Broken Days Ch. 02



This is a continuation of ‘Broken Days’, so it’ll make more sense if you read the first chapter of ‘Broken Days’ before this one! Thank you~


Written in Mark’s POV

I shifted, yawning and stretching widely. As I opened my eyes, I frowned. Where was I?

Then I remembered. With a soft sigh, I sat up, rubbing my aching head. I glanced around, but I didn’t see Noah. I closed my eyes, massaging the sides of my head. I didn’t hear the door open, but the next thing I knew, two arms wrapped around me, one around my waist, the other around my chest, dragging me into a warm embrace. I tensed. That’s not Noah…

“I’m so glad you’re okay…” A man with a deeper voice spoke.

Tears welled in my eyes at the sound of Zach’s voice. I pushed his arms off, crawling to the other end of the bed, then turning to face him. I sniffled. “Go away.” I mumbled.

Zach looked hurt. “Mark… I just drove 20 miles back here just to make sure you where okay! I heard what happened… I feel terrible…” He said, reaching towards me. I looked away.

“I said g-go.” I sniffled.

He started to get angry at me. “Oh, so when I care you don’t want me to?!”

I flinched. “Y-you left me… J-just go. I don’t need you t-to tear my heart any more.” I stood, turning my back to him. He vaulted across the bed, pinning my to the wall and twisting my arm behind me. I yelped and the door to the bedroom was slammed open.

“HEY!” Noah yelled, sounding extremely angry.

Zach growled, an inhuman sound. “I’m taking my boyfriend home. Thank you for helping him, but it’s time he returns home.”

I shivered and shook my head. I loved him… I had for two years, but his controlling behavior and temperament suddenly scared me.

Noah walked over, grabbing Zach’s shoulder and yanking him away, forcing him onto the bed. He stood between Zach and I.

“Leave my property now.” He said, crossing his arms. Zach glared up at him. “Or else?”

“I’m calling the police to come pick up the remains of what I dealt with.” He stepped closer to Zach, who climbed over the bed and walked to the door. He glared back at me before leaving, slamming the front door.

I fell to my knees, sobbing. My heart felt like it had broke into a million pieces. Noah sighed, reaching down and gently picking me up. He sat down on the bed, holding me close. I buried my face against his chest, sobbing like a young child. He soothed me, rubbing my back, whispering sweet things in my ear. Slowly, I calmed, my tears drying. I sniffled and nuzzled his chest. He smiled faintly, holding me close. “I’ll protect you.” He whispered softly.

I wrapped my arms around his torso and nuzzled his chest, comforted by his closeness. I never wanted to leave… But I had to go home and face Zach. I pulled gently away. He saw my expression and immediately grabbed me again, holding me close. “I’ll go with you. You’re not going to face that bastard alone.” He tilted my head up with two gentle fingers under my chin.


I sniffled. “O-okay…”

He leaned forwards, gently pressing his lips into mine for mere seconds gaziantep escort before pulling away. He was smiling again. “Let’s get you some breakfast, then we’ll clean you up and get you into some new clothes, okay?” He said softly as he picked me up. I nodded, feeling like a young child who has to be mothered. He carried me into the kitchen, setting me down. He began cooking and the smell of bacon and eggs filled the room. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. He chuckled, glancing back. “You definitely need some good cooking.” He said.

A little while later he set two plates on the table. Sitting across from me, he said a quick prayer to himself before digging in. I took a hesitant bite. My mouth felt like it was melting with joy! “Mmm…” I hummed softly. He smiled brightly. “Like it?”

“Love it.” I said after I swallowed. The rest of the meal was eaten in silence as we enjoyed the food. We chased it with milk before he stood, taking all the dishes and putting them in the sink. He walked over, taking my hand and pulling me into a gentle hug. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” He said gently, leading me to the shower. I felt shivers travel my spine. As he closed the door behind us, he turned on the shower, working on getting just the right temperature. “Get those dirty clothes off.” He said as he worked.

Blushing brightly, I began stripping. First came the shirt, then the suit, then socks and shoes, then pants and the black boxers. I could feel my dick start to awaken, curious. I wasn’t too well hung, about average, but when Noah turned around, he looked like he just found the most beautiful thing in the world. “Check and see if you like the temperature.” He said after clearing his throat a little. I nodded and walked past him, feeling his eyes follow me the entire way. The moment the water hit me, I groaned softly, closing my eyes. It felt great after everything yesterday. I stood there for a moment or two before Noah wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing a gentle kiss to the side of my neck.

“Let me clean you up.” He whispered into my ear, making me shiver. He stepped back, grabbing the soap. He ran his hands across my back and over my shoulders in soothing circles, soaping me up really well. Then he rubbed my ass, carefully and gently massaging, relaxing me. I moaned softly. It felt very nice. He turned me around and began soaping my chest. He smiled. “You’re muscles feel amazing…” He said, soaping up my arms before returning to my chest, gentle circles moving towards my stomach. I shuddered. He began soaping my stomach and I stepped back. He tensed. “Sorry, I-“

“That tickles…” I said, blushing hard. He chuckled softly. “Okay.” He said, kneeling down and soaping the rest of me up. He rinsed me off before pressing on my shoulders. “Sit down.” He said in a gentle voice, an I did so. He sat on the back of the tub and began shampooing my hair, gentle. My headache melted away slowly and he soaped my hair really well before rinsing it. Turning the water off, he stepped out and grabbed a towel, drying my hair before drying me off. He wrapped a towel around my waist. “Go sit on the bed. I’ll be in there in a moment.” He said. I nodded, walking out and and towards the bedroom. I felt slightly embarrassed. He was treating me almost like a child… But at the same time I felt like he was slowly helping me recover. I sat on the bed for several minutes, I’d guess about five to ten, when Noah returned in a red t-shirt and black shorts, carrying a blue polo, black boxers, and khakis. He laid the clothes down and smiled. “Here… Try these on.”

I looked from him to the clothes. “I can ge-“

Noah shook his head. “You need clean clothes so we can go shopping, get you some different clothes, and then go face that bastard who has your house. Okay?” He said, placing a hand on my shoulder. I nodded, grabbing the shirt and slipping it on. I pulled the boxers on. They fit pretty well, not the best, but well. The shorts were a little too big. He laughed softly as they fell back to my ankles. Leaving, he returned a minute later with a belt. Putting it on, the shorts stayed up. I pulled on my shoes and he grabbed my hand. “C’mon. Let’s go.” He said, grabbing a duffel bag on the way out. When we got outside, I gasped softly. My car was laying upside down in his yard by the road.

All the windows were broken, the front was practically crushed, the front hood laying on the edge of the road, the side was crumpled and the top was pushed down. I was amazed I had even fit through the small gap that had been the drivers side window! Noah tugged gently on my hand, pulling my pained gaze away from the old Chevy that my dad used to have. Noah opened the door to a Navy 2010 Mustang GT. Compared to my 1990 Ford Chevy, his car was amazing. I slipped into the passenger side and he closed the door, jumping in the driver’s seat and starting her up. Her engine purred like a lion. I smiled faintly. “Wow.” I said.

He smiled. “Christmas gift from my Uncle last year.” He said, pulling out. He drove to the mall and we shopped around. He bought me several shorts, a suit, a couple of polos, and a few t-shirts, all at my reluctance. I constantly told him he didn’t need to do that, that wasn’t necessary, but he just laughed and bought it anyway. Once back in the car, he set a gentle hand on mine. “Ready?”

I nodded, swallowing thickly. “Yeah.”

He pat my hand before starting the car. I told him my address and he drove straight over. Zach’s Jeep was in the driveway. I looked at Noah. “I-I’m going to kick him out. The house is under my name-“

Noah nodded. “You don’t need to explain. I’ll be right here, just call out.”

I nodded.

“And if he’s not out in 10 minutes, I’m going in, okay?”

I nodded again. He gave me a supportive smile. “You can do this.”

I nodded once more before taking a deep breath, getting out. I walked to the front door… Locked. Great. I knocked and Zach opened the door. He smiled. “Mark, I-“

“We need to talk.” I said seriously, crossing my arms. He frowned.

“Come on in.” He opened the door. The moment I stepped in, he closed the door behind me. I sat on the easy chair in the living room. He sat on the couch. “What’s this about?”

“You left me. You said…” I took another deep breath, keeping my emotions in check. “You said you wanted to leave, and now because of an accident you want to come running back?” I said quietly.

He rolled his eyes. “You’d die without me. You can’t take care of yourself and you need someone to do it for you!” He said as calmly as he could muster.

“I don’t need anyone to take care if me. I couldn’t see two feet from the window and the other guy was on the wrong side of the road.”

“So? That proves that I should have been there. I could have avoided the whole accident!”

This went back and forth for several minutes, the whole time he was getting angrier. He stood.

“You know what?? I try to come back and take fucking care of you and you go fucking nuts and block me out! You really think I’m gonna let you go off by yourself??” He yelled. I refrained from flinching.

“No, you’re going to leave this house and leave me be. I’ll find someone else to help me-“

“I’M going to leave the house?? ME??” He laughed, a hollow, mad laugh. “It’s MY house!”

“It’s in MY name.” I reminded him. He stepped forwards. “I am your master and you will obey!”

I frowned. True, I was naturally submissive, and he dominant, but we agreed when we first met: There would be no master-sub relationship. I crossed my arms. “No.”

He raised a fist, the first punch landing just below my left eye. I winced and he yanked me up. “Did you tell me no?!”

“Yes. Let. Me. Go.” I said, starting to feel more angry than scared. A punch to the stomach, then my chest. I coughed. That hurt. “Let me go!”

“Or what?” He wrapped a hand around my throat, pinning me against the wall. I choked, trying to speak. I beat my hand on the window. Within seconds, Noah was in the door.

“Excuse me, but I believe you should drop him.”

“Why?” Zach glared. Noah walked over, grabbed his arm, pulled him away from me, and threw him on the ground. He put a supportive arm under me so I wouldn’t fall as I gasped for breath. “Because assault is illegal, and if you mess with Mark, you’re messing with me.”

Zach stood, starting to punch Noah, but he grabbed Zach’s arm and flipped him. “You have ten minutes. Get your stuff and leave.” He said. Zach stood. He glared at Noah before walking off. Noah looked at me. He touched my cheek. “You’re hurt…”

I shook my head. “I’m fine… Thanks… This is the third time you’ve saved me in 24 hours.” I said quietly. He smiled. “No thanks needed.” He set me on the couch, looking around. “You’ve got a nice house.”

“Nothing special.” I said. He sat down, hugging me. He held me until Zach left, not saying a word.

“I guess I should go now.” Noah stood.

“Wait! Can I have your number?” I asked. He pulled out his phone. “Give me your number and I’ll call later.” I put my number in his phone.

“Umm… Thanks… Again.” I said, smiling faintly.

“It was nothing.” He hugged me again. “Talk to you later.”

“Later.” I nodded. He brought the bags in before he left. I stood at the window, watching as he drove off. I suddenly felt strangely alone. Was I really falling for this stranger? Yeah, he was handsome, strong, caring, protective, funny… Dang. He was perfect! Now I missed him.

I hoped he would call soon…


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