Big Little Brother, ch 1


Andrea was born a twin, about 5 minutes before her brother was. She weighed about 6 pounds, and he weighed only three. He died about 15 minutes after entering the world. Their mother had another, perfectly healthy, 8 pound boy almost 9 months to the day later by a different father, then passed away two years after that, leaving the two children to be raised by their maternal grandmother, their only known relative. Both men who had fathered them left the very same day they were told of the pregnancies. 16 years later, our story begins. Andrea had suffered terrible nightmares all her life, and it seemed the only cure for it was to not sleep in a bed by herself. She had always slept with her grandmother, but as she entered high school, her grandmother had put her foot down, bought another bed, and made Andrea start sleeping in it, in her own room. Screaming herself awake in the middle of the night, she immediately sought refuge in the elder lady’s bed once more, but the woman had locked the door from the inside, and simply told the girl to go back to her own bed to sleep. “It’s the only way you’re going to get over this.” she said. “You’re a big girl now; it’s high time you got over this irrational phobia!” Andrea had gone back to her room, tried for ten whole minutes to go back to sleep, but was shivering in fear the whole time. Finally, her mind lit on another way out. Her brother! She got up, and padded silently down the hall to her brother’s room, slipping noiselessly inside. She got into his twin sized bed with him, cuddling up to his back. He awoke almost immediately. “What are you doing here?” he whispered, turning over to look at her. “Why aren’t you in your own bed?” “I had a nightmare, and Gram wouldn’t let me in. She answered, blushing with shame. “Please, I’m afraid to be alone. Can I say here with you?” “Geez, sis, this bed is hardly big enough for me!” he istanbul travesti protested. “Just go back to your own. Nothing will happen to you, I promise.” “I’m scared to sleep alone.” she said. “You know I get nightmares when I do.” “Well, okay, just for tonight, I guess. Tomorrow, you really have to try, though.” “Thanks, Billy, you’re the greatest!” she said, thanking him with a kiss on the cheek. She rolled onto her side, away from him, and soon was asleep. Billy, however, was still wide awake, not being used to having anyone in his bed, let alone a girl, who smelled really good. He was getting an erection from her presence, and knew it was wrong, because it was his sister in bed with him. He got up and went into the bathroom to masturbate and take the pressure off. When he got back, she was laying in the middle, practically taking up the whole thing. He got in beside her, and she sleepily moved over for him, still laying on her side with her back to him. The only way for him to lay down was curled up next to her, spooning, his arm laying along side her back, the other draped over her waist. Despite his having an orgasm just minutes before, he felt himself getting hard again almost right away. Andrea must have felt it, too, pressing up against her bottom through her pajamas, for she ground her hips back into it. He moaned with the pleasure it brought him. All he was wearing was boxers, and the two flimsy pieces of material were as nothing between his rock hard erection and her warm flesh. He couldn’t help it; he began thrusting himself back and forth against her, and soon he was coming again. His load was even bigger than the one he had fired off in the bathroom, and soaked though both his boxers and her pajamas. After that, he was able to fall asleep. The next morning, he awoke, both of them much in the same position, except he istanbul travestileri found he was cupping one of her breasts in his hand. She was still asleep. The thought of knowing that he hand his hand where it was brought him hard once more, and her ass pressed tightly into him as he began humping her through their clothes again. His emission was nearly as big this morning as his second one last night had been, and the back of her pajama bottoms was soaked through again. She woke up as he got out of bed. “Good morning, little brother.“ she said, pleasantly. Her brow wrinkled a moment later. “Why is my ass wet?” she asked him, reaching back to feel her PJ’s. She brought her hand up to her face and wrinkled her nose at the smell of the milky white cream sticking to her fingers. “Oh my God, is this your come?” she asked him. She saw him blush and duck his head and knew that it was, indeed, his sperm sticking her pajamas to her ass and all over her hand. “Oh my God, that’s GROSS!” she said. “Hey, I couldn’t help it!” he said, defensively. “You were the one rubbing your ass all over me, and it… just… happened.” he said. “Well, don’t let it happen again!” she said, emphatically. “That’s incest, and it’s against the law.” “Well, sleep in your own bed, and you can be sure that it won’t” he said right back. “You aren’t supposed to be in here in the first place.” “Don’t tell Gram that I was here, and I won’t tell her what you did, okay?” she said, quickly. “Sure.” he agreed. “That’s totally fair.” He left the room and went into the bathroom. That night, at bedtime, she came straight to Billy’s room rather than going to her own, as she didn’t want to take the chance of having the nightmare again. This time, she took off her pajama bottoms before getting into bed with him, wearing just a pair of light blue panties. “Uh, what are you doing?” travesti he asked her. She turned her back to him and snuggled into his embrace. “I’m going to bed.” she said. “G’night.” “No, I mean, why did you take off you PJ’s?” he asked her, arranging his arms again, one laying down the length of their bodies, the other draped over her waist. “I washed them this morning, after you messed them up.” she replied. “Gram is going to get suspicious if I have to wash them every morning, rather than once a week, like usual. I can’t risk you messing them up again.” “I see.” he said. “Just try not to do it again, you little pervert.” she said. “I’m your sister, and it’s gross.” “I know you’re my sister.” he said, patiently. “But you’re also a pretty girl, one that smells good, and feels great laying against me like this. I’m only human, you know.” He paused. “A teenaged male human.” As he said this, he pushed the front of his boxers down and exposed his cock. “Men.” she snorted, trying not to laugh, but just then she felt him swelling against her backside again. “Is that… it is!” she said. “God, Billy, two minutes, and it’s already starting.” “I can’t help it, Andrea. You feel so good! Go back to your own bed if you don’t like it.” “No, please, don’t make me.” she said, in a little girl voice. “I’m scared in there all alone.” “Then this is something you’re going to have to accept, because I can’t help it, it’s a natural reaction.” he told her. “It’s not natural, because I’m your sister.” she retorted. “True.” he agreed, beginning to hump against her. “And you know exactly how to make it stop, too.” His cock was sliding up and down her ass crack, rubbing along the thin cotton of her panties. “Just hurry up, then.” she said, miserably. “I want to get to sleep, and I can’t do it with that thing poking into me like this. “I’ll try.” he said. His free hand was right there, and he used it to pull the edge of her panties up and slipped his cock under it, sliding his erection up under it. Now his cock was nestled in the fleshy globes of her ass, and it felt a million times better this way. “What- what are you doing?” she asked, her voice catching nervously in her throat.