Body Swap with Sister’s Boyfriend Ch. 02


INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – On a wet morning in Brisbane Australia on Friday the 13th, Richie and Troy wake up each other’s bodies courtesy of an encounter with an Ouija board the stormy night beforehand. Now Richie, a skinny nerd with no sporting talent is trapped in the body of his sister’s sporty but dim-witted boyfriend Troy while he has morphed into Richie, and they have no clue as to how they can change back.

Hilarity ensues as the bumbling duo have to pretend to be each other, and convince family, friends, work colleagues, classmates and an aggressive guard dog they are who they look like. Dakota, the sister/girlfriend in this odd triangle, senses something seems off and is annoyed at both Richie and Troy thinking they’re acting stupid to get on her nerves, but it does not stop her sending some sexy selfies to her boyfriend not knowing who will actually see them. And seeing his sister’s provocative photos have an effect on Richie that he never would have dreamed of …

All characters and situations in this story are fictional, with any similarity to real people living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 and older engage in any sexual activity. Please enjoy Chapter 2 of this story series, look for more chapters as they appear and rate and comment.


Richie stared back into the mirror, his heart racing, the adrenaline surging through his body.

‘No,’ Richie said to himself. ‘This is impossible, it cannot be. It’s an illusion, a hallucination. If I blink, it will clear.’ Richie blinked hard several times, but still Troy remained reflected instead of him.

‘It’s all a dream,’ Richie assured himself. ‘Just pinch yourself and you’ll wake up, and everything will be okay.’ Richie pinched himself, but did not wake up. He continued to stand in the bathroom wide awake – in Troy’s body.

Richie lifted his hand and the Troy in the mirror did the same. Richie spoke aloud. “This cannot be happening,” but the voice that emanated from him was Troy’s deeper voice and more pronounced Australian accent.

Looking down at his body – or to be technically correct Troy’s body – he found he was filling out his boxer shorts, which were the right size for the skinny Richie, but way too small for the taller, fitter and way more muscular Troy.

Richie paced the bathroom feeling close to panic. He was in Troy’s body. How did this happen? Was Troy in his body at his house? There was only one way to find out.

Still hoping this was all just a bad and very vivid nightmare, Richie hurried back to his bedroom and grabbed a tee-shirt, shorts and undies, these not fitting well at all. He couldn’t even put on shoes, and had to put on thongs and hope that he would not bust them.

Taking his phone and about to step out of his room, Richie hastily ducked back inside when he saw Dakota emerge from her room, rubbing sleep from her eyes and pushing her long blonde hair back from her face, the barefoot teenager making her way to the toilet. She wasn’t normally such an early riser, but the uncomfortable feelings in her bladder and her back passage had roused her to get up and go and sit on the loo.

Having avoided meeting his twin sister by seconds, Richie breathed a sigh of relief and only made his move when he heard Dakota lock and close the toilet door. Hoping he would not meet either parent as this would be impossible to explain, Richie snuck out of the house and into the dark early morning, with drizzle still falling in the aftermath of the rainstorm.

He passed the illuminated toilet window, where behind the frosted glass and wall Dakota was sitting on the toilet with her over-sized tee shirt hitched up around her waist and her knickers around her ankles, the teenager completely unaware as she defecated and then reached for some toilet paper to wipe her bottom that her twin brother in her boyfriend’s body had just passed by the window.

Richie did know the address of the house where Troy lived with his parents and younger brother Justin, but was not overly sure of the way. He had been there twice, but Dakota obviously drove on both occasions. Recalling the address, Richie brought up the maps application on his phone and navigated his way there successfully.

Richie tried to get there as fast as he could, but despite having longer legs in his new body he had inadequate footwear – thongs way too small for him – which hindered his progress. Walking up the street where the Turner family lived, Richie remembered that Troy’s older sister Kaley and her husband lived in the house across the road with their two young children, and they would be sure to ask questions if they saw Troy out in the dark wearing clothes way too small for him.

Hoping that Troy’s relatives – Richie did not even know Mr. and Mrs. Turner’s first names – were not already up and about, Richie approached the house. He remembered Troy’s bedroom was close to the left-hand side of the house, the window near the gate. Climbing over the gate, Richie entered the back yard and looked at Troy’s bedroom window, hoping he had the layout of the house right.

Richie had no idea what to expect. Fatih Escort Would Troy still be in his normal body, or would he have changed into Richie overnight? Richie was about to knock on the door when he stopped in horror, recalling that the Turner family had a dog, and not just any dog but a Staffordshire bull terrier that was a formidable guard dog. This dog would be very happy to rip a chunk out of Richie’s leg or arse if it identified him as an intruder, and Richie looked nervously for it in case it appeared. Fortunately, it seemed like the dog was asleep and wasn’t aware of Richie’s presence, and the young man hoped it would stay this way.

With trembling hands, Richie reached up and tapped on Troy’s bedroom window. The knocking on the glass stirred Troy from his slumber, the young man blinking awake and his eyes opening. But they were not Troy’s eyes, they were Richie’s eyes. The tall, fit, muscular dark-haired form of Troy had morphed overnight into the skinny, small-structured form of his girlfriend’s twin brother Richie, but of course Troy had no idea about this yet.

The tapping on the glass came again, Troy now fully awake. “Justin, what the fuck,” he mumbled, remembering how his younger brother had pranked him in the past like this, once dressing up as a burglar complete with a balaclava and stripy jumper, Justin scaring the crap out of Troy when he leaped out of the darkness brandishing an axe.

“Yeah, real funny Justin,” said Troy, getting out of bed, noticing how loose his boxer shorts seemed on him. Had he lost weight overnight? Walking to the window, Troy pulled the curtains aside and went rigid, staring in amazement as he looked back at himself. But it didn’t seem like a reflection, more like he was somehow looking at himself.

Troy raised his hand to see if the reflection in the glass would do the same. It did not and Troy looked down, noticing that instead of his hairy masculine chest with a forest of dark curls he now sported a skinny chest with milk white skin and a few wisps of red curls. Outside the window, Richie looked at the horror on Troy’s – or to be specific his own face – as Troy turned on the light and looked at the other changes to his body, then in the mirror and saw not his own face but the face of his girlfriend’s brother Richie.

Troy, in total shock, began to hyperventilate, and looked back to the window, where the figure that looked just like him still stood. Richie gestured for Troy to open the window, a direction that Troy, still in shock at being in Richie’s body, did not pick up on at first, instead running around the bedroom in a panic until he gained his senses a little and slid open the window, Richie and Troy now able to talk through the fly wire and security grille.

“Richie is that you?” Troy asked, again looking shocked as he realized that his voice was not his own broad Australian accent, but Richie’s softer, more educated Australian dialect.

“Yes, it is me Troy,” Richie said.

“This isn’t a dream or something is it?” Troy asked. He did not regulate his voice, and Richie had to indicate for him to quieten down and talk at a lower volume, and not risk rousing other members of his family.

“How did you get in my body and me in your body?” Troy asked, unable to believe what had happened.

“I don’t know either, but we can’t talk about it here, we need to go somewhere else where we can talk about this in private,” said Richie.

Troy nodded and put on shorts and a tee-shirt, experiencing the opposite problems encountered by Richie. The clothes that comfortably fitted Troy’s tall and muscular frame were way too big for short and skinny Richie, and the shoes he wore too big.

Exiting the house quietly, the body-switched duo went into the garage, where there was some confusion as to who would drive. Richie obviously did not hold a driver’s license while Troy did, but it was Troy’s picture on the driver’s license and he was in Richie’s body. In the end, it was Troy who got into the driver’s seat and Richie in the passenger side, both hoping there were no cops around who might stop them. Due to the disparity in their heights, Troy had to adjust the seat to adjust to Richie’s shorter legs.

“There’s a park not far from here,” said Troy. Richie, sitting in the driver’s side beside him, looked on in amazement at himself driving a car.

Troy pulled into the car park at the reserve, and they got out, walking across the wet grass as the first signs of dawn began to appear in the east. Richie surveyed the park; a man was jogging but he was some distance from them and going in the opposite direction. There was a woman walking a dog, but like the jogger they were some distance away. The only other living creatures in the park were a flock of white ibises that were scavenging rubbish out of the bins, and obviously they weren’t going to overhear anything they shouldn’t.

“So, what happened?” Troy asked. “How the fuck did you end up in my body, and you in mine.”

“I don’t know,” said Richie. He thought back. “That bloody Ouija board. I told those idiots it was dangerous.”

“That Ouija board did that?” Fatih Escort Bayan Troy asked. “Do they normally do that?”

“No, of course not,” said Richie. “It’s physically impossible for two people to swap bodies, but here we are.”

“Maybe because it’s Friday the thirteenth?” Troy suggested.

“We were both holding the Ouija board when we saw that ball lightning,” said Richie. “It has to be that, and yeah maybe that it’s Friday the thirteenth too.”

“So you don’t know?”

“Of course not,” said Richie. “How would I have any idea about this?”

“We need to tell someone,” said Troy. “Your Dad is a doctor, he might know why.”

Richie rolled his eyes. He was used to Troy saying dumb things, but seeing Troy in his own body making stupid statements made him feel stupid too. “Dad wouldn’t know anything about this. This is unique, something that’s never happened before. No doctor would believe it, or even understand it.”

Troy’s face brightened. “You know who would understand it? Dakota. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?”

“Dakota?” Richie was dumbfounded. “Why would Dakota understand or believe anything about this? She would freak out if we told her about this.”

“Because Dakota’s special,” asserted Troy. “She’s a sycophant.”

Richie could think of many choice insults for his twin sister – narcissist, shallow, superficial and plain old fashioned bitch – but sycophant was not one of them. Troy as usual must have got things mixed up, but what could he mean? Richie doubted Troy had any concept of what a sycophant actually was.

“What do you mean?” Richie probed.

“Dakota can see things other people can’t. She has extra senses.”

“Oh you mean psychic?” Richie assumed that’s what Troy was getting at.

“Yeah, psychic that’s what I meant.”

Richie had no idea why Troy would think this, and disbelieving he said, “Dakota isn’t psychic, Troy.”

Troy looked puzzled. “Yeah, she is. She went on that camp with your school. You must remember, they went to Mount Tambourine up in the Hinterland. The camp was for kids like Dakota who are psychic, and can sense things remotely.”

Richie thought this through, and then sighed as he realized what Troy was getting at. “Troy, that wasn’t a camp for psychic kids. It was a camp for geography, they were doing remote sensing.”

Troy looked utterly confused, and looked at Richie, Richie again embarrassed that again it seemed to be him saying dumb things. “What’s that?”

Richie explained patiently. “Remote sensing is analyzing satellite and aerial images. The camp up in the Gold Coast Hinterland was for them to learn about the field work involved in remote sensing.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” said Troy. “You learn something new every day.”

Richie thought that given Dakota was very good at the geo subjects in school – geometry, geography and geology – and aspired to a career as a geologist, and that she and Troy had been going out together for over 18 months that he might have learned that already. But when Troy and Dakota were together, they seemed to be more interested in topics that one would find in human biology rather than geoscience.

Richie looked up at the sky where a plane was coming in to land at the Brisbane Airport in Eagle Farm pondering just what the fuck they were going to do next, when Troy burst out laughing, guffawing and giggling and irritating Richie.

“What on Earth is funny?” Richie asked peevishly.

“Talking about Dakota, imagine if instead of swapping bodies with each other one of us swapped bodies with her,” laughed Troy.

For once Troy was making sense. “Yeah, that would have been really bad,” agreed Richie.

“Bad for you but not for me,” said Troy. “I could look at myself naked. And Dakota’s so hot.”

Richie stared back at Troy, feeling more than a little weirded out. It would have been bad enough if Troy was going on about how hot Dakota was and her being naked, but that Troy was in the body of her twin brother it was off the scale inappropriate.

Troy thought more about what it would be like to have swapped bodies with Dakota rather than Richie, and his smile faded. “It wouldn’t be all good,” he said. “Dakota’s a girl, and when she goes to the toilet she has to pee sitting down, and when she does a poo she obviously wipes her bum like a girl, so I’d have to learn how to wipe my bum like a girl too. It would be worse for you, being in your sister’s body and needing to go to the toilet.” Troy then paused and said, “About that, have you ever noticed that Dakota is always going to the toilet, and she usually takes ages to finish?”

“At times,” said Richie dismissively.

Troy again grinned. “One time I went out with Dakota and her friends and their boyfriends, and she went to the loo and took ages. When she got back, I asked her if she’d had a crap, and she got really embarrassed and mad. It was just a joke.”

“Gee, I wonder why?” Richie mumbled sarcastically.

Once more Troy thought about the difficulties he would encounter if swapping bodies with his girlfriend, and looked concerned. “And Escort Fatih if we swapped bodies for long enough, I’d have to have a period just like Dakota does. Gross. And if you swapped bodies with Dakota, you’d be having your sister’s period. That would be weird. Plus she gets real mad real easy when she gets her period. I thought my sister Kaley got cranky when it was her time of the month, but she’s got nothing on Dakota.”

Richie thought that changing bodies with his sister’s boyfriend would be the weirdest thing that could happen this Friday the 13th. But he was wrong. Sitting in a park in Troy’s body, while Troy in his body talked about his sister’s toilet habits and menstrual cycle trumped this. Richie was freaked out enough hearing these things, but that Troy was saying them in Richie’s body and using Richie’s voice upped the ick factor up past ten.

“We need to work out what we’re going to do today,” said Richie, hoping to get Troy talking about more sensible things and try and figure out some strategy about what the fuck they were going to do.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t go and talk to your Dad about it, him being a doctor and all that?” Troy suggested.

“No, definitely not,” said Richie.

“What about another doctor? A psychiatrist? If we went to see a psychiatrist, he or she might understand.”

“A psychiatrist?” Richie shook his head and laughed bitterly. “Troy, do you know what would happen if we went to a psychiatrist about this? They would commit us to a mental institution. Do you want to be locked up in a mental hospital Troy?”

Troy thought about this in real time, before deciding that this prospect was not an appealing one. “No.”

“Well there you go,” said Richie.

“Should we tell your Mum?”

“No!” Richie felt the panic in his nervous system, given how his mother’s childhood was blighted by a scary paranormal experience where an Ouija board caused her family home to become haunted. “We can’t tell anyone about this, not your family, not my family, not anybody. And my mum is the last person we tell. Is that clear?”

“How are we going to change back?” Troy asked.

“I don’t know,” sighed Richie. He thought about it a minute. “Last night we both touched the Ouija board. If we both touch it again, we might change back again.”

“That’s great, let’s go and get it,” said Troy.

“It’s with Chad. I’ll send him a message, ask him to bring it to school. We’ll meet him there, and both touch the spirit board again.”

Richie took his phone and sent Chad a text message. “Done.”

Troy looked enormously relieved. “Thanks Richie, you’re real smart, I can’t wait until I’m back in my own body.”

“Now hold on,” said Richie. “I don’t know if it will even work.”

“What if it doesn’t?”

Richie tried to think positively. “It might be only a 24 hour thing. This happened when we were asleep last night, maybe will we change back again tonight?”

Troy was again hopeful. “You reckon?”

“Again, I don’t know Troy,” said Richie. “So until we change back, I’m going to have to be you, and you’re going to have to me.”

Troy was already confused. “But you are me, and I’m you.”

“Yes, I know,” said Richie tersely. “But I mean we still think like each other. So I’ll have to pretend to be you, and you’ll have to pretend to be me. Like today, you’ll have to go to school in my place, and I’ll have to go to work in your place.”

“School?” Troy looked disappointed, then his face brightened. “School, cool! Dakota looks so hot in her uniform. We can hang out together.”

Richie sighed in exasperation. “No Troy, it’s inappropriate for a start, and second you’re pretending to be me. Dakota doesn’t want to be hanging out with her brother at school, she wants to hang out with her friends. Is that clear?”

Troy was disappointed. “Dakota wanted to hang out with me when I went to school last year.”

“That’s because you were in your body and you’re boyfriend and girlfriend. You just need to go to class, keep quiet and say as little as possible. Whatever you do, don’t draw attention to yourself. Is that clear?”

“Yeah,” Troy agreed. “I guess you’d better tell me what classes you have today.”

“English literature, maths – that’s calculus, geometry and trigonometry – followed by double period physics and chemistry. Then after lunch its economics and PE for the last period in the afternoon.”

Troy was increasingly horrified by Richie’s list of subjects and looked most dismayed, but his face brightened at the mention of last period physical education and he grinned. “PE, cool!”

“Troy, I’m no good at sports,” said Richie. “But you are, so no showing off in PE otherwise it will look strange. Is that clear?”

It felt strange to Richie, him in the body of a fit jock-type telling a skinny nerd not to show off at PE, but it was sound advice. Richie was not a sports person. His father along with his father’s brother Gary had played rugby league at high school and university and continued the sport for some time after graduating, his mother had been a state level triathlete while Dakota was a champion netballer and long distance runner, but no sporting genes had fallen Richie’s way and he was always among the last picked for team sports. Even his friend Chad who had no interest in sport and had been overweight his entire life was picked for sports teams before Richie.