Brother, My Brother Ch. 02


Rain streaked the windows overlooking the mews courtyard as I read the mail. Mostly Christmas cards; it was a Saturday in December, on the run-up to the holidays. Shopping for the last few presents had been uppermost in my mind that morning when I climbed out of bed. I had left my brother Liam to doze in blissful slumber on sheets sweat-dampened and scented from our lovemaking. Now hours later I was home, tired, broke and annoyed at the contents of the letter in my hand.

‘”Friends are God’s apology to us for having to have family!”‘ I fumed, balling it up and throwing it in the bin.

Liam looked up from his desk where he was working on-line, peering at me over the top of his glasses in a professorish way that always makes me smile. ‘That’s a pretty damming statement, Chris,’ he said mildly. The light from the VDU glinted on his lenses – matched by the glint in the blue eyes behind them. ‘Are you including me in it?’

‘Darling, we’re already having each other!’ I retorted, poking out my tongue. ‘Besides, we’re friends as much as we’re brother and sister – and lovers.’

‘True,’ he laughed, then bent to retrieve the letter from the bin by his chair. Spreading it out to smooth the creases, he read it quickly. ‘Oh bugger,’ he said quietly.

‘Yes; Aunt Liz is coming to stay for Christmas week.’

It’s never an option with our mother’s sister. She announces her arrival like some mediaeval monarch about to descend on a sleepy manor, and everyone has to move sharp to accommodate her. It’s either that, or leave the country…

‘This complicates things,’ Liam mused.

‘No shit, Sherlock,’ I grumbled, getting up from the settee and going over to him. I slid my hands down over his shoulders and onto his chest, reading the letter again with my chin resting on his shoulder. ‘We’d have to stop sleeping together whilst she’s here.’

His heart lay beneath my hand and I felt it lurch. ‘I could suggest she takes your room and you share with me,’ he mused, giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

I cuffed his ear lightly. ‘That’s not an option and you know it!’

‘Then you’ll have to share with her.’

‘Oh fuck, no!’ I protested. ‘Not for one night, let alone a week!’

Don’t get me wrong. We loved Aunt Liz, but she could be intense sometimes. At least she was only staying a week this time. Normally she stays two.

Liam swivelled on his chair and pulled me onto his lap. ‘It’s that or you can have our room and I’ll sleep on the settee.’

We looked at the settee, an ancient thing in russet brown with prolapsed springs that had been Liam’s from student to accounts executive. It had been old when he’d bought it. Eleven years of student parties, student sex and frequent changes of address can play hell with an innocent settee of advanced years.

‘I’m surprised Heidi let you keep it,’ I muttered, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. ‘It’s old, and doesn’t match the decor.’

He stroked my thigh, his hand wandering higher and higher. With his other hand he clicked the mouse a few times and logged-off; a versatile guy. ‘I told her I couldn’t get rid of it; it holds too many memories.’

I was impressed! It must have shocked überbitch Heidi too for Liam to defy her. ‘A few new memories too,’ I whispered in his ear, then ran the tip of my tongue around the lobe. The cold and the dampness of the morning’s shop had worn off, and Liam’s touch on my leg was getting me very excited.

His hand reached higher until I felt his fingertips stroking my crotch through the flimsy cloth of my panties. ‘Shall we add another?’ he asked with a wicked grin.

I stood up and drew him across the room until I felt the edge of the settee brush the back of my legs. He held my hands as I lowered myself slowly onto it, my gaze locked on his. As often as we’d had sex in the two months of our strange new relationship, it still gave me a thrill to fuck my brother. Thankfully!

He knelt, his hands sliding up the outside of my thighs, pushing my skirt up about my hips until his fingertips could hook the hem of my white panties. With a devilish grin he pulled on them, and I lifted my hips to let him slide them down. When they reached my knees, he buried his nose into the gusset and inhaled my scent.

I giggled. ‘Wouldn’t you prefer something from the source, sir?’ I asked, reaching down to stroke his fine blond hair.

‘Oh, I believe I would!’ he laughed, pushing my knees apart and leaning forward.

Hot breath flowed over my labia as his mouth drew near; the delicate touch of air made me soaking wet inside and my nipples ached as they began to swell. Strong hands caressed my thighs, my hips, as his tongue flickered lightly over my cunny lips. He paused to remove his glasses and I spread my legs wider for him. ‘Suck me, bro,’ I whispered, closing my eyes. ‘Suck me good…’

The slick wet tip of his tongue ran lightly over my labia – up – and down – and around – the touch thrilling me until the juice was positively pouring from my sex. Liam tilted his head Gaziosmanpaşa Escort and pressed his lips harder against me, his tongue probing deep into my crack, his quickening breath making a small snorting sound through his nose.

‘I wish you could breathe through your ears,’ I muttered, running my hands over his head.

The snorts became snorts of laughter which did all sorts of strange things to my cunny. I opened my eyes to see my brother looking back at me from between my thighs, his juice-slick mouth grinning. ‘Damn, but you pick your moments to crack a joke!’ he grumbled, climbing on top of me.

I could feel his hardness through his pants, that big cock I loved so much pressing into my exposed belly. We looked into each other’s eyes, seeing in the other the loving warmth and friendship between us, unlooked-for but joyfully found not so long before. Then the flames of lust rose up in us both. Liam kissed me deeply, letting me taste myself on his tongue as it flickered over mine. His hands slid beneath my sweatshirt to fondle my breasts through my bra, tweaking and teasing my erect nipples until I felt them glow. My breath quickened. I reached down and began fumbling with his belt, a difficult job until he raised his hips and helped me, lips still glued to mine. I pushed his pants and trunks down over his butt in one go, freeing his cock which flicked up, leaving a short sticky trail of pre-cum on my shaven belly.

Reaching down I clasped the solid shaft and pulled his foreskin back with a quick, practised jerk, making him gasp into my mouth. I could feel the smooth, hard bulb of the head in my palm and I placed it to my cunny, my hips rising to meet him as he wriggled to a comfortable position between my thighs.

He hesitated. ‘Did you remember your pill this morning?’ he asked. ‘You’d gone before I woke up.’

‘Of course.’ I crossed my heart and held up my hand. ‘Guider’s truth!’

Bless the man, he didn’t doubt me for a second. It was an article of faith with us that I took my pill. We’d discussed it. Liam didn’t want kids yet, with me or anyone else. I could go along with that – for now! My heartfelt ambition was to have a child with this lovely man and I knew I’d persuade him eventually. My empty womb was aching for it, just as my cunny was aching for him to fill me now.

Then he entered me, slowly, fighting an inclination to thrust hard, knowing a slow-mo would heighten the moment. It did; my hands found their way to his tight butt of their own accord as my legs rose and entwined about his hips. My tongue explored his mouth, sliding over and around his teeth and tongue as his 9″ shaft kept coming and coming, stretching and filling me until I let out a long, low earthy groan of pleasure.

Liam’s hands caressed my face, and I caught and kissed his palms tenderly. ‘Love you, Liam,’ I whispered.

‘Love you, Christie!’

His hips began to work, first pressing deep and hard, then that long shaft slid out, almost to the point of dropping free; then in again, oh! so far inside me. I moaned again, my hands clasping him as Liam’s arms enfolded my body, taking hold of my shoulders to pull me onto his cock. My rippling sphincter tightened about him, squeezing that luscious member, savouring every sensation head and shaft and vein and muscle raised as he thrust and withdrew, thrust and withdrew.

My breath came quicker now, my body heating up to a furnace of lust. Dimly I wished we were naked, I was growing too hot in my sweatshirt, but there was no way either of us could stop now. Liam’s cock was playing the nerves in my cunny like a virtuoso, hips thrusting and bucking as his male instinct took over and sought to pleasure me to the max., his balls smacking lightly against my anus. Above me his face was red and contorted with effort, droplets of sweat falling onto me to sting my eyes. Perversely we make love with our eyes open, neither of us wishing to miss the tiniest moment of our lovemaking.

Like when we cum together. Liam’s breath came in gasps, then loud strangled cries as his hips ground against me, forcing his cock inside me to the last hair. ‘Uh! Uh! UH! UUUUHHHHHH!’

My teeth were clenched, eyes squeezed shut, then I felt his seed surge into me and I came with a long cry of pure pleasure. ‘Yeah, yeah, yeaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHEEeeeeee! uh! uh! uh! UH!’

We clung on to each other as we shuddered and bucked, hips grinding, wringing the last moment of orgasm from and for each other. As the last surge of cum passed from Liam’s body to my own we collapsed, hot and fighting for breath.

‘Oh shit, babes, that was sooo good!’ he gasped. He found enough strength from somewhere to raise his head and kiss me and we embraced.

‘How the hell are we going to keep our hands off each other for a week?’ I asked plaintively, staring up at the ceiling.

At work that Monday I had my first scare.

‘You’re getting it on with someone, aren’t you?’

I looked up from my magazine to see Jackie Gordon Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan had come in unnoticed and was sitting opposite me in the staff lounge. A fellow executive PA, blond and flossy-glossy like some tart from the magazine I was idly flipping through, Jackie thought she was “it.” To me she had all the charisma of road-kill.

‘What?’ I retorted wittily.

‘I know that look!’ she said in a knowing tone. ‘When you first started here you told me you were divorced. Now you’ve got the look of someone who’s seeing someone. You’ve had it for weeks.’

‘I’m not seeing anyone, Jackie.’ I pointedly turned my attention back to the magazine, hoping she would shut up or at least get off the topic. Not a chance…

‘We’ll get to see him at the company’s Christmas dinner,’ she grinned. ‘So you might as well confess.’

‘There is no “him,” and I won’t be coming anyway. My elderly aunt will be staying for Christmas and it won’t be fair to leave her.’

‘Oh, but you’ll have to come!’ Jackie said, leaning over to tap my knee.

I moved my legs away from her and fixed her with a glare. ‘Why is that?’ I demanded.

‘You’re a new employee,’ she said primly. ‘Mr Lawson will expect you to make the effort for your first year here.’

John Lawson was CEO and therefore top dog in the paint factory. I had the sneaking suspicion that flat-chested sycophantic cow Jackie wanted promotion to his PA so she could get into his pants and, maybe, become Mrs Lawson III. Sure. There was more chance I would become Pope.

Even so, I could see problems ahead. Lawson was the type to develop a major snit-fit if an employee upset his narrow world view and I needed the work too much to risk it. In spite of political correctness and workers’ rights, I knew the way the world worked.

Liam and I talked it over that night. The dinner wasn’t until Saturday, the night before Aunt Liz arrived, so I could go if I wished. I didn’t want to. The idea of spending the evening with people I’d spent every day of the week with for months did not appeal, yet there was no avoiding it if I wanted to keep my job. The question remained; who would be my partner for the evening?

‘I don’t know any guys around here. When I’ve got you, why would I bother looking?’ I asked.

Liam drew me back against him and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel the stubble on his chin brushing my hair. ‘I’m flattered, yet maybe you should have widened your social circle?’

‘It’s too late now, unless I hire an escort. No, forget that.’

I felt him shrug. ‘I wouldn’t mind. It’s an option.’

‘Not one I want to try,’ I said firmly, then I twisted around to look at him. ‘Liam, why don’t you come?’

‘I dunno…’ he said, pursing his lips. I kissed them. ‘We’d have to be careful…’ I kissed him again, longer this time. ‘So no groping or…’

This time I sealed his mouth with my own until his hands came up to stroke my back. ‘Brother, my brother, you just got yourself a date!’ I grinned.

Came the night of torture…

I had put on my little black dress, my staple evening wear until my next alimony check came through and I would be able to buy something else. No bra: the only black one I had was getting too tight, but a lacy black thong fitted nicely. I looked at myself in the mirror as I smoothed the fabric down over my body. Perfect, providing I didn’t get too cold or aroused. Oh, was I ever wrong!

The company dinner was held in a large country hotel not far from town, and Liam and I arrived in reasonable time. He drove us there; we could’ve hired a cab but Liam dislikes them.

‘Let’s relax and we’ll get through this,’ he murmured as we entered the crowded foyer arm-in-arm.

‘I hope!’ I groused.

There was a good turn out. A subsidised meal and lots of free booze on company expense can have that effect. We circulated and socialised, with me introducing Liam as my brother and date for the evening. As one of the few good looking single girls there I attracted attention from some of the single and not-so-single executives. Several times I had to subtly let it be known I wasn’t after male company following my divorce. Jackie was there, of course; she made a beeline for us when she spied us through the crowd.

‘Oh ho! This is your mystery man!’ she gloated, running an appraising look over Liam.

‘This is Liam, my brother,’ I said.

‘Hmm!’ Jackie ran her eyes over his trim form. ‘Funny, you don’t look much alike. You’re not secretly an escort are you?’ she crowed, pressing her hand to her flat chest in feigned shock.

I could’ve slapped her. ‘No, Liam’s my brother,’ I said firmly.

‘Then you’re a free man?’ she asked with a wicked little quirk to her lips and she clung to his arm.

‘Only after tonight,’ Liam said, casting a quick worried glance my way. ‘I promised Christie to escort her here.’

‘Well, I’m sure she’ll release you for a dance later,’ she said, looking at me with “loser!” written Escort Gaziosmanpaşa on her face before sashaying off.

‘Sorry about that,’ Liam shrugged.

I rubbed his arm. ‘Don’t be. We agreed either of us could date, remember? To avoid suspicion? If you want to go with her, I’d recommend a good psychiatrist but I won’t object – much.’

Liam kissed me gently on the cheek and winked. ‘If I go with her, you can have me sectioned!’

I was barely satisfied. Jackie was a predatory bitch who exuded a sleazy sexuality some guys find hard to resist. I’d seen it before; she’d left a few broken hearts in the short time I’d been with the company. Yet Liam would be ok.

Wouldn’t he?

I went to the bar to order another couple of drinks whilst Liam used the rest room. The bar wasn’t crowded and I leaned back on it with my elbows to survey the scene. It wasn’t long before I became aware that a large number of men and a few women were pausing to look me over, either out the corner of their eye or quite openly. They were grinning, and for some reason looking at my bust. I glanced down, wondering if I’d spilled something down my front without noticing, yet it was sheer unmarked black. I was still puzzling over it when Liam appeared. I saw his jaw drop, then he hurried over to stand in front of me, his face red.

‘Bloody hell, Chris, that dress is transparent!’ He took me by my elbow and turned me quickly to face the bar. ‘If you weren’t wearing that thong people would see everything you’ve got!’

‘What?’ I looked down again. ‘No it’s not! What are you talking about?’

He glanced up and back at the row of bright spotlights over the public side of the bar. ‘It must be the light,’ he said. ‘Your dress looks fine until you get under direct light from above and in front.’

We tested the theory, with me turning back and forth as Liam directed. He was right. The weave of the dress was acting like polarising glass, opaque one way, all too clear another.

‘Oh shit!’ I fumed. ‘What am I gonna do, wear my coat all evening?’

Liam was trying but failing not to laugh. ‘Of course not! You’ve got two choices; we either go home for you to change, or you avoid direct light and tough it out.’ His face took on a reverential light. ‘Baby, you’ve got one gorgeous body, so I know what I’d do if I were you!’

This voyeuristic streak in Liam was a new one on me. Then I remembered times at home in our teenage years, the “accidental” stumbling into the bathroom when I was bathing; the less than covert surveillance from a shadowy corner of the yard when I was sunbathing in my new bikini for the first time. I didn’t mind at the time – much. When I think about it, it wasn’t surprising we got together the way we did.

‘You’re a devil, aren’t you, bro?’ I whispered, buffing his nose with my knuckles. ‘Would it turn you on if I stay put?’

‘You know it!’

I felt a rush of warmth to my cunny. ‘OK then, you got it!’

We were called to table not long after. I noticed the Almighty John Lawson give me a brief look-over as we searched for our places. Thankfully the lighting in the restaurant wasn’t bright enough for my dress to betray me, although my nipples were standing proud through the fabric as I noticed several men looking my way, hoping for a repeat of my performance at the bar.

The meal was fine. I ate enough and drank a lot less than I’d normally do if I’m not driving. Although to begin with it was an effort to overcome the small nub of anxiety I felt at being semi-exposed, I soon realised the situation wasn’t too bad if we kept our heads. We shared the table with a guy from Marketing and his bored-looking wife, both non-events in the sociability stakes. Liam’s hand found my thigh under the table and gave it a reassuring squeeze. I wished my skirt wasn’t so tight; I would have loved the illicit feel of his fingers against my cunny.

After dinner came speeches, with those at the top of the company food chain showing how little they knew about anything, including humour. It was a relief to take to the dance floor.

Liam and I danced, as we’d done as kids at the school disco. Then it was a matter of duty to his kid sister that made him dance with me – I think. Now he winked, and I knew he did it for love. Even Jackie saw she had no chance of cutting in. I could see her watching from the edge of the dance floor, her eyes locked on Liam.

During a slow dance I leaned close, relaxing in my brother’s warm clasp. ‘Enjoying it, baby?’ he whispered, stroking my hair.

‘Oh, it’ll do,’ I laughed lightly, giving the other dancers a quick look over his shoulder. No-one seemed to notice our more than sibling intimacy.

‘Can’t wait to get you home,’ he murmured, and I could feel by his hardness how much he wanted that. ‘It’ll be our last time for a while.’

Damn! ‘Yes,’ I said, lightly kissing his neck. ‘Let’s make it a good one, huh?’

For answer he rubbed his cock against my belly and I hoped he would be able to walk without a crouch when we left the floor.

At that moment John Lawson came up in a cloud of expensive cologne. ‘Excuse me, young man,’ he said to Liam with a smile. ‘Do you mind if I cut in? It’s a company tradition for the CEO to dance with the newest member of his female staff.’ He bowed to me. ‘Especially one as attractive as your sister!’