Babydoll Ch. 09


Chapter 09 – Spring Break – The Next Day

This is the direct continuation of the last chapter. Any likenesses or similarities are purely coincidental. Please read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to many people. The material is erotic to me because it is forbidden in society. In no way do I condone such activity. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy. Once again, I appreciate the comments and feedback of the Babydoll series. The encouragement has far and away outweighed any criticism that I have received. I really want feedback for all of the chapters. I truly think that whether positive or negative, that it leads one to become a better author.

My eyes opened as I awoke from a deep sleep. Where was I? Hmmm, I was back in my room. The last thing I remembered was being down in the basement. Had it all been a dream. Had I really been with my mother? It didn’t seem real, but it had to have been.

The next thing I knew, the door to my room was opened and in came Ashley. Her 5’7” frame was standing before me. Her long legs and slim ass were perfectly framed by a pair of faded cut-off jean shorts and those nice firm C-D full sized tits were accentuated by the white wife beater tank top she was wearing. 19 years of prime delight stood there before my sleepy eyes.

The sound of her coming up the steps is what must have woken me up. I was groggy, so I just laid down in the bed and tried to stretch myself awake. The flimsy tank top was riding up so that her belly was somewhat exposed. Man! She looked really hot standing before me.

Leaning down she looked me squarely in the eyes and kissed me softly on the lips giggling, “Good Morning Sleepy Head, I’ve missed you. Are you going to sleep all morning?”

I already had morning wood and now this hottie was embracing me with her taut abdomen exposed. She had this golden blonde thing going on that looked wonderful surrounding her model complexion. Instantly I went to full mast feeling the heat from my senses being stimulated by her presence.

“When did you get home?” I asked.

She smiled, “I just came in about 20 minutes ago. I had to put my stuff away and I figured you were sleeping in anyway.”

(Jimmy) – “Y’all must have left pretty early.”

Ash laid down next to me and rubbed my chest while responding, “Well Liz needed to get back and it’s only about an hour away. So we just came straight back.” Then she leaned in and kissed me again, fully on the lips. Pulling back she let me know, “You know I have really missed you, us, being together. I haven’t bathed today. Then she proceeded to stand up and walk out the door.”

Oh my god, this had to be a cue was all I could think. It took me back to the scene almost one year before to the day. It couldn’t be. How hot would that be?

I waited a few seconds before following her. Instinct led me to her room She was sitting in front of her mirror. She was looking in the mirror, smiling, as she leisurely brushed her hair. I entered and sat down across from her. As before I asked, “Ashley you have such beautiful hair can I brush it.”

She handed me the brush, as I went over and stood behind her. I slowly and gently started stroking her hair with the brush. After a couple minutes her hair was as soft as silk strands. My balls were tight and my dick was taut. I laid down the brush and began massaging her shoulders — stroking them ever so gently and lowering my head to smell her hair.

I was awed, “Oh. Ash you are so beautiful. Your hair is so silky.” Then I chuckled as I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Is it true, what they say about blondes having more fun?”

Ashley grinned slyly as she responded, “That’s for me to know and you to find out. Isn’t it? … I’m going to go take a bath.”

I knew exactly what to say. It was déjà vu in a wonderful way, “Ashley let me wash your hair. I’d love to do it. I bet it will really smell great once it’s washed.”

Ashley squawked, “Before I was scared, but now it is what I want.”

I gulped and nodded at the inferred aggression.

Ashley led the way as I followed, mesmerized the wonderful denim covered ass sashaying before me. As she entered the bathroom, she went to the tub and turned on the water. Then she stepped back and proceeded to pull her tank top over her head exposing her wonderful jugs. She then unzipped her cut-offs and stepped out of them. She only had white silk panties on. She stepped into the tub and sat without taking her panties off.

I looked at her with wonderment, “Ashley you make my heart palpitate.”

She leaned over to me saying, “thank you.” Before we kissed again.

I proceeded to take some shampoo and lather up her hair. As I continued massaging her scalp, I thought of last year and all the times that we had been together. I thought of the night before with my mother. Was I stupid? All I needed was the woman before me.

My mind was steaming in the hot, humid gorukle escort bathroom. I had a need to see her fully nude. I asked, “Baby will you take your panties off?”

With an assured smile she responded differently this time, “For you I will.” She stood and shimmied out of the silky waterlogged panties. Standing fully nude before me I was breathless at what I saw. Ashley’s muff was completely bare, as if she were a pre-pubescent teen.

I stammered, “Oh my God,” as my lust took me to dizzying heights. I was in awe of what stood before me. I leaned in and kissed her on the clean smooth skin.

She cooed, “You like?”

I seriously stated. “I like this way, I like the other way, I like anyway.” She sat back in the water as I grabbed the soap and began lathering her body. She then took the soap from my hand and continued to wash herself as I once again began shampooing her hair. I wanted to get in the water with her and this time I asked, “Ash can I get in the water with you?”

“OK Jim, go ahead,” she said in a soft tone.

I didn’t have to be told twice. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and stepped out of my lounge pants, exposing my bloated cock. As she moved forward, I stepped into the tepid water and settled in behind her.

I then started washing her hair again. I massaged her scalp a little longer and then I took a cup and rinsed her hair. She then wrung the excess water from her head. When I had finished rinsing her hair, she leaned back fully into me as I kissed her forehead.

She looked back at me, “I’d like to shave you bare. Would you let me?”

The thrill entered my mind. It would feel like two first time virgins fucking. “Sure,” I agreed.

When Ash stood up, the water cascaded down her shimmering body. She stepped out of the tub and walked over to the bathroom cabinet. Reaching into the drawer she gathered some shaving cream and a brand new razor. Then she came back and entered the bathtub where she requested, “Will you stand up.”

As I stood, she knelt before me. My cock bounced before her face with a heartbeat of its own. She took the can and squirted some shaving gel in her hand and then began lathering it into my pubic area. I didn’t need a scissor trim, because I have always groomed myself every couple of months and I didn’t have a lot down there at the time.

I was a little nervous, “I’ve never been fully shaved down there before so please be careful.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful,” she grinned in response.

Once she was satisfied with the coverage, she took the razor and gazed into my eyes. Nervously anticipating the event I meekly requested, “Be gentle now, you don’t want to harm my delicate skin.”

She carefully went to work making a pass rinsing the razor and repeating the process over and over. I watched as the path was cleared of both foam and hair. She gracefully guided the blade, making certain that no stray hair remained.

Slowly and deliberately she reached the point at the base of the rigid shaft, until there was no remaining hair left above my cock. She ran her fingertips over the shaved areas checking for any missed spots before moving on to the underside.

Gently, she lifted the sack of my genitals and glided the razor along the skin carefully until nary any existence of hair could be found. She had used the utmost caution to make sure not to nick the extremely delicate skin. The sac was as smooth as if no hair had ever existed there.

Taking a washcloth, Ashley rinsed away the last remnants of shaving foam. She gently fondled my now super sensitive barren genitalia with her nimble fingers as my legs turned to jelly. I almost felt reborn as the pleasure of the touch of her hands sent chills throughout my body.

“Did I do a good job?” She had to have known the expert job that she had done. I could not imagine anyone taking more time and not rushing the strokes, but I knew that she needed to be assured that I was happy with her work.

“Baby, you did a wonderful job.” Her eyes left mine and traveled down my chest to the engorged monster drooling just inches from her beautiful face. She playfully slapped the bloated staff and let out a robust laugh before kissing it and giving it a couple of full strokes. I couldn’t help but moan in ecstasy.

Baby, you deserve a reward for doing so well. “Come on. Let’s get dried off and go get in the bed. Would you like that?”

She looked me in the eyes and shook her head in the affirmative. I reached down and grabbed a hold of her arms and lifted her up, hugging her against me. For the first time our bare nether regions made contact as my steely erection became sensitively mashed into her soft abdomen.

We kissed for a brief moment until I broke away went over to the bathroom closet. I grabbed a couple of our best towels. I took one and started hand drying her as she stepped out of the tub and onto the bath mat. Finally, she took the towel from me, and began patting herself dry. altıparmak eskort bayan I was entranced once again by her beauty, but finally reached for the other towel and dried myself.

As Ash moved up to the mirror to check herself out, her back was turned to me. I moved up to her, gave her a light peck on her cheek, and told her “God, You are beautiful. You turn me on so much. Let’s go get in the bed.”

She turned, giving a knowing grin, and walked out of the bathroom toward her bedroom. I took that as the signal to follow her towel wrapped form. As we entered her room, I laid down on the bed and admired the beautiful presence while she stood at her dresser drawers.

It was like a reenactment of one year earlier as she stood at her dresser drawer. She rustled through the drawers picking out what she wanted to wear. Then she dropped her towel exposing her feminine charms once again. Her body glistened with moisture from the bath we had just taken. My eyes once again roamed her body with wanderlust as she seemed to find what she was looking for.

“Jimmy turn your head while I change my panties.” I turned my head for a second, but only to play the game. Then I turned it back to see her in all of her splendor. She noticed and this time giggled, “JIIMMMYYY!!!”

I was truly in awe, “God, Ashley, You are so beautiful. Please just stand there for a second and let me look at you. You just keep looking better and better.”

Her confidence seemed to grow more and more as the days passed; she displayed her assets willingly for more than a few seconds. I took in the sight of her perfect tits and her bare pussy. She was all woman now. After a few brief seconds, she put on those tiny cute light blue panties and white t-shirt on again. She came over and sat in the floor and handed me the brush.

I squatted behind her and began slowly stroking her hair again. I began creeping up closer to her until my legs were surrounding her tight little ass. I know she must have felt my boner rubbing against her ass. Only the towel surrounding my waist covered my bloated staff. I was drunk with lust from the smell of her hair. It had me overly sensitive.

As I brushed her hair, I bent forward and whispered in her ear, ” Ashley I love you. I’ve missed you. I want you so bad.”

Incredulously she stated, “I’ve missed you too.”

I reached down and loosened my towel letting my cock nuzzle in the crack of her satiny blue covered ass. As my chin rested upon the base of her shoulder and neck, her scent became intoxicating. I began fondling her ear as I told her, “You know I love you. I always have.” I quit stroking her hair and got up on the bed. “Come lay down here with me baby, I need you.”

Without hesitation, she got up and laid down on the bed beside me. It was like deja vu. I was lying on my side and she was lying on her back. No words needed to be spoken. We cuddled restlessly with me fondling and kissing her and letting her know how much I desired her. My rod was stiff and the aching sensation in my loins let me know that I needed more.

“What do you want to do?” she asked.

“Just get comfortable right now,” I retorted nonchalantly. “Why don’t we just cuddle right now? I just want to hold you.”

I was really turned on and she showed no hesitation as she rolled to her side and we spooned together. There was no trepidation. We knew what each other wanted and needed. There were no frustrations, we were going to fuck in due time. Patience and titillation lead to a wonderfully climactic event. That is what good sex is all about.

Slowly I reached down to her exposed midriff and slowly eased the t-shirt over her head, exposing her gorgeous breasts once again. After wriggling her out of the t-shirt, I cupped her heavy mams as I wrapped my legs around her sides and began unconsciously humping her.

As I lovingly kissed her neck, she began squirming and I could tell that she was getting as hot as I was.

Then after a couple minutes of buttering her up, like this, Feeling a déjà vu moment, I took control over her and asked her, “Let’s take your panties off baby.”

At first she playfully hesitated, but I remained patient. “Come on Baby. I just want to be naked with you.” I finally placed my hands on each side of her waist and slowly eased them down. She didn’t say a word as I slowly rubbed her firm ass. It felt so great to feel her naked beauty next to me.

Our nude forms created an explosive friction as I kissed and groped her shapely body. I was burning with lust thinking and then saying, “God this feels so good.”

“Jimmy,” she stammered, “I know this isn’t right, but I can’t help it. I am so in love with you. I am so in love with this”

I knew that “this” wasn’t right. Ash didn’t even know that I had fucked our mother just hours before. My lust just wanted to keep my cock wet. Mom’s pussy was exquisite, but there was no way I wanted to give up Ash, especially nilüfer eskort bayan with it splayed before me. I had a raging hard on that pulsed against her ass as I held her.

We had been here before, but it had never lost its luster. I just rubbed against the cleft of her fantastic backside for a while. I had learned to control my libido or otherwise I would have shot my load in this highly charged moment. She turned on her back and gave me a perplexing stare. It was time to get back at it.

I had to tell her, “God! You are so beautiful Baby. You’ve got me so turned on. Look what you do to me.”

She turned around and took a quick glance at the now barren rigid mast. There was an anxious, anticipatory look on her face. My 7-inch monster looked even more menacing with no hair to hide part of its length. Even though she no longer seemed intimidated by the whole situation, I could feel the tension in the air.

I took my time with the foreplay. My mind raced thinking about what I wanted to do next. I slithered down between her legs and alternated between kissing her hairless mons and licking her unfolded labia. She really started writhing around my face, bucking like a wild filly as I inserted my index finger inside her love. This dialed up her first orgasm of the session as she began tremoring.

As her cream began to trickle, I slowly started licking my way up to her navel. I crept up her body until we were face-to-face and then I kissed her pouty lips. The thought ran through my mind, at this point, about the events of the last year. My cock was going home once again. We began kissing fervently as our stomachs collided and I could feel the head of my cock brush against the nether lips of her pussy. Then I lowered myself and stuck the head into her moist labia.

I pushed myself up, locking my elbows and coaxed, “Come on honey, I wanna fuck.” I was between her legs and squarely over her.

She leaned forward and wrapped her arms and legs around me, as she brought her lips to mine. Right there I had my answer.

I pulled back, “Remember last year? I just wanted to feel it, to be inside you. I got carried away. I just wanted to feel it for a second…” Then I gently nudged my crown inside her soft, warm crevice.

She stammered, “I just wanted to wait. I’d never done it before. I just wanted to wait.”

I slowly entered her, telling her, “I Love you Ashley. I’ve always loved you. You are the woman I want to be with. You are the most beautiful girl in the world.”

As we clung together Ashley whispered in my ear, “I love you too Jimmy, I love you too.”

I began focusing on kissing my playmate again. I was immersed in the electrical friction as our bodies collided in awkward angles. The sounds of passion filled my ears as we fucked furiously. The undulations of her torso were causing her stiff nipples to poke me in the chest. Once again we were lost in one another.

My cock lurched in the heat of the moment. “Oh god, baby, I’ve missed you so much.” I knelt up and pushed her thighs apart, as I watched my cock slide in and out of her hairless cunt. Ashley started rotating wildly around my shaft as I moved in and out of her. I felt like we were a couple of kids fucking and it was driving me crazy with desire.

My sex gland began to pulse, a sign that I could cum at any moment, but I did not want to. I pulled out and repositioned myself to Ashley’s side. I pushed her up and spooned her backside as thoughts of the exhilarating fuck session I had with Mama, just hours before, flashed into my mind. These two women were so much alike and so different at the same time.

I reached around and cupped Ashley’s large breasts in my open palms, squeezing them with animal lust as I once again started grinding against her. I had a need to get back inside of her. Guiding my cock to her creamy opening, I eased my way into her luscious snatch. She let out a primal groan, as I felt the now familiar sensation of paradise.

I kissed between her shoulder blades, as I kneaded her swollen orbs. I whispered sweet nothings in her ear, “I love your sweet little pussy. It’s so tight and hot. I always want to cum in you baby.”

There was an audible sound of our thighs smacking together, as we continued going at it back and forth. I let my lips brush up and down Ash’s neck before I began nibbling on her ear. My cock was hard as a rock and I knew she could feel every vein as it burrowed inside of her unyielding pussy.

Ashley began moaning, “Oooh yeah, Uh, Uh, Oh fuck, Oh yeah baby, Ooh yeah, I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming……Come for me baby, come for me.”

And I was more than willing to oblige. Her sultry pussy had me at the edge and I was just about ready to go over the top. I grabbed a hold of her sides and pistoned frantically in and out of the molten juices of her womb.

We were grunting, groaning, and thrashing about as I pumped in and pulled out of her. Ashley pleaded with me, “Cum with me baby! Cum with me!” She now enjoyed the experience of riding up and down the steely shaft like a bitch with an unquenchable desire.

“Oooh, Oooh, Oh Fuck!!!” I spouted, as my cock twitched and my body convulsed, spewing cream inside her velvety walls. She milked my cock until I couldn’t take the electric sensation anymore.