Aurora Takes a Bath


Please note, this is my first erotic story, and I need your feedback to get better. Thanks!

Aurora was 19, and she was the good girl in town. She made straight A’s throughout school, she obeyed everything her parents told her to do, she was always volunteering and she was known for her big, kind heart. Her father was the mayor of the town, and was very wealthy. She had everything going for her, especially looks. She usually had her dark hair loosely tied back with small wisps of hair framing her face. Her bright blue eyes caught the attention of many men, and she often was complimented for them. Her curvy figure looked good in everything she wore, especially her C cup breasts. She was a real picture of beauty.

After a long day, she went to take a relaxing bath.

She orhangazi escort started running the water and brought over some towels to the floor next to the bathtub. Kicking off her house slippers, she pulled her hair down and it fell gracefully around her pretty shoulders. Slowly, she lifted her shirt over her head, uncovering her sexy figure. She reached behind and unhooked her lacy blue bra. It slid slowly down her arms and fell to the floor. Her soft breasts were uncovered and her nipples getting hard in the chilly air. Feeling a bit naughty, she gave them a squeeze. She got a small tingle low in her abdomen.

She reached for her pants and unbuttoned them. She slowly unzipped them and slid them down past her round, beautiful ass, then nilüfer escort down her soft legs. She kicked them off and slid her hands to the matching blue panties she was wearing. Still feeling aroused from stripping the way she was, she slowly slipped her hand to her pussy lips and lightly touched them. After slipping her panties off, she lay down on the bathroom floor and moved her right hand to her pussy.

She slowly started circling her finger around her throbbing clit. The tingling feeling in her abdomen had intensified and she was becoming wet already. Being a virgin, she had never put anything but a small tampon inside of her, so she usually rubbed her clit roughly. Squeezing her breast with her left hand, she continued toying with her bursa türbanlı escort pussy. Her breaths became long and deep, and she moved her hips up and down trying to make the feeling more intense. She thought about a man fingering her pussy, sucking his huge cock, and eventually her mind wandered to him fucking her hard and making her moan.

She was in a trance now, rhythmically rubbing her clit faster and faster. Her mind was hazy now, and she felt herself release her wetness all over the floor. She lay there breathing heavily, coming down from her erotic high. When her breathing returned to normal, she stopped the bath and climbed in the hot, steaming water. As she relaxed in the water, she picked up her iPhone and turned on some of her favourite music.

After her hot, relaxing bath, she slipped into a light satin shirt and matching pants. With the towel wrapped around her head, she exited the bathroom and made her way to her room and turned on the TV. Sleepy from her orgasm and the calming breeze coming from her window making her relaxed, she instantly fell asleep.