Backscratch Ch. 01


I’ve always loved getting my back scratched. This is what would lead me into the steamy darkness of a wonderful, incestuous relationship. That feeling of nice sharp fingernails dragged gently, softly down my back always soothed me, even when I was a child; even when I was quite an adult.

Mom and I were always close; in a way that she wasn’t with my brother. She and Dad had always had a very loving, affectionate relationship. I was more like her and Daniel was more like Dad. Not that my brother Daniel got along great with Dad, they were just more similar and had similar interests. They were into cars and sports, I was more into being quiet and reading, playing by myself when I got tired of the neighborhood kids. Mom had been like that, or so she told me.

Daniel was older than me by 3 years, but the age gap seemed much greater. There was no way he would ever allow his bookish younger brother to hang around with him and his friends. I didn’t have lots of friends, but they were markedly different; bookish, nerdy, creative. My parents worried a bit that we weren’t closer, but had no idea how to make it better.

One spring, in my 18th year, they decided to take a family trip to the mountains of Colorado. Forced to be together, with no one else to hang out with, it was assumed we would bond a bit, being manly in the great outdoors. Mom wasn’t really into camping that much. Dad and Daniel were, and often went camping, just the 2 of them. A few times we had gone tent camping as a family, which was fun, but still not our favorite thing. This trip was to include a 2 night camp out in the wilderness. Not too difficult, as you could drive right to the camp site.

Mom and I made camp while Dad and Danny went exploring. They had tried to get us to go, but the day was growing late and Mom wanted to start dinner. I had noticed an exquisitely cute girl 2 sites over and was more interested in her than humping it up to the falls. It was chilly out, being spring, the snow had only melted a month before and the river was flowing heavily. I started the fire while Mom started dinner. I set up the chairs and made a reasonably cozy campsite.

Afterwards I strolled up the bank of the river, mostly to get a closer look at the cute blond with her hair pulled up into a sexy knot at the back of her head. She glanced over at me a couple of times as I passed, and her brilliant blue eyes made my heart pound. In a short time I was half a mile up the river. I sat on a rock in the slanting evening sunlight, at the edge of the pounding water, as the sun slipped lower and touched the mountains. I thought I had better head back as I had no flashlight if it got dark on me.

It was almost dark by the time I got back, expecting a telling off about being late for dinner. I strolled into the camp site and saw Mom sitting there alone by the dwindling fire, arms around her knees.

“Where did you get off to?” she asked, a slight edge to her voice. I told her that I was just up the river, watching the sunset. “Where the hell are your father and brother?” She asked no one in particular, now her voice very edgy. “They leave us to handle everything here, and simply head off by themselves. Plus, dinner is ready. It’s getting cold!”

“We should just eat then.” I told her, sitting in the chair next to her. “Let them eat cold food.” She agreed and we did, sitting quietly munching chili and potato salad, pickles and garlic bread. “They’re going to love this garlic bread cold.” I muttered. Mom laughed. She asked me to clean our plates as she was going to set up her and Dad’s bedding, and disappeared into the huge 12 man tent that we used for car camping.

I cleaned our plates and stuff by the glare of the Coleman lantern and then went in and started setting up my air mattress and sleeping bag. I left Daniel’s, rolled up by the side of the tent. We busied ourselves with these minor chores while we waited. We then went back to the fire and waited some more. Mom was really getting mad about them taking off and being gone so long.

“Did they take flashlights?” she finally asked. I told her that I didn’t know. She seemed genuinely worried now, so I got up to check the stock in the box where all there lights were kept. They were all still there. I returned and told her so. “God damn it!” she swore exasperated. “Do you think they went way out and got stuck in the dark?” I agreed that it was possible, but reminded her that Dad was always prepared. He must have taken a small headlamp at least.

We sat by the fire awhile longer, adding logs and staying warm. “We could go look for them.” I offered. Mom asked if I even knew which way they went. “Well, they headed up the river, I assume they were headed for the falls. Follow the river and we’d probably find them.” She agreed. We sat a while longer. Mom kept looking over her shoulder up the river, as if expecting them to wander into the firelight any moment.

We sat there for another hour, chatting quietly about the trip so far, my relationship with my brother, school, that girl 2 sites over. She chided me over my shyness around girls and we both görükle escort bayan laughed a bit, but she was increasingly uncomfortable about Dad and Daniel being gone so long. I knew she was going to give them such a telling off when they got back.

“Should we go check with the rangers?” she wondered. I told her that the station was closed when I passed, but that they were probably cruising around. I would flag them down when they went by. We sat in silence now, staring into the flames. It was really getting late. Clearly something was wrong. They must really be lost.

“I hope that one of them didn’t get hurt.” She said quietly, sounding very distressed. Moments later the headlights from the ranger truck flashed on us as it approached. We both jumped out of our chairs. We flagged him down and explained the situation. He introduced himself as Ranger Mike and asked what time they had set out. We told him the time and he calculated that they would have just reached the falls at sunset, but that they would have passed the upper ranger station to get there. Perhaps it got too dark and they hold up there, he wondered. He got on the radio and called the ranger upriver. Had he seen the two guys pass by? The ranger responded that he had and warned them that it was getting dark. His voice sounded irked, that these yahoos had given him a ‘Ya ya ya’ reply and continued on.

Both rangers sounded a bit put out that now they had 2 people lost in the dark. They agreed that they would set out in the dark and go find them. Our ranger, Andrew, told us to hang tight and wait for them to bring the guys in. We gave him their names and descriptions and he headed off to arrange a search party, telling us to sit tight and not go anywhere; they didn’t need more people going missing in the dark.

Mom and I returned to the fire to wait. Mom was really mad by now, but nervous at the same time. I could tell she was hoping that they were just lost, a stupid thing, and not hurt. She would give them such grief later.

By now it was midnight and we were both nodding off by the fire. “Screw this!” she said angrily. “I’m freezing. Let’s go to bed. They can wake up when they get back.” She stood and marched to the tent, unzipping it roughly. I banked the fire a bit and followed. I went in the turned to zip it closed. Mom stood there staring at the 2 sleeping bags that she had zipped together for her and Dad. “Well your father isn’t here to keep me warm, so why don’t you climb in with me?” It wasn’t really a question.

I watched as she quickly tossed off her jacket and shucked off her jeans. She was wearing silk long johns, top and bottom, and pulled a Flashdance move, unhooking and removing her bra from underneath her shirt. I noticed the gentle sway of her unharnessed breasts and the instant erection of her nipples, poking through the tight material of her shirt. They hadn’t drooped a bit, just moved gently side to side as she went about clamoring into the huge sleeping bag. She hissed and gasped at the cold as she climbed in. “Oh jeez. Hurry up and get in here and warm me up! It’s freezing!”

I tossed off my clothes, down to my t-shirt and long johns and climbed in with her, zipping the side shut. Mom immediately squirmed up against my back and wrapped her arms around me, mashing her breasts into my back. “Mmmm yeah! Better! Thank you sweetie.” She continued to wriggle against me, getting comfy. “I am so pissed at your father!” she whispered into my ear. “Your brother too, but your father always has to prove he’s so macho. And your brother just follows right along. It’s like those two are in competition.”

We lay awake for a long time, the sleeping bag warming up nicely. Mom relaxed her grip on me and was actually getting hot. She moved apart from me and her hand came up and she began absent-mindedly to scratch my back. “Mmmm yeah.” I said sleepily. Mom reached under the shirt to scratch my bare skin, as she always did. I moved a bit to remove my shirt. We lay there in silence, in the absolute darkness, as she lightly dragged her nails over my skin. I knew we were both wondering what the hell was going on up river.

“They’re probably just going to stay over at the ranger station.” I whispered. Mom’s scratching halted.

“I bet you’re right.” She responded. “I bet they’re drinking whiskey and playing poker with the rangers.” She said, with a mixture of relief and anger in her voice. Her scratching began again. That blissful sensation on my skin continued until I fell asleep.

My eyes came open, dreamily, in the dim light of very early morning. I had to pee. I realized that we had turned over in the night. I was spooned up against Mom’s back. My hand was firmly held between her breasts. She had it in her hands and held it there, as if it was Dad’s. I realized that my typical morning erection was pressing firmly into her bottom. I froze in fear of waking her.

Gently I began to withdraw my hand, but she roused just slightly and pulled it tighter to her; nuzzling it to her breasts. I could feel the incredible softness and pliability, along altıparmak eskort with the hardness of her nipples; both nipples. This did nothing to ease my raging erection. Mom gently pushed her hips back against me, feeling the hardness of my cock against her bottom. “Mmmmmm.” She moaned happily, still mostly asleep. I tried to move back from her, but was trapped by the confines of the sleeping bag. She continued to gently grind against me.

I tried again to remove my hand, but she held it fast against her, actually opening my palm and placing fully over her soft full tit. More grinding against my cock. “Mom.” I whispered, trying not to wake her fully. She moaned quietly. “Mom, I need to pee.” I whispered.

“Yeah, baby?” she asked, still half asleep. There was a beat and then I recognized that moment when you wake up and realize where you are. Mom was waking up. “Ohhhh, morning baby.” She slowly removed my hand from her tits, sliding my palm from one and over the other, and then off of her as she rolled towards me, onto her back.

She yawned and blinked and then got up on her elbows. I noticed the gentle sway of her unbridled breasts as she moved. Her nipples were poking again. They were perfect. It took but a second to make out how much like some of my downloaded nude photos, she looked. Her breasts were about a full B cup, with nipples that were high on each breast and mounted slightly to the outside, as if looking off in slightly different directions.

Her countenance shifted when she recalled the fact that my Dad and Daniel had been out all night. She was really mad now. “I have to pee too.” She stated matter-of-factly, and began to unzip the bag. “Come on. Get up.” As she threw open the sleeping bag she exposed my intense erection, tenting my long johns embarrassingly. “Ooh. Sorry.” She said, noting my cock. “You really do need to pee.”

“Mom!” I countered, embarrassed.

“Oh please.” She stated casually. “I’ve seen a few. It’s nice, I’ll give you that, but let’s get moving.” She got up and began pulling on her clothes. I sat up but was still too embarrassed to get up. I watched as Mom pulled on her pants and then, simply turned her back to me and pulled her shirt up to her neck, and drew her arms out of it. It sat bunched around her neck as she pushed her arms into her bra and settled the cups over her perfect tits. She then reached back to fasten it, a motion that is so uniquely feminine and sexy, that it never fails to arouse me.

During this very brief display, I was afforded a complete profile view of her right breast and erect nipple. The image seemed to be burning my cornea with the freeze frame of this private display. Her areola was roughly 1 ½” around and capped the entire tip, her nipple was perfect pencil eraser size, like a brand new

Ticonderoga, and about as pink. There had been just the slightest swell of her soft flesh above the nipple and a gorgeous roundness below the nipple.

Under her perfect tit flesh were sexy ribs, that curved and moved with her and she pulled the bra on. Her arms were fit, yet pretty slender, but her triceps were nicely pronounced. There was a freckle under her right arm, which then vanished under the bra strap.

“Benjamin!” she said, for the 3rd time. I had been looking but not seeing, as my mind was stuck in slow-motion-replay mode. She had been calling me but I had zoned. “Benjamin! Let’s go” she repeated. I had been caught staring I know, but she was on a mission now. I threw back the cover and moved to stand up, my hard penis now obviously making its presence felt. I noticed Mom watching this display as I ridiculously tried to turn from her, with nowhere to go.

I stumbled into my pants, and she watched from behind and I struggled to get it to fit into the jeans. I noticed she had a bemused as well as an angry look about her as we grabbed our toothbrushes and unzipped the tent.

Having completed our morning ritual, we returned to camp grabbed some breakfast bars and headed for the ranger office. As we rounded the corner, I was taken aback by the number of people that were milling around; it was only 5:30. Mom pushed to the front to ask if anyone knew of Ranger Mike’s whereabouts. Everyone turned at the question.

“Mike’s up at Station 4. Can I help you?” asked the man who appeared to be in charge.

“My husband and son went up the river yesterday afternoon and didn’t come back. Mike was going to go up and find them.” Mom told him.

“Oh, so you’re Mrs, …” He realized he didn’t know the last name.

“Anderson, Jeanne Anderson.” Mom informed him.

“Mrs. Anderson, John Griggs.” He said by way of introduction. “We’ve been up all night looking, but haven’t run across them.” He told her seriously. “Are you sure they headed for the falls? Was there anywhere else they might have gone.”

Mom gave him a blank look, then turned to me, confused. “Aren’t they at the other ranger station?” I asked him. “We thought that they would be at the ranger station.” The man was shaking his head.

“We’ve brought nilüfer escort in some other men to organize a wider search, but haven’t found anything. Nobody has seen them yet.” Mom’s look was turning to panic in a hurry. “Mrs. Anderson, I’m sure they’re fine, but they must have taken another path. There are a number of places to hole up for the night, when it’s this cold. They probably settled into one of them and are waiting for sunrise. Where are you camped?”

We told him and he recommended that we head back, get some breakfast and relax. They would set out in a number of directions, find them and bring them to us. “Matthew here will stay by the radio and come let you know what we know, as soon as we know it. I’m sure they’re fine. Pretty cold in bet, but fine.”

The crowd returned to getting organized and I pulled Mom away. She was very reluctant, but with the 20 odd men and women gathered around, felt like a spare part, same as me. We walked silently back to camp.

We sat by the fire, speaking little, watching as campers came and went, some moved in, some moved out, some just sat by their fires and talked and laughed. The day passed slowly until around 2:00 PM when things turned quite ominous. More ranger trucks drove past on their way to the station and then a rescue truck and paramedics drove past silently. The entire camp seemed to feel the same foreboding that we did. Still no one came to get us. Finally Mom stood and headed off towards the station. I jumped up and followed.

From a distance John Griggs saw Mom heading towards them and hurried over to greet us. As he approached, I could see in his face that something was very wrong. Mom could too.

“Mrs. Anderson, …” he started. He hesitated, which made the worst seem possible. “There’s been an accident.” The worst was reality. Without looking Mom reached and grabbed my sleeve. “We’re not quite sure, …” He began again, appearing unsure of how to proceed. “The divers, …”He began again.

“DIVERS?” Mom squealed. John was taken aback. “Divers? What do you mean divers? Divers for what?” the panic on Mom’s voice was rising quickly.

“Please, Mrs, Anderson. Try and …”

“What do need divers for? Divers, like water divers? In, in in … the water divers? ….”

Mom’s voice trailed off. The look on John’s face was utterly grim. Mom’s hand shot to her mouth. Mom looked to me, trying to understand, but she was not really seeing me. I have never been as afraid as I was right then, by the look on her face; utter, sheer, complete panic.

Mom reached for me just as her legs gave out. John and I both managed to grab her as she went down and we settled her on the ground. She was looking at nothing, but seemed to know what this meant.

“We think they …” John began again.

“THEY?” Mom shrieked again, jolted back to reality, “They?!! Both of them?!!” Again John’s look said it all. Mom gave me a look as if she was dying right there, and slowly laid down on her back in the dirt. Her eyes had a wild, confused, uncomprehending look, darting around, even as the tears came.

I stood there, hands on my knees staring down at her, in utter terror, not able to fully comprehend what was happening. ‘Divers’ I thought to myself, ‘What could it possibly mean?’ I had the same feeling of freeze frame/slow-motion-replay, like those movies where the rain drop enters the pool of water slowly, creating the crater, then the bounce of water back up again. ‘Yeah, water,’ I thought to myself, ‘like where divers go. The ocean, that’s where divers go, the ocean.’ I was addled by panic. ‘What good are divers in the mountains?’ My vision cleared a bit and I looked up to see John kneeling by Mom, holding her hand. Beyond them, I noticed the river; raging and pounding, as melted snow hurried to the sea.

“Are … are they dead?” Mom asked haltingly. John’s delay in answering told her they were. Mom’s eyes rolled closed and she let out a wail that brought everyone running.

I staggered back and watched, disconnected, as they pulled her out of the dirt and led her to a bench outside the station. They sat her down and gathered around, saying nothing but holding her hands and patting her shoulders. Again, the slow-motion-replay as I watched her as she howled and sobbed, her head flopping this way and that. Bits of spittle flew from her lips as she cried so hard her face was beet red.

It was agony to watch as her anguish poured out of her. The sounds of her sobbing have replayed in occasional nightmares all my life. I had never before heard such a pitiful, horrifying sound. Finally, I staggered forward and fell at her knees. As if remembering for the first time that I was there, she grabbed for me and held on for dear life, and her sobbing began anew.

People began to back off and give us space. I remember how much it hurt, how hard, how tightly she was holding me. It felt like weeks, like an eternity that we stayed like that without moving. Part of my dazed mind wandered, and was only able to focus on ridiculous things, like the painful pebble under my knee, the intense smell of pine sap that had gotten on Mom’s shirt where she held me tight, the bright orange hat of one of the searchers. The rest of my mind was playing a loop of my life, my short life, wherein Dad and Daniel had played such major roles. I tried to think of the future, but my brain was stuck in replay, try as I might.