Bruises Ch. 19-20


Chapter 19

Peggy woke early on Sunday morning to Walt’s soft snores. She lay quietly while she contemplated what they had done. Searching her mind for any sign of guilt or remorse she smiled a self-satisfied smile when she could find nothing but happiness.

She felt much as she had when she and his father spent their first night together after their marriage. She ached like a newlywed would ache. Her thighs hurt from her legs being spread wide and her body had a pleasurable ache from the unusual positions that they had twisted themselves into.

Their initial coupling had been one of pure and gentle love and once they had recovered they found themselves unable to stop their lovemaking. They tried everything that she had ever heard of and some things that were not in any books.

Walt’s leg prevented them from doing it in a true “doggy style” so they looked for a different way. They found that if she lay on her side he could enter her from behind and achieve the same access and penetration as if they were kneeling.

Sighing softly, she eased herself out of the bed and went into the bathroom to relieve her full bladder. Sitting on the toilet, she examined herself and found her mound slightly swollen and tender to her touch.

After carefully patting herself dry with a pad of tissue, she removed her diaphragm and tried to think ahead as to where their new relationship would take them. As soon as her thoughts turned that way, Martin’s presence intruded on her happiness and she felt a bit of nagging guilt at her actions.

The hot shower eased her aches and allowed her to focus a little on how she would handle the issue.

“It’s more than an issue,” she said into the water cascading down over her face.

She had to face him sooner or later without him finding out what she and Walt had done. They could continue to hide their love for each other but sooner or later they would be exposed and their new world would come to an end.

Tears flowed from her eyes and mixed with the water running down her face. Her mind wasn’t working properly and she felt like she would faint from the thoughts that she could lose Walt.

A shadow fell across the translucent shower curtain and turning her head she could see the outline of Walt leaning on his crutches. All thoughts of Martin and any future problems left her.

Filling her mouth with water, she stuck her head out from the edge of the curtain. Walt looked with concern at her face fixed in an evil grin an instant before she squirted a mouthful of water at him. Giggling fiercely, she pulled back behind the curtain and was filling her mouth with more water when he yanked the curtain open and reaching in with one hand he clamped it over her mouth.

“Wench!” he declared and lifting his crutch, he spanked her on the ass.

Still giggling, Peggy spurted another mouthful of water at him and tried to grab his crutch before she realized that he might fall if she did get it.

Giving up, she backed away.

“C’mon in, the water’s fine,” she invited.

Walt put one crutch down and lifted the shower chair into the tub with her help. She moved to the side to allow him to maneuver his body into the tub and took his crutch from him so that he could lever himself down onto the seat.

“I hope all of that water doesn’t leak down into the room below us,” she said indicating the pool of water flooding the bathroom floor. “They’ll kick us out of here if it does.”

Pulling the shower curtain back into place she bent over to tuck it inside of the tub. She let out with a shriek when the touch of Walt’s fingers between her cheeks almost sent her tumbling out of the tub. Catching herself she stood up and turning around she grabbed his hand and held it.

“We’re going to get hurt fooling around like this in here,” she admonished him.

“You sound like my mother,” he grinned and grabbing her he pulled her down onto his lap.

Tilting her head back so that they were cheek-to-cheek, she murmured, “I am, remember?”

“How can I forget,” he answered. “I don’t think I could ever love anyone as much as I love you. I izmit escort bayan can’t keep my hands off of you.”

Peggy relaxed against him and let herself succumb to the sensuous feeling of their wet bodies sliding against each other. The hot water of the shower rained down on them and she closed her eyes and relaxed.

“I have to pee!” he suddenly declared. “I came in here to pee and you interrupted me.”

A naughty thrill coursed through her body.

“Go ahead. I won’t tell anyone you peed in the shower,” she laughed.

“I can’t with you sitting on me.”

“Sure you can. Here I’ll even hold it for you,” she said and sitting up she grasped his half-hard erection in her hand.

Walt tried not to think about her hand holding him because he knew that if he got any harder he would never be able to relieve himself.

“Relax, relax,” she said in a soothing voice. “Let it come.”

Walt closed his eyes and let the sound of the water and his need to relieve himself take over his body. It worked and he could feel his sphincter muscle relax and his stream start.

Peggy giggled when the first dribbles came out of the end of his cock. Looking down at him sticking out from between her legs, she felt the tube underneath it fill with fluid and flow past her fingertips. She let out a little yelp when the pressure forced his urine out of his opening and it surged out in a hard stream.

“It looks like I’m peeing. This is fun,” she laughed and aimed the stream around the walls of the tub.

She was now giggling like a schoolgirl and she soon got Walt laughing with her. The weight of her sitting on his bladder forced his stream to reach high on the walls. Soon the pressure eased and the last few spurts came out with each one getting weaker and weaker.

“Shake it off,” he ordered.

“Like this?” she said and flipped it up and down between her fingers.

“Easy there. Don’t break it. If you hurt it I won’t be able to use it to make you happy.”

“You can make me happy without using this, you know.”

“My tongue’s all tired out. You’re out of luck,” he threatened.

“I didn’t mean that,” she said and slapped his thigh. “I meant just being around you makes me happy.”

“Then let’s get washed and dried so I can make you happy all over.”

“Honey,” she said as she relaxed against him again. “I’m real sore down there. I don’t think we’d better do anything for a while. I’m sorry. OK”

“No problem, we have lots of time. Let’s wash.”

Chapter 20

Rather than going out for breakfast they called room service and had it sent up. Peggy arranged the chairs so that they could look out of the open windows and let the warm summer breeze come into their room while they ate.

Walt sat at the table but when Peggy went to sit down she groaned and a look of pain crossed her face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I’m sore,” she laughed and gently rubbed herself. “I’m not used to all of what we did last night.”

Pulling a pillow off of the bed she arranged it on the chair and gingerly sat down on it.

“That’s better,” she sighed.

“Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?” he said with an evil grin on his face.

Peggy felt a twinge in her groin that was not a pain at his offer.

“Maybe later,” she whispered with her eyes down. “You’re embarrassing me.”

“How can you be embarrassed after what we’ve done?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I just am.”

Room service knocking at the door interrupted them and when the waiter left they attacked their food like they hadn’t eaten in a week.

“I’m starved,” Peggy commented. “Too much exercise last night, I guess.”

“Never too much,” Walt laughed.

Walt was almost finished when Peggy leaned back in her chair with a concerned look on her face.

“Baby?” she said.

“Yes?” he answered with a wondering tone. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really, but I’m going to have to call Martin and let him know where we are. I don’t know if he’ll even worry or not but I feel I have to do it. OK?”

“Sure. I understand. Do you want to call him from izmit eve gelen escort the other room?”

“No! I didn’t mean it that way. I’ll call him on my cell.”

Peggy let the phone ring until the voice mail picked up. She left a message telling him that they had arrived safely and she would let him know when they were coming home. She left the hotel number in case he couldn’t get her on her cell.

She felt better after taking care of that little chore but at the same time, she was hoping he would not call her for any reason. Taking the tray full of dishes out into the hall, she left it alongside of the door for housekeeping to pick up. Placing the “Do Not Disturb” card on the door handle she locked the door and went into the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” Walt asked.

“I have to poop,” she said. “You stay out here. I need privacy.”

“OK,” he laughed. “I’ll brush my teeth and shave in the other one.”

Walt was lying on the bed when she came out of the bathroom. She had brushed her hair and put on a little makeup.

“C’mere,” he ordered and patted the bed beside him.

“I’m sore,” she reminded him. “Be careful, OK?”

“What makes you think I’m going to do anything?” he grinned.

“Because I can see your thing sticking up under your robe,” she said and squeezed his erection.

“My thing?” he said.

“Yes, your thing. Don’t make fun of me. It’s just the way I am.”

“I love you the way you are,” he husked and pulled her into an embrace.

They kissed while lying on their sides and Walt’s hands started to roam. He unbelted her robe and helped her to get if off of her shoulders exposing her nude body for him to play with.

Peggy lay back and let him pleasure her. His lips on her breasts drove her wild and when he gently suckled her nipple she held it up for him. It gave her a feeling of being wanted and needed every time he did that to her.

She needed no urging and willingly opened her legs when his fingers meandered down over her belly and played with her pubic hair. He gently caressed her lips already swollen with passion but he did not try to enter her.

“Remember, I’m sore,” she reminded him.

“Right here?” he asked and ran his finger up and down her labia.

“Yes,” she responded.

“Here?” he asked again and squeezed her lips together with his fingers.

“Yes,” she moaned and despite the pain, she raised her pelvis up to his hand.

“Here?” he asked and rubbed her protruding clitoris with the pad of his finger.

“No,” she wailed and arched her back up off of the bed.

“Do you want me to kiss it?” he teased her.

“Oh, God! Yes, yes,” she begged.

“Come up here,” he said and tugged on her hips.

Peggy moved to turn around and straddle his face but he pulled and positioned her so that she was sitting on his belly facing him.

“Up here,” he indicated and holding her steady he moved to slide his face down between her legs.

“I’ve never done this,” Peggy said when she understood what he wanted her to do.

“I’m glad I’m the first,” he said as he settled her against him.

Peggy leaned forward and looking down she could see herself covering him. She couldn’t see what he was doing but she could trace every movement of his lips and tongue in her mind.

He gently laved her lips and inserted his tongue between them. There was no discomfort and the sensations were starting to overwhelm her. Moving his mouth up, he captured her clitoris between his lips and gently sucked on it.

Peggy moaned and held onto the headboard of the bed to keep from falling down onto the pillows. She tried to hold herself up off of his face but his hands on her hips kept her pressed against him.

His suckling movements were like the one’s he used on her nipples and she was soon moving herself in little hunches on his mouth. She lost it completely when his tongue came up and massaged her while he continued to suckle.

Walt felt a flood of liquid come out and drip down over her chin when she let out with what sounded like a howl. He grinned izmit otele gelen escort through his ministrations in the knowledge that he was giving her something that she had never experienced before.

Peggy finally rolled off of him when she got so sensitive she couldn’t stand for him to touch her anymore. She collapsed onto her belly on the bed next to him and squirmed her body against him.

The feeling of her soft, warm flesh writhing against him in pleasure gave him more satisfaction than he had ever felt.

Walt waited for her breathing to settle down.

“Well?” he asked.

Lifting her head she looked at him with a quizzical look.

“Well?” he repeated.

“What?” she asked and kissed his cheek.

“Since I’m number five, how do I compare?”

“Number five?” she asked.

“You told me you had four lovers before me. I’m number five. How do I compare?”

“Ohh,” she said when she understood what he meant.

Snuggling up to him she kissed him again.

“You may think you’re number five but in my mind you’re definitely my number one and my last one.”

“Does this hurt?” she asked and captured his erection in her hand.

“Yes,” he replied. “Please kiss it and make it better.”

“My pleasure,” she replied and kissed little kisses down over his chest and onto his stomach.

Crawling down between his legs, she carefully studied his genitals for a few moments.

“Everything OK down there?” he asked. “Anything wrong?”

“No, everything’s perfect,” she replied and cradling his balls in her hand she used the other one to hold him up to her lips.

Walt groaned and jerked when she kissed and licked up over the glans before capturing the very tip in her lips. She tried to insert her tongue into his opening and that sent him into another round of jerking and moaning.

This was the first time she had really had the opportunity to carefully look at him and she used her lips and tongue to help with her examination. She was surprised to find that he had very little hair on his penis and on his testicles and when she sucked one into her mouth it felt smooth and silky.

Walt was holding her head and trying to get her to put him in her mouth but she resisted as she played with him. His pre-cum was flowing out of him like a fountain and she relished the sweet taste of it. Finally succumbing to his needs, she pursed her lips and kissed the very tip before consuming him with gentle, nibbling motions that drew him a touch deeper into her mouth each time she sucked.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him grabbing handfuls of the bed sheets. Looking up she watched as his face twisted into a passionate grimace. He was starting to buck against her and rising up on her knees she supported her body with her hands on both sides of his thighs.

Walt’s eyes opened and he looked down at her. Their eyes met and she smiled around her mouthful of his maleness. Keeping her eyes locked on his she brought her mouth up to his crown and mimicked the suckling motion he used on her nipples.

His eyes rolled up into his head for a moment before he arched his back and pushed himself up off of the bed.

“Oh, God! I’m cumming, Peggy Mom, I’m cumming!”

Peggy’s heart lurched at the use of his name for her and she increased the suction with her mouth. Her tongue felt the surge of his semen as it flowed up the tube in the bottom of his penis and she tasted his essence as he filled her mouth with jet after jet of his love for her.

She continued to pleasure him until he could no longer stand the sensations and he pleaded with her to lift off of him with his hands on her cheeks. Kneeling up between his legs, she smiled with a closed mouth and swallowed what he had given her.

It was several hours later when she awoke from her nap. She had fallen asleep with her leg up and over his stump and her head nestled into the crook of his neck. He didn’t move when she disentangled herself and slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom.

The flash of her rings caught her eye when she wiped herself after peeing and her thoughts went to what they were going to do about Martin. She couldn’t see them continuing with their sneaking around now that they had experienced each other as a true husband and wife.

Shaking her head to clear the thoughts, she stepped into the shower and made plans for the rest of their day.