Bounty Hunter 01 – Caught by her prey_(1)


Large firm hand groped her bare ass cheek and squeezed. Miar stood in front of a large double door, solid wood and intricately carved, waiting for her ‘pat-down’ to finish. She glanced down at the bald, masculine man crouched on her right, now feeling her inner thigh, then to her skimpy outfit. A red push-up bra, that emphasize the perkiness of her modest breasts, and tiny red thong, just big enough to cover her pussy. Well-toned physique from regular exercising and alluring curves of her slender waist and round butt never fail to draw attention and her current clothing, or lack thereof, screamed ‘groped me’. Still, an urge to break his nose boiled in her chest and Miar took a long deep breath to suppress it. The man stood and stepped to her left, his thick fingers traced the small of her back. Miar looked down overly decorated hallway so she did not have to see his smug face. The gaudy mansion belonged to Alejandro Viera. A crime lord whose wealth came from underground prostitution rings and drugs. The bald door guard cupped her petite mound and kneaded softly before sliding down her flat belly. He groped her other ass cheek and his thick finger pushed against her anus. Miar yelped and spun on him, causing her medium length black hair to flare out. She glared as he slowly stood. Her brown gaze met his dark eyes and he held it for a second before shrugging. He was a good foot taller than her and built like a bull but Miar would beat him to a sloppy mess if she was not working. The man pushed the door open and gestured for her to enter.

Miar sauntered into a large, heavily furnished room. Air conditioning chilled the otherwise hot and dry summer night. Too cold for her who was nothing short of naked and her light tan skin prickled. Large portrait of a round-faced, brown skin old man with dark eyes and bushy mustache, in golden frame, hung on the far wall. Massive chandelier hung in the center of the room over a canopy bed, draped with silk of different colors. The old man from the portrait eyed her from within the plush bed and wagged a finger for her to go to him. Miar forced a practiced smile, one with eagerness mixed with a hint of shyness. She sauntered toward him, adding a little more sway to her hips. Miar spread her arms and spun, slow and deliberate, as she scanned the room for any potential weapon. Her brown gaze found a fruit knife on a gaudy looking table. She looked back at the old man and a surge of revulsion twisted in her gut. His fat belly rose and fell with heavy breath as his beady eyes oozed with lust. One of his chubby hands rested on his stomach while the other…moved back and forth under his bath robe. Miar nearly gave in to the sudden urge to take the knife and killed right away but izmit escort held back. She had no chance of killing him unless she was real close to him. On top of him close. Miar knew from her research that this man, Alejandro Viera, hid high velocity machine guns around the room. They were linked to hostility sensor implanted in his forehead. The guns could fire on command or automated, by detecting his heartrate and brainwave. On top getting passed one hundred of fully armed men and countless cameras, these guns deterred anyone from even think about taking his live.

“Take them off,” he demanded, one hand still moving in his robe.

“S-sure,” Miar replied with feint uncertainty. She unclasped the bra and let it slipped off her arms and dropped to the floor. Revulsion boiled in her stomach when Alejandro licked his lips as his eyes drooled at her pert breasts. Chilled air brushed across her light tan skin made her nipples stiffen visibly. A low rumbling chuckle from the old man caused redness to burst on her cheeks.

“Turn around and make sure to bend real low when you take that little thing off.”

Miar flushed even more at the request but obediently turn around and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her thong. She pulled it down slowly as she bent forward, exposing her clean shaven pussy and tight anus. Miar never have to show so much of herself, for all of twenty-three years of her life, before and was surprise to feel tingles between her legs. She was turned on from showing her cunt to a man more than twice her age?

“Beautiful. Now, spread them for me, girl. Gotta make sure you have nothing hiding in there,” Alejandro said, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Miar wanted to scream but she had a job to do. She spent weeks setting everything up and even fucked distasteful men to get this one chance to take his head. Alejandro’s death would rattle the crime syndicate in District 6 for a while. Plus, the reward for his head would keep her comfortable for at least six months. Miar gingerly pressed her fingers against her pink, lush labia, now glistening with moisture, and gave Alejandro a good look inside her tight pussy. Pounding of her heart echoed in her ears as heat burned on her face. Thought of severing his cock before his head came to her but she pushed it aside. The big picture was more important. Chopping off his penis would only delay her job, giving the machine guns time to find and shoot her.

Alejandro snapped his finger to draw her attention and gestured for her to get on the bed. Sigh of relieve escaped her lips as she straighten her back and turned around. Miar climbed on the plush mattress and straddled Alejandro. She grabbed the collar of kocaeli escort his plush bathing rode and spread them to reveal his hairy chest. Another surge of revulsion struck her but fought it down before anything showed on her expression. Miar combed her dainty fingers through the curls and forced a giggle. Her big, brown gaze playfully danced about his dark eyes as she leaned forward. She licked her upper lip before kissing his chest and feint delicious moans. Alejandro undid his robe and let his cock sprang free. Miar eyed the succulent rod and wetness seeped from her pussy. She chastised herself for wanting sex from such a grotesque man and pushed the yearning away. The old man reached for her dainty mounds and squeezed them in his grasps. Chubby fingers pinched and rolled her erected nipples, causing Miar moaned genuinely from the pleasure. She considered getting a good fuck before killing him. As if knowing her thought, Alejandro groped her round ass and pushed her drench cunt against his cock. Miar shuddered. Heat spread through her abdomen as her hips bucked eagerly. The old pushed some more and she moaned when his bulbous head penetrated her. Miar wrapped trembling arms around his neck and lowered into his cock. She gasped as his fat girth stretched her out and nearly cum when his throbbing head pressed against her cervix.

“A-Ahhh…Y-you’re very b-big, s-sir,” Miar moaned and shivered in his hairy chest. Copious juice squished from the side of her stuff pussy when she rocked her hips up his length. Pleasure erupted when she rammed herself down and her lustful cries echoed the large room.

“Is that all you got, girl? They said you’re exceptional or is my cock just too much for you?” Alejandro said as he watched her shuddering on his chest.

Still reeling from the climax, Miar pushed up with shaky arms and slowly rode her stretch out cunt up and down the lengthy cock. She could not believe how quickly she came. The sensations overwhelmed her and the carve for more fogged her mind. Intense pleasure swelled in her abdomen each time she thrusted her hips down. The job faded from her mind. Cocks were all she wanted. In her mouth. In her hands and even up her virgin ass.

“Yes…work those hips some more. I didn’t pay you to cum, girl,” Alejandro said as he reached for her ass. One of his fingers rubbed against her tight anus before forcing its way in. Miar yelped and jerked as the sensation took her by surprise. “Why did you stop? Keep going!”

“Y-yes, sir.” Miar gasped when his finger slid deeper into her unexplored depth. The pleasure was new and one she actually enjoyed. The thought of a fat cock impaling her virgin anus sent quivering thrill up her spine.

Miar izmit escort bayan rolled her hips into his throbbing penis and thick finger and the sensation nearly sent reeling with another climax. Her breath caught when Alejandro added another finger and began to slid them in and out. Double penetration was definitely the next thing she would try. Miar worked her quivering hips harder. Her overflowing pussy squished on his fat cock every time she hilted him.

Alejandro pulled her in for a deep kiss with his free hand. His drooling tongue slithered to the back of her throat and, instead of recoiling with revulsion, Miar sucked greedily. She pumped her hips hard as Alejandro’s fingers danced and squirmed in her clenched ass. Wet slaps of their flesh filled the room, accented by her carnal moans of pleasure. Pudgy fingers seized her bouncing breast before pinching her hard nipple. Miar gasped as he pulled and rolled her aching nub. Tingling pleasure made her skin prickle with goosebumps. She had never been so eager. The fingers slid down to her clit before circling and squeezing her overly sensitive bud like a child brutalizing a new toy. The flood of pleasure, tainted with pain, sent her reeling with overwhelming orgasm. Hot fluid gushed from her stuffed pussy as euphoria washed over her. Alejandro groped her sweat-soaked ass with both hands and forced her buckling hips slid up and down his length. Helplessly drowned in the throe of her climax, Miar could only whimper and moan under his demand. He rammed her hips down harder and harder, each time swelling more and more in her tight confines. Miar erupted with another orgasm when Alejandro slammed her into his forceful thrust and exploded inside her. Warmth spread in her belly as squirt after squirt of his hot cum filled her. Pliable wall of her womb expanded to accommodate his copious load and the fullness made her sigh with content as she laid on Alejandro’s hairy chest.

Disturbing thought of her becoming pregnant with Alejandro’s child made her smile. Miar would rather die than carry his baby. Good thing she, or rather her kind, was infertile. Her gaze landed on the fruit knife and her thought focused. The fun was over, time to finish her job. Miar stretched one hand out as she focused on the image of the knife in her mind and imagined it flying into her hand.

“Thank you for everything, sir,” Miar said as she waited but the knife only shook slightly on the gaudy table.

“I don’t think that’s going to work, Miss Hora,” Alejandro whispered in her ear.

Her eyes widened as she jolted up. A prick on her thigh followed by gush of air pressure rang like fire alarm in her mind. Numbness spread through her body in seconds. Miar collapsed on the bed next to Alejandro when he pushed her off of him. Darkness crept around the edge of her vision as the old man leaned over to look at her.

“H-how?” she croaked before her consciousness faded.