Becca and Jessie Williams Pt. 01


Becca (31yo) was sleeping on the couch in the TV room when she heard her sister, Jessie (19yo), opening the front door. She looked at her phone and saw it was way past her sister’s curfew hour, almost 1 AM already. Jessie closed the door carefully and removed her shoes. She tip-toed her way through the hall, the floor silently creaking.

Becca noticed her coming in the TV room and pausing. Jessie put her purse and keys on the table behind the couch and her shoes on the carpeted floor. Becca, for some reason, decided to pretend she was sleeping. She knew her sister was probably way too drunk to be a fun person to be with right now. She’d probably grab a glass of water and go up to her room and then Becca could either go back to sleep or maybe watch an episode of “Gilmore Girls” before going to bed. But, Jessie just stood there for a few seconds, drunkenly texting someone on her phone. Becca shifted on the sofa, to let her sister know she was there and “fast asleep”. Her sister did turn off her phone, but she didn’t leave. She walked around the couch and squeezed in, sitting next to Becca’s feet. Becca sighed silently.

“She’s so fucking annoying…” bursa eskort bayan she though. “She’ll probably turn on the TV or something. Maybe I should just get up and go to bed. I bet she’ll want to tell me how many boys she kissed tonight and other dumb stuff, but I’ll just tell her I’m too tired to talk…”

Becca again shifted her legs around, a last attempt to shoo of Jessie from the couch; in vain. Jessie just sat there, looking at her phone. Becca was about to get up when she noticed something. A flash, as if someone had turned on the lights for just a few seconds before turning it off again. She did have her eyes closed, but she was sure there was a “flash”, like someone taking a picture; and then another “flash”; and yet another one.

“Is Jessie taking selfies?” Becca thought. She opened one of her eyes to spy on what was going on. Jessie was looking at her phone. Her short blonde hair was a bit messy and she really looked drunk. Then Jessie turned her phone towards her sleeping sister’s socked feet, and… FLASH! She quickly snapped a picture of Becca’s feet and went back texting, a weird mischievous bursa otele gelen eskort bayan smile on her face.

“What the fuck?” Becca thought. “Did she just take a picture of my FEET?”

Becca kept her one eye slightly open. Jessie was giggling, texting something and then FLASH, she took another picture of Becca’s feet. And then she raised the phone and took a selfie, her sleeping sister on the background. Becca quickly closed her eyes before the FLASH went off. Jessie went back to texting. Becca opened one eye and kept spying.

“Is she really sending pictures of my fucking feet to someone? What the fucking hell!”

Yet, for some strange reason (that she was clearly avoiding) Becca was still pretending to be asleep. For some strange reason, she was shocked about what was happening, yes, but was also extremely curious of what would happen next…

Jessie kept giggling and texting, sometimes glancing towards Becca’s feet.

So Becca did something (by pure impulse, she would tell herself later) that caught her sister’s attention. She shifted her feet, bursa eve gelen escort touching Jessie’s legs with her toes, and leaving them there. Jessie paused, looking down. She then looked at Becca’s face. She seemed fast asleep. Jessie looked at her sister’s feet, pressing against her naked thigh. She raised her phone, looked again at Becca’s face to make sure she was sleeping, and took another picture; and then another; and another. She tried different angles and then franticly started to text again.

Becca felt her heart pounding faster and faster. That was adrenaline. She felt like butterflies were flying all around inside her stomach. And Gosh, was she wet!

“What’s going on with me?” a thought quickly replaced by a series of teasing wonderings. “What if I wiggle my toes? What if put my feet on her lap? Will she take more pictures? And who is she sending these pictures to?”

The thought of a boy (or even a girl, why not!) getting off to her (sleeping) feet, with pictures her own sister was snapping and sending, made Becca tingle.

So, here was Jessie, her own sister, perving to her freaking feet. The surreal situation was too strange to not instigate Becca to the point of her considering the idea of being allowed to actually enjoy what was going on. She was so confused she could only go with her feelings and her most organic impulses. And something told her she should tease Jessie and test how far her limits would go.

And so she did.