Bi Fun: DP


My first three-way was absolutely amazing. I would have never thought it would be with my girlfriend and cousin, but I suppose that makes it even more interesting. Everything seemed to run so smoothly when we did it that we all wanted to do it again. Whenever we’d talk about, it never seemed awkward.

A few weeks had passed with several failed attempts at recreating. Our schedules always seemed to conflict. If I was off that day, Brian would be working in the morning, then Kayce would be working that afternoon. The constant talk just made us crave it more and it became aggravating. Finally, we decided to all just ask for the day off so that we could insure that it would happen.

Since the first time wasn’t planned out (at least for me and Brian), we were throwing around ideas. How do we go about it? The first time kind of just happened. We debated on whether we should include objects like handcuffs or sex toys.

The day finally came up and we decided to just let things flow. Since it seemed to go so well the first time, we once again watched porn to get us into the mood. “Mistress and Slave” was one of my newer online finds.

Both my girlfriend and cousin were watching the movie pretty intently, but I had a hard time concentrating when she was sitting there looking that sexy. She had a blue rubber dress that went down just above her knees. It hugged her breast, pressing them together for cleavage that would make any man salivate. Her hands were in her lap. They were tightly wrapped in black latex opera gloves, which went up nearly to her shoulders. The boots she was wearing were a vinyl pair I had gotten her a few weeks back.

“This chick is just plowing that guy’s ass. Her strap on is huge! You should do that to us sometime,” Brian said as he started to chuckle.

“I’d love to do that but I haven’t bought one yet. Oh well! Maybe next time.”

Kayce leaned forward, grabbing a pack of cigarettes. Smoke carelessly flowed through the air, filling our nostrils as she lit one. Her little rubber covered fingers gripped it tightly fındıkzade escort as she slowly drew it to her plump lips. To my surprise, my cousin pulled out his dick and started rubbing it, while watching her deeply inhale the tobacco.

“Oh my! That is a good way to start this off! Honey, why don’t you pull that big prick of yours out as well. Both of you can jack off for me.”

I unzipped my pants and pulled it out. She let the cigarette dangle as she ran her fingers slowly down her body, then back up to her breast. We watched closely as she pressed them together before gently squeezing them through the thin material. Both of us were stroking, growing closer to orgasm thanks to this sexy rubber smoker.

“Okay boys, time to stop. I’d hate for you to waste that cum in the palm of your hand. How about some foreplay for me?”

Kayce leaned over to Brian and kissed him, exhaling smoking into his mouth. He leaned his head back and blew it up into the air. Slowly she pulled the rubber down and removed her right breast. It hung over the shiny dress as he moved in, taking her nipple into his mouth.

“Okay baby, down on your knees. Need you to eat my pussy.”

My pants were getting in the way so I completely removed them and got down on my knees between her legs. She lifted her legs up, placing the boots on my shoulders. Her pussy was already soaking wet when I ran my tongue from her clit to the opening. My middle finger rubbed at her clitoris while I pushed my tongue inside of her. I moved back and forth within, burying my face in her snatch. My hair would occasionally be pulled and other times she would press my head forward.

“Yeah. Eat that wet pussy. Fuck my cunt with your tongue baby. Mm. Get it deep. Like that taste? Fuck. Suck on my clit! Suck it. I think I’m going to cum. Fuck!”

Kayce shook violently as I sucked her clit, holding tight on my hair as she had her first orgasm of the night. She squirted lightly into my mouth before gushing like a fountain. It streamed down my face.

“Fuck güngören escort dude. She just came all over you. Lucky, lucky boy!”

After a minute, once she had calmed down from her intense orgasm, my girlfriend decided that she wanted us to double penetrate her. I’m not sure why I was surprised because anytime we watched a dvd, she always got wetter when a girl was getting penetrated by two dicks at once.

Kayce stared at us with a hunger in her eyes, “I need both of your dicks inside of me now! I want to be filled up!”

I was pushed back onto the floor as the lust in her eyes became apparent. She squatted down over my throbbing cock before sitting down on it, sliding it deep into her hot pussy. Her ass raised slightly in the air.

She rubbed her gloved fingers over my tongue and made me suck them before proceeding to put them in her ass. It wasn’t lubricated enough so she spit into her palm, then smeared it across her hole.

“Brian, put your fucking dick inside of my ass! Shove it in there! I want to feel your dicks rubbing together as you both fuck me.”

Brian came up behind her, without hesitating, rammed himself into her ass hole. Kayce screamed out in extreme pleasure, looking back at him, begging him to fuck her harder. The feeling of being inside of her hot pussy was amazing, but feeling his cock rubbing against mine, knowing he was in her ass, drove me crazy. I had never felt anything like this before. The only thing separating us was the thin bit of skin between her ass and cunt. The harder we drove into her, the louder she would scream.

“Mm, fuck. Yes! Yes! Fuck my dirty slut holes. Shove those big cocks deep! Fill me!”

With each hard thrust Brian gave her, her tits would jump up and smack me in the face. They were so soft yet most from the sweat. Whenever she would lean back slightly, our balls would smack together.

“Yes, fuck yes, tear up my fucking ass. Mm, I’m a fucking whore.”

Brian loved the dirty talk as well. Every time she started fatih escort to talk, he would speed up, just tearing apart her hole. I’d lick at her tits as they rubbed against my face, occasionally taking one into my mouth and lightly biting it.

“Yeah, suck on my tits baby. Suck them.”

She shoved her fingers into my mouth as her screams got louder. I ran my tongue around them before taking them all the way in. Her hips swayed back and forth as she rode me even harder. Brian pulled out and ran his dick between her chicks before shoving it back in, deep into her anus. His cock would rub against mine as we both quickly thrusted. The friction was pushing me close to the edge. I didn’t need any help but I got it when Kayce started convulsing.

“Ohhh Fuck. Fuck.”

She squirted pussy juice all over my cock and stomach. Her orgasm caused her to tighten up, and all of this was too much for me. My cock pulsated as semen shot deep inside of her cunt. Almost immediately after I came, Brian started moaning loudly. His hard deep thrust into her ass hole let me know that he was also having an orgasm.

As Kayce’s convulsions slowed, she pulled my head forward and kissed me deeply, biting my lower lip hard enough to make it bleed. She lifted herself up, hardly able to walk and kissed Brian as well.

She dropped back down on to the floor, lifting herself up on her knees. We moved closer to her as she gripped our half hard cocks with her gloved hands. Cum poured out of my head and ran down her glove, causing it to gleam. Our cocks were still sensitive as she put both of them into her mouth, swirling them around with her tongue. They rubbed together and Brian got a little harder.

“So, are you boys going to clean me up?”

We dropped down to our knees as she spread her legs, dipping her fingers into her wet cunt. She scooped cum out and put it into our mouths. We swallowed it down, then took turns eating out her pussy and ass hole. Brian pulled her closer and kissed her, massaging his cum covered tongue with hers. Then they pulled me up and the three of us made out.

“Shit, I’m going to have to get a strap on for you boys. Two cocks is amazing. You may not have a pussy but one of you can fuck a mouth, while I fuck an ass!”

We all had smiles on our faces as we laid back and rested.