. Drawing my tongue across the tip, I tasted him for the first time. He was salty and all man. I alternated between licking him with my tongue and kissing him. Barry moaned and grabbed the chair arms as I slid my mouth down the length of his cock, twirling my tongue is slow circles around his thick rod. Up and down, I moved my mouth, feeling his cock surge Ankara escort bayan and swell as I sucked him. Not wanting him to cum yet, I pulled my mouth from him, kissing the tip and sat back in my chair.

“I suppose we could put me on the table now. I like what you have to offer so far.”

Barry didn’t waste time. He lifted me from my chair, running his hands up and down my bare arms. Leaning forward, he kissed my neck, running his tongue over my ear. His hands were caressing my breasts through my silk top, his fingers running over my nipples gently. Lifting me, he sat me on the edge of the conference room table and stood between my legs. He looked down and saw the first sight of my panties, obviously damp. He smiled and kissed my neck again. I closed my eyes and moaned as his mouth came down on my right nipple through the silk. His tongue flicked rapidly across my hard nub, making it swell even larger.

Pulling the chair around behind him, Barry sat back and ran his hands up my stockings. I felt my body shiver as his fingers played with the ribbons on my garter. He didn’t unhook them though. Instead, he ran his fingers up my thighs to meet over my panties. Slipping his fingers gently inside my panties, he suddenly pulled, ripping them away from me. I moaned and smiled. A man after my own heart. He tossed them onto the table and then spread my legs wide to see my bare pussy.

I leaned back on the table, laying flat as his fingers moved gently over my soft curls. I was damp and ready for him. Barry’s fingertips barely touched me as he moved his fingers over my lips. Opening the top of my pussy, he leaned in and I moaned as I felt his tongue flick against me. Over and over again, he used small flicks of his tongue on the tip of my pussy. I moaned, clawing at the table, arching my back. I needed a release and I needed it quickly. Barry sensed this and took his time, drawing out my pleasure. His fingers slipped just inside me and then pulled back out, strumming me slowly. Leaning back down, Barry’s tongue lapped at my wet pussy, licking me slow. I moaned, begging him to lick me, to eat me.

Barry’s lips finally closed over my engorged clit, sucking it into his mouth. I felt my orgasm race to the finish. I grabbed my breasts, kneading them through my silk top as I felt his tongue push against my clit, stroking it, playing with it. I moaned and arched my back as my body shivered. Barry covered my pussy with his mouth and sucked my juices, drinking down my orgasm.

Barry got up and I felt his weight on the table with me. Laying above me, I felt him guide his steel-hard cock against my sensitive pussy. I moaned and grabbed is shoulders as he pushed his cock deep inside me. Fucking me on the conference room table, Barry slid his cock in and out of me slowly, ramming his cock all the way inside my tight pussy. His mouth covered my nipple through my top again, sucking hard on me as he cock stroked my pussy. Escort Ankara I moaned and grabbed his shoulders harder as I felt my pussy tighten around him and my second orgasm took over.

Barry pushed my top up and pulled my bra cup down. His warm mouth covered my naked breast, sucking me in as he rammed his cock harder and harder into me. I came a third time, and then a fourth time and he hadn’t cum yet. Barry stopped and withdrew, slipping off the table. He pulled me off the table and turned me around to lean over it. I moaned again as I felt his fingers stroke my pussy and then stroke my ass. I knew what was next.

Bracing myself against the table, I moaned as Barry slowly guided his cock into my ass. He was huge and it split me in two, but I didn’t care. His cock pushed deeper and deeper and I felt full. He reached around and fingered my pussy as his cock fucked my ass. We were both moaning, filling the conference room. With every push of his cock, I felt his balls slamming against me. His fingers were deep inside me. I moaned as I came a fifth time. Suddenly, Barry pulled out of my ass and slammed his cock deep inside my pussy. As my orgasm was overtaking me, his cock was filling me. Barry moaned and dug his fingers into my hips. His orgasm erupted inside me.

Slipping away from him, I turned and dropped to my knees. Taking his spewing cock in my mouth, I sucked him dry. He stroked my head and moaned as I sucked his cock, getting slower with each suck. As I pulled him out of my mouth, I noticed for the first time that we weren’t alone. Standing just inside the conference room door was Ian. I smiled at him, still stroking Barry’s cock. Barry looked over, saw Ian and smiled.

Ian walked over to me, pulling me up to stand against him. Barry sat back in the chair, his cock limp between his legs. Ian ripped my silk top, tossing it to the side. He pulled my bra off and savagely cupped my breasts. He pulled and massaged them, squeezing my nipples. Pushing me against the table, Ian undid his pants and pushed them down. His cock was hard and standing straight up. Pushing my skirt up, Ian rammed his hard cock deep inside my sensitive pussy. I’d already cum five times and he was going to make it six. Ian slammed his cock deep and hard inside me. I braced myself on his shoulders, moaning for him to fuck me harder. I looked over at Barry, who was watching us with a smile on his face. I felt my blood boil again. I couldn’t remember when I’d been this excited before.

Ian tugged on my breasts with his hands and his mouth as his cock slammed harder and harder into me. I felt my orgasm and begged him to fuck me harder. As my orgasm shook my body, Ian moaned and pulled out. I dropped and sucked him clean, stroking him. Barry sat up and I reached out to stroke his cock, which was beginning to come to life again.

For the next two hours, I alternated between Barry and Ian. I lost count of how many times I came that day. Before it was over, I had Barry’s signature on a contract and Ian had had an attitude readjustment. As we left to take Barry to dinner, we grabbed Melanie. There was still a lot of pleasure left to enjoy. I needed Melanie to help me enjoy it.