Bill , Lauren Ch. 2


“There’s absolutely no way we’re doing this Lauren!” Bill demanded.

When we last left Bill and his lovely girlfriend Lauren they were well having sex. But there was something else to it Bill’s twin sister Michelle had been listening to them over an intercom system that was in the house. When Bill told Lauren of what he thought was happening she called Michelle to come upstairs.

“Why not Bill? She obviously wants to.” Lauren responded. “Yeah, but That’s my sister!” Bill calmed down for a bit, he thought that maybe she wouldn’t come up even that listening to them was good enough and That’she didn’t want to do her brother either.

They waited a minute or so Bill seemed to think she wasn’t coming upstairs, but then there was a small knock on the door. “Ahhh shit” Bill thought. Lauren opened the door with an excited look on her face. Michelle was standing there in a small white shirt that went down to her ass. Then to Bill’s surprise her and Lauren started kissing. Not kissing like a test to see how it was they were really going at it. Lauren put her hands under Michelle’s shirt and started moving them up towards her tits.

Michelle had taken Lauren’s face in her hands and was quickly caressing her cheeks. It hit Bill like a ton of bricks, they had done this before and from the looks of it they enjoyed it, it was not apparent if they had planned it though. But Bill was getting aroused even if it was his sister she was sexy, Bill knew and everyone else knew it.

Of the two Michelle had gotten the looks; she was 5 feet 8-inches tall and about 115 pounds with a d cup in her shirt. She had blue eyes like Bill and long brown hair with a nice tan and soft skin. The reason Bill knew so much about her looks is because her sister was simply afraid of everything. She was scared of bursa bayan eskort thunderstorms, and everything that went bump in the night, she was scared of being alone, and scary movies so she would often sneak up to Bill’s room to sleep with him. She was probably a tie with Lauren for the hottest girl in the school award, it all depended on who you asked and if they liked blondes or brunettes better.

Bill was beginning to see the lighter side of it partially because Lauren had taken off Michelle’s little shirt and she was now sucking on her nipples. Bill had to get in on this and he knew exactly how. Michelle had Lauren leaning against the wall. Bill came up from behind Michelle and grabbed her waist; she jumped partially because of nervousness and surprise.

Bill moved his hands around her stomach being gentle with his hands but then he spoke “Michelle, you never told me you liked girls, especially Lauren. Why not?”

“I don’t know” Michelle responded with fear in her voice. I don’t know – the teenage response for almost everything.

“That’s not a good answer you know” Bill said as he ran his cock along the crack of sister s ass.

“Mmmmhmmm” Michelle responded obviously enjoying the feeling of Bill’s dick.

“You’ve been a bad sister haven t you Michelle” Bill teased, nudging his dick in between his sisters ass cheeks now.

“Oh yeah I’ve been really bad”.

“Oh really, then how are you going to be punished you little slut?” Bill questioned.

“Why don’t you stick that big cock up my ass” Michelle groaned. Bill was a little surprised with the answer he didn’t expect that from the sweet little innocent girl he had known his whole life. Bill started pressing his cock against his sister s asshole, but he bursa evi olan escort stopped for a moment. This was his sister, even more it was his twin the closest person to him in the world, this would be incest it would be illegal and taboo by all means, she wanted it though she told him what to do she wasn’t under anything or anyone s influence. He would do it. He started moving his cock into his sister s ass. Her wetness had moistened her hole and he was slipping his dick into her tight ass.

“Oooohhhhhh” She cried out as he slid it in further “Aahh Bill you feel so good in me” She moaned out in pleasure. “God this is incredible” Michelle thought “he s tearing me in two and it feels absolutely wonderful, even if it is my brother. I love him”

“ooh, Ooh OH OOHH” Michelle was screaming in pleasure. Lauren had begun licking Michelle’s pussy and it got Michelle going even more. Michelle started pushing back into Bill’s cock. “Ahh, I’m gonna cum in your ass Michelle”.

“Do it fill me with your come” Michelle groaned. His load starts to fill his sister s ass quickly and he pulls his cock out squirting the last drops around her hole. Lauren stops licking her pussy and starts moving her tongue around Michelle’s ass licking up Bill’s cum that was around her asshole.

“We’re not done yet” Bill exclaimed. He grabbed Lauren’s hand and threw her on the bed. She let out a laugh. Bill threw himself on top of her “before I fuck you stupid I want an explanation” Bill demanded with a smile on his face. He wasn’t mad at all he just wanted a bit of explaining. “Of course honey,” she said giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Well, you know that Michelle and I have been friends a long time” Lauren began to explain “yeah” Bill said looking bursa rus escort over at Michelle who had taken a seat in Bill’s chair. “Well, back when we were younger and only her and I knew that I had a crush on you one night when I was sleeping over you kinda had a secret audience.”

“Please explain” Bill asked. “Ok I had my eye on you all night from across the room when we were watching That scary movie and after it was over I crept upstairs behind you and watched you getting ready for bed, you know that the hall can get pretty dark and you don’t close your door most of the time” she said. “And after that I went back to your sister s room and got in bed but I was feeling really horny.”

She continued. “Being the little daredevil I am and with Michelle already sleeping I started finger fucking myself. All the mean time your little bitch of a sister was awake the whole time” she said and threw a pillow at Michelle. “So Michelle sat up and looked at me with a weird glow to her, and I was laying there with my hands in my panties, all she did was lean over and kiss me and I kissed her back, I don’t know why I did but it felt good. The only reason I could come up with for doing it is because she was the closest person to you. But we did everything to lust filled lesbians could do without a dildo. We kept on doing it until I got my chance with you and it stopped until tonight.” She finished with a smile on her face. Bill looked at Michelle in disbelief. She just nodded.

“But one question remains” Bill said “Did you two plan this, or did it just happen?” Bill asked.

Michelle answered this one “I had it all planned out I was just hoping Lauren hadn’t lost taste in what we used to do.”

“But now I have something for you ” Lauren moved out from under Bill and Bill laid on his back.

Michelle climbed on top of him and said “I want you to fuck me, take my virginity away.”

Bill wasn’t sure if he heard her right. “Are you sure, why me?”

“Yes I’m sure, because we’re twins it’s the way it should be” Michelle smiled at him innocently. Innocence that he was about to take away.

To be continued…