Barrat Park – The Finale

Big Tits

After a while of just relaxing naked in the hot tub with everyone else (Amy and Nicole had now joined us all), I felt brilliant. Here I was in my own home with a bunch of my friends simply relaxing naked in my hot tub. I couldn’t have felt better. I felt that there should be some kind of law hat said that everyone should do this kind of thing at least once a month. I didn’t care we’d broken the law. I didn’t care that we’d all had sex in the middle of a family neighbourhood. I didn’t even care that not one of us had used a condom and that none of the girls were on the pill. I just felt, happy.

Soon I realised that we were still in an orgy and my cock began to rise again. So I went into the lounge and called everyone into it. I put a song on through the surround system (REALLY loud) and explained my idea. We would all form a circle in the middle of lounge. The guys would all be on their backs and the girls on their stomachs. The guys would firstly lie down in a wide circle, leaving a large gap between each of them them. In these gaps the girls would lie on their stomachs, their heads at the boys’ crotches, the rest of their bodies lain straight with their asses slightly raised. They would also be positioned so that their pussies would land on the boys faces. The objective was that the girls would suck the guys’ cocks for 1 minute. After a minute, they would get up and move to the boy in front of them. Meanwhile the guys would lick out the pussies of the girls in front of them. The aim of the game was that the guys had to stop themselves from cumming. If they came, they would be out and would be removed from the circle. The girls were allowed as many orgasms as they liked. The guy at the end of the game would get to fuck the living brains out of each of the girls. After I explained it, we began.

As instructed the boys all laid in a circle. I had Justin in front of me and Jamie behind me. Then the girls got on top. I didn’t know whose pussy I had because I didn’t see her face. What I did know was that it was very sweet and juicy. As the dripping cunt landed on my face, I immediately stuck my tongue into it and licked it dry. Meanwhile, at my penis, I felt something warm consume my cock. I looked down to see the beautiful face of Gemma sucking on my solid cock. She was even better than she had been in the park, as she had since got some experience. As her tongue licked around my cock I moaned softly underneath the tight pussy on my face. I then heard Gemma squeal as Jamie licked out her pussy for at least the second time tonight topkapı escort below me. As I continued to lick my pussy, I heard the girl whom it belonged to start to moan louder. She then started quivering and her pussy flooded my mouth with juices. The blowjob Gemma was giving me was just amazing. I was in heaven. Just then I heard a loud groan below me. Jamie was cumming already. Being at least a year younger he had less tolerance for such sexual activity. As her cummed I felt Gemma suddenly push my cock into her throat. I looked at her and her eyes were rolling. It was clear she was also cumming. Jamie licked up Gemma’s juices before removing himself from the circle and declaring himself out. Just then I heard the timer beep and that was the end of the round.

I was amazed that I managed to hold on so long. Gemma gave such good head. In the next few stages I licked Gemma out while getting a blowjob from Holly; I then licked Holly out while getting head from Nicole. On the last round I began to worry. Jack had been removed from in the last round and I had to bite on the clit in my mouth to stop myself from jizzing all over Nicole’s beautiful face.

In the last round I found myself in a position where I was licking out Nicole while fucking Amy’s face. This must’ve meant that in the first round I was licking out Amy. It was between me and Justin. Gemma had nothing to do as there were no more boys to fuck, so she resorted to licking and fingering Amy’s, Nicole’s and Holly’s assholes. She even stuck it in me and Justin a couple of times. As it was the last round the timer was set to 2 minutes instead. Fuck this was going to be hard.

In the last 30 seconds or so I was feeling the vibrations coming deep within my balls. Fuck, I thought, it’s all over. Just then behind me I heard Justin moaning in both pleasure and dismay. I then heard the squelching of his cum being spurted onto Nicole’s gorgeous face. At the same time I felt Nicole cumming onto my face. Seconds later I felt my balls tighten and I creamed up Amy’s pretty face. It even went in her fiery ginger hair. She just looked up at me and licked her lips. I had won. I felt pretty good.

I was very excited. The girls then went upstairs for some reason and then I was told to stand flat against the wall. I did as told and around 5 minutes later they came downstairs. What I saw nearly knocked me out. I had to stop myself from jizzing right then and there.

They had all gone into my 12 year old sister’s room and had stolen aksaray escort her clothes. They each had on a very tight white shirt that had the 3 top buttons undone and the bottom half of it was tied into a knot that went up the bottom of their large breasts. Due to this around an inch of the bottom parts of their tits could be seen. It was clear to see they hadn’t bothered with bras from the small pinpricks poking through their shirts. Underneath that they were each wearing a skirt miles too small for them. It was only 3 inches or so long on them, and when they turned round the bottom of their beautiful asses could be seen. It was clear they had no panties on because they each pulled up their legs to their heads and clearly displayed their pussies. I saw in the corner of my eye that Justin, Jack and Jamie were each wanking each other off violently. The girls must have also found my mum’s room because on each of their feet were a pair of open toed 4 inch pumped heels. They were each different colours, as my mum worked as a travelling saleswoman, and she had recently ordered a whole batch of the things.

They then each stood in a line in front of me and started swaying their hips sexually. They ran their fingers through their silky hair and caressed their large boobs through the thin material of the shirts. They ran their hands down the length of their legs, bending over to reach their heels, giving me a fantastic view of their open cleavage. They then stood back up and started unbuttoning their shirts from the top. They covered their boobs with the open shirts and each turned round. I then saw them untie their shirts and they let them fall behind them. They then ran down their legs again, this time giving me a fantastic view of their amazing ass cheeks instead. They then turned round with their hands on their tits. After caressing them for a while they finally let go to reveal them at last. They then pulled their tiny skirts up so they were around their well toned stomachs, giving everyone a good view of their shaved clits. They then undid the skirts at the side and they too fell to the floor.

Once they were naked, only wearing the sexy heels, they ran straight for me and pounced. I was pushed onto the ground on my back. Nicole went straight for my cock and shoved it into her mouth, immediately deep throating me, while Amy sat on my face and I licked her pussy. Holly then took of my right hand and shoved two of my fingers in her cunt, arching her back as she squealed in pleasure. Meanwhile nişantaşı escort Gemma rubbed my chest and I used my other hand to fondle her tits and squeeze her ass. After 5 minutes Holly soaked my hand with sweet cunt nectar, and Amy also violently orgasmed in my mouth. Meanwhile I was squirting a load of cum into Nicole’s waiting mouth as Gemma began to cum all over my chest from my fondling. She then licked my face as Amy licked Holly’s cream off my hand and Nicole licked my chest clean from Gemma. Meanwhile Holly gave my cock a good lick and then inserted it into her soaking pussy. Gemma, Amy, Nicole and I then shared a four-way kiss, swapping juices and exploring each other’s mouths. Then they all swapped roles, Nicole fucking my hand, Gemma on my face and Amy on my chest. I then jazzed in Holly’s beautiful pussy and everyone else joined in with me. We continued swapping roles like this until I had fingered every girl (Gemma in her ass), licked each girl (I licked Holly’s ass instead of her pussy). I had also fucked each girl in the pussy and in the ass and each girl had absurdly cummed over my chest. Justin, Jack and Jamie had also came all over each other. I had my suspicions that they were slightly queer.

Afterwards everyone was truly sexed out. We all slept in my mum and dad’s bed in a massive heap. When we woke up, we each had a blowjob from one of the girls (mine from Amy), and then we had breakfast. All the guys secretly cummed in the milk that the girls put on their cereal. Holly said “Dan, I think your milk may be slightly going off.” We all died laughing. Afterwards we shared a long kiss with each other and then we got dressed (for once), the girls wore the slutty schoolgirl uniforms again, still with no underwear. Everyone then left and I cleaned the house. Once it was exactly how it was before we had all had sex, I went out and got some more alcohol from my mate Scott, who sells it illegally, to replace what we had drunk. I also bought my sister some new skirts and shirts, which got me a few funny looks in the shop. When they all came home, they didn’t suspect a thing. Everything was back to normal. Except every Saturday I had a “sleepover” at my mate Calum’s house. At least that’s what my family thought. Of course I was having wild passionate sex with everyone, as it became a weekly thing. After the first orgy all the girls inevitably got pregnant. It kinda turned me on, knowing that they were partly carrying my baby. They each got abortions and then took the pill after that. I later found out that before the first orgy, Nicole, Amy, Gemma and Holly had all been getting to get once in a while and had had lesbian sex, with dildos and everything! That must have been the reason they seemed so experienced. Overall, I thought that night went well.

The End