Big Tits

“What?” Garrett Fair couldn’t believe his ears.

Did he hear him correctly? This wasn’t some fucking joke, was it?

Garrett’s moss green eyes stared blankly at his best friend. He was pretty sure his mouth was hanging open… Hanging open like some unhinged mailbox. Garrett imagined himself like one of those old-school cartoons; when someone was taken by surprise and their jaw drops straight to the floor, cracking pavement.

It was kind of like that, except… well, this shit wasn’t funny.

Man, I hope to God that he didn’t say what I think he said.

“I’m serious, Bear.”

Garrett fought a sigh.

Of course… Since when was he ever so lucky?

Ren Vega sat beside him on the couch in Garrett’s fixer-upper Brownstone, his clear, true-blue eyes pleading.

Garrett had known this man for years. Years. He was Ren. His best fucking friend.

They met in college playing football. Garrett played on the offensive line, while Ren ran the glory positions like running back. If Ren was sacked during a game, Garrett would charge the poor fuck responsible like some avenging angel. Although considering his bulk, he seemed more like a raging bear on the field. The way he tore through the defense like some sort of animal… which is probably where Ren’s nickname really took root. And stuck.

Their friendship was probably unconventional; more so unlikely, considering their varying personalities. Where Bear had a quiet confidence, Ren was In-Your-Face charismatic; so chalked full of it that it’d make your head spin if you weren’t careful. Ren was outgoing with an easy smile where Bear was more reserved with small, rare smiles; where Ren had a voice that was smooth, and velvety, Bear’s was deep and rough.

Bear had no siblings and one barely-there parent, while Ren came from a big family. Ren was short, Bear was tall… Technically Ren was hardly on the short side, being 6″1, but in comparison to Bear’s 6″4 frame anyone would be easily dwarfed. Thankfully his best friend wasn’t bothered by it.

“Who gives a flying fuck if you’re a bigger dude.” He once told Garrett, “I’ll just have to punch you in the dick if ya get out of hand, Bear.”

BAM! Instant friends.

During the breaks from school, Garrett would spend time at the Vega Household, because… Well, because he didn’t have much of a home to go back to. His mom had left when Garrett was sixteen, leaving nothing but a lame ass note and his savings account five hundred bones lighter. He was the only kid, so it would be just him, his dad… and his dad’s drinking. When Ren invited him over to his place, Garrett was, at first, reluctant. Thankfully Ren never took “no” for an answer.

The Vega House was your average Hispanic household. Except, well… The Vegas didn’t look like the typical Hispanic family. Truthfully, if Ren’s last name weren’t Vega and the man didn’t take to speaking Spanish like a fish took to water, Bear would assume that Ren was just your average All-American. Ren had light skin; a shade darker than cream, his hair was a multitude of browns with streaks of bronze, and his eyes shone like bright, blue crystal.

Hm. Maybe calling Ren your “average” All-American guy would be a stretch.

Lorenzo Vega was a handsome bastard.

The good thing was he never seemed to give a shit about it. Playing college footy was all Ren wanted to do, even though the sport was a bit rough on Vega, mainly because of his face. On the team, he was always referred to as “Prince” or “Charming”, because of his regal-looking bone structure, all he needed was a princess. Sure, Ren was a good lookin’ son of a bitch, but Garrett didn’t think Ren looked fucking girly or nothing… As a matter of fact, Ren was so damned the opposite that it was almost a waste of a pretty face. It was something Garrett had reminded Ren on many occasions, which often lead to ribbing on how it was easy to look “pretty” standing next to a monster like Bear.

Moving out of his hometown to Ren’s city years later after school, at first, was daunting as hell. Luckily with the Vega’s adopting (figuratively speaking) him, and Ren sticking to him like glue, Garrett didn’t even feel the culture shock. Ren’s older sister Florence, “Flor” (with the rolling “r”) for short, was a hotshot real estate agent and helped Garrett find a decent place on a cop’s gaziantep escort salary.

It was a good thing that they had stayed in touch during their years away from each other. A few calls here and there, and one would visit the other from time to time. By the time Garrett finally decided he needed a change of scenery Ren was all over it, helping him with the transfer to his precinct.

It wasn’t easy, but when your dad was Chief… Strings could be pulled.

“Bear, damn it! Are you listenin’ t’me?” his best friend’s voice rang in his ear, his hands waving in front of his face.

What was he saying?


“C’mon Bear, you know I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t serious.”

That was true.

Ren was notorious for not asking for shit when he needed it. Pride and all that. It drove his family and friends nuts, but Garrett had his way of weaseling things out of the guy.

Perks of being the best friend who knows all your shit. Makes it kinda hard to pull BS.

But Goddamn was this request on the difficult side.

Maybe a bit uncomfortable. Fuck, more than a bit.

“You’re askin’ me to help you fuck your girlfriend, Vega. Pardon me if I need a little time to process that kind of information.”

“It’s just a threesome, Bear. What’s your damage?”

Oh nothing really. just my heart and soul. Which is beating so fuckin’ hard that I’m scared it’s gonna pound its way outta my chest and take a nosedive to my feet.

If it hadn’t already.

“Just a fuckin’ heart attack,” Garrett muttered under his breath.

Ren rolled his eyes, “Jesus man, I’m askin’ you for a favor.”

Why me? Why couldn’t it be with some other Joe Blow?

“First off, you’re my best friend. I trust you.” Ren was counting off on his fingers, making Bear wonder if his friend was a mind reader.

“Second, because you’re a discreet sum’a bitch, so you won’t go ’round tellin’ every Tom, Dick, and Nancy that you fucked my woman.”

That was true. It wasn’t Garrett’s style.

“And lastly,” Ren breathed, “Because she asked.”

Okay, what? Hold on.

“The fuck she did!” Garrett roared in disbelief, but Ren was already nodding his head.

“It’s been a fantasy thing of hers for a long time, and you know I’d do anything for Annie.”

Also very true.

Annie had been a childhood friend of Ren’s since preschool. They started dating a few years back, getting together when she moved back to the city after finishing her residency.

Sweet girl, awesome girlfriend, and one helluva cook.

Ren, you lucky bastard.

Bear and Annie got along great, even if she weren’t Ren’s girl, they’d still be good friends. Which made this a really weird moment for him. He hadn’t thought of Annie in that way, she was always off-limits to him.

Best friend’s girl? Eyes above the neck. Check.

Bro code.

It was simple, it worked for years.

Plus he loved the girl like the sister he never had.

It was getting hard to look at Ren with his pleading expression, frustration simmering just underneath.

“If only Garrett would just say yes.”

He felt the pressure of that “yes” deep in his gut. It made him feel queasy. Garrett knew it was a bad idea even when his stupid mouth formed the words his friend wanted to hear.

“Fine, you asshole. I’m only doing this shit for you.”

Bear was met with his friend’s blinding smile, “I love you, man! Shit, I could kiss you right now!”

“Don’t.” Garrett glared at Ren and his friend laughed, wrapping a muscled arm around Garrett’s broad shoulders in a half hug.

“No worries, Bear. It won’t be so bad!”

That shit went down three weeks ago.

Annie had been ecstatic when Ren had broken the news to her. She threw her arms around Garrett’s lean midsection.

“Oh, Papa Bear.” Garrett’s scowl deepened at the nickname, “You’re so good to me.”

He wondered if he had accidentally ingested some ‘shrooms and was having a very strange, fucked up, drug-induced trip.

Alice in Wonderland style.

Doubtful. Very doubtful.

So why was he sitting at Annie’s place, his rump on her couch, with his face in his hands, and whiskey in his veins?

He was really doing this.

This was really happening.

He was going to kill Ren.

Yeah. Garrett liked that idea. He was gonna wrap his big meaty paws around Ren’s fucking neck and squeeze.

“At least he’s smiling,” Annie commented.

Ren looked wary, “That’s not his happy smile, sweets.”

“Oh.” Soft brown eyes went downcast, “I’m sorry Papa Bea-“

“Don’t.” Garrett gruffed. patting her hand gently. He couldn’t take the pained expression on her heart-shaped face, “I agreed to this, Sunshine.” He spoke gently, trying to put her at ease.

Why “Sunshine”? Well, it was the first thing he thought of when he met her. When Annie Sullivan would smile, her entire face lit the fuck up; her whole goddamn personality was bright. Sunshine personified with her light blonde hair and her fair skin.

“But I don’t want you to forc-“

He interrupted her again by taking her smaller hand in his, “If it’s for you, I’d do it. You wanted me to get that cat out of the tree, and what did I do? I got my big ass in the tree to get that damn cat. You wanted Indian and Ren wanted Thai, which one did I make for dinner? Yeah, that’s right I made Indian. If this is what you really want, then I’m okay with it.”

Man, he really wished he felt what he was saying, but he was satisfied to see the worry drain from her pretty face.

“You sure?”

No way in fuckin’ hell.

“Very,” Garrett assured.

Sunshine visibly relaxed and got up to get dessert ready in the kitchen, leaving the two men alone to stare at each other.


“Don’t,” he gruffed again, cutting Ren off, “Mind’s made up.”

“You are such a good friend to me, man.” Ren sighed reaching over to give Garrett’s knee a squeeze. It was warm, and he felt it through his jeans; scorching his skin.

“Damn right I am, ya dick.”

Dinner seemed too short.

Part of him wanted to chew his food slower in attempts to prolong it, trying desperately to keep everything normal. Though subconsciously he knew that after he put his goddamned fork down nothing was ever going to be normal again- No. He couldn’t think that way.

Garrett mentally shook himself.

These were his friends. If they didn’t want to make it weird, they wouldn’t. It wasn’t like this was his first threesome. Granted it was with two women and never with Ren, but Bear was confident that he could just do it to get it over with, then push it to the back of his head; never to resurface again.

This is only a one-time thing.

Annie stood up from her place from the couch between him and Ren, turning around to face them. She glanced down with an adorable tilt of her head, giving her boyfriend a meaningful look. Garrett didn’t know what that meant, so he had a mind to look away to give them a moment, but before he could Sunshine turned her smiling to Garrett; eyes shining.

She extended both hands to them, palms up. Without thinking, Garrett took her hand in his. He didn’t need to look at Ren to know that his friend did the same. Annie was walking backward slowly, her intent clear; their destination obvious. The slow, soundless walk to Annie’s bedroom felt like fucking forever. It was like time had stopped or the trio was trudging in molasses.

Guess this means dinner’s over… Shit.

Bear was staring at the top of Annie’s head like it was the most fascinating thing he had ever seen. Anything to keep from noticing the dim lighting of her bedroom, or her large dark wood, four-post bed with its deep red sheets with gold and bronze trimming.

There was a candle burning– or was it oil? Maybe those scented wax things… Vanilla maybe?

Damn, even if he stared a hole in her fucking head, he still noticed the effort Annie made for him-them; both of them– All three of them.


Things were so bizarre.

Sunshine tilted her chin to catch his eyes, her soft brown irises seeming to glitter in the lamplight.

Did he think she looked like sunshine?

Right now, she was sunset, a seductive red tinge dying her usually sunny features into something smoldering… Sexy?

Annie never looked at him like that before.

She opened her mouth, her tiny mouth with pert lips parting, as if she was going to say something, but changed her mind at the last minute and stepped closer to him instead. Her hot little hands running over the fabric covering his abs; fingertips tracing each ridge of muscle deliberately before splaying her hands over his wide chest.

Garrett’s eyes shot up to clock Ren’s and was surprised by the heat he saw in them. Bear expected anger or jealousy… Something.

He was touching his girl, he was letting her touch him. Which was crazy because Ren was a possessive guy.

Wow. He’d really do anything for her.

Garrett stamped down the feelings of envy. He wanted what they had, the easy-going company; the bond they obviously shared. Sure, Garrett went on dates and stuff… never turned into anything serious though. Christ, he was thirty-two years old and his longest relationship was a month and some change.

He wasn’t a womanizer or anything. The sex was good, but it always felt like something was missing.

For fuck’s sake, he must be getting old… All this talk about feelings and shit. What a load of bull.

Love, huh? Fat load of good it did to his parents.

“Hey.” Annie whispered hotly against his skin.

Why was it so hot in here?

“Where did you go, Garrett?”

The question was so sweet that his teeth ached. He looked down at Annie, her delicate face tilted up like an offering, daring him to taste.

And Garrett felt his heart in his throat, choking him.

“S’aright, Bear.” a husky voice called from behind her, and Ren’s smoldering eyes scorched through him. Garrett felt a big hand clasp the back of his neck. Annie looked so small standing between two giants as they stared at one another. Seconds felt like minutes.

Bear felt hands over his heated skin, the muscles in his abdomen clenched involuntarily, tightening.

“So strong…” Annie whispered in awe, her eyes trailing from his hard stomach to the thick column of his throat.

“Kiss her.” Ren’s words flowed over him. Deep, rough, hot.

It wasn’t a command, nor was it a suggestion, but Garrett read the vulnerability there.

And he responded to the vulnerability, it pulled something from inside Garrett, something that confused the hell out of him.

Anything for you, man.

So he bent his head, closing his lips over hers.

When it was over, Garrett was laying on his back, his chest heaving with Annie tucked securely into his side. Ren had claimed the opposite side of her, his ridiculously defined arms draped over her soft body, his warm hand resting on Garrett’s stomach.

His belly dipped at the touch of that hand.

What the fuck did I just do?

All three bodies were naked and sporting a fine sheen of sweat, so there really was no mistaking what exactly went down.

Bear felt the panic rise from the pit of his stomach. The fear was climbing up his throat, strangling him. His mind kept replaying the past hour and a half, and it made him want to run screaming from the room.

Fuck, it made him want to throw himself off the balcony of Annie’s apartment building. She lived on the 6th floor, so there was a chance that he might knock his ass into a coma, or receive death as a reprieve from his insanity.

Lips kissing, tongues tasting, teeth grazing, hands– Hands touched him everywhere. Rough and soft, heavy and light. Dark chocolate eyes flickering before he couldn’t remember anything but blue.

Bright blue eyes bore into him, splitting him open; exposing him. It was like every thought he ever had was out in the air.

And it scared the living shit out of him.

Garrett had been too afraid to touch Ren, so he kept his hands on Annie. Soft Annie was on fire in his arms. Being inside her felt incredible, being inside her when Ren was inside her was mother fucking mind blowing. A thin membrane was the only thing that separated him and his best friend as they both thrust inside sweet, wet warmth. He wasn’t all too knowledgeable about anal play as Ren and Annie obviously were, so he was relieved when Annie had guided the fat head of his knob to the slick wetness of her pussy. He hadn’t even thought of her cunt before and then before he knew it, he was surging into it like he thought of little else.

The scary part was that he wasn’t sure whether the feeling of being inside her was what made the white lights burst behind his eyelids as he came, or if it was the feeling of Ren with his long, hard shaft rubbing against his while they were both inside. Or was it knowing it was Ren’s dick rubbing up on him that made him blow like that?

… Maybe that last one was the scariest.