Bang Baby Bang Ch. 04


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Chapter 8

At Night Everything Changes

(4 a.m.)

The moon shone through the window illuminating the room in a soft but hauntingly incandescent light. Darkness muted the colours of everything in the room giving them an almost smoky black and white glow. Images not quite black or white appeared to be basked in a supple smooth grey. All sharp edges and contrasts blended together making everything in the room appear less distinct. The only thing that stood out in the room was in the centre of the bed, two coupled bodies locked in a grippingly passionate embrace, oblivious to the world and its contrivances. Gone was the intense energy of electrified lust, the urgency of conquest, the immediacy of release which at one time drove the two to meet and couple where others knew better. In its place was passion, desire and above all else love.

All around the room were traces of force and movement, nothing placed carefully anywhere, clothing strewn across the floor where it had been thrown, ripped, pulled and torn from bodies intent on one goal; copulation. At one time the need for sex had dominated the atmosphere of this room. Release and surrender had been the protocol, greed and need the only driving goals but now the feel of the room had changed. The two bodies entwined in the centre of the bed, tightly embraced in a sensual, luxurious, sexy knot of arms, legs and skin sought neither release nor separation. Thrusts and jabs were replaced with sliding circular motions as sensual as dance, soft jazz or slow dirty blues. Sex was no longer the order of the day; it had been replaced with passion, desire and love.

“What am I going to do with you?” Rachel spoke softly to her lover as she gently kissed his forehead, nose and then mouth. “You have spoiled me for all others.”

Her hair was matted to her forehead, her body glisten in sweat, and her skin tanned and supple glowed from the refreshing workout of sexual release. Her lover continued to slide his body along hers. His hard throbbing sex moving in and out of hers, causing sensual pleasures to course through both their bodies. The hard piercing sabre sliced slickly into her centre delving deeper than she had ever experienced before pushing its thankfully blunt end firmly against her cervix as he bottomed out inside her. She was gloriously filled and stretched to capacity, comfortably full and complete. The sights, sounds and smells of sex filled the room.

“There are others?” her lover replied softly as he gazed deeply into her eyes. They kissed again as his hips continued their in and out motion. Her legs spread opened wide to receive him allowing the flare of her hips to accept him further. Her legs wrapped around him holding him inside her body refusing to let him go. Each penetration bringing with it the glorious sensations of sexual pleasure and the anticipation of release.

“There are no others,” she assured him quietly as she held him tighter to her pressing her body as close to his as she could get. It was a lie and they both knew it but neither wished to discuss it now, there would be time enough for that later. “There are no others.”

Again the two lovers continued their sensual dance. Rachel spread herself wide to accommodate her lover, she was his now and she needed him to know it, if not by words than by actions. Her body opened and gave way to his, allowing him to take her again and again with every recurring plunge. Her mouth sought out his and their kiss ignited a passion that neither had known existed between the two. Deep in her heart Rachel was scared of the emotions she was feeling, the desire she was having towards her young lover. Her heart was his and she knew it but he was young and prone to foolishness as all young people are, he would not know what he held, what sacred trust had been passed on to him. Lovers of his age were inexperienced and self-centred. Sure in all likelihood he loved her, he even adored her escort bayan but he would not be as deeply and passionately bonded to her as she was becoming to him. Her love in this short time was becoming obsessive and she knew it, which meant nothing but disaster for both of them. If she was not careful she would throw caution to the wind and risk everything for their passion. At this very moment he was buried deep inside her without benefit of protection. This would be the fifth, no sixth time she took him inside her within a twenty-four hour period without protection. Each time they had made love, fucked, rutted or tore into each other with abandon he had spent himself completely inside her. His ejaculate was always large and deep, leaving copious amounts of his seed deeply planted inside her unprotected womb. In every instance she had had an orgasm either before, during or after his release, causing her cervix to spasm and press down against her uterine wall in an attempt to capture and hold onto the valuable fluid deposited deep inside her body. Her body was becoming alive with the lust of wanting to be impregnated. The need for pregnancy had become a driving biological force pushing aside all reason. A baby lust was upon her if it could be called that and she would see it through if she was not careful. Her rational mind had nothing to say on the matter it was strictly biologic and her body craved the outcome of this copulation. Her womb wished to mate, to take her lover’s seed deep inside her and create life. It did not care about age or other outside influences, all it wished for was that her hips spread wide and open, that the mouth of her sex stay wet and lubricated in order to receive the phallus it craved and that the seed that would impregnate her body regardless be planted deeply at the mouth of her cervix.

Their foreheads were pressed firmly against each other as they continued to fuck. Each breath coming from her was deep and steady, the intake of oxygen mixed with simultaneous gasp of pleasure as the thick truncheon he possessed moved in and out of her body. Their eyes were locked on each other, their bodies covered in a sheen of sweat, causing her breasts to look more pronounced as they sat high on her chest, nipples rock hard pointing straight out indicating her arousal.

“That’s it baby fuck me,” she moaned as he drove into her steadily. “Don’t stop, just fuck me.”

His body responded to her voice, the pace of his hips quickening as he bottomed out inside her with each beautifully aching thrust. He could feel her cunt continually grasping his cock. Her vaginal walls felt like velvet along the length of his shaft as he moved fluidly in and out of her. The bulbous head of his rigid cock repeatedly buffeted against her cervix, as he continue his delicious onslaught. In and out of her he slid, causing her womb to ache for his release.

“Oh god you drive me crazy I could fuck you all night,” he stared directly at her, his eyes locked on hers as he spoke.

“You have,” she replied kissing him passionately, her tongue invading his mouth, fervently duelling with his. This served to elicited greater zeal from her young lover as she encircled his neck with her arms drawing him closer. God she was beautiful, her sharp jaw and nose highlighted her beauty. Her eyes, half lidded, sexily peering into his, her mouth soft and sensual everything about her aroused him.

“Oh god, oh god I don’t want to cum. I just want to keep fucking you.” His body had found the perfect rhythm which she matched stroke for stroke. Together they moved on the bed as one singular organic being, shifting positions like practiced dancers. Missionary, scissor, doggy, cowgirl, butterfly, each position moving and sliding into the next, each penetration deeper and more excruciatingly delicious than the last he had no idea how long they had been making love but if the sun had come up at that moment he would not have been surprised.

“You’re making me cum baby, you’re making me cum,” her body convulsed as she spoke.

He could feel every detail of her sex pressing against him as she rode him through her orgasm. Her clit pressed hard into his pubic bone. His cock continued to slice in and out of her as she shuddered beneath him. Suddenly her body convulsed her back arched up; both her hands took hold of his tight round buttocks and held him deep as she came. The continual spasm of her hips increased their mutual pleasure locking them deeply in this moment of rapture.

“Fuuucckkk!” was all she could say, the word got stuck in her throat. She spread herself wide to receive him, his cock buried deep inside her began to flex, and she knew he would cum and release his seed even though he fought it.

“Cum. Cum in me baby,” it was a cross between a request and a demand. “Honey cum in me its ok, I want this more than anything, as much as I want you.”

In and back, in and back, in and back, three half thrust were all he could manage as she held him so tight. The slurping wet sound of her sex was like nothing he had ever altıparmak escort bayan heard before, it was carnal. The suck and pulling sensation went right to his balls as though she were attempting to draw out his seed. He reached down with both hands and firmly grabbed each breast and squeezed. Bringing his thumb and forefinger together he pinched both nipples hard and twisted cause her to groan deeply and release her hold of him. In that moment he reasserted himself as the dominant and she accepted the fucking she was going to get now. She wanted his seed; she was going to get it.

Chapter 9

A Morning Full of Surprises

(24 hours later…)

“That’s it suck my cock.”

Michael could feel the head of his cock push into her throat. He knew she could supress her gag reflex and take him to the root; every time she did he became more and more impressed. Although his experience was somewhat limited he knew it would never get any better than this.

“Oh god that’s it, all the way baby, all the way.”

With each plunge her mouth made down his shaft he fought the urge to cum, knowing that the longer he delayed the greater the end benefit would be, still it was a difficult challenge.

“Fuck that’s good.”

Each rise and fall, each slow descent; each soft caress was punctuated with inaudible sounds and he more felt then heard. Soon this began to change as she sensed his arousal peeking. Her pace quickened, and the soft slow descents became more deliberate, more urgent, punctuated now with loud slurping sounds the result of the copious amounts saliva mixed with precum that now covered his shaft and balls.

“You have got to be the greatest cocksucker going. Fuck your good.”

The dirty talk and praised seemed to excite her more and she noticeably doubled her efforts after each point of praise. Like Pavlov’s dog salivating at the ringing of a bell, she salivated and gorged herself on his magnificent cock after each word. Now he had his hand on her head, fingers entwined in her hair, tentatively tightening his grasp and taking a more commanding role in this sexual encounter.

“Fuck you bitch; you’re going to make me cum.”

Again her head bobbed up and down his shaft, her pace frenzied and wild. Her actions seemed to suggest that she couldn’t seem to get enough of him. Up and down her mouth travelled as she took him deep into her throat, pass her gag reflex, pressing her lips and nose tightly against his pubic bone.

“What has gotten into you, wholly fuck!”

No sooner did he ask then she pulled her mouth of his raging hard on and spoke. A loud gasp of air accented just how forceful she had been at sucking his cock. Her face wet and covered with the slim of their engagement, she licked her lips and spoke, eyes glazed and staring at him. “I can taste her on your cock!”

It had done something to her, made her insatiable and wanton. She felt slutty and dirty and nasty all at the same time. She knew she should be repulsed by it but instead she was aroused, thrilled, her mind running wild with the images of Michael having sex with the young blonde bimbo that had come to her door earlier that morning, looking for her son, her lover, her man.

(18 hours before…)

When the doorbell rang Rachel was in her housecoat. She wasn’t expecting anyone at eleven a.m. on a Saturday morning. She had just gotten out of the shower and was heading into the kitchen to prepare some sort of brunch for herself and her son Michael.

“I’ll get it,” she shouted out to Michael who was just finishing up in the shower himself.

“Ok thanks mom,” was his cursory reply. This morning was bringing with it many surprises not the least of which would be who was at the front door. Things were changing in the Anderson household, some would be good and some would be different. At this moment for Rachel they seemed ‘all good’ as her son and his friends would say, she was pleased with the turn-of-events and the surprise she received this morning at quarter past ten was a perfect example of all good.

Michael woke up at ten and looked at the clock as the first step in getting his bearings. Four hours sleep he thought to himself, four hours sleep and I’m still running on a high. His immediate surroundings threw him as he hadn’t woken up in his own bed. He could hear the shower running and his eyes focused on the bathroom door in his parent’s room. It was slightly ajar and he could see steam coming from around the door. The bed he was sleeping in was a mess, the sheets were no longer tucked in and the comforter was partially on the floor. The fitted sheet had been pulled away from the bottom of the bed and there was only one pillow to be found which was currently cradling his head quite comfortably. Blinking his eyes several times he breathed in deep and stretched, the room smelled of sex.

He rose from the bed and walked naked towards the bathroom. As he peered around the door he could see the figure of a person inside the shower busily going nilüfer eskort through some sort of self grooming routine. He quietly pulled the curtain back and stepped in the shower.

“Jesus!” his mother jumped as she shouted the profanity. After last night he had grown accustom to hearing her say much more colourful words of expression. “Michael I damn near cut myself.”

“What are you doing?” he asked with a sly smile.

“I’m shaving. What do you think I’m doing?” She continued to move through her routine as though he wasn’t there. Her back was to him as she allowed the water to rinse the remnants of the foam away from her now smooth skin.

“Well since you’re in here you can hand me the shampoo,” she told him, her voice full of playful tones as she chastised her son in mock admonishment. “And you can wash my hair while you’re at it.”

Michael handed her the shampoo and she quickly flipped the lid. She took his hand and poured what she felt was an appropriate amount of the shampoo in his palm. “Ok, now get to work my pretty.” She was mocking the witch from the Wizard of Oz; she hadn’t done that since he was little.

“I thought the witch wasn’t supposed to get wet or she’d melt away,” Michael said as he began to gently rub the liquid into her hair at the scalp. He allowed the foam and suds to form and spread the lather down her head and into her hair, massaging her head and neck as he went.

“The only things being washed away right now are my inhibitions,” his mother informed him.

Rachel for her part was feeling more and more aroused as Michael massaged the shampoo into her hair. She had gotten up earlier than Michael as she was a little more use to late nights and early mornings. She decided that while he was sleeping she would take a shower and freshen up. Her underlying hope was the previous day’s activities would continue, in which case she’d like to feel nice and fresh. As always she started by shaving her legs and arm pits and then became a little more brazen and shaved her entire pubic region bald. A few wild and kinky ideas raced through her head as she removed all the hair making her sex completely bald and smooth from front to back. It was as she was touching up her vaginal area that Michael came into the shower frightening her half out of her wits. Now that he was washing her hair from behind, she decided to use this opportunity to play. She began to seductively rub herself against him, grinding her buttock into his sex. The effect was almost instantaneous, his erection became quite pronounce as it was pressed between the two glorious half moons of her perfect ass.

“Mom, I don’t think I can concentrate on the task at hand if you keep this up.”

Rachel placed both her palms against the shower wall and used the leverage it gave her to grind her ass harder into Michael. Her hips moved back and forth and up and down his length in a sensual seductive figure eight that brought the tip of his penis from the mouth of her sex up and over her sexy little rosebud and through her firm round ass cheeks. Back and forth she continued this dance using the water from the shower and the suds from the shampoo as a sexually enticing as the opening salvo in her conquest of his raging hard on.

“Do you like the feel of my ass sliding along your cock baby?” her voice was a soft squeaky tease and it drove him crazy. His shaft continued to slide between the two halves of her perfect round ass. The bulbous head of his cock grazing over the dark rose bud of her anus caused electric shocks of pleasure to course through both their bodies.

“God mom you’re driving me crazy. I can’t be responsible for my actions if you keep this up.”

“Why baby, whatever do you mean?” Her tone was playful and mischievous. She pushed hard into him trapping his now fully erect cock between her beautifully round buttocks.

“Oh fuck mom.”

“You like that baby?” He pushed back harder into sliding his shaft back and forth through the crack of her ass. She knew she was pushing things too far and he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

“I told you I won’t be able to stop myself if you keep this up.”

“What baby? Is mommy doing something nasty?” Her dirty talk always aroused him and drove him crazy. In a few moments she would have him exploding all over her round glistening ass.

“I’m going to do something nasty in a moment.” His tone was deliberate and almost menacing if not foreboding.

“What would that be baby? What nasty thing would you do?” Her tone on the other hand sounded innocent and naïve, something she was far from being. She loved playing with him teasing him, it was something she enjoyed and missed dearly in her life, her other life before Michael.

“This!” and with that he thrust forward mercilessly hard, driving his cock deep into her ass a little more than half its terrible length.

“Oh fuck! You bastard!” The shock and pain she felt did two things to her almost simultaneously. First her body’s protective reaction was to move forward and away from the painful onslaught. Second and this was the somewhat disturbing part, a rush of adrenaline surged through her giving her a heighten sense of arousal, causing her nipples to instantly harden, her sex to flood and her arms to fly forward placing her palms against the shower wall bracing herself so that she could push back.