Bunched Up Panties

Big Tits

My nostrils fills up with her stench. The creamy residue of her panties cling to my nose as I rub her silk panties against it. As I inhale her deep scent, my penis starts throbbing against my pants. Unconsciously, my hand wanders downward, trying to shove my hand beneath the fabric. I grab my cock, sliding my hand from its bulging head to the stringy hairs of the hilt. I inhale deeply. Stroking harder, her plump ass starts to pop in my head. She begins moaning as I thrust my cock in her tight pussy from behind. On all fours, she locks her eyes into mine and grinds up against me. I could feel my load getting heavy. I am ready to burst. I once again shove her panties in my face with my tongue licking on the wet fabric. Sticky white cum coated my hand as I bucked from the aftermath of my orgasm.

I never thought I would be bordering obsession when I first met her. She had a cheeky grin on her face as she stood beside my wife. She barely reached my wife’s full height of 5’7″ but her confidence took all my attention. She wore a yellow tank top with white jeans that stuck to her long legs like skin. You would never guess her age just by looking at her. At 16, she had filled out her tank top to almost bursting. But that was 2 years ago. Now, she was my nightmare.

I can’t stop thinking about her sweet luscious body on my bed. Her moans getting louder as I stick my shaft into her, I grit my teeth to control my desire. Everyday, I am having a hard time to look at her. I barely get a conversation going without her 34Ds popping into my head. By the end of the month of first meeting her, I finally admitted it. I’m totally sexually attracted to my step-daughter! And boy, was I screwed!

Not that my wife put me in the dog house. On the contrary, we go at it like bunnies. Küçükköy Escort Only half of the time, I picture my lovely step-daughter’s wet pussy. After giving me a peck on the cheek every morning, she runs to the bus for school. With my wife off to her gym, I silently move my way to the house. My hands starts trembling as I rummage through the laundry basket in the bathroom. Excitement fills me when I finally get my hands on her last night’s underwear.

Like as always, I remove my suit taking time as not to wrinkle the garment. I see my reflection on the mirror. Not bad, I say. I am not you magazine print ad model but I do take care of my body. My shoulders are wide and my torso lean. I keep my 5o’clock shadow and clean cut hair for a rugged but polished look. Looking in the mirror, I see my hand clutching her panties. Bringing it to my nose, I inhale her scent and my other hand grabs my growing shaft.

Then suddenly, the door opens!

Standing in front of me is Vanessa, my step-daughter. I have been fantasizing about her for two years. And I can’t believe she is standing in front of me! Naked. She looks at her panties in my hand, raises a brow and says “My panties again, dad?”

I stood there frozen. Unable to utter a single word. But I couldn’t help it. My eyes roamed across her naked body. Her 34D tits as stiff as I was. Her shaven cunt so boldly inviting.

She stepped toward me, took the panties in my hand and licked the wet center. She pressed her body towards me. Her tits pressed against my chest. She lowers herself slowly. I sucked my breath as her body glides over mine. With her pouting lips, she took me into her mouth.

“Ahh..” I groaned.

” You like that daddy?”, she said.

I could only nod. Küçükköy Escort Bayan Her warm mouth is sweet torment to my raging hardon. She expertly goes up and down my shaft while using her tongue to flick on my bulging tip. My fingers closed around her hair pulling her closer with every thrust.

“Daddy I want more.” she cried.

She climbed on top of the bathroom counter and spread her legs wide. I could see her tight pussy glistening with her juices. She reached for me, pulled my head to her and kissed me. Her tongue delved into mine and I went crazy for more. My hands start roaming her body, squeezing her breasts, not caring if I’d hurt her. She is not a mere girl anymore. She was a woman on fire!

I pulled back. I savored the weight of her breasts in my hands. They were spilling out but what I love about them is her rosy nipples so perky. I rolled one with my thumb and forefinger which brought a moan to her. She arched her back ready to receive more. She grabbed my hair, placing my mouth to her nipple. I took out my tongue and flicked her sensitive nipple. “Mmmm..” her fingers pulling my hair. I closed my mouth around her breast sucking her sweetness.

Her legs closed in on my hips as she grinds herself on my stomach. I took each breast in my mouth licking and sucking until she was panting heavily. My hands wandered up and down her long legs. Her inner thigh so soft to touch was beginning to get wet from her grinding. I ran my hand between our bodies and found her heated cunt. She was dripping wet. With one finger, I entered her. Oh how tight she was!

Bracing herself on the counter, she moved with the rhythm of my finger.

“Daddy! More! I’m about to come!” she pleaded.

My own cock is begging me to Escort Küçükköy enter her but I wanted to savor her heat. I pushed a second finger into her which made her yelp. Whether it be pain or pleasure, I did not know. She shifted her weight and began moving towards my finger. I pushed deep inside her, making circles with my fingers. She is panting hard now and about to cum.

“Daddy please! I need your cock now! I want you to fuck me hard. I want to you to scream my name as you come inside of me! Please daddy!”

Though a little unsteady she jumped off the counter. She raised her ass up and opened her pussy with her fingers. ” Fuck me daddy! Shove that cock in me!”

By this time, my balls are aching so bad, I couldn’t do anything but oblige. My mushroom head poised to enter her, I grit my teeth. Her pussy was so tight, My 9 inch cock barely got through halfway, She was moaning loud ” Ahhh..daddy! You’re so big!” I pulled back a little but she held on to me. ” No daddy! I want more!”

” I don’t want to hurt you honey.” I said. As guilt was taking over me. But before I even had a chance to pull out, she shoved back her ass towards me! ” Ahh! Fuck me daddy!”

Then, I thrust hard into her. Oh God, how wet she was! Harder and faster I shoved my cock in and out of her. Her big tits bouncing back and forth with my every thrust. She grabbed one tit and sucked on her own nipple. ” Mmm daddy! You’re cock is amazing!”

I could feel her pussy tightening for an orgasm. I too was about to burst. I clenched my fingers on her ass as I drove into her harder. ” I’m about to cum honey” I said. ” I’m cumming too!” she gasped. She raise her ass and inch higher and her tiny asshole mocking me to insanity.

“Ahhh!” she screamed. Her body trembling with her orgasm.

“Ugh! Vanessaaa!” I pulled back and shot streams of sticky cum into her asshole.

I looked up into the mirror but all I saw was me with one hand clutching my step daughter’s panties and the other hand with my now sticky limped cock.

Time to go to work!