Becoming Daddy’s Woman


It’s 2:30 in the morning and I hear my dad in the kitchen. I know he has been out drinking with his buddies. He is obviously trying to do something, quite loudly, so I got out of bed and went into the kitchen to help him even though I have to go to school in the morning.I am wearing only a pair of white lace thong panties and a sheer spaghetti strap top that stops at the top of my panties. When I enter the kitchen my dad looks up and sees me. His eyes lock onto my body as my large breasts sway back and forth when I walk.I say softly, “Dad, you’re being too noisy. Sit down and let me get what you need. What do you want?” He was silent. His eyes are still looking at me. It felt strange but I liked it.I am suddenly aware of how little I am wearing. My dark nipples turn hard and pierce through my top. My nipples are very long and I know my dad can see them quite clearly. My lace thong is sheer and my slit and ass crack are visible to him as well.My heart is pounding and I am getting excited knowing he is looking at my body. I have seen a bulge in his pants many times when we were near each other. I always suspected he wanted me sexually even though I am his daughter. The thought excites me and my nipples grow even longer.Then he said, “I was looking for another beer.”I can smell him from where I am and know he has had a lot to drink already. Then I realize that more beer might make him tipsy enough to do something he might not do sober. My heart beats faster thinking about the possibility of my dad wanting me naked in bed with him.I stand in clear view with my legs spread apart more than necessary so my dad can see me easily. Our eyes lock and both of us know what we are thinking. Neither of us looks away and at that moment I know that even though we are father and daughter, he wants to fuck me. He is my dad, but my love for him is changing to something much stronger and deeper than I’ve ever felt.I bend over in the refrigerator with my legs spread quite open and şişli escort let him look for a long time. I know he can see my slit and I lean over and open my legs even further to really make it spread wider apart for him. Reaching into the refrigerator I grab two more beers for my dad just to make sure he is tipsy enough to consider what I want to happen.Finally, I walk over to him and hand him his beers. I whisper, “Drink these quietly daddy. Mommy is sound asleep and we don’t want to wake her up tonight.”Then I lean in and kiss him goodnight. My hard nipples brush against him. He slides his hand around my waist and holds me there for a moment before he says, “Goodnight, baby.” His hand feels good on my bare skin. As he removes his hand, it slowly slides over my hip and down my ass and thigh.I walk slowly back to my room. I want him to watch me. My pussy is wet with excitement. All I can think about is if he is tipsy enough to take a chance and cross that forbidden taboo barrier with me tonight. The bulge in his pants was quite large and I know he is thinking about it.When I get to my room and turn to close the door, I can tell that from where he is sitting, he is only a few feet away and he can see into my room. I close the door only halfway and stand in it so he can get a longer look at my body. I want him thinking about his daughter sexually and her warm tender pussy. I am thinking about my dad’s cock.As he watches, I pretend I am doing something so my breasts sway back and forth under my top. My dark nipples are still swollen and erect and still very easy to see. I bend over my bed and spread my legs for his eyes. My pussy is throbbing.I turn around and can see he has finished the first beer and is drinking the second. The bottle clinks on the table when he sets it down and it gives me an excuse to go back into the kitchen with him.Walking into the kitchen, I stand very close, within inches, in front of him and whisper, “Daddy, I told you to be quiet or şişli escort bayan mom will wake up. Is that what you want? Do you want mom to come down here?”My dad is looking directly at my nipples now. Then his eyes travel slowly down to my pussy mound beneath my thong. My nipples ache with arousal and I am sure my pussy is dripping. I look down into his lap and I can see his cock is hard and looked uncomfortable in his pants. I wanted so badly to release it from its fabric prison, and hold it in my hand.He says, “No baby. I don’t want mom to wake up.”I slide in and sit on my dad’s lap. I can feel his cock under me and squirm slightly to tease him. His eyes stare down at my nipples and I squirm a little more. I want my dad’s cock as hard as I can make it. His breathing is getting quicker.I lean closer to him and whisper, “I love you, daddy. Drink your last beer. I’m going to bed now. Please don’t wake mom.”I kiss him softly on the lips. My mouth lingers against his. I press a little harder and I can feel him kissing me back. I whisper, “Mmmm.. that felt nice, daddy.”I slide as slowly as possible from his lap and walk even slower back to my room, giving my dad the best view he could get of me. I leave the door half open again. As I am standing there, I make eye contact with him again.Neither of us looks away and both of us keep staring as I slowly pull my top off. My large breasts and swollen nipples are now completely exposed to him. I walk to my bed and stand at the edge before I slowly pull my panties off. I turn and face my dad fully naked before I lay back on my bed.I know my dad saw everything. Now it was up to him to come to me if he wants me bad enough to risk the forbidden taboo of incest. My heart is racing waiting for him. I could see in his eyes how much he was turned on by my young tender body, but will he be able to fuck his own daughter? Will he be tipsy enough to risk it with me?I spread my legs and let my fingers tease my wet pussy. mecidiyeköy escort Then I heard the other beer bottle set on the table. My breathing was getting harder with excitement. I push my fingers all the way inside my pussy and gasp.My bedroom door opens and my daddy stepped inside. I don’t stop fingering my pussy. I want him to watch. I open my legs wider so he can see my fingers pumping into my throbbing wet pussy.Then I whisper, “You’re looking at your naked daughter daddy. We both know you want to fuck me. I know how long you have wanted me and it’s time daddy. I want you to fuck me tonight.”My dad groans and takes his clothes off. His cock is long and thick. My desire builds even more for him. I’ve never had these deep feelings for anyone before. I know he is my dad, but suddenly I am so in love with him and want to be with him.He walks over to my bed and I reach out and pull him to me and whisper, “Come here, daddy. I want your cock. I’m going to keep you here in bed with me for a very long time tonight. I want you so badly.”Gasping as he lays beside me he whispers back, “Oh, baby. I’ve thought of this with you so many times. A father shouldn’t love his daughter as much as this.”I pull him closer and whisper, “I love you too daddy. So very much. If we both want to fuck each other this much, it was meant to be and we both need to accept it, even if we are father and daughter.”My dad lowers his mouth to mine and we kiss long and deeply for the very first time. My chest is pounding with excitement as I think about my dad fucking me tonight. His fingers pinch my nipples before sliding down to my dripping pussy. I spread my legs for him and wait for his first touch in my slit.His fingers trace up and down my slit. I am trembling knowing my dad’s fingers are touching me in a place he shouldn’t be. That only made me want him more. My hand grips his huge cock and strokes him slowly. His tip is already dripping for me.We kiss so passionately we are both short of breath. Then, he slides down my body and I feel his lips kissing the soft folds of my pussy. I open my legs wider so his mouth can have full access to me. My dad’s tongue slides up and down my slit before he pushes inside me like a snake.