Aunt Sarah’s Present


“No! I don’t see why I have to go!” I had been standing in the kitchen, drinking a cup of tea. Mom came in and sat down across from me. I didn’t pay attention until the silence grew thick between us. “Look at me Thomas.” I lifted my eyes up from my cup and stared at her. “When I had my accident, my sister-in-law came here and took care of me and you. She cooked, cleaned and made sure that I wanted for nothing. She even paid some of my bills when money grew short. She needs help now! And as sure as you’re my son, you will do as I ask! You’re not so grown, that I won’t take down your pants and whip that narrow black ass for you!”

I almost laughed at her. I was now 23, and mom still ruled me. Mom had always used that threat on me, whenever I seemed to get out of hand. And as a kid, she would make that threat come true. But something happened when I was 18 that changed all that. I had come in drunk and knocked over her antique table. Mom was so mad she dragged me into my room.

Before I knew what was happening, she had dragged my pants down, pushed me onto the bed on my face and had started wailing away at my ass with a belt. I had grown into a fairly strong young man. I wasn’t so drunk, that I couldn’t have rolled away and taken the belt from her.

But I had been taught to respect her and would have lain there even if she wanted to beat me to within an inch of my life. I started crying! It hurt like hell! Then she told me to stand up and face her. I suddenly realized that my dick had become erect and hard. I couldn’t let her see me like this. So I just lay there.

Mom grabbed me by my ear. That was something she used to do when I was small, and pulled me up from the bed. When she turned me around, she gasped. Standing before her, my pants down around my ankles, I had a hardon that stood out 8 inches. The head was fat and it was bobbing up and down as the blood pulsed thru it.

Mom stared at it for a few seconds, and then she threw the belt on the floor. “Go take a cold shower!” She turned away and slammed the door on her way out. But that moment in my life stayed with me. I would sometimes fantasize about her doing more than just walking out of my room. Then, I would feel like shit for even thinking of my mom in a sexual way. Sure, she was a real good-looking woman, even then. And she seemed to grow even more beautiful with age. But hey! A guy isn’t supposed to stroke his dick, calling out his mom’s name. But as ashamed as I am to say it, I did. I did many nights!

I knew that mom was serious about whipping my ass so I laughed. “Ok! You win! I don’t think I could take a whipping like the last one you ever gave me. How long do I have to stay?” Mom smiled and reached across the table. Her soft hand stroked my face and I pressed my cheek into her palm, as I closed my eyes. “I’d do anything for you mom. You know that!”

Mom didn’t take her hand away. “Would you really, Thomas?” I opened my eyes and looked into her eyes. And I swear I saw a love in her eyes that I didn’t see as a young man growing up. “Yes mom, I would!” I swallowed hard and turned my head. That night, I worked myself into a frazzle. And it was mom’s face that kept me going strong.

The following week, I was in my car, driving down the Interstate. Seven hours later, I was pulling up into the driveway of Aunt Sarah’s house. The house seemed so much smaller than I remembered. As a small kid, it seemed like such a huge house. Aunt Sarah met me at the door.

The bandage on her face made me start. And seeing my reaction caused a look of pain to cross her face. “Hello Thomas! I guess I’m not as beautiful as you used to think I was.” I stepped in and gave her a big hug. But the damage had been done. Aunt Sarah kept that hurt look on her face as she led me to the spare bedroom. Aunt Sarah, like mom was a small woman. Both of them were about 5′ tall with nice compact bodies that fit their frame well.

I wanted to say something to her. I mean Aunt Sarah was even prettier than mom is. Aunt Sarah is 48, while mom is only 44. Then she was in that accident and her pretty face had been scared. Mom had warned me that Aunt Sarah had started drinking and was growing bitchy. I was supposed to spend two weeks with Aunt Sarah. That would have put me there up until two days before Christmas. Aunt Sarah just stood in the doorway looking at me. She didn’t say a word, just turned and walked out of the room. I unpacked and couldn’t help feeling like shit.

When I walked downstairs, Aunt Sarah was sitting in her old rocking chair. I was about to open my mouth to speak when I noticed the tears running down her face. I walked over to her and knelt beside her chair. “I’m really sorry for the way I reacted. I guess seeing escort bursa that bandage across your face startled me for a second.”

Aunt Sarah sniffed back tears. “I guess I’m not pretty enough for you to jerk off thinking about anymore, huh? And if that is the way you reacted, I can imagine the way other people will react when they see my scarred up kisser.”

I was a bit taken back when she mentioned my jerking off thinking about her. Once, when mom and I had been spending a couple of days with Aunt Sarah, I had caught a glimpse of her naked. That night when I thought everyone was asleep, I lay in my bed thinking about her body. I couldn’t help it when my dick began to grow hard. I was lying back on the bed, softly calling out her name, when the door eased open.

Aunt Sarah walked in the room. the light from the hall made her nightgown seem transparent. I quickly pulled my hands away, and tried to cover myself. But Aunt Sarah walked right up to the bed. She pulled back the covers and looked down at me.

“I saw you staring at me when I was getting dressed for bed. I thought that this was what you would be in here doing. It’s natural for a young man to have his fantasies about an older woman. Your mom is sleep. Thomas! This must remain our little secret. You must never tell a soul.” With that, aunt Sarah took my hand and put it back on my throbbing dick. “Do it slowly Thomas! I want to watch you.”

I started to slowly stroke my hard dick. Aunt Sarah sat on the side of the bed and watched me. It didn’t take long until I was moaning softly and then a big gob of cum shot from the tip of my dick. Aunt Sarah grabbed some tissues, and wiped me clean. Then she kissed my forehead and told me to get some sleep. Nothing else ever happened between us, but I fucked my hand many a night thinking about the “what ifs”.

I looked down at my aunt. She was still the woman that I fantasized about. Even the bandage on her face did not take away from her fantastic body. I felt my dick growing hard. I was standing right in front of her, and even she could see the lump in my pants.

“I still think about that night Aunt Sarah. I have dreamed about you doing more than just watching me. Even now, after all this time, the thought of it gets me hard. You are still a beautiful woman to me. That bandage does not make me think you any less beautiful.”

Aunt Sarah looked from my bulging pants up to my face. “Really Thomas? You can stand there and tell me that I don’t look hideous to you? That you would still consider me a desirable woman? My face is scarred. No man will want me ever again.” She began to cry once more. I knew that I had to do something to prove to her that I still thought her beautiful.

I took a deep breath. “Yes Aunt Sarah, you do have a scar on your face. But I still think that you are a beautiful woman. I have thought about you since that night in the room over there. And I even thought about you while I was driving here. You want to know if I find you desirable? I’ll show you what I think.”

I unzipped my pants. Aunt Sarah looked up at me, as I fished my hard dick from my pants. She looked down at my dick and gasped. I had grown much since that night. Then she looked up at my face again.

“You did this! You! Not that bandage on the side of your face. I have thought about fucking you since that night. Every older woman that excites me has your body and face. I’m not a little kid anymore. And mom’s not here. I don’t have to worry about her waking up and finding out that I have the hots for her sister-in-law. I’ve wanted to do this ever since that night you came into my room.”

My hand went to the back of Aunt Sarah’s head and I eased her forward. “No Thomas! We can’t do this. It’s incest! You’re mother would kill us if she found out!”

Aunt Sarah didn’t put up much resistance, as I pulled her face forward. “I won’t tell her Aunt Sarah. Will you?” When she opened her mouth to say something, I pulled her hard. My dick went into her mouth. She struggled for just a moment, and then I felt her lips slowly close around my hard shaft. Aunt Sarah moaned, as she began to slowly suck my dick. She looked up at me, not stopping for a second.

“You’re not hideous Aunt Sarah. You’re a beautiful, sexy woman. And I’m gonna show you just how sexy I think you are. I’ve thought about fucking you ever since that night. That’s it! Suck it slowly. I’m gonna fuck you Aunt Sarah! I’m gonna fuck you until you shout out loud that you are a beautiful woman.”

It was at that very moment that my cell phone rang. I knew from the tone that it was my mom. I pulled it out and answered it. “Hey mom! Yes I got here all right. Aunt Sarah? She’s eating at the moment. bursa merkez eskort No mom, her face is not all scarred up as you thought. In fact, she is just as beautiful as you are. Yes I will tell her that. Don’t worry mom, I’ll take good care of your sister-in-law. I’ll have her call you in a bit. I want her to finish eating and then we can talk a bit. Ok! I’ll talk with you later. I love you too mom! Bye!”

Aunt Sarah pulled her mouth from my dick. “I can’t believe that you talked to your mom while you had me sucking your dick! What if she would have insisted on talking to me? What would you have done then Thomas?”

I smiled at her. Then pulling her gently from her chair, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. Again she hesitated for just a moment, but then she gave into the kiss. As we kissed, my hands rubbed over her back and down to her soft round ass. I slowly squeezed her ass, and she moaned while pressing herself harder against me. I broke the kiss.

“I would have handed you the phone and played with your pussy as you talked to her. And then, I would have made you hang up so I could do this.” Aunt Sarah was wearing one of her many housedresses. My hand slid up her dress and slipped inside her panty. I started stroking her wet pussy.

Aunt Sarah moaned, but she didn’t pull away. “Oh Thomas! You have turned into such a randy young man. What would your mom think of you doing this to her poor sister-in-law?”

Aunt Sarah was slowly working her hips against my stroking finger. I pushed my finger deep in her pussy. Aunt Sarah gasped! “Oh Thomas! It’s been awhile since a man has touched me like this! I shouldn’t be letting you do this. You know that don’t you?”

My thumb stroked her hard clit, and Aunt Sarah moaned out loud. “It’s not incest Aunt Sarah. You’re not a blood relative. And I intend to do a lot more than just stroke your pussy or have you suck my dick.”

I pulled my finger from her pussy, and after sucking one finger clean, I pushed the other finger into her mouth. Aunt Sarah sucked it while staring into my face.

“Oh Thomas! What am I going to do with you? If your mom ever finds out, she will kill me! I’m her sister-in-law, and I’m not suppose to be letting her son do these things to me.”

I smiled. “Yes Aunt Sarah! You are her sister-in-law! And you weren’t suppose to come into my room that night and watch me stroke my dick until I came. Did you go back to your own room and play with your pussy thinking about me? Did you think about my dick sliding up into your wet cunt? Tell me Aunt Sarah! Tell me what you did!”

My fingers found their way beneath her panty again. Aunt Sarah didn’t move as I openly stroked her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned, pressing down on my fingers.

“Yes Thomas! I did go back to my room and play with my pussy. I thought about what it would have felt like to take you in my mouth. I wanted to lick the cum off you instead of just wiping it off! Oh Thomas! This is so wrong! We really should stop! What if your mom were here? She would be so upset!”

I grew bold then. I pushed two fingers up into Aunt Sarah’s cunt and began to slowly fuck her with them. “If mom were here, I would be doing the same thing to her! Don’t look at me like that! Every boy has fantasies about his mom! You’re not the only woman I think about when I stroke my dick!”

Aunt Sarah moaned as my fingertips found her special spot. “Oh Thomas! Having those kinds of thoughts about your own mother! But I have to admit my sister-in-law is one hell of a good-looking woman. If I were a man, I would be thinking the same thing. Oh Thomas! You’re gonna make me crème if you keep doing that!”

I pulled my fingers from Aunt Sarah’s cunt and she watched me suck them clean. Then I pulled her into the bedroom. Aunt Sarah sat on the bed watching me. I closed her blinds and walked back to stand before her. Pushing her gently back on the bed, I opened her legs while pushing her housecoat up.

She didn’t say a word as my fingers hooked the elastic of her panty and pulled them down and off. Then I gazed at her lovely pussy. “You’re hairy! I remember seeing you with a shaved cunt!”

Aunt Sarah looked at me. “I didn’t think that it mattered! No man would want to look at me with my face. I just let it grow and didn’t bother with it. But if you want me to shave it, I will. I’ll do that for you Thomas!”

I didn’t say a word. Bending my head, I caught a whiff of her heady aroma. Women have the sweetest, intoxicating smell coming from their cunts when they are excited. And hers made me want to dive right in and enjoy it.

I licked Aunt Sarah’s cunt slow. Teasing her with the tip of my bursa sınırsız escort tongue, I licked around her lips. By the time I was licking the inside of her swollen pussy lips, she was moaning and groaning, gyrating her hips on the bed to get my tongue in deeper.

“Oh Thomas! I thought about you when your mom said that you would be coming to take care of me. I thought about that night I watched you stroke your dick. You were big even then. Many a night I played with my pussy thinking about what would have happened if I had done more than just watch you.”

I lifted up and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Aunt Sarah watched as I pushed my pants off. Then my shirt and t-shirt came next. I grabbed my dick and placed it at the gapped opening of her hairy cunt. Slowly I pushed it in.

Aunt Sarah groaned as I pushed half my dick up her cunt. Then I just stopped. Her tits were heaving and she was staring up at me. “Damn! Thomas, you have grown into such a big boy! I think that your mom would be jealous if she knew that I was getting this big dick up my cunt. I told her what happened that night! I told her that I watched you!”

Holy shit! Mom knew that Aunt Sarah had watched me stroke my dick till I came! The thought of it made my dick swell even more. Aunt Sarah let out a soft “Ahhhh!” I pushed even more of my dick into her. I started slowly stroking my dick into her. Aunt Sarah was moving her hips to meet me.

“What did she say? Did you tell her that you wanted my dick even back then? Did she get hot? Tell me Aunt Sarah!” I slowly pushed my dick in till I hit bottom. Then I just held it there letting it pulse inside her. Aunt Sarah’s eyes grew large as she took it all.

“Fuck Thomas! You’re dick is so fuckin big! It’s stretching my old pussy good! No she didn’t get hot! At least not that I knew about then! But she did tell me, that I was much too old, and you much too young, for me to corrupt you with my pussy. But I think that she started thinking about you then. She told me about that last spanking she gave you. She told me how hard and big your dick had grown. She said that if she weren’t your mother, she would have been on her knees with it shoved down her throat in a heartbeat. I think she has been playing with her pussy thinking about you since then. Fuck me Thomas! Fuck me hard!”

I pulled back until just the head was in her. Then I rammed it deep. Aunt Sarah cried out. “Oh fuck!” I did it again and again. And each time she responded with an “Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh yea! Hurt my pussy! Fuck me!”

Aunt Sarah wrapped her thin legs around my waist. She was humping me back and digging her fingernails into my back. I looked into her eyes and she smiled.

“You want to fuck her don’t you? You want to fuck your own mother! Don’t deny it you big dick bastard! I can see it in your eyes! You want to give her this big dick just like you’re giving it to me! Say it Thomas! Tell me you want to fuck her! From some of the things she hinted at, I think she sent you here to tempt me! I think that she sent you here in the hope that you would fuck me just like you’re doing now! “

Her talk had further enflamed my lust. I grabbed Aunt Sarah’s legs and pushed them up till they almost touched her tits. Then I pulled back until just the tip of my dick was between her pussy lips. Her eyes grew wide and she shouted, “No Thomas!” But I was pass caring or control.

As I lunged hard, she screamed! “Yes! I want to fuck her! Just like I’m fucking you! If she were here, I would have this dick deep up her cunt just like it’s deep in yours. Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum in this pussy!”

I could barely make out what Aunt Sarah was moaning. But she was telling me to shoot my load. “Yes Thomas! Fuck me! Fuck me like you want to fuck your mom! Show me how you would fuck that sweet pussy! Harder baby! Make mom scream for it! Oh Thomas! Oh Thomas! Now baby! Please now!”

I arched my back trying to push my dick thru her. And she took every inch and wanted more. I felt my balls erupt and she came at the moment my hot cum boiled up into her creamy cunt. Damn! It was the most fantastic feeling I had ever felt. But it was really thinking about my mom’s pussy that was making me feel so great.

Aunt Sarah lay there, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. “Fuck! You haven’t been here for two hours and already you have ruined my pussy. What am I going to do with you for the rest of the two weeks?”

Instead of answering her, I pulled my dick out and attacked her cunt with my mouth. I brought her off twice more. Finally, she pushed my head from her cunt. “No more! Please Thomas! I can’t take any more right now! It’s been a while and this old pussy has to rest!”

I left her lying on her bed. Aunt Sarah was asleep before I quietly closed the door. But my mind was full of thoughts of my mom! As tired as I was from the long drive and fucking Aunt Sarah, I could still feel my dick trying to come back to life. I smiled as I started scheming a plan to get both of them.