Brother , Sexy Sister Ch. 02

Blow Job

Authors Note: Again. This story is a work of fiction. Anything you read here is not true. And if something did…I did not write it from that.

A few weeks later, my parents decide to go on a business trip for the weekend. I always tend to think it was one of their sexual escapades if you ask me. I thought it was great that they were going to leave for the weekend. I couldn’t wait for it to be alone with my little sister again. I think she was excited about it as much as I was. I always saw that she had hard nipples, I love her tits.

As the week dragged on waiting for them to leave, I always had a hard-on. My parents didn’t notice, but my sister certainly knew it. She always kept staring at my cock through my pants; she loved to look it seems. Finally Friday came along, I took a shower that morning, had breakfast, and road my twenty-one speed mountain bike around near the beach for a few hours. Looking off the cliff beyond the seas. Seeing small boats and fishing boats, I even saw an oiling platform out there. After that, I went home to get some lunch. My sister hadn’t gotten home from school yet, but she would in two or three hours. By the time I got home, my parents had already left to their “business” meeting.

Three hours later, my sister walked into the house through the front door, she smiled at me and said hello. We talked for at least an hour talking about her friends and everything. It was pretty interesting really actually. Some of her guy friends hit on her and everything; I was getting hot from the idea of it, though she didn’t notice right away.

After we stopped talking, she noticed I had a hard-on and smiled at me, I grinned back and she walked over to me. She sat on my lap and rubbed my thighs in her hands slowly, I was getting harder from it. I couldn’t wait for her to get her hands around my cock. I kissed her slowly halkalı escort as she unzipped my pants and pulled them down and off my legs. My sister then pulled off my shirt and started kissing down my body to my boxers, pulling them off slowly.

Jamie looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of hers as she wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly stroked it softly in her soft hand. I moaned softly at the feel of her hand on my cock. Jamie started kissing my thighs softly, moving closer, she started licking my cock slowly as she stroked it in her hand. I just closed my eyes and relaxed, knowing how good she was at sucking cock.

My sister started sucking on the head softly as she stroked the rest of my cock slowly; I loved every bit of it. Jamie then started to move her mouth down my cock slowly, sucking on it softly; she slowly moved her mouth up and down my cock, sucking slowly as she did. I moaned out slowly, loving the feel of her warm wet mouth on my cock. I always thought about her doing this and I always went crazy over it. Her hands slowly rubbed and squeezed my thighs as she sucked my cock slowly, she told me she went slowly because she liked to make it last a while. I had no objections to it, who would?

So I let her suck my cock slowly, she licked my cock as she sucked on it. I could feel my cum in my balls start to rise slowly, I wanted to cum real bad, but then I wanted this pleasure to last a while, but it was her mouth, so I didn’t complain. My breathing went up a bit as I came closer, I finally let her know, “I’m going to cum soon baby.” I think she knew already because she started sucking really hard on my cock when I was about to cum, and wow, did I ever cum. I came real hard in her mouth, giving her long thick spurts of cum, almost cumming for two minutes; it was so hot for me.

Jamie şirinevler escort swallowed every bit of it, she licked and sucked my cock clean, and I loved it. Jamie looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and said, “Brian baby, do you want to lick my wet pussy?” Boy did I want to, I quickly nodded and picked her up, carrying her off to my bedroom.

I stripped her naked and put her on my bed and got between those legs and started to lick her pussy lips quickly. Sucking on them, biting them, licking them, she was moaning pretty well. I took that as a sign and started sucking hard on her clit an slowly pushed in two fingers into her tight wet hole as she moaned even more, panting hard, she almost came then.

So I started fingering her wet hole faster at a medium pace, twenty seconds later she had an orgasm, but I wanted to give her more than one. So I kept sucking on her clit and kept licking it, I tugged on it with my teeth, bit it, nibbled it, Jamie loved it, I made her cum four or five times until she told me to stop an let her get her strength back.

Jamie smiled at me when she could move again and said softly, “Brian…I want your cock in my ass.” I was a bit surprised to hear this, I didn’t know she liked cock in her ass, but who’s to decline such an offer? So Jamie rolled over onto her stomach and thrust her ass up into the air, and it was gorgeous, I loved her ass. My dick was still hard as hell, so I got behind her and grabbed that firm ass and started massaging it in my hands. To my surprise, Jamie got real hot from just my hands and I wondered how she’d respond with my cock in there.

After a minute with my hands on her ass cheeks, I leaned down and started biting her cheeks softly, then started dragging my tongue down her crack. Jamie shuddered and moaned softly when I started escort istanbul licking her asshole in small circles. Then I pulled away and got my cock wet with my spit, grabbed those luscious cheeks and pushed them apart and put my cock head against it and began to push gently, not wanting to hurt her. Jamie just gave me a small pleasured moan; I took that as a sign and slowly pushed the head and moaned out myself as it grabbed it. I pushed some more in, she moaned more and more until I had all eight inches of cock deep into her ass. It looked so hot, I began to move in and out of her ass slowly in long slow lengthily movements. In and out it went slowly, I watched it go in and out, loving the sensations of my cock in her ass. Jamie was quiet, but she was panting pretty hard and had an orgasm pretty quickly after I had my cock in her ass.

I kept slowly pushing it in an out, loving the feeling, I too moaned softly as she did. I held onto her hips, pulling her gently with my movements. Jamie was still panting, I loved to hear her breath, it was really sexy to me. She had a really nice ass and I watched my dick move in and out of her tight butt. Watching it almost made me cum then, so I had to take it easy with it, I didn’t want to blow it in her so soon. I was getting pretty close as it was, so I decided to bring it up a notch!

I started to pump it in an out at a medium pace, pumping it in deeper, I heard her moaning out even more, so I kept going deeper until I couldn’t go deeper anymore. Her panting become faster, mine was too as I was almost on the edge. I pulled her back against me harder, shoving it in once more, I started cumming in her ass, holding her there ‘till I was done, she collapsed on the bed, panting and moaning quietly. I lied down next to her and held her close to me. I loved my sister more than anything did; I don’t know what I’d do without her. I whispered into her ear quietly, “How was that?” Jamie just looked at me and grinned a little, “I loved it.” And we kissed each other lightly, hoping there was more to come, I just lied there in bed with my little sister, the both of us falling asleep together the first time in years.