Best Friend’s Girl Part 3


Chris sat on the floor, just outside the door of his new job. He flicked the cigarette he had just finished into the far corner of the parking lot, then took a deep breath then went back inside. The mail room was as busy as he had left it. “Finally back from your break huh?” his boss shouted at him. The moment he came back inside, Chris hated him. He wanted to punch the small fat man in the face every day. “Nope, just came in to make sure you had not eaten everybody,” Chris whispered. “What was that wise ass?” the boss said turning around. Chris nearly repeated it, but he decided not too. Martin had put his reputation on the line to get Chris this job, and Chris needed it, to pay his bills. “Nothing,” Chris muttered. “Good. Now take load twenty, up to the legal department,” he said pointing to one of the large carts. “What?” Chris said. He looked over at the large cart, with a the number twenty written on the side.The cart was filled with bags of mail, ranging from small to extra large. “My time is up at five. It will take me until seven to get through all that.” Chris said. “Last time I checked you told me you needed the extra hours?” the boss said. “Anybody need…” he began to say to the rest of the room. “I’ll do it,” Chris muttered. He grabbed the cart then pushed it towards the elevator. Chris looked back at his fat boss and gave him the finger as the door closed. As the elevator went up, he began to think of how things got the way they were. It had been his fault which was evident. He had always been the root of most of his problems. He had a knack for messing things up. It was he who had gotten into a fight with a bunch of older kids back in high school. That was how he had met Martin. Martin had bailed him out of more jams than he could count. Even after how Chris had treated him, he was still looking out for him. After the incident at the apartment, Martin had come to him and tried to square things up. It had taken just over three weeks, but after his mother would not take him back, Chris realized he was stuck here in New York, he also knew he would need help. Martin gave him the keys to the apartment. He told Chris he could live there rent free. Maybe he had felt guilty for taking Chris’s girlfriend away nevertheless it was something Chris had not expected, but he took it. He needed a place to stay, somewhere cheap and free was much better than cheap. Roxy and Martin lived together in some high rise condo in Manhattan. The two of them had invited Chris to come over to talk, but he had rejected the invitation. He was not quite ready to see them together. He was still furious with the both of them. When the door to the elevator opened, he stepped out then started to deliver the mail to the people in their office’s. Martin had not just stopped at giving him the apartment. He had also put a good word into his workplace. That was how Chris got this job. Chris remembered it was here Martin had started. Working in the mail room, now he was upstairs with the big wigs. If Martin could do it, so could he. Chris thought to himself on a daily basis. That is if he did not mess it up first. He already was on bad terms with the boss, as well as many other people in the mail room. “Hey! Mail boy!” someone shouted at him as he walked down the hallway. Chris turned around with a look that could kill. One of the people had come out of their office and ankara travesti handed him a large box. All of the people on the upper floors treated the mail clerks like lower life forms. They never said thank you or addressed them by name. Chris hated all of them. “This needs to go out tomorrow, first thing,” the man said. Without waiting for a reply, he was back in his office closing the door, before Chris could say anything. “Don’t pay any attention to them,” a female voice said. “Hey, Andrea,” Chris said. He looked back at the elevator. She was walking his way. Andrea was one of the other mail runners. “I just finished my load, heard you took the last one. Figured I would give you a hand,” she said. Chris sighed a breath of relief. He could do with an extra pair of hands. “Just don’t tell the dough man,” she said with a smile. Chris liked her, not in the way she liked him, which was obvious to everybody. He still had feelings for Roxy, which he knew wouldn’t be fair to Andrea if he returned her affection for him. The two got through the rest of the mail easily. “What are you doing this weekend?” Andrea asked him as they walked towards the exit. “Have to look for another job,” Chris lied. He knew she wanted to ask him out again. She had asked numerous times. He had come up with an excuse every time. “Rent is killing me, and these hours are not cutting it.” She nodded. “Well, see you Monday then,” she said as she turned away. Chris walked towards the bus stop. He couldn’t stop himself from thinking of Andrea, other than his feelings for Roxy. He had no real reason for not going on a date with her. Most of the other guys in the mail room would love if she paid them the same attention she showed him. It was not like she was ugly. In fact, she was quite attractive. The thing was she was black. Not that he had a problem with black women, but they had always intimidated him. The way they talked and how loud they could be at times. Andrea had long jet black hair, brown eyes and was quite thick all around but mostly around the hips and ass. He loved looking at her walk away. Her ass swayed just the right way. She had a nice pair of tits too not as big as Roxy, but there were not many women as developed like Roxy was in the chest area. He sat at the bus stop, looking at his phone when a car pulled up. “Get in,” Andrea said. “It’s no big deal. The bus…” Chris began to say. “It was not a question. Get in,” she said much louder the second time. The other people at the bus stopped doing whatever they were doing to look at him. He knew what they were thinking. He must be stupid to pass up a car ride at this time of the day. He got up from the seat and got into her car. “Look. It isn’t often I fall for a guy, so let’s talk. What’s up?” she asked. Chris quickly pulled on his seat belt. Her erratic driving made him nervous. “Nothing. Just got out of a…” he began to say before she interrupted him. “Don’t even. I know all about that,” she said cutting him off. “You left her and him, in the same apartment. No goodbye, no nothing just up and left. If you did that to me, with a guy like him my legs would be in the air touching the ceiling too,” she said narrowly missing a car. “Well…” he began to say. “No well anything,” she interrupted. “Did you? Or did you not leave?” she said with authority. She looked at him. “Yes. But..” he began to say again. travesti ankara “But nothing! Soon as you left, you gave up all rights to what you had, with both of them. Now, you just want to waltz back into their lives after months of being away and pick up where you left off. Motherfucker please!” He had not seen this side of her, and it was not pleasant. At work, she was mild-mannered, polite and always willing to help. Now she seemed angry and ready to rip his head off. “Look, I don’t usually get all mad like this. But I really like you for some reason. I still don’t know why maybe it’s that Eminem look; you got going on. But I do. And I have seen you checking my ass out. Plus I know you have a thing for big boobs, and I got em,” she said letting go of the steering wheel and giving her breasts a squeeze. “So this is how it is going to go,” she said pulling up to the subway station. She stopped the car then turned to face him. She looked very serious. He felt slightly uncomfortable but at the same time, he was turned on by her. “Tomorrow night you will meet me here around ten, we will go out my treat. We can see where this thing leads us, if there is nothing then, we go our separate ways no harm no foul, but if there is something, then we go from there,” she said. “Okay,” Chris nodded. Part of him wanted to tell her no, the other part wanted him to take a chance. “Again it was not a question,” she said. Chris got out the car and headed down into the subway. He began to wonder what he had gotten himself into, what would happen if he did not show up. He could just say something came up. He got onto his train and sat there pondering. His phone rang. “Hello,” he answered. “Hey, Chris,” Martin said. “Hey,” he replied. “How is it going?” Martin asked. “What do you want?” Chris said. He had no patience for his old friend. Even though Martin had done a lot for him, he still hadn’t forgiven him. He knew it was out of guilt, more than anything that he couldn’t move on from their betrayal. Maybe Andrea was right. Maybe this was his fault that this had happened. “Fine. Let’s get it out in the open. Roxy and I are thinking of getting married,” Martin said. The news hit Chris like a punch to the stomach. “You guys barely know each other,” Chris said. Which wasn’t true, they had known each other the whole time, Chris and Roxy had dated. Plus the amount of time he went away, now they lived together. A lot of people got married in shorter lengths of time. “Well, it’s a thought. It isn’t in the books yet but I thought you should know,” Martin said. “Well, I could do with a car, so if that guilt thing is still working. I will take a car, and we can call it even,” Chris said bitterly. “Fuck you. Call me back when you grow up,” Martin said hanging up. Chris gripped the phone hard. He wanted to throw it, but without it, he would not have a way to be contacted in case his boss had more hours for him The apartment felt empty now that it was just him. He popped a frozen dinner in the microwave and sat at the table. He remembered the times, the three of them sat here eating dinner. He knew Andrea was right it was his fault. He did leave, at the time he had thought she would chase him. Roxy didn’t come after him. She didn’t even ask about him. The more that he thought about it, why would she? They never really hit it off. They were put together on a blind ankara travestiler date by some friends. Sure they had an excellent time during those first few weeks But then she lost her job, he offered her to stay with him. After that things went downhill fast. Chris made a decision. He was going to go with Andrea. Maybe he could get his mind off of them for a while. A night out of this quiet apartment might do him some good. The cold air was biting him as he stood outside of the subway station waiting for her, she was very late. He was going to give her a few more minutes then he was going to go. He looked at his watch it was thirty-five minutes after ten. A car raced to a stop right in front of him. A car behind it beeped its horn. “Beep that fucking horn, one more time,” Andrea said getting out of the car and walking towards the back of the car. Chris ran and stopped her. “What?” she said as the car passed her. Chris smiled. “What are you smiling for?” she said with a smile on her face. “You. You’re so quiet at work,” he said as she got back in the car. He got into the passenger seat. “That’s work, Andrea. Now you can see the real me. My parent’s told me to stick up for myself, cause no one else will. So…” she shrugged. “Where are we going?” Chris asked. “Some new night club. I heard about,” she said shrugging. Chris quickly put his seat belt on as she dashed in and out of traffic, barely missing some of the cars. He had never felt this nervous inside a vehicle before. “Who taught you to drive?” he asked. “No one,” she said with a smile. “I haven’t had an accident yet.” “Yet being the key word,” Chris said holding on for dear life. There was a line to get into the nightclub, but as Chris lined at the back of the line. Andrea grabbed his hand firmly and began to pull him towards the front. “Boy sometimes I wonder about you,” she said shaking her head. “Excuse me there is a line,” A lady began to say. “I know but…” Chris started to reply. “Who are you talking to?” Andrea asked the lady. “I was telling him, there is a line,” the lady said. “And I choose to ignore it,” Andrea said. The bouncer at the door looked in their direction. He walked towards them as they got to the front of the line. He shook his head then folded his arms. “Back of the line. Please,” he said. “No. Get Anthony please,” Andrea said. “I said back of the line,” The bouncer said ducking under the rope. The large man approached Chris. Andrea stepped in front of Chris. She pushed Chris behind her, then looked up at the tall man. “And I said, can you please get Anthony. I said it politely. I don’t think you want me to…” “Andrea!” a large black man said coming from inside. “Hey, Cuz,” Andrea said. “Let them in. That’s my cousin,” Anthony said. The bouncer shook his head then opened the rope letting the two of them inside.Once they got inside the club, Andrea and her cousin gave each a big hug. “What’s up with your boys? Got to teach them respect,” Andrea said. “I’ll talk to them, but you got to watch that attitude,” Anthony said walking them further into the club. “Got me this far hasn’t it,” she said as they got in. The club was full of people. Three floors with two huge dance floors. People were everywhere. Chris took it all in. He liked it. “Enjoy yourselves,” Anthony said with a smile. “I don’t want any trouble!” he pointed at Andrea. They walked over to one of the tables. She took her short coat off. Revealing a short purple dress that stuck to her curves like a second skin. “Glad you like,” she said catching him staring at her deep cleavage. “Yeah, I do,” Chris replied looking away. “Oh you can stare all you like,” she said.