Babysitting Alex – Part 2


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“Morning sleepyhead…” I said shaking Aky by my side. He yawned and rubbed his eye first before looking at me.

“Morning…what time is it?” he asked still sleepy.

“Hum…10:30 AM, I had to wake you up because…well…your mom called and told me to…she said that if you didn’t wake up, you wouldn’t have breakfast” I explained.

“That’s kinda obvious right?” he said looking at me with narrow eyes.

“Hey! Don’t blame me…it’s your mother!” I said.

“Come on I’m just kidding…” he said grabbing his glasses from the table. “by the way…I remember I…slept down there…on the sofa…”

“I know, I carried you up to my room” I said smiling at him.

“oh…hum…thanks..”he said blushing a little.

“Feel yourself like a kid right now huh…?” I said joking.

“Let’s just take breakfast…” he said walking through me trying to hide his blushing cheeks.

“Awwnn…come on here..” I said running after him.

“N-No! Leave me alone!” he said running and laughing and closing himseld inside the bathroom.

“You do know you’ll have to leave sometime right?” I said.

“Why don’t you go prepare the breakfast? I got a surprise for you when I get out!” he screamed from inside the bathroom.

“Fiiine then…” I said going down to prepare breakfast, since my mom worked as a head cook, I knew how to prepare some dishes, so I prepared some waffles and eggs, then I glanced at Aky coming down the stairs, he was only wearing his underwear, a tight fit and I could see the perfect outline of his bubble butt and his hard 4,5′ dick.

“Like your gift?” he asked.

“U-uh…yeah…” I said almost letting the eggs fall.

“Dude, wake up!” he said.

“Sorry…it’s just that…you’re so cute…” I said putting his breakfast on the table.

“Thanks!Say…why should we bother wearing clothes this week? I mean…it’s just gonna be us both right?” he asked me.

“Well…I guess…” I said moving to the table to sit at my spot, as he kept glaring at me eating.

“so…?” he asked me.

“So what..?” I replied.

“Aren’t you going to get naked?” he asked impatiently.

“Suuuure….hang on a sec…” I said still eating.

“I know that tone…dude…I know you since I was 8…I know where you’re being sarcastic…” he said.

My sarcasm is actually really good, some guys I skate with always told me that they could not tell when I was talking serious or being sarcastic, interesting enough, Aky knew, and that was one of the things I liked about him.

“Well…there’s no escaping this huh…?Fine…but you must take off your underwear first…AND etiler escort tell me what is it that you like as well…” I said.

“Fine! It’s a deal” he said slowly sliding down his underwear.

I started talking off my clothes right there, on the kitchen, he wouldn’t take his eyes out of me, watching every move I was making, and that was exciting, and I mean a lot, when I slid down my boxers, he almost jumped of happiness and kept eating, now with an unusual shine on his eyes.

“Happy?” I said sitting down again.

“Hell yeah!” he screamed.

“Don’t think I forgot your part of the deal…” I said.

“and don’t think I forgot yours, rememeber? If I tell you you’ll have to let me fuck you, and I also have a condition…”

“What kind of condition?” I asked looking at him.

“No objections, you’ll let me do it without chickening out, that means, you’ll have to follow my orders!” he said with a confident glare.

“Fine by me…what is it?” I asked.

“I just….didn’t find a way of telling you this…so how about I show you?” he said.

“Let’s end breakfast first…then we go upstairs” I looked at him with a calm look, and he knew what that meant…I was willing to do anything he wanted to try, so we ended out breakfast and we run up grabbbing our clothes and Aky got his little bag and took it to his room, so I sat on bed and he came over putting his bag on floor and kissing me.

“ready?” he asked. “but remember…no chickening out…it’ll totally ruin it…” he continued.

“Alright…so…what do you want to do?” I asked him.

“hum…lie on your stomach and put your hands behind yourself” he said, and I did, I totally thought it was just some kind of joke, so I didn’t care. Then he climbed on my back and tied my hands behind my back, and MAN that was just THE knot!I couldn’t move my hands, then he moved to tie up my legs and gave me a small spank on my ass.

“ow! Hey! What are you doing?” I asked a little surprised.

“You know hum…I was watching some porn the other day and I came across this hot torture video…it made me very hard” he explained. I looked at him turning my face a little.

“So you have a…torture fetish?” I asked him.

“Pretty much that” he said smiling.

“Wow…I’d never expect that” I said.

“And now you weren’t sarcastic” he said slowly turning me so he could see me. “Dude…you’re oozing pre cum! More than yesterday!” he said licking my dick head, that made my whole body shake, I was looking at him, licking and eventually sucking on my dick, it felt so good….I instantly came, but this time he didn’t stop sucking, he kept it inside his mouth sucking every drop I let out, and only stopped once to talk çapa escort to me.

“Now I feel the taste alright…sweet and salty…” he said smiling and kept on sucking, but by this time, it was already sensitive, and I feel that a lot, and of course he noticed, he heard me plead, ask and cry out to stop, but that just made him go faster and faster until I came again, I felt light headed, but nothing unbearable, I looked at him as he seemed like he enjoyed what he has just done to me and lifted my legs a little, he was stroking himself way hard, and by this time I was loving what he was doing, I’d never expect such a thing from a cute, shy boy…and that got me all horny again, even though I had already cummed twice.

“Wow…you actually like it?” he asked a little surprised.

“Well…I guess I do now…what are you planning now you little devil?” I asked.

“I’m gonna make you fulfill your part of the deal, I’m gonna fuck you!” He said joyly.

“Then come on already…you’re torturing me!” I said as he simply grinned looking at me.

“I know I am…” with that said he slid a finger against my virgin hole, it made me jump from the bed but I couldn’t do much because I was tied up, Then he slid a 2nd…and a 3rd, I was moaning loud from his little fingers in me, then he finally took his fingers off sliding his own 4,5′ dick into me, he moaned out loud when he went all the way, there was no resistance, no pain, just pleasure, he started thrusting in and out, back and forward and it felt was perfect, I always wanted Aky to fuck me and it was happening just now, during his thrusts I kept thinking of how lucky I was for knowing him. It made just about 10 minutes when I felt him breathing hard, I was breathing hard as well, his thrusts were getting faster and harder.

“It’s so good to fuck! Goddamnit!!Oh Fuck…I’m cuming!” He screamed as he came inside me, his cum filling me made me cum as well, what I didn’t notice was that thanks to his way of positionating me, I was looking directly to my dick as I felt my own jets hit my face, maybe it was his plan all along, but I was not sure, and he was right, it did taste sweet…and a bit salty, a little different from his though. I turned on my stomach finally getting a time to stretch myself, and Aky came to my side with his cute eyes looking at me with his deep dark brown eyes, as if he was sorry for something…that made my heart tighten.

“You….mad at me?” he asked a little ashamed.

“Why would I be?” I asked him.

“Well…I just…sort of…raped you…” he said.

“Still…it was good, I liked…if fact…being fucked by you, or even raped wouldn’t matter…I really love you…and I don’t care what else…so you better get merter escort that smile back to your face…” I said smiling at him as he wiped the cum out of my face with my sheets.After that he kissed me deeply and I saw a small tear fall from his eye.He turned to me, now with his smile back to his beautiful, cute face.

“That’s what I’m talking about….humm…just one more thing…can you…untie me Aky? it just…kind of hurts now…”

“Oh..right..sorry!” He said untying me, I sit on the bed rubbing my wrists a bit then leaned over to hig him.

“You’re really special to me…I don’t wanna lose you…ever…” I said with my face on his shoulder and I slowly took a little distance drying his tear with my finger, still holding his shoulders. “Even with this weird fetish of yours you know…” I said laughing.

“Oh yah!” He said laughing too.

“but Now we need a bath…I think I have cum on my hair..” I said.

“Sure!” he said walking to me to the bathroom.

Later on, after lunch, I laid on the grass of the backyard looking to the skies, I always did that to wind off and relax, and of course, I was wearing my shorts, Then Aky came on his small shorts lying next to me so I started a conversation…

“Say…ever wanted to do something like this to anyone you know?Like…besides me..” I asked.

“Hum…yeah…but won’t tell mom, dad or your friends right?” he asked a little uncertain.

“Yeah…of course..Hey guys, I had sex with this cute 12 year old boy and he likes a boy as well and he wanna have sex with him! yeah…I dont think THIS will pop out…” I said sarcasticly.

“I’m 12 1/2!” he said letting out a small groan.

“whatever…” I said.

“Well…anyway….he’s a friend from school, his name is Mark and he’s really cute…he’s 14, and well…I asked him some weird stuff…and he said that his dick is like 5′ uncut and he last jacked off 7 months ago…” he said.

“Oh…you mean little Mark, like a little taller than you with straigth black hair?” I asked.

“Yep! You know him?” he asked.

“I do, we talked a little during freetime back in school…you sure know how to pick a boy huh?Wanna ask him he he wants to come here tomorrow?” I said.

“You’d do that?” he asked.

“Sure! after all, I know him, you know him…we’re all friends, I don’t see why not..” I said smiling.

“Cool Matt! Thanks!” He screamed rolling over me and kissing me deeply.

“Of course…we’ll have to work this thing out in front of him…” I said kissing him back.

“Oh yeah! Who knows….maybe…you know…” he said getting up with me.

“Well there’s a possibility…there’s ALWAYS a possibility…so…wanna go for a swim?we can do to our house and grab your speedos..” I said.

“Sure of course!” He said running inside. “But let’s go fast!” he screamed continuing running.

“Hey! Slow down Aky!!” I screamed running after him.

Here it is! Part 2, maybe more? who knows…