Brother And Sister Need Help


Lizzie and I bolted out of her bed. I dashed back into my bedroom, pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs. I told Mom that we had just come in from the pool and Lizzie was changing out of her swimsuit. Dad had gone back out to the hardware store to get something to fix a faucet.

Mom started preparing dinner and I suddenly had a thought. I went upstairs and told Lizzie to take one of her other swimsuits, get it wet, and then leave it in the bathroom. That way, if Mom came snooping, she wouldn’t see Lizzie’s R-rated bikini.

We all had dinner together, like our family always does, except that Lizzie and I kept sneaking looks at each other like, suddenly, we had a secret that made us feel special.

“Well, kids, the Waldrons invited us over to their house for drinks tonight so we’ll probably be back late. We trust y’all to be good and not have too many people over for your party!” Mom always teased us about wild parties although we had never had anything that even closely resembled a wild party.

They left around 7:30 that evening, about the same time that Lizzie was getting in the shower. By 8:00, it was beginning to get dark. I was downstairs in the den, looking for something to watch on TV, when Lizzie came into the den. She had just gotten out of the shower and she had a towel wrapped around her body. It covered the tops of her boobs and came down just far enough to reach the bottom of her behind.

“Watcha doing?” she asked.

“Looking for something to watch,” I replied, “but there’s nothing except reruns and movies I’ve already seen.”

“Well, nothing on TV would compare to what we did this afternoon!” she declared.

“You got that right,” I affirmed. “Nothing on TV would compare to watching your body. That was pretty hot, Lizzie. You really made me feel good!”

“Yeah, it was like . . . wow! You know . . . it was kinda exciting and . . . yeah, scary . . . but I wouldn’t mind doing it again. What do you think?”

“Hell, yeah.” My answer needed no clarification. Another hand job from my sister would be real nice, and I really liked playing with her pussy.

“Okay, I’ve got an idea. Let’s go skinny dipping in the pool and we’ll just sorta take it from there. We’ll just have to carry swimsuits with us to the pool so we can put them on real quick if the folks come home.”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll go change,” I said eagerly.

“Meet you at the pool in 5 minutes,” she responded.

In less than 5 minutes, I was at the pool, out of my swim suit, and standing in the shallow end waiting for Lizzie. I didn’t need to wait long for her to appear. She was wearing a bathrobe that was tied at the waist, so I had no idea what she was wearing underneath it.

“Here I am,” she said as she turned to face the patio table next to the pool. I saw her place a bikini on the table and then she reached down to untie the sash on the robe. In an instant, it too was on the table and Lizzie was totally naked. In the moonlight, I could see the feminine curves of her body and I felt myself getting hard.

“I can’t really see you in the dark. The moon isn’t that bright tonight,” I complained to her.

“Well, I guess we can ‘see’ each other by the Braille method,” she answered.

“What do you mean?” I asked as she started down the steps into the pool. She walked up to me and stood facing me with just inches between our bodies.

“This is what I mean . . .” she said as she wrapped her dainty fingers around my hard member, “and I like the way you look.” I could hear the excitement in her voice. “Would you like to . . . ‘see’ me?” she asked.


I crouched slightly so that my hand could reach between her pussy lips. I slid my finger between her virgin cunt lips and felt for the little nub in charge. I knew I had found it when I felt her little bump and her body suddenly tensed in a barely perceptible way.

“Oh, that’s it, right there,” she said. “Keep doing that.”

I was rubbing up and down on her clit and she certainly was responding to my touch. In the pool, her shaved pussy felt like silk and I could have rubbed it for a long time. In my crouching position, our faces were close and I had an urge to kiss her, so I did.

As soon as I kissed her, I felt her tongue forcing its way between my lips. I relaxed my lips to let her tongue enter my mouth. As she began to swirl her tongue in my mouth, I responded with the same exploration of her mouth. For some reason, it felt like a rush of hormones went straight to my dick and I wanted to cum.

“Put your finger inside me,” she instructed. I had never had my finger inside a pussy before and I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I was eager to please my nubile sister. I crouched a little lower and found the entrance to her manhole with my finger tip.

“Right there,” she said. “Stick it in me.”

I had no problem inserting my finger in her pussy and I continued until it felt like my second knuckle was in her. I had no idea what was inside a girl’s esenyurt escort pussy so I moved my finger in a circle to explore her playground of ecstasy.

“That feels REAL good, especially when you touch me in the front,” she said somewhat breathlessly.

“You mean right there?” I asked as my finger rubbed over an area that was a little bit raised and not quite as smooth as the rest of her pussy walls.

“Oh yeah!”

I continued tending to her wants for about thirty seconds and her breathing got more ragged. “I’m almost there!” she uttered.

She began moving her torso up and down in a countermotion to my finger, like she was fucking my finger.

Suddenly, she slowed her motion and it sounded as though she stopped breathing momentarily. “Alan, suck my nipple hard!”

I bent over and took her nipple between my lips. As soon as I began sucking, I felt her body tense and she put her arms around me. Her pussy tightened up around my finger and then it relaxed, followed by another tightening and relaxing. That continued for maybe ten seconds when she relaxed and said, “Don’t move anything. Just hold me!”

I pulled my finger from her pussy and placed both of my arms around her. We were oblivious to everything except each other. I felt her hard nipples on my chest and I longed to suck on them some more, but I didn’t . . . not then. I just continued to hold her tight, our naked bodies molded to each other, my hard dick squeezed against her tummy, as my right hand cupped her butt cheek and pulled her female form tightly against my throbbing manliness.

She held me tight for a while before she gradually released her grip on me. Taking my cue from her, I also relaxed my arms and she pulled away from me just enough so that she could turn her head. I thought that she was going to kiss me but, instead, she brought her mouth up to my ear.

“I love you, Alan. I love you as a brother but I’ve fallen in love with you. I was a jerk to think that Steve should be the one. You’re the one who should make me a woman, Alan. I want you to make love with me.”

“Lizzie, I’ve never wanted anybody the way I want you. I would love for you to be my first and only love.”

We kissed again and I immediately felt my temperature rising. I had an urgent need to be inside Lizzie, to know what it felt like to have my dick in her, to cum in her, and to know that I was the one who made her have an orgasm.

“Do you want to go . . .” she began.

“To your bedroom? . . . Right now!” I interrupted to finish her thought.

We got out of the pool and neither of us bothered to put on our swim suits or robe. It was dark and our back yard was enclosed by a 6 foot privacy fence, so we felt comfortable being in the back yard naked. My dick was still hard and sticking straight out and I was anxious to get in the bedroom.

When we opened the back door and walked into the family room, Mom and Dad were sitting on the sofa, looking directly at us. “Well, this is probably going to be an interesting explanation,” Dad said.

“And I’m guessing that it’s not me that you’re happy to see,” added Mom as she stared at my boner.

Lizzie started to put on her robe but Dad interrupted her. “No need to cover up now, sweetie. Everybody in the room has already seen you naked, so there’s no need to act modest.”

Lizzie hesitated. “But, Dad, it doesn’t feel right being naked in front of you and Mom!” she complained.

“And it feels right being naked with your brother, having him finger your pussy, and giving him a boner? Sounds a little hypocritical to me, so drop the complaining. If we’re gonna be talking about sex, and you’re already naked, you might as well stay that way. Same for you, Mr. Stiff Dick.” Lizzie stopped her protest. “Well, do you two want to explain this or should your Mom and I tell you what we think is going on?”

“Dad, I don’t know what to say,” I began. “Uh . . .”

“Well, that boner says a lot. When you guys were at the pool today, Mr. Walker heard most of what you said, and then he called and told your mom about it. She told him that he shouldn’t be spying or eavesdropping and to please mind his own business . . . but we couldn’t ignore what he said. So we made up a story about the Waldrons inviting us over for drinks, left the house, and came back about 45 minutes later. We were watching you in the pool and we know you weren’t fucking but you certainly were doing things that brothers and sisters don’t usually do together. So . . . you can try to explain all of this, if you want, but please don’t tell us any lies.”

Lizzie stood there silently, not knowing what to say, so I spoke up.

“Mom . . . Dad . . . Lizzie and I are both still virgins. We are probably the only 18 and 19 year old virgins in the county. Lizzie had a bad experience with Steve, he was trying to force her to do something she didn’t want to do, and she was scared because she has no experience with this stuff. So, we talked about it, and istanbul escort we decided we both needed some lessons on the opposite sex, and . . . who could we trust more than each other? So, we were just going to fool around a little bit but, once we started, we both got so turned on that we couldn’t help ourselves, and . . . the most important thing is that we both realized that I love Lizzie and she loves me. If that makes us freaks, then . . . we’re freaks. You might be able to keep us separated and apart from each other, if you want to, but you can’t keep us from loving each other.” I had said a mouthful but I was proud of every word that I had said.

“Why didn’t you come talk to us?” Mom asked. “We’re always there to try to help you guys.”

“We just realized all of this today. Besides, Mom, I’m going to come to you and say ‘I don’t really know anything about sex but I’m in love with Lizzie so we’re going to have sex with each other. Can you give me some pointers?’ How would you respond to that, Mom?” I asked.

“Well, first, we would sit down with the two of you, together, just like now, except probably with your clothes on.” Dad had a dry sense of humor that probably came from his English heritage. “We’d ask you what you want to know about sex. We’d talk to you about love and understanding the difference between love and sex. Then we’d try to talk you out of having sex with each other, because you’re probably going to cause a lot of problems for yourselves. But . . . and you may not believe this . . . your Mom and I know that we can’t prevent you from doing something like that, so you wouldn’t exactly have our blessing, but we wouldn’t kick either of you out of the house, either. So . . . I’ll bet that isn’t what you expected to hear, but sometimes, old folks like your mom and I are a bit more understanding that you think we are.”

“Well, that’s not exactly what I expected to hear,” Lizzie finally spoke.

“So, honey,” Mom said to Lizzie, “what exactly is it that you want to know about sex?”

“Mom, I remember all the talks we had, and I’ve read some things about it, and I’ve seen enough movies with love scenes to have an idea of what happens, but . . . I want to know what it feels like. I don’t want to feel like some innocent little girl any more. I don’t want to hear you tell me what it feels like. I want to do it.”

“Me, too,” I added. “Lizzie and I have always been close and I know I love her. It’s not just wanting to have sex. I’ve got enough money that I could have paid some slut to have sex with me two years ago. I waited for the right person. I adore Lizzie. I love spending time with her. I don’t want to be with anyone else. I don’t want to date anyone else. I want her. I want us to share our lives.”

“If you just figure all of this out today, it may be just a temporary feeling. And you might be mistaking lust for love. Lizzie’s a cute girl and you’re a good looking guy, so, even if you’re brother and sister, you’re also male and female. We understand the attraction, but that doesn’t make it love. Now . . . obviously, you two don’t have to worry about catching a disease from each other, but . . . have you two thought about the risk of pregnancy?” Mom at least seemed to have some understanding that we were having strong feelings towards each other.

“Uh . . . well . . . not really,” I said.

“I need to get started on birth control,” Lizzie added.

“Yes, we’ll make an appointment next week and get you started, but it’ll take a few months before your safe.”

“Do either one of you have any condoms?” Dad asked.

“No, not really,” I confessed.

“Well, you don’t want to get your sister pregnant, do you?”

“Of course not,” I replied. “Can’t I just pull out before I . . .”

“Before you ejaculate, before you cum?” Dad finished what I was too embarrassed to say aloud. “Yeah, of course you can do that, but she might still get pregnant. That’s not a good method of birth control, not at all. Your sister deserves better than that.”

“Well, I’m a virgin, and I can’t pregnant the first time I do it!” Lizzie interjected.

“Little girl,” Mom said with some indignation, “I don’t know who told you that nonsense but it’s the kind of nonsense that leads to girls getting pregnant. You two obviously need some help so you don’t mess yourselves up. You’re Dad and I don’t want to encourage this, but . . . like he says, we can’t stop you from doing this, but we can help you to keep from messing up.”

“Mom, we don’t wanna wait two months before we do it,” Lizzie declared. “Two months is like forever.”

“Two months isn’t forever, but . . . there are other things that you can do in the meanwhile.” Mom’s tone of voice seemed to be inviting us to ask, so I did.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well,” Dad started, and then he paused.

“What about tonight?” I pleaded. “I can’t wait until tomorrow and I don’t wanna just go up to my room and . . .”

“And jerk off?” Dad asked. beylikdüzü escort “Ease up, kid. Everybody masturbates unless they’re a freak. We already assumed that you masturbated. Your sister, too. Right, little girl?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so,” Lizzie meekly replied.

“Okay, when two people meet and they feel a sexual attraction for each other, the first thing they do isn’t get naked and have intercourse; not usually. They start kissing and fondling each other and then maybe they put their hands inside each other’s clothes and then maybe they have oral sex. And, eventually, they have intercourse. So, apparently you two have gotten naked together and fondled each other. Anything more than that?”

“Uh, no” I admitted. It felt weird telling Dad that I hadn’t fucked his daughter . . . yet.

“Okay, so why don’t you two pick up where you left off?” Dad said.

“What do you mean? Like . . . right here, right now, in front of you and Mom?” Lizzie asked.

“Why not? You thought you were gonna sneak around and do this and we’d never know anything about it and . . . it’s sorta insulting that you think we’re so stupid that you could get away with all of that. So, now, instead of sneaking around, you can do something right in front of us. Besides, you said you needed help to get some experience. If you want to do this and you want our help, well . . . I taught both of you how to drive by getting in the car, giving you some instructions, and then watching you drive.”

“Well . . .” I really couldn’t think of anything to say in response. It sounded kind of kinky to be doing it in front of Mom and Dad but . . . I was talking about having sex with my sister, so who was I to complain about somebody being kinky?

“Well, let’s back up some,” Mom started. “The keys to being a good lover are knowing your body, knowing what feels good to you, and not being embarrassed or shy about telling your partner, and . . . having a lover who does the same in return. Like your Dad.”

“I understand exactly where your Mom is going with this,” Dad continued. “Developing your confidence with sex starts with you, by yourself, when you masturbate. You learn what feels good and what doesn’t. Alan, when you jerk off, you have pretty strong orgasms, right?”

“Uh . . . yeah,” I responded.

“Lizzie, when you masturbate, do you have orgasms most of the time?” Dad asked.

“Usually,” she replied meekly.

“So, what’s the best way to show your lover what turns you on?” Dad asked, not addressing either of us in particular. “You’re the world’s leading expert on what it takes to give yourself an orgasm, so . . . you masturbate while your partner watches. Not everybody can let their inhibitions down enough to do that, but . . . I know you probably don’t want to hear about sex between your Mom and me, but . . . get over it. Years ago, your Mom and I did that several times, and I learned some things that made a difference in satisfying her needs. So, you two need to masturbate while the other watches.”

“Right here, right now?” I asked.

“Right here, right now. It’s drivers ed time . . . naked. Alan, you go first. Lizzie, don’t touch him, just watch. Pay attention to what he does, when he does it, when he changes what he does.”

“And Alan, I don’t want you making a mess on the furniture, so . . . why don’t you straddle Lizzie’s lap, facing her, and when you cum, you can cum on her. She’ll like it; trust me.”

This was really weird but we’d been busted by our parents. They knew we wanted to have sex with each other, they had both seen us totally naked and me with a boner, they had watched me finger Lizzie in the pool, and they weren’t acting like Nazis about it, so what else could I do?

I straddled Lizzie’s lap and looked down at her angelic face. Maybe angelic isn’t the right word, because she had this undeniable look of lust on her face. She was staring at my dick and I was staring at her tits. Her nipples were hard so I guessed that she was already pretty aroused.

I wrapped the fingers of my right hand around my dick. It had softened while we were talking but it started getting hard again when I looked at Lizzie’s tits. I started slowly stroking on my meat and it didn’t take much to make me even harder. The veins in my unit were standing out and the head felt as hard as a rock.

As I continued stroking, Mom said, “Lizzie, play with your nipples. That’ll help Alan to cum sooner.”

Lizzie reached up and started rubbing the palm of her hand across her boobs.

“Lizzie, roll your nipples between your thumbs and forefingers,” Dad instructed her. “That’s what a guy wants to see.”

As she complied with his instruction, her nipples stood out even more and I heard her whimpering quietly.

“Honey,” Mom interjected, “don’t hold back on making noises. Hearing you getting aroused will get Alan even harder.”

Lizzie didn’t overtly acknowledge Mom’s instruction but she began to make more noise. It sounded more like moaning, almost like she was hurt . . . but I knew she wasn’t hurting.

Hearing her moan was all it took to push me over the edge. “I’m gonna cum,” I said. Within a few seconds, I began to shoot wads of cum and they all landed on Lizzie’s chest and boobs. I continued stroking my meat until the last of my gism had dribbled out the end of my manhood.