Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 07


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We left the very next day, taking what we could fit in Mom’s SUV and withdrawing as much cash as the machines would allow. We hit several before Mom’s card was confiscated by the last one for suspicious usage, but we had plenty to run for a while. I was driving, heading west, trying to get as far away in the first day as we could. Our mistake was not dumping the vehicle and finding something else. It was stupid, especially after watching so many TV shows. I didn’t expect to be followed so soon.

We were on the freeway, it was after dark and Mom had just woken up from a nap.

“You ready to drive? I need a break,” I asked her.

“I have a better idea,” she said reaching over and grabbing my crotch. “Why don’t you keep driving and I’ll make it worth it.”

I couldn’t argue and only smiled in the dim light as she worked on getting my cock out of my pants. Soon she was stoking it gently as the road moved quickly under the wheels of the SUV. Her hand felt wonderful again and there was just something about my mother’s handjobs that always made me feel safe and secure. The only problem was we weren’t.

Out of nowhere two dark sedans came up on both sides of our vehicle and closed in almost touching the sides of the SUV. The windows ran down and two men, one in each car, pulled out automatic weapons and pointed them at me. One of them motioned for me to pull over. Mom had no idea what was going on since she had leaned over and was now sucking my cock with her head in my lap. I hesitated because the pleasure was taking my mind off of what was happening around me. Finally I had to pull her off my cock before they started shooting.

“Mom… we’re in trouble… Dad found us,” I said putting my quickly softening cock back in my pants.

“What?” she asked, sitting up and finally seeing the problem.

“Swerve at them, knock them off the road!” Mom screamed.

“Are you nuts! This isn’t a movie. We have no choice but to pull over.”

“If your father takes us we’re both dead, David. We have to try and get away.”

I didn’t believe Dad would actually kill us… not his son and wife, not even for what we had done. As I was pulling over Mom was screaming and trying to turn the wheel and stomp on the gas. She was terrified; I had never seen her so frightened before in my life. I had to fight her off just to keep control of the SUV. At the side of the road I jammed the vehicle in park and she fell back into her seat hysterical.

“You’ve killed us! We’re dead, David we’re as good as dead!”

Both of our doors flew open and I was grabbed roughly by two men that held me by my arms and forced me into one of the black sedans. Mom was taken the same way and put in the other. The men sat on both sides of me and the car sped off down the freeway before exiting and turning around back toward home. They didn’t say a word even when I asked them what was going on or where they were taking me.


They didn’t take me home, instead they exited in the business district and pulled up to a warehouse I’m sure my father owned. I didn’t see the other car with Mom; I had no idea where she was or if they were bringing her to the same location. I was nervous as you can imagine but my fear got worse when I was escorted into the building and found Makayla waiting for me with a defiant look on her face. The next thing I knew Dad came out of an office and smacked me so hard across the face I couldn’t see for a few seconds.

“My own son! Fucking my wife! Tell me this isn’t true! Tell me this young lady is Çapa Escort lying, David!”

Makayla had totally ratted us out, just like she had threatened. My father probably knew everything and if I tried to deny it, it would only make things worse.

“It’s true… but…” another smack tossed my head the other way.

“But what? You love her and she has needs I wasn’t supplying!” he yelled hitting me again, this time in the stomach with his fist.

I fell forward on my knees with the breath knocked out of me, struggling for air. When I looked up I saw something that took me aback for two reasons. One my dad had his dick out of his pants and two; it was long, think and hard! I knew right then Mom had lied to me. Dad wasn’t impotent and he sure as hell wasn’t small.

“Does this look like something I can’t please your mother with, David? What about you, young lady? Do you think I can’t please his slut mother with this!?” he yelled turning to Makayla and shaking his hard very long cock at her.

Makayla didn’t answer, she turned away and tried to walk until two men grabbed her and pulled her back to stand next to me.

“She told me… she told me your mother said I was impotent and useless to her. I fuck her every night! Sometimes twice…. with this!” he shouted. “She lied to you and you believed everything she said!”

“What are you going to do to her?” I asked, more concerned about Mom than myself.

“Oh she’ll get what she deserves, don’t you worry.” “Question is…. what am I going to do with you?”

Two guys grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet.

“I have an idea. I’m going to make you watch as I teach your mother a lesson. Bring her in boys!” he shouted.

From around the corner two men dragged my naked mother toward us. She had ropes around her hands and a gag in her mouth. Tears streamed down her face and when our eyes met she looked away ashamed and terrified. The two men pulled her over to a wall and hung her tied arms on a hook high over her head so she was barely able to reach the ground.

“Your mother’s one of a kind, boy. The biggest slut I’ve ever known. She’s insatiable, can’t get enough… ever,” Dad was saying as he walked up to my mother.

He got behind her and ran his hand up along her pussy and over her ass. “She’s wet already, even now she’s begging for it?” he said showing me his wet hand.

“Don’t do this, Dad.” I said, regretting it.

“I’m doing this and if you don’t shut up I’ll do her next!” Dad screamed pointing at Makayla.

She gasped and looked at me terrified now.

“See what you did? We’re all fucked now,” I said.

Dad turned back to Mom and grabbed his throbbing cock, positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and with one harsh thrust slammed every inch into her. She screamed out, going onto her toes as he rushed into her. Dad took his hands and wrapped them around her, grabbing hold of both of her breasts and pinching the nipples extremely hard just as he thrust yet again into her. She screamed over and over as he began pummeling her from behind. I could see his cock glistening in the warehouse overhead lights. Mom was extremely wet, Dad wasn’t lying, maybe she was everything he said she was. Maybe she was enjoying this and those screams were cries of pleasure.

She had obviously lied about Dad’s cock; I clearly had gotten my size from him. She had deceived me into fucking her by making me feel sorry for her not getting any. Of course I was to blame as well. I would have fucked her anyway, but the lies and deception made my face hot. I knew now why she had freaked out on the freeway. She knew her deception was going to come out, that I would find out about her lies and she would pay the price.

I was forced to watch, though I couldn’t turn away. Dad proceeded to fuck my mother as hard as I’ve ever seen a man fuck a woman before. He was grunting among her screams and when she gushed, her famous squirting orgasm I knew without a doubt Mom was the ultimate slut and was enjoying the pounding Dad was giving her. Her juices dripped off his cock onto the concrete floor as she came, and still he thrust into her… his anger feeding his power. Mom screamed out in ecstasy which continued even after the flow of juices eased down.

He never let up on her tits either, pulling, pinching, and smacking them until they were purple from his hands. The old man had staying power; he fucked my mother like that as hard as he could for twenty minutes as Makayla and I were forced to watch. Just as I thought he was going to cum he pulled out and turned to us.

“She’s not getting off that easy, Boy… oh no she still wants more, lots more.”

He turned back to her and I could see what he intended. His cock head was a bit higher now and he forced it into my mother’s tight ass, making her yelp as he broke through her snug ring. Her screams quickly turned back to pleasure as he began fucking her ass just Çapa Escort Bayan as hard as he had her pussy. After another ten minutes Mom’s body shook independent from Dad’s thrusts. She was on the verge of another orgasm. This woman I call mother was insatiable a nympho of the highest order and she was cumming again from the hardest anal fuck I’ve ever witnessed. She put the nastiest and smuttiest porn stars to shame by taking everything my father could give her and cumming even harder.

“Holy shit, David… your mother’s enjoying it… she’s cumming again? What the fuck is wrong with her?”

“She’s out of control, deceived us both.”

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing, how is she taking him like that?”

“That’s my mom.”

My head was forced back to watch my parents going at it just in time to see my dad tighten up and explode inside my mother’s ass. He screamed and cursed as his cock let loose deep inside her. His legs strained, his hands clenched my mother’s breasts tight as the semen surged out of him. When he was finished, he back away, his cock flipping out of my mother’s wet ass, covered in his white cum. Just as he pulled out a river of semen gushed onto the floor to mix with my mother’s juices. Her ass remained wide open from the thick cock as her legs shook, trying to support her weight and her ass dripped the remaining globs of my father’s load. My father left her hanging there turned and walked back over to us, his cock still hard and covered with cum.

“Take him home, keep him there. And as far as you, young lady. You have seen and know too much about my family and obviously can’t keep secrets. Get rid of her,” he said to the men holding Makayla.

She screamed, fighting against the men but they easily carried her out of the door to the car. I was too stunned to react, too shocked to try and help her, or maybe just too angry with her to care.


I was confined to my room, only allowed to leave to use the bathroom. Even my meals were brought to me. I didn’t see my mother or know anything about her. I was worried that Dad had gotten rid of her like he had Makayla but I didn’t know. This went on for a two weeks. I was a prisoner in my own house, wasn’t allowed to go to school or call anyone. After the weeks my father showed up and came into my room.

“I have a present for you, something that will take your mind off your mother and being stuck here,” he began, before turning toward the door and saying, “Stasha, please join us.”

In walked this young, dark haired, large breasted gorgeous woman dressed in a mini skirt and spaghetti strapped blouse that hung straight down off her breasts to reveal her pierced navel. I knew exactly why she was here and it pissed me off. Dad was trying to do what I thought Mom was doing with Makayla, but I had my doubts anyone could replace my mother.

“David, this is Stasha, she has similar qualities as your mother… enjoy,” he said before turning to leave and shut the door.

“Hello, David… you don’t look pleased I’m here… maybe I can change that,” she said walking toward me.

I was sitting at my computer, having spun around in my chair when my father had come in. After two weeks of being a prisoner I hadn’t cum, just not feeling like tossing off even in the shower. I missed my mother and the depression hasn’t helped me feel very frisky. Now this stunning woman was alone in my room and there for the sole purpose of fucking me. My cock suddenly came alive without my say so and lurched in my pants as she crossed the room on her high heels. Her legs were bare, tan and waxed, perfectly shaped with plenty of calf in the heels.

What would you do? Would you give in and fuck the hell out of her or would you rebel against your father and kick the whore out of your room?

Stasha knelt on the ground before me and immediately reached for my cock. I grabbed her hands, gripping tight and yanked her up as I stood as well. I tossed her on my bed roughly and stood over her.

“My father obviously thinks you have potential and qualities I might like. What gave him that idea? Sure your beautiful and have a great body but so do hundreds of women.”

Looking up at me, she looked fearful, I wasn’t exactly gentle. She also hesitated to answer but I think I already knew. I’m sure Dad took her for a spin or two or three and now I’m getting his sloppy seconds just like Mom as it turns out. I felt like a dope, a stupid naïve kid like I guess I was.

“Well? Tell me? Tell me how my father fucked you silly and liked the results so much he thought he’d share you? Is that what happened, Stasha? Is it!” I screamed.

“Yes!” she screamed back, “That’s exactly what happened,” she said in a much lower tone.

“Wow, so you handled his big cock and must have like it. How many times did he make you cum?”

“Four times.”

“Really? Four? Wow and did your pussy gush?”

“Yes, once.”
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“I see, and can you swallow his cock?” I asked, getting hard and not caring.

“Yes, all of it.”

“Quite the pro, aren’t you. So my final question is this… what about your ass? Did you take his big cock in your ass? Don’t you lie to me!”

“Yes, your father fucked my ass and I loved it!” she screamed.

“Oh really, let’s see about that!” I said, reaching out and rolling her over onto her stomach, pulling her legs around so her beautiful butt faced me.

I lifted her skirt and wasn’t surprised to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear, just a moist pretty shaved pussy beneath the skirt framed by an amazing round bottom. I ran my hand up her wet sex and smeared her juice all around her puckered rosebud, pressing in two fingers slightly. Dropping my pants, I grabbed my huge hard cock and smeared saliva on the tip and stepped forward. Placing the head at her ass, I pushed forward and into her hot tight hole. She screamed but half way through the yelp it turned to pleasure as my cock rushed into her all the way to my balls. She was a fucking slut for sure. I couldn’t ignore how good it felt though, after two weeks my arousal increased rapidly as her ass encased my cock in bliss. Already my balls were tight and I knew I wouldn’t last long, especially in this splendid creature’s butt. My dad was no idiot he had done his homework and Stasha was an exceptional piece of ass.

When I pulled out the exquisite sensations rushed through me as Stasha’s ass grabbed each inch tightly like she was doing it manually. It was difficult to stay mad, it felt so good. Dad’s little present all wrapped up in Stasha was amazing and my cock appreciated it immensely. I reached forward, placing my hands under her and grabbing her braless tits. They were fake, it was evident as soon as I squeezed them but they felt great and her nipples hardened very fast. She moaned loudly as I slid my cock back into her and pinched her now erect nipples. Damn, this ass was hot and tight and the bitch was loving my cock or faking it really well.

“That’s it, David, fuck my ass like your father did… Give me that huge cock!” she screamed.

I sped up knowing that I would cum faster but not really caring. I needed a good release and filling this sluts ass was the perfect way. She moaned and screamed with each thrust into her until I couldn’t hold the buildup any longer and let go, exploding deep inside her while I held my cock all the way in. I felt the semen rush through my dick and surge into her, the climax huge after keeping two weeks’ worth of cum in. My cock just kept contracting, uncontrollable, forcing my large load out for almost a minute. The pleasure was undeniably awesome and I could hear her voice through the bliss.

“Oh fuck yeah, David, fill my ass full… feels so good, all your hot cum inside me.”

I ignored her and after I was finished I pulled out, wiped my cock on her ass and told her to get out.

“Sure thing, big guy, hope to see you later,” she said, fixing her skirt and walking a little different than when she first arrived.

I fell onto my bed, lowering my head into my hands and felt like crying.


That night I was allowed to join my father for dinner. I looked for Mom on the way downstairs but saw no sign of her. My father was already there, not waiting across the long table and eating steak. I sat down, looked at him and picked up my knife and fork.

“Did you enjoy your little present?” he asked. “Stasha told me you took no time and just fucked her ass.”

“I was angry.”

“And horny apparently… she said she sat on the toilet for 10 minutes to empty you out,” he smiled.

“Nice dinner conversation,” I said.

“You little prick, shut the fuck up!” he yelled, making his face red.

I could tell he was still very pissed off at me. Who knows what he was doing to Mom or if she was even alive. I sat quite, cut my steak and ate, listening to only the sounds of our knives and forks. Several minutes later I finally got up the courage to say something.

“How’s Mom?” I asked.

He looked up, chewed some food and then said, “She’s still paying for what she’s done. You didn’t think what happened at the warehouse was all she would get, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. Will I ever get to see her again?” I asked.

“That depends on her rehabilitation.”

“Rehabilitation? That’s what you’re calling it?”

He was about to yell again, I could see his face redden and his hands grow white on the utensils.

“You dare try to lecture me after the disrespect you’ve shown? I’ve given you everything you little puke and this is how you repay my love… by fucking my wife, your own mother and then lecturing me on how I see fit to punish her. You’re lucky you’re not with her, I’ve cut you some slack because I know this is mainly her fault, it’s just how she is. Don’t try me, Boy; your situation can get a hell of a lot worse.”

I stayed quiet again and finished my meal as he did. When he was finished he stood up, wiped his mouth and dropped the expensive monogrammed napkin onto his plate and looked over the table at me.