Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 20


Ryoko that’s a pretty name Richard thought as he sat drinking coffee waiting for the manager of the town’s largest supermarket.

“You are becoming quite famous” Ryoko said as she sat down to join him. “Our visiting Japanese doctor who is lecturing in the capital city university is visiting me at present and asked about you.”

“Apparently the governor’s wife heard she was coming down here and asked her to look you up.”

“She has leased an apartment just down the street, so if you like I’ll drop you down to see her later.”

Ryoko intrigued Richard. She had a typical young Asian women’s figure even though she would be nearly forty.

Her waist and hips were half the width of the average local women of her age. She was five feet nothing in height; she had a pair of tits a little larger than a pair of lemons. Her skin was flawless not a wrinkle, her hair always tied up in such a way that it drew his attention to her face and her long shapely neck. She was to his mind a classic Japanese beauty.

Ryoko right from the first day of his cookie deliveries had always appeared as soon as he arrived. Bowing in welcome, she talked to him as she checked the numbers of fresh Boy Scout cookies each day.

After the governors ball she had become more outgoing smiling at his jokes in her shy Japanese way. Her elfin features would light up when she spied him, inviting him into her office for a cup of green tea or coffee.

Richard’s new found confidence as a result of his success with a number of Boy Scout mums made flirting easy. Each time they were in the office alone he quite deliberately became a little more openly sexy in his conversation.

One morning Ryoko closed the door to the office and asked “Master Richard why do you spend so much time with older women like me. Why are you not interested in Yuki my daughter who likes you?” “She is eighteen same age as you, yet you ignore her.”

Richard stood up and took her hands in his, “I like Yuki she is a lovely girl, but you have something special that interests me.”

“All of my studies and all the books I have read have made me interested in eastern culture.”

“When I see you wearing traditional dresses and costumes you create in my mind a picture of the traditional geisha.”

“I hope I don’t offend you but you are my picture of an oriental beauty, your face and hair intrigue me, your slim body and you’re shapely figure excites me.”

“Looking at you stimulates me, you are very beautiful.”

He watched her face, but it showed no reaction to his words, so he gently pulled her towards him and lowered his mouth to kiss her. He was disappointed when Ryoko moved her head to the side to avoid his kiss reaching her lips.

Richard took heart from the fact that she did not pull away. She stood quietly with her body against his, as he kissed her on the cheek.

Continuing to kiss Ryoko lightly on the cheek Richard let go of her hands. He slipped his arms around her, lowering his hands from her hips to stroke her flat bottom.

For a moment Ryoko let him draw her body close, until he was sure she felt his erection. Quietly with out any fuss, or even a word, she took his hand led him to a seat and sat him down.

“You want coffee or green tea” she asked as though nothing had happened.

As Richard drove to the next delivery he thought back to the scene in the office he was nonplussed, “she didn’t get angry. She didn’t react; she just acted as though nothing different had happened.’ “Bloody hell that woman makes me horny,” he exclaimed as he straightened his hard prick in his pants.

Maryanne was surprised by the urgency of Richard’s love making. Little did she know that she was not the cause of his urgency. The slim Japanese body of Ryoko had created a heat that he had to extinguish. Extinguish he did, with Mary Anne helping to put the fire out on the floor just in side her front door.

Richard watched with pride the way Maryanne’s head thrashed from side to side as he emptied a load of cum into her pulsating pussy.

Her hands came up to hold him by the hips, “Hang on hang on” she cried as she felt deep in her stomach the start of a mind shattering orgasm.

Puffing from the exertion of that strength draining eruption within her pussy, Maryanne cried, “My god you’re fucking horny today” as he continued to stroke into her long after they both had cum.

Richard had not said a word as she opened the door. He had just grabbed her. He had immediately started to kiss her passionately, while his hands rapidly undressed her.

She loved the way Richard treated her, even in the urgency of today’s lovemaking he was remarkably kind and considerate, never trying to just use her body as a fuck hole.

She marvelled at the fact that even when he was showing his sexual excitement through his body actions, his gentle vigour coupled with his heat and energy made her melt. She could feel or sense his need for her.

That feeling that she was needed, was a trait that Richard had that she had never experienced şişli escort with her husband.

She knew her husband loved her. Their love live was routine, lacking excitement but never the less her husband loved her. She never felt that she was his special need as she felt now with young Richard.

Her mind wandered to the many loving episodes with Richard as her body squirmed to his touch, his mouth now devouring her tits, sucking like one of her baby’s years ago.

Maryanne pulled on her nipples keeping the feeling going after his mouth left her tits. He had pulled her legs up on to his shoulders and was now fingering her arse. “Oh god that’s great” she gasped as his finger entered and left her arsehole waiting in anticipation.

His finger continued to prowl, slower and slower pushing right in, then slowly withdrawing until it nearly slipped out, only to return slowly, deeper and deeper.

“Bloody hell Richard, you are very horny this morning, what’s got into you” she gasped as she felt her heart beat accelerate faster and faster as a second orgasm shook her body.

Richard loved the way Maryanne’s body responded to his. They were a good couple, their sex was hot. Maryanne was a great partner; her fit muscular legs gripped him on the back of his legs, her firm hard tits rubbing against his chest.

Her grunting as each of his thrust reached home was too much, he flooded into her, as his body slumped down on hers. “You’re fantastic: he said as he lay on her trying to gather his breath.

After a few minutes Maryanne struggled under his weight “get off you big ox, your squashing me,” she laughed. “I’ve got to go to tuck shop and I’ll be late.”

She kissed him, “I’ll be happy to be late every morning if you drop in like this,” she groaned as she started to straighten his clothes and push him towards the door.

Ryoko`s husband and family worked in the supermarket, in fact most employees were Asian mostly Japanese exchange students. The family had bought the business some time ago and had developed a 24 hour seven day a week trade.

Richard didn’t know Ryoko`s husbands name. He never spoke much to customers. Richard had only heard him talking Japanese.

He had never spoken to Richard in the weeks he had been delivering cookies, leading Richard to the conclusion that he was arrogant or shy.

As Ryoko warmed to his efforts, Richard started to think that her invitations might eventually lead to his dream of an Asian lover. He flirted outrageously with Ryoko whenever she came to the jeep to help with the cookies.

In the store room when packing the cookies in the cold environment he would complain of the cold and ask for a cuddle to warm him up. Ryoko would turn and look at him but did not respond in any way.

Her response was as cold as the room and yet he sensed she liked him coming on to her.

So he kept it up.

Out the back in the alley where her husband couldn’t see he would lay his hand on her rear as she leant into the back of the jeep. At first she would pull away quickly, slapping his hand.

Gradually things changed, his hand would linger longer before she slapped it away. The slaps were getting lighter and she was taking longer to react.

Gradually day after day she came to accept Richard’s uninvited familiarities. She never said a word, never indicated that she was encouraging him, but his persistence paid. She no longer slapped his hand away.

Ryoko`s twin daughters were on the cheer leader’s squad and were in Richard’s class at school, her husband never become involved in community activity leaving it all to Ryoko.

Most evenings when Ryoko came to collect the girls after school sports, Richard would make a special effort to talk to her, placing his hand on her arm, opening the car door for the girls, before seating her in the driving seat.

“Good evening Ryoko, You are looking more lovely every day,” he whispered as they bowed on meeting.

“That dress is a wonderful colour it highlights your eyes,” he told her as he opened the car door for her.

Each day he added to his compliments by helping her, taking her hand or arm to assist her.

Ryoko was initially embarrassed when he started to pay her compliments and started to touch her when ever they met. Gradually as the days went on she started to privately look forward to and welcome his attention.

Long hours of work, getting the business properly established had left little time for social life. Her life had always revolved around the business and their customers.

She had very little social life other than the governor’s ball and a few similar functions. She attended those functions as a duty to support good customers rather than as a social outing.

As she drove her daughters’ home, she thought of Richard. She still couldn’t believe the attention he was paying her.

She had married very young. Her husband never paid her compliments. He had become morose as he grew older, growling at the kids as they became more and more western mecidiyeköy escort and less Japanese in his eyes.

He spoke very little English. He was a typical Japanese man. Women had to keep their place. She was made to walk several places behind him and defer to him at all times.

After the birth of the twins he had showed little interest in her. Each week they had sex, he fucked her roughly, pinching pulling and slapping her viciously, he got his kicks through his dominance. Sex was a tool of control not love.

Ryoko had never had any man treat her as kind as Richard was treating her. She had gradually changed as he continued to flirt and pay her little compliments; her confidence grew, as Richard’s attention made her feel attractive to men.

She spent more time on her make up and her appearance, she was responding to the first acts of love, of innocent sexual interest in her life.

“He is a fine young man,” She mused.

No matter how she tried, when she looked at the beautiful young western girls his age, she could not understand or believe the interest Richard was showing in her.

“I’m nearly forty, Yuki is eighteen, she is beautiful, but he seems to only have eyes for me,” she dreamed on, as she drove home.

At home as she prepared the evening meal she wet her lips and smiled as she thought to herself how the highlights of her day now revolved around Richard’s visits.

The phone rang interrupting her thoughts. She gasped when on answering she heard Richard’s voice.

“Hi Ryoko, I don’t know how to say this, but here goes. “I was sitting at home thinking how much I enjoy your company. I just had to ring you and tell you how happy I am when we meet.” he explained.

“I’d really love to meet with you on our own where we can talk together. Can you get away to come for a drive with me,” he pleaded.

Ryoko was stunned, her first reaction was shock “no, oh no,” she whispered “I couldn’t do that”

“Please” he whispered down the phone.

Ryoko looked around to see if anyone was near and could hear her.

Why? She whispered

“Because I can’t get you out of my mind.” I’m so excited when I’m near you, I can’t think straight. When I leave, I think of things I should have said and done. “I want to be with you.”

Ryoko`s legs were trembling, she could feel her body growing warm, she looked again to see if anyone was near.

“I can’t: she whispered. We mustn’t.” “It would be wrong.”

Richard’s words were exciting, her mind was a jumble of ideas all her training and upbringing all her culture was urging her to say “no!” but her body was tingling she wanted to say “yes!”

She started to think “what excuse can I give to meet him,” when her years of submission to her husband and family took over.

“I’ve got to go and serve dinner,” she said and quickly hung up. Slumping down in the chair she wiped her brow. She was hot and flushed, she knew her face was red “what’s happening to me?” she moaned.

The evening meal was over, her husband was watching TV, the girls were in their room and she was in the office doing the accounts, when the phone rang again.

“It’s me, can you talk,” Richard asked

“Not really” she responded “Don’t hang up, listen for one minute,” he pleaded

“I want to be with you, if you want to be with me, wear that beautiful yellow dress that does so much to highlight you beauty when you pick up the girls tomorrow.”

“I’ll be there, if you don’t wear the dress I’ll know you won’t meet me. If you wear the dress, I’ll work things out so we can meet.”

Ryoko put the phone down and sat back in her office chair. Her body was wet with sweat she was excited beyond her wildest imagination. “What’s happening to me” she mused. “A boy young enough to be my son has my life in his hands.” “He has me thinking of cheating on my husband endangering our marriage my family and our business.”

“I can’t do this what he asks, its madness” she thought as she joined her husband in bed.

Lying in the dark she tossed and turned as she went hot and cold on the idea of meeting Richard. Her tossing and turning woke her husband.

He got up turned on the light and went to the toilet. On his return he looked down at her and grunted”let’s do it.”

As usual without any foreplay, not even a kiss, he pushed her down on the bed pulled her clothes aside and entered her roughly. She was not wet and his entry hurt .She screamed bringing a smile to his face as he thrust hard pulling her nipples viciously.

Ryoko lay back under his attack not moving as he shot his load into her and rolled off. Within minutes he was asleep leaving her more confused than ever.

“What am I worried about this pig for,” she cried as she washed her sore pussy and rubbed cream on her tender breasts. “That’s not love that’s rape,” she moaned as she returned to lay beside him, sore and hurt.

In the morning in the shower she though of her life and her family, and decided it was time to change things .She dressed in the yellow dress and went down to drive her husband to work.

“Take that off! Go and get changed” he ordered. “You will want working clothes today; we have to clean the storeroom.”

At school Richard watched Royko deliver her daughters, she was dressed in overalls dashing his hopes that she might respond to his pleas.

That evening Richard finished footy practice and walked despondently over to the area where the parents picked up their kids.

As he wandered along Yuki came up to him “Richard we have a lift with the coach down town to get new shoes, will you tell mum not to wait, coach will drive us home.”

“Ok” Richard replied “what a fucking opportunity this would have been” he though. If only she had worn the yellow dress I could have had her to myself tonight.”

The supermarket delivery van was parked in the shadows at the edge of the car park. As he approached Ryoko got out and walked towards him. His knees went weak, his mouth dry, she was wearing the yellow dress. Her face was lit up with a beautiful smile as she said, “Hi Richard.”

He took her by the arm back around to the far side of the van, where he leant down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“No no!” she groaned “the twins will be her soon.”

Richard pulled her close explaining that the twins would get home themselves. “We have an hour,” he whispered as he stroked her arms and leant forward again to kiss her lightly on the lips.

The bench seat in the van allowed them to sit close together. Ryoko was scared; her only experience with men had been with her husband. As far as she could find out from talking to other Japanese women, sex with him was typical of their society. The man dominated and the woman submitted.

Within minutes her fears disappeared as Richard treated her like a queen, touching and loving her gently, whispering how lovely she was, laughing and thanking her for wearing the yellow dress.

She was overjoyed it was a new experience to be treated kindly.

More than a half and hour later she marvelled that Richard had not tried to penetrate her. He had spent all that time kissing her, holding her face in his hands looking into her eyes. All the time he kept talking to her, telling her how beautiful she was and what they were going to do together.

She could feel her heart beating madly; she was sexually excited for the first time with a man. She was wet down below; she could smell the heat of her arousal. Her heart beat in anticipation.

She jumped when Richard’s hand slipped through the buttons on her dress and stroked her waist’s bare skin, and then moved to her breasts. “I’m sorry they are not big like western women” she moaned as he undid her bra.

Richard pushed the top of her dress down to her waist “they’re lovely” he whispered as he discovered her elongated nipples.

Ryoko was amazed at what his mouth was doing to her breasts and nipples. Her husband had never put his mouth on her breasts.

Her husband was not a gentle person. He had hurt her many times pulling and twisting her nipples as he did last night. He derived his sexually pleasure from hearing her cry in pain.

Richard was just the opposite, gentle and considerate, licking and sucking, creating feelings like she had never had before. His kisses drove her wild.

With her nipples between his teeth he sucked hard moving from one to the other. Richard was mumbling with his mouth full as he took one, then the other breast completely in his mouth. Ryoko`s very small hard breasts were a mouth full.

Ryoko could feel her love juices starting to leak between her legs, she could not keep still as she squirmed and wriggled, gasping at the feelings racing through her body.

She was moaning aloud now, as his hand moved up under her dress seeking her cunt. “Oh no I’m wet I’m dirty” she cried as she tried to pull her body back from his fingers.

Richard stopped her words with kisses. He laid her back on the seat pushing her knees up to allow his head to reach between her legs.

“Oh, no, oh what are you doing “she cried “Loving you, loving all of you” he replied as he lifted her hips and removed her panties.

Within seconds Ryoko shuddered and came, at the first touch of a man’s tongue on her pussy. The feeling was so intense, so new, that she lost control of her body. Her hips bucked up towards his invading mouth, trying to take all of his mouth and tongue deep inside her.

She tried to raise her head to look down and see what he was doing, as she did another wave of intense feeling washed over her. Her head fell back on to the seat

She could feel saliva dribble from her mouth as it fell open and a whine of pleasure came up from inside her.

She tightened her knees around his head, grunting in time with his tongue as it lashed her clit Oh, oh, uh, uh, oh, oh, Master Richard that’s lovely,” she moaned as she experienced the most exciting tingling sensation deep in her belly.

When he took her clit between his teeth and slowly inserted a finger to join his tongue in her pussy, he hit her most sensitive spot. She went berserk bucking and kicking and squealing in Japanese, coming for the second time in as many minutes.