Broken Bliss CH 8

Double Penetration

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Exhausted, I lay on my back, arms stiffly standing up into the air.

“Whew! You really know how to tire me out,” my sister murmured next to me, and I turned to smile at her. Despite having just unloaded my seed into her, I couldn’t help but admire her lithe naked body, as her chest heaved, and her auburn hair lay plastered to her head, full of sweat.

It was Sunday morning, and Lisa had wanted to get one last good screw in, before our mom returned from her little vacation with Sarah. Personally, I was dreading her return, not because I didn’t love or miss my mother, but between Lisa, Faith, and now Jenny too, I was sexually worn out. Her return would only mean even more sex in my future, and even though I was still young and had a healthy sex drive, five women were becoming more then I could handle. And then there was Geo…

“I’d better jump in the shower, before we go pick them up,” my sister turned and gave me a quick peck, before dropping her head to my lap, and cleaning me up with her mouth. For some reason she had started doing that, and I was the last person who was going to complain. Even though there was no chance of me getting hard anytime soon, it still felt great. When she was done, she helped pull a pair of shorts onto me, and then left to get herself cleaned up.

The doorbell rang, drawing me from my thoughts and relaxation. It took me a couple seconds to get the door open, but I couldn’t help the grown that escaped me when I saw who’d come calling.

“Your mom should be back this afternoon, so I wanted to get another load from you this morning.” Geo told me with a smile.

“Did I hear the doorbell ring?” Lisa asked, rubbing a towel against her wet hair, and wearing another towel around her waist. It was almost weird to see her covered in the towel, but it dawned on me that she must have put it on because someone was at the door.

There was no way I felt up to getting it on again, so soon after Lisa had just worn me out, and I still wasn’t sure how I felt about Geo getting pregnant by me, rather than her own brother, John. It wasn’t that I had a problem getting a girl pregnant, but that I didn’t much like the idea of not being a part of that child’s life.

“Oh, it’s you,” I heard Lisa say behind me, as she walked to the front door. “I suppose your here for more of my brother’s sperm?” I noted the unhappy tone in Lisa’s voice, as well as the resignation. She wasn’t too thrilled about the whole thing either.

“Yeah, I figured I might as well get another load, before your mother gets back. John is at some conference this weekend, but he comes home tonight.” Geo said as she stepped past me.

Part of me wondered how she hadn’t become pregnant already. Was she only using it as an excuse to have sex with me, and taking contraceptives? I have already dumped my spunk into her numerous times, and despite her protestations, I knew she enjoyed it. Why then, was she not pregnant yet?

All at once I felt completely overwhelmed, and the word slipped from my mouth before I could stop it. “No.”

“What?” Both Lisa and Geo chimed together.

“No,” I repeated, lifting my gaze to look at Geo, certain about how I felt. “No more. If you want to get pregnant, you are going to have to either talk John into it, or find someone else. I’m done.”

“But…” Geo trailed off, and if I hadn’t felt bad for her, I would have laughed at the way her mouth hung open as she looked at me, not comprehending what I’d just told her. “But…”

“You heard him,” Lisa said, coming up, and placing her hands on my cast covered shoulder as she gave me a soft peck on the cheek. “If you want to get pregnant that badly, go talk to your brother, and leave mine alone.”

Geo closed her mouth as she stared hard at us, before turning around and slamming the door shut behind her. I hoped John would change his mind, for Geo’s sake. Geo was a great girl, and there was no denying her sexual prowess, but I realized that I really needed to cut back on my women. Too many was just too many.

“Thank you, Jason,” Lisa whispered into my ear. “I don’t know what made you change your mind, but I think I know a way to reward you.” Her hand deftly slid inside my waistband, and grasped my flaccid cock, trying to bring it back to life. Good as it felt, I couldn’t be dishonest with her.

“I didn’t do it for you,” I told her, as kindly as I could. “I did it for me.” Lisa’s hand snapped out of my shorts quicker than I thought possible, as she walked in front of me, a curious expression on her face. “I’m worn out, and exhausted from too much sex,” I told her. “I never thought a man could feel that way, but I need a little break.” It was the wrong thing to say.

“A little break?” I could hear the heat in her voice, and I cringed. “I thought you did it because you loved me, but you only need a little break. I suppose that means from me too?”

“Wait, Lisa, no!” I tried to protest, but she spun and stormed down the hallway, her towel falling halfway to her room, and she let it fall to the floor. Even angry, her ass looked great as it slipped into her bedroom and a second door was slammed that morning.

Sighing to myself, I walked over to the towel, and using my foot, flipped it up, and caught it on my right cast. I knocked on her door, and could just make out her muffled crying on the other side. “Go away!” she screamed through the door, but I couldn’t leave her like that.

I tried the door, and found it unlocked. Taking this as a good sign that she really didn’t want me to leave her alone, I stepped into the room, greeted by the sight of my lovely sister, face down on her bed, still nude.

“I said, go away,” she was muffled with her face in her hands, and I wished that I could wrap her in my arms and comfort her.

“Sure,” I tried to sound calm but wasn’t sure if I pulled it off. For some reason I was nervous, and couldn’t figure out why. “But I wanted to talk to you first.”

My sister turned to look at me, and I could see that her eyes were red from crying. “What is there to talk about? You don’t want to have sex anymore. So fine, I won’t force you to fuck your loving sister anymore!” Her accusing eyes bore into me, making my heart ache, despite the language she was using.

“Lisa, you have the wrong idea,” I told her, and considered my words carefully, “I love you, and don’t want to stop or lose what we have.” I tried to pour all the love and caring I held for my little sister into my eyes, as I looked down at her. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but there is something that you should know.” I paused, as I continued looking at my beautiful eighteen year old sister. “I have never had sex with you,” her eyes grew confused, and I knew she was listening intently, “I have only ever izmit escort bayan made love to you. Please don’t take that away from me.”

I saw her heart melt as comprehension took root in her. “But you said you needed a break,” she said, and all anger and pain were gone from her voice.

“I need a break from them: Geo, Faith, and Jenny.” I knew it was a risk bringing up Jenny. Lisa hadn’t been too happy about her being back in my life, but Faith had made it clear that I had done it solely for her. Over the last week, I had rarely seen my red-headed girlfriend, and Faith had told me that she was keeping the woman quite satisfied, but sometimes they both needed a real cock. My half-sister knew just where to get one.

“What about mom?” She asked, and again, I knew I had to be honest.

“Do you really think mom is going to leave me alone after being gone all week?” I shook my head, knowing the answer. My mother was just as horny as my sister was.

“Maybe she found herself a man, while she was away,” Lisa said hopefully, and I knew I had been forgiven.

“Maybe,” I conceded, and then smiled as Lisa sat up, and threw her arms around my neck, her naked breasts pressed against my chest.

“Did you really mean what you said about making love to me?” She asked, and in answer, I leaned my head down, kissing her tender lips softly. She met my kiss with a gentleness of her own, and for a moment we sat like that, her holding me tight, and our lips together as one.

I felt fresh tears touch my cheeks, and pulled back to look at my sister. “What’s this now? Why are you crying?”

“You big oaf, it’s because I love you too!” she informed me, then brought her mouth back to mine, and this time the kiss was stronger. I felt her tongue start to press against my teeth, and I opened up, greeting hers with mine.

I fell back onto the bed, and she followed me down, climbing on top as our kiss intensified. Despite all my thoughts of not being able to get it up earlier, it wasn’t long before I was poking her slit through my shorts as she rocked her hips atop me.

Lisa suddenly pulled away, and looked at me confused. “Wait! You wanted a break. I am so sorry.”

“Don’t stop now!” I pleaded. “A break will be fine, but only after this time. I really need my sister right now.”

She grinned at me, and lifted her hips for only a second, before planting herself directly on my bulge. She started to glide her hips up and down, and I could feel her heat through the thin cloth of my shorts. I moaned to let her know I was enjoying what she was doing.

She brought her right hand down, and slid it into my waistband, easily finding my cock, and lifted it slightly, to press harder against her crotch. She picked up her pace, and started twiddling her left nipple with her other hand, moaning and closing her eyes at her own pleasures.

I started hunching my hips in rhythm to her movements, really enjoying the look on her face. Suddenly Lisa dropped forward, mashing her lips to mine as she started to cum, soaking the front of my shorts. I kissed her lovingly, as her hand continued to stroke me within my shorts. Pulling her lips from mine, she put them next to my ear, whispering, “I really need you in me, Jason.” I just nodded, and with one deft motion, she pulled the hem of my shorts down, lifted up, and impaled herself on my massive pole.

We both groaned loudly, as we became one, and I felt my head hit her deepest depths. Despite having been inside my sister not that long ago, she still felt tight, as her inner folds massaged me.

Our lips came together again, as she started to move her hips, and she placed one hand on my chest. She was extremely wet, and I couldn’t help but wonder if some of it was my cum from earlier. I was glad that mom had put her on birth control. I didn’t mind the thought of her getting pregnant, but I didn’t want kids right away.

Suddenly I wondered if Faith was using any contraceptives. We had never talked about it, and yet I had emptied myself into her countless times.

Lisa pulled her lips from mine, flinging her auburn hair back in a long arc, as she started to cum again. I was just barely able to lift my head to her breast, and she grabbed the back of my head when she felt my lips brush her nipple, intensifying her orgasm. I continued to suck on her rubbery teat, moving my hips, thrusting as hard as I could, wanting her joy to last as long as possible. For what seemed like an hour, but was likely only a couple minutes, Lisa moaned and shuddered as her body was wracked with one powerful orgasm after another. I’ve never seen her orgasm so much, or this powerfully before, and could only think that our conversation before this might have something to do with it.

When her orgasms finally ended, she collapsed on top of me, pulling her wonderful breast from my mouth.

“I… Have… NEVER…” She tried to say, but was out of breath.

I leaned up to give her a quick peck. Then using my hips for momentum, tried to roll us over. I partially succeeded, in that she rolled onto her back, but it took me a couple more tries to prop myself onto my cast-stiffened arms, above her. By that time, my loving little sister was laughing at me.

“You think that’s funny, huh?” I asked, as I positioned my penis at her opening. She just smiled and continued giggling. “How funny do you think THIS is?” I asked, thrusting into her, and smiling to myself, as her giggle turned to a moan, and her legs wrapped around me, trying to pull me in deeper.

I set a fast pace, knowing my arms couldn’t handle this for very long, and wanting my own sweet explosion to happen. I admired how my sister’s lovely breasts bounced on her chest with every thrust, and how her moans grew in volume every time I slid into her.

I picked up my pace, going as fast as I could, feeling the onset of my ejaculation begin, and felt her clamp down on me as she had an orgasm a split second before I loosed my second load of the day into her. I tried to continue moving my hips, but the feeling of pure bliss that washed over my body was too much.

When I was finally back in control of my own body, I rolled off my sweet sister, out of breath.

Lisa placed her head on my chest, running her hands up and down my abdomen. “I love you, Jason,” I barely heard her whisper, before she started to kiss her way down my body, and started to lick out combined juices from my shrinking member. I was super sensitive, after such a powerful orgasm, but still enjoyed the attention she was giving me.

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed, noticing the time on the clock. “We’re going to be late getting mom from the airport!”

* * *

By the time we arrived, Jenny and Faith were already there, and waiting in the baggage claim area. My half-sister and my girlfriend were holding hands, till they saw us, then they both kocaeli escort bayan came running up, and hugged us. Lisa acted stiffly as she received her hugs, and I wished that I was able to hug them back.

“Mom just called to say they were getting off the plane, and should be here in a couple minutes,” Faith said, referring to her mother, Sarah, and not Lisa’s and mine.

We spotted my mom first, her auburn hair easy to spot, as she came down the escalators, and then Sarah was right behind her. Another round of hugs ensued, and my mom looked curiously at Jenny, but didn’t say anything.

The women loaded the bags, and once again, I felt useless with my busted arms, as we left in separate vehicles.

“Is Sarah and Faith coming over tonight?” Lisa asked.

“I doubt it,” our mother told us. “I’m sure she wants to spend some time with her own family, after being gone for so long, and I know I just want to be with my own two children tonight.” Mom was sitting in the front seat, next to Lisa who was driving, but she looked back to me, and winked as she said this. I truly hoped I was up for whatever she had planned, though I had some idea of what it might be.

When we arrived home, Lisa busied herself in the kitchen, making dinner, and informing mom that she was to stay out, and just relax.

“But that is all I did all week!” She complained. “Relax!”

We all laughed, but mom and I went and sat down on the couch. Lisa brought us both drinks, and I knew it was alcoholic on the first sip mom gave me.

“So…” Mom trailed off for a moment before continuing. “Want to tell me what Jenny was doing at the airport?”

“Um… Well, you see…” I tried to figure out what exactly to say, but none of it sounded right in my head, so I just blurted it out. “She and I are kind of back together, but it is more like Faith and Jenny are dating, and only come to me when they need more.”

I cringed, waiting for mom to start berating me for a fool, but she didn’t.

“I see…” I looked up at her as she took a sip of her drink. “You’re quite the lucky man, to have six women constantly after what is between your legs.”

To say I was shocked that she was taking it so lightly would be an understatement. Somehow I had expected her to take it more like Lisa, and be jealous.

“Oh, don’t look so surprised,” she said, as if reading my mind. “I’m not so old, or stuffy that I’m going to get jealous over it. You’re a smart young man, and if you can handle it, then who am I to complain?”

I let out a pent up sigh that I hadn’t even realized I’d been holding. “Actually, it is only five now. I turned Geo away this morning.”

“Hmm, poor girl. I wonder if I should have a talk with John about her?” She seemed to consider it for a moment, and then shook her head. “No, it’s not my place, and he can make his own decisions.” She looked back to me, piercing me wither beautiful eyes. “But I am curious why you turned her down?”

After the argument with Lisa this morning, I thought hard on how to answer, but Lisa walked in then to refill our drinks, and took the chance away from me.

“We are wearing Jason out,” my sister said. “He said he needs to cut back on how many women he has.” Having said her piece and refilled our drinks, she promptly returned to the kitchen.

Mom fed me a sip of my drink, and I noticed that it was stronger this time. There was no doubt that Lisa wanted to get us drunk tonight.

Mom just continued to stare at me, and I didn’t know what to say, and wished I knew what was going through her mind. Finally, after a couple minutes of silence, she spoke up. “Do you need a break from me too?”

“What? No!” I blurted, before I could think of anything else to say. “I just didn’t think it was right for me to get Geo pregnant, and trying to satisfy so many at once was wearing me down. I truly hope John changes his mind, but it is for him to do it, not me.”

“So you’re saying you DO need a break.” Her tone was even, but I could still sense a slight edge to it. Damn you Lisa! Why couldn’t you let me explain it on my own?

“Not a break, and certainly not from you and Lisa. Just a little ‘relaxation’, is all.” I knew I sounded peevish, and I felt my face turn red as mom started to laugh.

“Son, relax! I told you I thought you were smart, and knew what you could handle. All you’ve done is prove me right!” She leaned over, and gave me a peck to my burning cheeks. “But if you ever do need a break from me, I hope you will let me know.”

“That’ll never happen,” I swore, and knew I meant it. Mom may be older than me, but as with Lisa, I’ve never had sex with her, only made love. There is no way I would willingly give that up.

We chatted amiably for the next while, Lisa coming in to refill our drinks, and by the time dinner was ready, I had a pretty good buzz going. Mom and Lisa took turns feeding me, and I noticed that Lisa was pushing the drinks pretty hard, until I told them I couldn’t possibly fit anything else in my stomach.

I stood unsteadily from my chair, and wobbled my way back to the couch, only to be joined a little later by the two wonderful women I lived with.

“I rented a movie, I thought we could watch,” Lisa told us, and Mom and I shared a look. Sure enough, it was just as raunchy as we had suspected it would be; some college romance movie, with a gratuitous amount of tits and ass.

In my slightly inebriated state, I found myself growing hard during the sex scenes, which didn’t go unnoticed as it propped quite the tent in my shorts, and I had a woman on either side of me. I noticed both women squirming as well, and knew that I wasn’t the only one being affected by the sex on the screen.

Mom was the first to speak as soon as the credits started. “Lisa, if you don’t start sucking his cock, I will!” Her hand grabbed my aching cock, and started rubbing me through my shorts.

“I had him this morning, and you’ve been away for awhile,” Lisa responded. “You go ahead, I can wait.”

Before she was even done talking, mom had the hem of my shorts pulled down, and her lips were headed for my bulbous head. She kissed the single eye of my peter before hungrily moaning, and swallowing as much of me as she could in one go. I too moaned, as I felt my cock get compressed in the back of her throat.

Movement on my right brought my attention to Lisa, and I saw that she was getting undressed. As soon as her shirt and bra were off, she pressed her breast to my mouth. “Suck my tits, while mom sucks your cock,” she demanded, and despite having been quite full a couple hours ago, I hungrily devoured her offering.

I moaned against my sister’s teat as mom sucked me in deeper and deeper down her throat. My fingers and arms twitched within my casts, wanting nothing more than to touch these two wonderful women, but the casts defeated them.

Lisa kocaeli escort moaned loudly, and between her cleavage I was able to see that mom had her hand in her daughter’s pants. Mom pulled her head off of my member with a gasp for air, then quickly stood, and completely disrobed.

Lisa laid me back on the couch and removed her pants, before straddling my face, and I hungrily dove into her wet honey pot.

“Oh, I have missed my boyfriend’s cock in me ever so much!” I heard mom say a split second before I felt her pussy start to swallow me inside her.

That same fire that I have noticed every time I have been with mom surrounded my throbbing cock, and I moaned into my sister’s juicy cunt. Mom started to thrust her hips powerfully on top of me, and I could hear both women moaning to the pleasures I was giving them.

“Oh, Lisa! Your mouth feels so good on my tits, while your brother fills me with his cock. Holy shit, I have missed you two! Yes, rub my clit, darling. Make your mother cum all over Jason!” Mom’s frantic thrusting stopped as she convulsed on and around my penetrating tool. If I hadn’t already cum twice this morning, this would have likely gotten me off, but for some reason, I felt like I could keep going, so started bucking my hips, as I sucked hard on Lisa’s clit.

My oral efforts were soon rewarded as Lisa’s cum flowed around my lips and tongue.

“Mom, I think it is my turn,” Lisa said as she lifted herself from my face. She had to help our weary mother off of me. Mom lay listlessly on the edge of the couch, still occasionally twitching from aftershocks of her orgasm. Lisa pulled me to my feet, saying only, “I want you to take me from behind,” as she bent over the couch.

I stood behind my petite sister, enjoying how sexy her ass looked as she wiggled it impatiently at me. Stepping up to her, she reached back, and helped guide me in.

I easily slid all the way to her uterus, making her grunt as I hit bottom. I started up a steady rhythm, as I watched her start kissing her way up mom’s legs, to their juncture.

As soon as Lisa’s lips touched mom’s nether lips, her eyes flew wide as she looked down at her daughter. “What? Oh, Lisa… That feels good, but I don’t think I can handle much more right now,” she complained, but Lisa didn’t let up, and just kept licking and sucking. Soon mom’s denials became moans of pleasure. “Yes! Oh, fuck, who taught you to eat pussy so well? Damn, that feels so good. Yes, right there, keep sucking my clit, and you’re gonna make me CUUUUMMMMMMM!”

Seeing mom cum so hard, and Lisa being the one to do it was enough to start my own climax, as I started to empty myself into Lisa’s sucking twat.

Lisa’s legs gave way underneath her as she had her own climax, and some of my spunk ended up splattering her pale back, and I even got some in her auburn hair.

As soon as Lisa recovered, we noticed that mom was out cold. Lisa ran to get a blanket, and draped it over our mother, before turning to me and giving me a big kiss. Her hand went to my flaccid cock, but only for a moment. “Oops, looks like I forgot to clean you up!” She grinned, as she dropped to her knees, and started licking me clean. She really started to get into it this time, fondling my balls, as she sucked on my manhood, and to my surprise, I realized I was getting hard again.

“Good,” she said, pulling away and looking up at me with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “It’s been a few days since you were in my ass, and I can’t wait to feel you in there again.”

I could only roll my eyes as she laid me down, and drooled a lot of saliva over my cock, before straddling me.

My lovely, sweet, horny, insatiable sister slowly lowered herself, impaling her ass upon my lance. The feeling of her tight sphincter gliding down my saliva soaked cock made me moan, as centimeter after centimeter gently entered her colon.

Lisa’s eyes were closed, and her lower lip was sucked into her mouth as she finally sank the remaining distance onto me. “Hmm, I can’t decide which I like more, how wonderful you feel in my pussy, or how full you feel in my ass,” she told me as she started rocking on top of me. She felt wonderful to me, and I couldn’t argue with any of her holes; they all felt fantastic.

Lisa’s hands roamed her body, tweaking her own nipples, and occasionally rubbing her clit. I knew she was getting close when she slipped two fingers into her vagina while I moved my hips in rhythm with her ass. “Oh, fuck, I’m so close! Fuck my ass, Jason. Make your sister cum on your thick cock. Oh…..” Lisa fell forward, mashing her lips to mine as my pelvis grew wet with her cum, and my cock was tightly gripped in her rear.

“You two were going to let me sleep, while you continued?” I heard, but I don’t think Lisa did, as she was still shaking on top of me. I opened one eye, and saw that mom was rubbing her tits together, the blanket thrown off her, as she watched her daughter cumming on her son’s cock.

“You looked like you needed the rest,” I said, and mom got a wicked gleam in her eyes as she stood up from the couch, and walked over to us.

“Well, maybe I want my son’s cock in my ass too,” she said, as she leaned down and kissed me. Lisa rolled off me, and I could hear her still panting next to me, as mom’s tongue swirled around my mouth.

Mom broke off the kiss, and looked over to Lisa, whose eyes were still closed as she tried to catch her breath. “I think I owe you one,” she told her daughter. Mom crawled over to Lisa, and started kissing her toes, working her way up my sister’s calves, thighs, and finally to her pussy. Lisa just moaned at the touch, but barely moved beyond that.

I got up on my knees, and came up behind mom, thinking to put my prick in her slit, but she stopped me before I could. “I want you in my ass, son. Fill my ass with you cock.”

Not one to argue with such a request, I dribbled some spit onto her sphincter, and then had her help guide me in.

Mom grunted against Lisa’s wet hole as my head popped into her, and I was surprised to find the same fire and heat that came from her pussy could be felt through the walls of her colon as I gently slid into mom’s ass.

Lisa finally started to come around to mom’s ministrations, as her hands were in mom’s hair, and she started moaning loudly.

“No, stop…” She moaned. “I can’t… Take… Too much… Feels too good… Too sens…itive.” Despite her words, she wasn’t trying to pull mom’s head away, but rather seemed to be pulling her in more. “Oh fuck!” She suddenly screamed. “Yes, don’t stop! Right there, nibble on my clit. Oh, I’m cumming!”

Mom was bouncing her rear back against me, as I pounded into her, and she came a second after Lisa. Watching both women cum almost together, plus the fire in Mom’s ass triggered my own. I unleashed a powerful load of semen, convulsing just as much as the two women were, in the throes of my orgasm.

Later that night as I tried to get to sleep, I imagined how great it would be when my casts finally came off, and I would finally be able to truly touch these wonderful women in my life.