Bab’s Christmas Box



From Babs was in her early 40’s Babs she and I had a few erotic adventures where I shared her mature body with younger guys but as we got older, we dropped back to having sex once or twice a week unto a holiday in the sun a few years ago rekindled our interest.

When we went to the sun for a holiday just after I took early retirement. With me playing more golf and drinking my interest in sex had sort of waned. Babs obviously had had other ideas.

Babs looked very well with her spray tan and a pretty flattering white one piece suit which showed off her mature figure to perfection. However she must have noticed me checking out some of the younger topless girls round the pool with their miniscule bikini bottoms so she obviously decided to show me and make me appreciate what I had at home!

She had gone shopping into a nearby town the third day of our holiday and I was stunned the next morning when she joined me at the pool and took off her wrap to reveal a very tiny black bikini held together with gold chains. I have to say she looked so sexy it was almost lewd with the top struggling to hold in her heavy mature 42 C/D breasts and the tiny scrap of bikini bottom struggling to cover her big shaven pussy mound. But the sexiest of all was the thin gold chain dividing her 42 ” hips and disappearing into the deep chasm between her large jutting ripe buttocks.

Quite simply I had never seen anything or anyone sexier in my life than my mature wife putting her ripe assets on full display in public — she looked simply stunning. When she decided to go for a swim there were very few younger and older guys eyes didn’t go to her almost totally uncovered big bouncing ass cheeks or when she came out to her overflowing bikini top and her large prominent camel toe. Quite simply she looked like sex on legs. She obviously liked the attention she got because on coming out she lost the bikini top and put her big pendulous breasts on full display.

She saw my obvious arousal and teasingly asked “did I like her bikini?”

I grated “I do and what’s in it.”

And she informed me she had purchased two more just like it. Half an hour later and sporting a large erection I suggested that she stop thrilling the other guys round the pool and go back to our apartment for lunch. She obviously had gained in confidence and was quite confident enough to stroll through the hotel without the top.

Needless to say we starting kissing and me fondling — well really groping her tits and ass in the lift and we had hardly made it into the apartment when I bent her over the sofa, mounted her and rammed the hardiest erection I had had for some years into her ready pussy. This wasn’t making love this was the pure sex that we both were ready for, and as she climaxed first I knew that her wearing very little in public had turned her on as much as me.

That night she looked if anything even sexier — braless and wearing just a white g string under a semi sheer white clinging dress that left nothing to the imagination. For the first time in a few years she was delighted to find me ready for a second round of lovemaking.


I suppose like most married women of my age after Tom retired and started drinking more and didn’t appear too interested in sex. I had started to dress more conservatively as I didn’t want to be accused of being ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ but when I did get dressed up for golf club functions it did my ego no harm to be hit on quite a bit by the younger guys probably because I am blonde and busty. But when we were holidaying abroad a couple of years ago, although I had lost a bit of weight and got a spray tan before we left, I felt really quite depressed when I saw hubby was eyeing up too many of the young topless girls. I suppose by comparison I looked a bit matronly in my rather staid one piece. So I decided to show him what he had, and purchased a very tiny g string bikini. I nearly chickened out from wearing it in public as the top struggled to hold in and up my 40c/d boobs and I thought my very prominent public mound and mature 42″ hips were very uncovered by the thin g string.

However Tom was already in position at the pool eyeing the female talent and as I had a wrap on didn’t notice anything different until I sat down and took off the wrap. It certainly got his attention and quite a bit of other male attention, especially when I let the boobs go from the tiny harness. It certainly made me realise guys of all ages appreciate a more mature figure if it’s shown off.

Tom too noticed this and when we came in from the pool we made love like teenagers. That night when we went to dinner and for a few drinks, I went braless with only a tiny g string in a semi sheer dress and once again the attention my breasts and rear got, excited him and that night we again made really passionate love again. He openly declared that it made him really proud to feel that other guys really desired ‘his woman’.

Since then pre Covid, he encouraged me to wear sexy clothing escort izmir when we were out, especially outside our own neighbourhood, and so most ‘date’ nights like that were a sexual adventure. Yes sometimes I did feel a little uncomfortable when I got disapproving glances and even comments from wives — probably because their husbands couldn’t keep their eyes off me but also very flattering attention and compliments from guys of all ages including guys in their 20s. This was good for my ego! Bob and I had such fun and I regret the wasted years when we could have had this fun.

Tom is fairly fit from his golf and fairly virile but he does drink too much with his buddies at the club and earlier last year felt that he needed a boost and on an overnight away tried one of the EH drugs — what a night — we really did make love like teenagers. He was rampant and insatiable, I felt the difference and I loved all of it! We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and the sex was truly amazing. We followed that up with a few new adventures with younger guys which were great fun and terribly good for my ego.

Unfortunately Covid largely put paid to such adventures and also to Tom’s new sexual energy until just before Christmas last year when he suggested me driving to Glasgow to drop off Christmas cases of champagne to two of the editors who had given us writing assignments.


With Covid interrupting our social life Babs, initially Babs dressed up for me and we had pretty good sex but while I loved and enjoyed her body I realised that what really turned me on was her exhibitionism and seeing other guys having her.

Basically we ended up having sex a couple of times a week, working on the few assignments we could get from one of my golfing buddies Robert and another guy Jack, and me meeting up twice a week with Robert for a game of golf and a few afternoon drinks at the temporary open air bar the club provided.

It was during one of these sessions when we were moaning about Covid that Robert appeared really depressed. He had lost his wife three years previously and had just started to develop a social life when Covid struck. Work too was slow and he had to juggle commissioning part-time writers like ourselves to try to share out the limited amount of work available.

He said that I was a lucky man with Babs to brighten up my ‘lockdown’. He has always had a bit of a fancy for Babs but always in a very gentlemanly fashion but with us both having had a few drinks the conversation got a bit more risqué. I admitted that I was lucky to have such a sexy wife but what had increasingly turned me on before Covid was taking her out and showing her off. When he pressed me on this I told him that it wasn’t just her dressing up such as for the club functions but going out of town and her dressing to show off her tits and ass. I told him it turned both of us on to see guys reaction to her and it enhanced our lovemaking.

He went on to ask if we took it further I could see he was quite aroused when I said we had occasionally picked someone up.

I knew that Babs was looking forward to seeing his new bachelor pad which was supposed to have a great view over the Clyde and so I suggested that I would get her to drop a case of champagne off as his Christmas present.

I suggested that if she wore a short skirt and went braless — it at least would brighten his day and I was a little disappointed that she came down wearing tight leather trousers and a tight cashmere sweater. To be fair the trousers left little to the imagination emphasising her ripe mature thighs and pussy mound (and big box) and clinging tightly round her big jutting high riding buttocks. And the soft material of her sweater clung beautifully round her unbraed heavy breasts leaving her nipples prominently displayed. I have to say the thought of him making a move on her did turn me on.

As outlined in an earlier story Babs appeared to be suffering from ‘lockdown blues’ and a poor diet of sex, as she not only shagged Robert but also our other commissioning editor, Jack!


I was a little surprised when Tom told me that Robert had the hots for me for several years as he had always been a perfect gentleman. I would not have been adverse to wearing a short skirt when delivering his Christmas present but I certainly was not in favour of wearing one to deliver Jack’s. Robert must be mid 70s and had shown no interest while Jack was early thirties, quite a player with the ladies, and had groped me on several occasions. He had made it clear he was very interested in my mature body. As I am now 56 it was flattering that this very handsome early 30s guy made it clear he fancied my 40c/d 26 42 figure but initially I wasn’t prepared to be just another notch on his bedpost.

As it happened both got an extra ‘Christmas box’ to the champagne with two guys getting access to my ‘Christmas Box’. As Covid restrictions eased this set up a fantastically exciting chain of events where as we came out of izmir escort bayan Covid restrictions we almost have more work than we can handle. Tom, Robert and I became a fairly tight threesome for work, golf, going out and bed. And Jack and I met regularly for business and great and sometimes more extreme sex. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and Jack loves the fact that I am prepared to wear what he wants — invariably clothes to show off my breasts, thighs and rear and even my pussy! It really turns him on for me to wear even sheerer tops in public which leave nothing to the imagination, bum skimming short skirts with stockings and sometimes even flash my g string or pussy to his friends. And I had never had it so good with three guys to service me regularly and as Covid restrictions have eased Jack has given me some very exciting assignments including more PR type work writing copy for some of his top advertising clients.


After her session with Robert, Babs suggested to invite Robert for a meal and discuss more commissioned work. We had a great night. Babs looked spectacular with heavier than normal make up, totally sheer top and short tight skirt with stockings and suspenders. She was dressed for sex and Robert and I didn’t disappoint her. With Robert having a great night and his first experience of dping a woman he and I have become even better golfing buddies and he regularly stays over with us and us with him for more extended sessions with Babs. Unless Babs is out with Jack, we golf on Saturday and we enjoy Babs on Saturday night into Sunday. We are now also his no 1 writers with some very exciting international trips planned.

Babs has never been happier having fun and good sex with two older guys and having a virile young lover she has all the cock she craves plus a bit of travel with Jack. Upside for Robert and me is that although she has always been a bit of an exhibitionist Jack loves to ‘show her off’ in public and really encouraged her to wear clothing to show off her assets and we too have had fun with her like this.


I had been busy on some assignments when Jack called me to inform me that he wanted to meet with some potentially very exciting clients who owned four restaurants in Glasgow and were in the process of launching a new upscale restaurant for the early thirties and upwards in the old town in Edinburgh. He had been at school with one of them.

Jack had let them see some of my work and they liked what they described as its ‘smart sophistication’ but from my photograph thought I might be a bit old to relate to their customer profile. I could imagine Jack smiling when he told them they wouldn’t be disappointed when they met me as I was smart, intelligent, media savvy and looked a lot younger than my age. He said I was also very sexy and after a couple of years of trying to take me to bed he had succeeded and couldn’t get enough of me! He suggested I wear something young and sexy. When I asked him skirt or trousers, he suggested “Tight leggings to show off my ass and ‘big box’.”

I put on a pair of black shiny leggings with over the knee boots. As requested, the leggings showed off my ‘ripe thighs’ and my big mature pussy mound and ‘camel toe’ and when I looked in the mirror I could see the leggings were literally sculpted to my big buttocks. After debating whether I should go braless I decided on a rather sheer white shirt blouse with a sheerish lacey bra under it and completed it with a black leather ‘bomber jacket’. I hoped Jack would like the ‘rock chick’ look.

When my taxi dropped me off he was waiting outside the Filling Station Pub in the old town, and looked absolutely fantastic in a dark blue linen suit and a smart white shirt. He bent down and pecked me on the lips before telling me how fantastic I looked and as he stood back to let me through the door his hand brushed my rear and he murmured “That ass looks absolutely fantastic.”

After a few drinks he got up and waived through the crowd to the two clients who had just come in. As we bumped elbows, I noticed both early 30s guys checking me out before they sat down with us.

They were good fun and I was quite relaxed and was rather enjoying being the only female in the company of three great looking guys including seeing the rather envious glances of much younger women. When I got up to go to the loo, I was slightly surprised when Jack helped me off with my jacket and whispered in my ear “Lose the bra when you’re out I’ve told the guys what great tits you have and I think they were quite looking forward to seeing them.”

I was a little miffed at being told what to do and when I slipped my bra off in the loo a little worried that without it, I was really showing off too much boob and nipple through the almost totally sheer material of the shirt. Yes my boobs looked good but hardly a professional PR look! However I was still enthralled enough with Jack to want to please him. I got some looks as I pushed out through the crowd back izmir escortlar to our table with my large boobs bouncing and clearly on display but it was quite a turn on when Mike said “Wow Jack wasn’t kidding you really are stacked.”

And Peter murmured “And really well built in all the right places.”

We all had a laugh when Jack said that Pete and Mike hadn’t been into older woman until they had seen my ass when I was going out to the loo and now they had seen my big ass, box and tits he was sure that he had them converted. Both boys chorused their assent.

But he said we weren’t here to talk about my assets they were just a bonus to the great PR I could do for their new restaurant. It appears the guys liked not only my writing skills but the body I brought with the package because we got the contract.

Three weeks ago I had suggested that we do an early pre-launch to show invited media the ‘work in progress’ before the actual opening and arranged to meet them at the site for a tour and some photographs.

I decided to go for a smart sexy look and wore a fitted pinstripe suit with a black camisole below the jacket. The skirt was possibly a little tight and short to look totally professional especially as it had a short split up the back.

After I made a presentation to the group and had a lot of photographs taken, Mike had to go on to another appointment which left me with Pete. He suggested we look upstairs to talk over few ideas and as he stepped aside to let me precede him up the narrow stairwell, I realised he could probably see fully up my skirt and my stocking tops and thighs. I was really flattered when we got to the top and he patted me on the rear and smiling “I thought old Jack had lost it when I heard he was dating a much older woman but I can definitely see the benefits — you have a fantastic figure and an absolutely superb ass!”

He said that they were holding a Christmas party on a boat in Leith connected with another project and suggested I might like to come as his guest. I think he was disappointed when I said I was sure Jack would enjoy that.

Jack said it was likely to be a lively party and I dressed as he suggested — ‘as short a skirt as you have and no knickers.’ I was determined to look my best and arranged to have my make up done professionally in town, my tan topped up and to look for a really special dress. I eventually found a fantastic stretchy silver mini dress that could have been made for me as it was absolutely sculpted to my curves and showed off my breasts and nipples and of course what I thought could be the big attraction for Jack and his friends, my rear to perfection

Jack wasn’t disappointed at my slinky low cut silver dress which was low cut and showed cleavage but yet hung nicely round my unbraed breasts. It was tight and ‘bum skimmingly’ short just about covering my stocking tops.

There was a bar upstairs and music downstairs. I think Jack really enjoyed looking up my skirt when we went upstairs! The drink flowed and Jack was extremely attentive especially when I allowed my skirt to ride up over my stocking tops and he could look up my skirt to see my newly shaven pussy. He leaned over and whispered “You’re going to get the fucking of your life tonight.”

I smiled and said “I hope so!” I didn’t realise that it would be the case!

He leaned over and kissed me and we were soon snogging like teenagers. It felt absolutely wonderful to be with such a fantastic looking guy and have his almost complete attention even though we were surrounded by a mass of very attractive and very available younger girls. In short I had fallen very hard for this guy.

When the music below changed to a slower mood he suggested we have a dance before the night was over and I was delighted to accompany him downstairs. As we danced he held me really close and I could feel his hard erection pressing in to me. When I slipped my hand on to it, he responded by putting his hand between my legs and murmured appreciatively “You are really wet.”

I murmured back “That’s because I really want you.” He pulled me very close to him and I felt his hand go up my skirt at the back to grope my rear. I realised afterwards with the shortness of my skirt this meant my ass would have been exposed but I was so caught up in the mood that I probably wouldn’t have cared.

However, when I was in the loo I realised that it had not only been seen but commented on when I heard two girls discussing me. The thrust of it was that one said they couldn’t believe Jack was going out with someone so much older ‘even if she had a good figure’. The other rather cattily said that I wasn’t afraid to show it off as it didn’t look as if I was wearing any underwear. To be frank I wasn’t that worried about what I viewed as petty jealousy until I heard one of them say that guys appeared to love women with big assess and especially ones like me ‘who had no limits in bed’. She went on to say that included ‘Jack and probably Mike and Pete giving it to me up the ass on a regular basis’.

I realised that Jack had been talking about our love making and that it was fairly common knowledge amongst the guys and their girlfriends that I was up for anything and he was buggering me.