Bobby Sue Showed Everybody Her Breasts


Bobby Sue was young and wanting to please men.  Her mama didn’t like the way she dressed and told her to act like a lady and not like some cheap slut.  However, her mama wasn’t around to see how Bobby Sue was acting with the boys.Bobby Sue was eighteen and was always showing the local boys her breasts.  Her mama’s boyfriend was always looking at Bobby Sue like she was a model.  Her mama said if she caught him and her daughter together she’d throw him out of her trailer.  She’d been in a relationship with Bubba for about a year.  Bobby Sue liked to flirt with Bubba when her mama was at work.  Bubba had never touched her, but he always looked at her.Bobby Sue’s mama was a waitress at a greasy diner a few blocks away.  As soon as Bobby Sue’s mama was at work, Bobby Sue would grab a six pack and go down to the watering hole.  She’d wear the tiniest bikini and sit on the picnic table and show the men her breasts.  The news traveled fast and all the boys in the trailer park would come and visit with Bobby Sue.  She had a nice set of melons.  They were natural and very full.  Bobby Sue would get very flustered when the boy’s would play with them.  That’s why she’d wear her bathing suit.  Her pussy would be wet and aching to get fucked.About fifteen teenage boys would come and have a look at Bobby Sue’s breasts.  She’d let them cop a feel and suck at her nipples.  Bobby Sue would squeal and get all excited.  She’d slip her fingers into her bikini bottom and rub her pussy lips together while the boys played with her breasts.  All the boys would get very excited watching Bobby Sue play with her pussy.  Sometimes she’d even pleasure the boys and give them blow jobs.  That would only happen if she was already buzzed.  Bobby Sue would entertain all the local boys with letting them play with her breasts.  But unfortunately, Bobby Sue’s mother’s boyfriend caught her and her suitors by the watering hole.  He wasn’t too happy and started to cause a scene.**“Bobby Sue put your top back on!  Your mama would have a fit if she saw you doing this.  Get your ass back into the trailer!”“Bubba, please don’t tell my mama!   She’ll tan my hide.”“Will talk about it back in the trailer.  Get going young lady.”Bobby Sue grabbed her top and put it back on and ran to istanbul travesti the trailer.  She knew Bubba was not impressed and would need to get him to promise not to tell.  If she had to sleep with him to accomplish that she would.  She knew that he had a little thing for her. Bubba was a tall black man.  Bobby Sue suspected that he had a big dick.  Her mama was always screaming and moaning when her and Bubba had sex.  Bobby Sue heard the tales that black men have big cocks.  She’d never seen a black cock before, but hoped that he had a big one.“If your mama saw you letting those boys touch your tits she’d kill you.”“You have to promise to not tell.  She’ll throw me out.  Please don’t tell.”“I’m going to tell.  A nice girl like you shouldn’t be teasing those boys.”“I’m not teasing them.  Hell, I’d let them fuck me if they want too.”“Bobby Sue, that’s no way to talk.  You’re no cheap slut.”“I’ll suck your cock and let you fuck me if you promise not to tell.  I know you like me Bubba.  You can have me if you don’t tell.”Bubba had wanted to get into her pants for a while now.  Bobby’s Sue’s mama already knew that he thought she was pretty.  Now with this situation, it looked like he’d get his wish.  He planned on having sex with Bobby Sue.  It’s not like he was going to turn her away.  She was practically throwing herself at him.  He’d be a gentleman and not share her torrid tale with her mother.“You can start with my dick.  I’d love a nice slow cock-suck.  Take off your bathing suit.  I want to look at those nice titties.  I want you to show me what you do to those boys.”Bubba grabbed a beer out of the fridge and got comfortable on the bed.  He took off his boots and unbuckled his pants.  He pulled them down and played with his cock.  He wanted his dick to be nice and hard for Bobby Sue to suck.  He knew that she was a very slutty girl.  He had heard gossip in the trailer park that Bobby Sue let all the boys fuck her.  She was no virgin.  She was a hot piece of ass with great tits.  Bubba couldn’t wait to get started.Bobby Sue stood in front of Bubba and removed her top.  Her big breasts looked good enough to eat.  She pulled down her bottom.  Bubba liked that her pussy was bald.  She looked just like her istanbul travesti mama, but much younger.  Bubba licked his lips and pointed down to his cock.  He got it nice and hard for Bobby Sue.“Wow, you have a really big cock.” I’ve never sucked a cock so big.”“Well it’s all for you darling.  You make me so fucking hard.  I know you like messing with those local boys.  Now, you’re going to show me all your talent.  I’ve been watching you Bobby Sue.  I know you’re a bit of a slut.”“Bad girls go to heaven.  Good girls are boring.  You want to see how bad I can be?”“Come get bad on my dick.  Suck it like a good girl.  Show me how much you want it.  If your mama knew you were a whore, she wouldn’t be happy.  Suck my cock like you mean it girl.”Bobby Sue walked over to the bed.  She took off his pants and Bubba opened his legs wide.  Bubba’s cock was standing up straight.  His cock was large and nicely shaven.  Bobby Sue opened her mouth and sucked at his bulbous head.  She used her hand and stroked his cock up and down.  Her mouth felt nice on his throbbing head.  She sucked and made all kinds of noises while pleasuring Bubba.Bubba noticed that her nipples were rock hard.  He liked that Bobby Sue appeared to like giving him head.  He took a sip of his beer and continued to watch Bobby Sue pleasure his hard and thick cock.Bubba watched as his girlfriend’s daughter was giving him amazing head.  She made all kinds of wet sucking noises that made Bubba happy.  He looked into Bobby Sue’s green eyes, while she continued to feed his big dick into her slutty mouth.  She sucked cock much better than her mama.  He figured she’d be a bowl of fun in the sack.  She had a horrible reputation around the trailer park.  Most of the boys had fucked her.  I think even their daddies all had a piece of Bobby Sue’s bald pussy.  Bubba couldn’t wait to get his cock deep into her pussy hole.She was quite the whore and was playing with her teenage pussy.  Her fingers were rubbing her pink lips while she enjoyed his pink cigar.  She looked amazing sucking and rubbing her cunt.“I want to fuck that nice pussy of yours.  Hop on Bobby Sue.  I want to fuck that nice cunt of yours.  Come and sit on my dick.  I bet a horny girl like you, istanbul travesti like’s to get fucked.  I’ve heard you’ve got quite a reputation.  I know you let all the boys and their daddies fuck your pussy.  Now come and fuck me.  Show me what a whore you are!”“I like big dicks.  I understand now why mama is always screaming.”“I’ll make you scream like I make your mama scream.  Sit on my dick girlie girl.”Bobby Sue climbed on top of Bubba.  She eased her pussy down onto his big dick.  She moaned while she got situated high on his dick.  She’d moved forwards to get full penetration from his huge cock.  He sat up to play with her big melons.  Bobby Sue moved and rocked on his big dick.“Fuck girl!  You’re so hot.  Your pussy is so fucking tight.”Bubba held Bobby’s Sue’s hips while he bucked up into her tight cunt.  Her tits bounced while she rode his enormous cock.  Bobby Sue was squealing like a pig in shit.  Bubba was slapping her buttocks while she fucked Bubba like a horse.  Bubba sucked on each of her nipples while she rode his dick.Bobby Sue started to scream while she had orgasm after orgasm.  She was a hot mess.  Bubba didn’t want to come inside of her pussy.  If he got her pregnant, her mama would kill him.  He just wanted to blow his load down her slutty mouth.  He figured she was the kind of a girl that liked to swallow semen.“I want you to suck my dick.  I need to come down that slutty mouth of yours.”Bobby Sue went to the floor and Bubba stood up.  Bobby Sue opened her mouth wide and Bubba spewed his sperm down her throat.  He sprayed his come down her throat and all over her face and hair.  Bobby Sue continued to suck his dick until he was completely soft.“That was fun.  You better get cleaned up before your mama comes home.  I won’t tell her of your bad behavior.”“Maybe we could do it again, Bubba?  I like fucking a real man.”“I’ll fuck that nice pussy of yours again.  Keep your mouth shut about it.  If your mama found out she’d shoot us both.”Bobby Sue took her bathing suit and went into the bathroom to clean up.  She had to shower before her mama came home.  She sprayed room deodorizer in the trailer.  She didn’t want her mama to smell pussy.  She’d be in hot water if her mama knew she fucked her boyfriend. Bubba drank several beers and watched television.  Bobby Sue fixed herself up and started to make dinner.  She wanted everything to appear as normal.  Mama couldn’t find out that her and Bubba had sex.  She also couldn’t find out that Bobby Sue had a terrible reputation with the boys at the trailer park.