Brother and Sister Reunite Ch. 01


Robert woke up with a start. His sister was coming home today. She had been away for a long time living with their father in Florida while he was with their mother back in Texas. It wasn’t a divorce or anything, actually his father visited every weekend, but both of their dream jobs kept them away during the week from each other. His sister could have come with her father, but you know how girls are when they reach their teenage years. His mother and father were going away to Washington for the week while he and his sister were forced to stay back in Texas together. When he looked over at the clock on the bedside table it was already 11. Robert stood up and threw on some jeans and a random T-shirt. From the sound of things his mom was already downstairs and it sounded like… Someone was down there with her. Fuck, Robert thought. He scrambled out of his room just to fall down the stairs.

The chatter in the dining room and footsteps came towards him. There was a gasp and hands helping him up. His mother Cara started gushing over him to make sure he was alright. Robert here was 20 (and so you know his sister is 18) and heading off to college in August. Just 2 months left (that means it is May). He absolutely hated his mother treating him like he was still a small child. He ripped himself from her grip and pushed her away. “I’m 20 mom, quit. I’m fine.” He and his father exchanged a quick greeting and his parents walked into the dinning room, Robert following close after just to stop. Stop and stare.

His sister sat there in Bomonti Escort a tight tank top and short tight pants. She wore what seemed to be at least three inch heels and she just grinned at him and bounced up, running towards Robert with arms wide. How she managed to stay up, he didn’t know. “Robert!!” She squealed while wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. Robert tried not to notice how big her tits were, or how they were squished against him, but it was really hard. She at least had to be c-cups. He wrapped his arms around her and nudged his face into her hair. “It’s so great to see you brother. It’s been what, four years?” She pulled back and grinned again. Robert pulled his arms away from her and ran them through her hair. It was way longer, still the same blonde that they both had since children.

“Kat, you look great.” His sister, Katherine, and himself had looked a lot alike. They could be twins without that two year difference. Strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, thin yet muscular, and the perfect skin shade to look just the right amount of pale and tan to compliment everything. “Thanks! You do, too. I guess this weekend we can catch up for all the years we missed.” They both laughed and sat down to finish breakfast with their parents who would be leaving shortly.

-6 Hours Later-

Katharine was lounging outside in the backyard pool in one of her bikinis, leaving very little up to thr imagination to wonder, while Robert was up in his room blasting music through his headphones Bomonti Escort Bayan and reading a book. Eventually Katharine got bored and headed inside, upstairs, and knocked on the door to her brothers room. For her, she didn’t even try to stop herself from noticing how sexy her brother had become. During their time separated she had spent her days finding random things to entertain herself in the free time. One thing she found was some brother and sister erotica, and then she herself began to wonder what it would be like. She didn’t argue with her dad to spend time with her brother while he and her mom went away together, mostly because she wanted to try and seduce him but also because it had been forever since they had last seen each other.

Growing impatient of waiting, she pushed the door open and strutted in. Robert bolted up, smacking his headphones off. “The hell are you doing?!” He yelled. She stopped and stood there, folding her arms over her chest and trying to come up with some reason for her barging in. The answer came to her as his eyes were just glued to her body. She had a great idea. “I’m sorry… I just wanted to ask you a few questions brother.” He sighed and went back to laying on his bed, basically a defeat saying she could come in. Katharine shut the door behind her and sat down on his bed.

She looked around the room and smiled, still as neat as ever. She laid down next to him, and wrapped her arm around him. “I was wondering… What is sex like?” Robert tensed up, and Escort Bomonti Katharine smiled to herself. “Uh.. W-wh-what?” Katharine rested her head on his chest.

“Well, you are so sexy, so you must have done it right?”

“Uhm… Yeah I have once or twice. Why do you want to know?”

“Because I’ve never done it. And I really wanna know what its like.”

“It’s hard to explain.”

“Then how about..” Katharine sat up and pulled one of her legs over him. She sat down on his stomach. “You show me?”

“What?! No your my-!” Katharine had pressed her mouth against his and snaked her tongue into his mouth, forcing him to shut up. For a while he SST there, but realizing she wasn’t going to relent and hormones kicking in, he started kissing back until finding the strength to push her away. She feigned a frown and started to tear up. “This is wrong. We are siblings!”

Katharine scooted down, her body resting on his rock hard erection that could be felt though his pants. “It doesn’t seem like you really care. Please brother I want my first to be special, not some random guy in a club or something.” This seemed to get to him. Katharine took this opportunity to press herself down on him and make out with him again. Immediately he started kissing her back. She waited a few minutes then stroked her hand down from his chin to his belt line. This broke Robert into reality. “Stop!”

“But please, Rob!”

“You won’t let this go will you?”


“Ugh fine! We can continue this… After dinner. We are going out to eat.” Katharine grinned and hugged him.

“Okay, I’m good with that.” She hopped off of his body and bounced to the door. She turned her head back to him. “See you for dinner!” Katharine said before bounding out his bedroom to get all dressed up for tonight.