Becoming a Man


It’s the moment everyone looks forward to in their lives, turning 18 years old, and John couldn’t be happier that the day was finally here. He would be going off to college later in the year and with it, hopefully some freedom.

For most of his life, John’s parents have been overprotective. Which is why John’s social life in high school took a beating. Whenever he would have friends over, John’s parents would never leave them alone for fear that him and his friends might drink or do drugs. Because of this, John really never had any girls over his house either for the same fear of not being left alone. He hoped that with the coming of age, John would finally get some space in his life. But that wouldn’t start until after his birthday that he had to spend with his family.

The day went by without incident; which saddened John a little bit. He expected more for him turning 18. It hadn’t hit him until he blew out his candles that he was finally 18, and that he was finally a man. He hoped that turning 18 will conjure up some new-found maturity in him. As he blew out his candles, John silently wished to himself. ‘I just want something in this year to be different. I’m tired of being lonely.’

That night, John slept without stirring in a deep, dreamless sleep. Which was necessary because he had a full day of school ahead of him the next day. As John rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom, he noticed something very odd. As he was walking it felt like someone was alternating lightly slapping the inside of his thighs. As he looked down to examine what was going on, he was alarmed and completely in awe of what he saw. His cock which was no more than 2 inches flaccid the night before, now saw his new tool extend halfway down his thigh, and was still soft!

John extended his hand down to the base of his shaft, it was cool to the touch which made John shudder a bit. Never had he felt such sheer ecstasy before. He slowly moved his hand along the length of his shaft, feeling his massive organ which was so unbelievably smooth. As he moved his hands towards the head of his penis, John was trying to guess how big his cock could be flaccid. 6 inches? 8?

The thought came just as John’s hand reached the head of his penis. Slowly, John could feel his member start to pulsate. It was turning him on to see how big his quickly hardening penis was getting. John dashed back into his room, with his enormous cock bouncing the entire way as it was unbelievably hard now. As John’s penis entered the room long before any other part of his body did, he went immediately to his desk to grab a ruler then headed back to the bathroom. It was now fully hard and was almost uncomfortable for John not to provide relief for his aching cock. As he put the ruler to the base of his penis, John was stunned that the head of his dick rose far above the ruler. After he measured what the ruler couldn’t measure, John was more than stunned to find that he possessed a penis that was 18 inches long and a girth of 10. As precum started to ooze out of his plum sized head, John couldn’t hold back anymore.

As he entered the shower, John realized that he couldn’t use one hand to get the job done, and that two wouldn’t be adequate either, but would have to do. As John started to jerk his engorged member, he finally got the chance to see how large his balls had grown overnight. They were now actual balls, around the size of large bouncy balls he estimated. After about 5 minutes of continuous jerking, John felt his balls tighten and could feel an enormous stream of cum travel the length of his shaft. The hot water hitting his overly-sensitive penis made him loose control.

John came and came and came. He never knew anyone could produce this much let alone himself. He busted all over the shower walls and was standing in what seemed to be an inch of his own cum. bursa otele gelen escort John almost collapsed over the intense wave of pleasure that had just passed over him. Finally, he pulled himself together and got out of the shower.

As John grabbed a towel to dry himself off, he started at his toes as his huge limp penis and balls were suspended in mid-air gently rocking back and forth and bumping his thighs as he moved his body to dry himself. As he brought the towel to his cock John almost came from the feeling of his towel against his massive soft penis. He was in awe to see how much his dick flopped around while he was drying it. After he was done, his member looked to be even longer than it was after he entered the shower by an inch or two. As he tried to tie his towel around his waist, John’s massive penis would not fit within the confines of the towel.

As John went back to his room to get dressed, he found his first dilemma with his new penis. The biggest pair of boxers he still did not cover the last 1/4th of his massive tool. He ultimately decided that he couldn’t wear boxers until he found bigger ones and decided to just wear a pair of loose pants. At least he could still fit into shorts when gym came around.

John stood back and looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes went right to the obscene bulge John’s penis was creating in his pants. Even in his loosest pair, it still looked like John was smuggling an Italian sausage in his pants. As John was observing, he thought to himself how today was the day that everyone in the school would know who he is and was looking forward to getting some well-deserved stares from his classmates.

On the ride to school John found it increasingly difficult to drive as whenever John moved his leg to control the pedals, he would move his penis and would make him hard.

“A dick this huge will have its problems I guess. But it will also have it’s perks.” He said in a matter of fact tone.

When John walked into school he was ten minutes late and had to get a pass from the office. As he was walking to his class all of the stragglers who still had not gotten to class just stared at the giant bulge in John’s pants. On the walk there John felt a strange feeling coming from his oversized genitals. It felt like someone had grabbed him by the root of his cock and was pulling on it. His balls had the same feeling too. It lasted for about 5 seconds but then subsided.

When John opened the door to his first period everyone’s eyes went from John’s face to the gigantic bulge in his pants. As he walked over to give his teacher the late pass, everyone’s eyes were transfixed on John’s penis; even his 40 year old female teacher could not stop staring. As he went to go take his seat, John’s enormous cock brushed against his female classmate who immediately texted everyone she knew to tell about John’s new gift.

First period ended, and second period went the same way with everyone not being able to get enough of John’s penis. But on the walk to his class, John again noticed the strange pulling sensation in his genitals and it subsided in 10 minutes.

By the time lunch came, the feeling had not gone away so John decided to head to the bathroom to examine his throbbing member. As he entered and struggled to free himself, it because obvious what the pulling feeling was resulting in. Once John finally wrestled his penis from his pants, he saw what he suspected might be happening. His now mosterous penis was starting to advance further down his leg which had also gained in thickness as the day had gone on. His balls had also grown too to keep up in proportion to John’s massive dong.

The entire rest of the day the feeling was only getting more intense as the day had gone on. John’s penis had gone from 2 inches flaccid kestel escort the night before, to halfway down his thigh in the morning and now John’s apple-sized head was extending further down to the point where the tip of his penis was in-line with his knees.

John was getting extremely worried. His cock was growing out of control and had no idea when, if it ever, would stop. The weight of his massive cock and balls now seemed like it was over 15 lbs now. His flaccid penis was now longer than John’s forearm and hand. John was able to steal a ruler from the math room earlier in the day, and hard, John was now 2 ft. 6 inches long. His dick was now almost half of the length of his entire body. John’s balls were now the size of overgrown oranges and the slit of his head was now almost 2 inches long. All while John was about to enter the last period of the day, but would prove to be the most challenging to him, gym.

When John entered the locker room, most of his classmates were waiting for him.

“Ok John, enough is enough. We’ve all heard about you stuffing your pants. We all think it’s disgusting what you’re trying to do just to get attention. And that you need to stop.”

John just smiled with satisfaction of knowing they all were about to be blown away.

“I can see how all of you would think that, but I promise you that I am not stuffing my pants, these pants are not special in any way. But what I have is special though. The bulge in my pants everyone has been talking about is actually my dick.”

Everyone was stunned by John’s confession. They were even more stunned by what they saw next.

As John had taken his pants off to change into gym shorts, everyone saw that he was not kidding. John silently thought to himself what a great decision not wearing boxers was, they would have done nothing to constrain his dick anyway. Plus everyone was able to witness John’s gigantic, beautiful cock. As he started to pull down his pants, uncovering inch, after inch of his massive tool, all anyone could do was stare as John exposed his enormous gift to the world. After what seemed like an eternity for John to get his pants off John was basking in the moment. Everyone was in awe of John’s penis. It was a moment of when you wanted to turn away but you couldn’t. Every guy in the locker room was immediately jealous of John’s massive equipment. And, as everyone had watch his penis be exposed, everyone watched the even greater struggle of John trying to fit his incredibly huge penis into his gym shorts. The best he could do was to cover all of himself, but sacrifice part of his enormous apple-like head of his penis poke out of the bottom of his shorts. John figured if he could get past his teacher, he could readjust and have the rest of his enormous shaft hang out of his shorts so his female classmates can get a look.

As class started with warm-up jogging. Everyone watched John run. His enormous head and shaft lightly slap the inside of his thighs. Then the attention started to come. Today was volleyball day, and it was a battle to see which female captain could have John on their team.

As the first game was about to start, John’s captain Bethany huddled them up to impart some winning words. But all John could think about was Bethany. She was by far the hottest girl in the entire school, and the fact that John was picked by her early meant that she saw something she liked or never would John be picked by her. She had by far the biggest breasts anyone had ever seen as John heard through other girl friends that Bethany wore an enormous JJ Cup bra. But it wasn’t like she was fat, Bethany just had amazing jeans. Her rock hard body was capped off with a washboard stomach and an ass that looked unnatural on a white girl, with very fit, long legs. They had always been somewhat close but John noticed mudanya escort that Bethany was more interested in John today than ever before.

“Come on guys, we need to win this one. This is for the championship.”

But all Bethany could do was focus on John’s unmistakably large head and shaft that had flopped out of his shorts. As Bethany finished her speech and everyone dismissed the circle, Bethany called John back.

“Hi John, I think you’re showing a little bit down there.” Indicating that John’s enormous cock was out in the open. “I never knew you had such a huge cock. It looks so amazing.”

John felt like he was in a dream. “You like what I have? Bethany, that means a lot. I never knew you felt that way.”

“That was before I knew that you were a cock god. How big is this thing?”

Before John could even get out his unheard of measurement, he was overcome by a wave of pleasure brought on by Bethany feeling up John’s giant cock head.

“Oh my fucking god. Fuck me! This this is soooo huge John! Oh my god!”

All he could do was let it happen. Bethany had made John rock and his erection was letting itself be known. He had nowhere to grow but down. As John continued to grow, Bethany knew she had to have John right now. And needed to get him out of the gym. As Bethany kept teasing John’s growing cock, it started to grow out of control as John now looked to be over two feet long and continuing to grow straight out. All of a sudden, John felt the pulling sensation again, but this time, Bethany was pulling John by the cock out of the gym.

It was a miracle that no one had seen Bethany pull on John’s giant cock. But Bethany led John back to the boys locker room. She finally pulled John’s little shorts off of his massive tool. John tried to work Bethany’s small sports bra and panties off simultaneously.

“I just love a big cock, but yours is like nothing I have ever seen before.”

“That’s because it’s over 2.5 feet long.”

Upon hearing that information, Bethany forced as much of John’s cock into her mouth as she could. John was amazed that Bethany could even get his head to fit into her mouth, let alone some of his shaft. As Bethany worked to fit more of John’s incredible length down her throat, John could could feel his huge balls tighten. John was in heaven. The hottest girl in the school was sucking on his over 2 foot long dick.

“Bethany, I’m going to come.”

“Not yet my cock god.”

Bethany immediately took John’s pulsating cock from her mouth and set herself on her back and placed

his penis in between the mountains of her titflesh. Never had John titfucked a girl before but John liked titfucking Bethany’s busty body more so than her blowing John’s monster cock.

As John kept fucking Bethany’s oversized tits, he would repeatedly jab Bethany’s throat with his dick.

Bethany then stood up, and wrapped her gravity defying tits around John’s dick, which now rose above his head while sitting down. While John was sitting, Bethany remained standing, and slowly started sliding her giant breasts down the length of John’s penis performing a perfect standing titfuck. She stopped at John’s balls to massage them properly and to ready herself for John’s iminate climax.

“Bethany, I can’t last anymore, I need to come right now!”

Bethany released her tits from John’s pole and sat down on the floor, awaiting John’s firehose of a dick to drown her in his cum. Because of the immense size of John’s dick, Bethany had to sit three feet away to be able to get any of John’s cum on her.

John came like a hose. The first rope of semen hit Bethany right in her waiting mouth. The next three ropes John aimed at Bethany’s gigantic bust was enough to cover her tits in a layer of semen. The rest Bethany slurped up with her mouth, catching every last drop of cum from John’s almost two inch head opening. They were collapsed over each other with John’s dick still impossibly huge and John feeling up Bethany’s giant 18 year old juggs for the first time and was long awaited.

“We can’t go back to class now.”

To be continued…