Asian Girl Becomes Call Girl Ch. 03


As this is another installment of my “Truth” Series, I should explain that these stories are parts of my past life before I met my husband. I used to be quite wild. Sex came easy and was always available due to my bodily assets. This story is as true as I can remember, and yes, it really did happen. I did change a few things such as City and client descriptions to keep anonymity.

*Please note: This is the continuation of the story “Asian Girl Becomes Call Girl 2.” This story would make more sense if you read the parts in order.

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About Me:

I am 23, Korean (happily married now!) and have a body much like Kerry Marie’s. My boobs have always been the center of attention when it came to boys. I began to develop when I was 9. Currently, I wear a 38DD bra. I have long black hair that comes to the middle of my back, and I stand about 5 foot.


When I was 19, I got a call from one of my long time friends from 2nd grade (She went by the name “Mei” at the time this happened). She and I used to be in the same classes together until we graduated. Her family moved to Winnipeg, MB soon after for a job position that her father took. She’s of Phillipino decent. Like me, she is about 5 foot, has long hair, but it has been highlighted blonde in parts, and she is much thinner than I. Where I am about the size of Kerry Marie or Ewa Sonnett (or somewhere in between), she would be more like an import model, such as Alley Baggett or Devon Aoki.

Note: This story involves incest.

Morning came all to quickly for my tastes. Left to my own devices, I can sleep in until 11 or noon. Mei got me up today at 8am! I looked around, but Mr. Client was nowhere to be found.

“He always leaves really early.” Mei said. I felt so tired. She was bouncing off the walls. “Oh, hey, the madam wants to see you.” I looked at her.

“The Madam?” I echoed. She nodded.

The madam entered the office in a black suit. She looked to be in her 50’s.

“So you’re Mei’s friend I’ve heard so much about?” She sat down. “My name is “(madam), and I oversee all that goes on here. I was under the impression that you were just here visiting Mei, but it has come to my attention that you have done a little more than just visit.” I gulped.

“Y-Yes Ma’am.” I answered meekly.

“It’s ok. I realize that you might be curious, but now that you know, I have to ask you to make a decision. If you are just visiting, then you will need to pay us nightly just like a motel. If you would like to continue to work here, then I have to go over some guidelines. How long are you here for?”

“Three weeks, maybe four.” I said.

“Have you thought about doing this for a little extra cash?”



“I think that I’d like to continue working, if that’s OK.”

“I was hoping that you’d say that.” She said beaming a huge smile at me. “I’ll tell you… I’ve done my time in the trenches… It isn’t always fun or exciting. Some times you feel like you want to die, or you’re worthless. I’ve felt it all. It can be a really tough job and very demanding…especially if you are in high demand. I’ll tell you this, sweetie… You can make more money here in one week than an average person makes in a month.”

She got up and walked to the window and looked out. “From here on out, you will have to go by an alias, just like Mei. You will be required to “rent” the room when you have “guests.” The rental fee is $30. You receive the rest, plus any extra tips. You will be expected to buy your own costumes as per the guest’s request, but you will be reimbursed by us as soon as the guest pays us. We only expect you to work 4 nights a week, but you may work more if you are up to it.” She picked up a client profile off her desk.

“Since you are officially working here, this is your first client sheet. Names are Brenda and Brian. They are on vacation and are looking for a really good time. I want you to be ready for them in Room 112 at 8pm, OK?” I nodded. “They will pretend to be Owners of the Family business, which is an adult toy shop. You will roll play their secretary. You are prepairing for an important business meeting they have tomorrow. You will need toys. Dildos, a strap-on, I’d imagine, probably some viberators.”

The door swung open and there they were. Brian was a pleasingly good man to look at. Brenda probably was popular with men as she had really beautiful features. Her face was quite stunning. He was in a shirt and tie, and she wore a camisole and mini skirt. I was dressed in a business suit. A black blazer on grey butt-hugging slacks. I wore nothing under the blazer except a white cupless bra, and I had a matching thong and thigh-highs on.

I sat on the couch pretending to go over paperwork when they entered. I fell into character…

“Mr. Brian, Ms. Brenda… I have those bursa suriyeli escort escort reports you wanted done. I hope they will be good enough for the staff meeting tomorrow.” I laid the papers on the coffee table, bending over low so that they could get the best possible view of my cleavage!

“Wow, she’s good! I’m so glad you hired her!” Brenda said walking over to me. “Boy, she sure is stacked, isn’t she bro.” She said, eyeing my double D’s. Brian’s eyes hadn’t moved from them since he entered the room. I straightened up and sauntered over to him.

“Excuse me, boss, but isn’t it against the law to “oogle” your employees?” I said quietly, looking down. Brenda came up very close behind me. My heart was racing and all the blood was rushing to my head! I could barely see. I felt the adrenalin in my body coursing, and I realized I was shaking.

“She’s so nervous!” Brenda exclaimed to Brian. “Here baby.” She murmered and turned me around. She held me close for a few minutes. “Its OK. We’re good people. You don’t have to worry about a thing. We are really enjoying this roll play, but would you prefer to do something else?” She said.

“N-No…” I whispered. “I am so excited, and scared, and nervous – all at the same time!” I admitted. She laughed. “We can continue if you want.” I offered.

“Actually…” Brian said, “This is a first for us too. We feel the same way you do, I think. It’s a little awkward, huh?”

I knew in my mind what I needed to do then, but it was Brenda that actually did it. She Pulled Brian close on one side of her, kissed him. Then she turned to me and kissed me. “Brian loves it when I show him my breasts. Watch this.” She pulled the Camisole over her head. Her breasts were beautiful. She took my hand. “I think He’d like it if you were to play with them.” She said, sitting down on the couch. Brian guided me to kneel in front of Brenda, cupping her breasts.

“Pinch my nipples, baby. Roll them in your fingertips!” She whispered. My hands shook so much as I began to fondle her nipples. “Brian, love… Perhaps you would be good enough to help her get out of her Blazer. I would so love to see her marvelous tits.” Brian came around behind me and knelt down. He reached around and began to unbutton. I noticed that his hands were shaking even worse than mine! I glanced back. He was still trying not to get too close, probably feeling rather uncomfortable. I felt better knowing that he was in the same boat as I. He was on the last button when I felt him gently rub up against my ass. It sent a shiver through me! I cant really explain the feeling that well, but I think I felt his hard cock against me. I heard him gasp a little as we made contact. I know that I shuddered slightly. My hands fell to Brenda’s thighs. Brenda smiled.

“Kiss him darling… He doesn’t bite.” She cooed. I turned over my shoulder. He leaned in and we kissed. First a small peck, then a long French kiss. My heart felt as though it was going to burst and my ears were ringing so loudly! Brenda took Brian’s arms and placed them on my hips. Then Brenda opened my Blazer and pulled it down past my shoulders. She gasped at the sight! I have the kind of nipples that really get hard and stand out! I have to sometimes put pads in my bra to hide it. Anyway, they sure were hard now!!! She cupped my breasts and began to gently suck my nipples.

My head was spinning so fast now. My cunt flooded with wetness as she sucked. I clearly felt Brian pushing his crotch against my ass as we continued kissing. It seemed like we stayed in this position for hours, just enjoying each other!

The next thing that I remember was Brian standing me up. He was facing me rubbing my breasts and flicking my nipples. I was reaching down rubbing his cock through his pants. It felt SO hard! Brenda was kneeling behind of me pulling down my slacks. She saw instantly how wet I was (I get really wet. I can sometimes soak my panties just by being turned on). She slid one finger against my pussy. The instant she did that I felt as though I was going to collapse! She chuckled and began rubbing me gently.

She pulled herself up, and withdrawing her hand from my cunt, she reached in front of me and removed Brian’s pants and boxers. His cock stood straight out. He had a very beautiful cock. It had a large purple head. My heart jumped as I saw this. Brenda spread my legs and positioned his cock between my thighs. She began to stroke his cock slowly, dragging the tops of her knuckles against my thong. Every time she stroked him, it pulled my thong against my clit. I felt the hot desire welling within me! Brian began to kneed and slap my tits playfully a little. I began to feel weak from all the stimulation and collapsed to my knees in front of Brian.

Brenda knelt behind me. She had one hand rubbing my clit. With her other, she was reaching out, stroking Brian’s cock.

“Hun, will you sit on the couch and let Brian put his cock bursa ucuz escort between your tits?” She asked me. I smiled sheepishly and nodded. I sat on the edge of the couch. Brenda now removed her own mini skirt, thong and heels. She sat down behind me, now completely naked.

“Push your tits together for him.” She whispered. Brian moved in. He put his hands on my shoulders and tried to push his cock between them. It ended up feeling more like he was poking me than sliding. Brenda noticed this and went over to her bag to get the KY. She returned, sitting down behind me again. I pushed my tits together again and she put a few drops in to my cleavage.

“Spread it around by rubbing your boobs together, hun.” She told me.

Presently, Brian was in boobie heaven while pumping his cock in my boobs. Brenda, who had been rubbing me against my thong, moved the fabric away, exposing my pussy. She pushed me forward so that my cunt was off the sofa. She began to slowly finger me. First one finger than two… She got three into me before it got uncomfortable.

“AAAH!” I exclaimed.

“Too much?” Asked Brenda. I nodded, and she went back to two fingers.

Brian was thrusting faster now, his thighs slapping my tits with every stroke.

“Shall we let him cum?” She asked. “Its ok… He can cum a few times in a night.” I looked up at Brian.

“You want to cum, baby?” I whispered. “You want to cum all over my big tits? You want to shoot your load across my face and down on my huge boobs, don’t you?” I began speaking louder. Brenda reached around and took Brian’s cock in her hand. She began to stoke him, slapping each of my tits alternately.

“She wants you to cum, baby.” Brenda said. “I want to see you cum on her too. I want to eat your cum off her tits while she fingers me. Please, love, give me what I want!” She directed. She was stroking furiously and then she just froze and squeezed his cock.

“He’s going to cum now. Push your boobs together so he can cum on them. Put your face down to them too. I want him to come all over you.” No sooner than she finished her sentence, he began spurting. The first jet of semen shot across my cheek and top lip. The second into my mouth. Brenda aimed him downward, “Don’t swallow it, babe.” She told me as he shot a couple more streams across the top of my tits.

Spent, Brian backed up. Brenda moved from behind me and sucked the last bit of cum from his cock. Then she laid me down on the coffee table on my back. She stradled my legs and came down.

“Kiss Me with that mouthful of cum.” She said. I opened my lips and she ate the cum from in my mouth. She guided my hand to her cunt so that I could rub her off. She ate all the cum off of me as I fingered her. Brian sat on the couch watching us. He was stroking himself to get hard again.

Brenda wanted to play with the toys next. I pulled out the ones that I got. She looked at them and then grabbed a duffle bag. She pulled out dildos, a few different types of viberators, 2 anal plugs and a strap on. She laid me down on the coffee table again, my ass toward Brian.

“You pick what we should begin with.” She said to Brian. He chose the Viberating eggs. I felt a little awkward as he stared at my pussy. Brenda turned them on and applied one to my clit, and the other against my asshole. Immediately I began to buck and grind against the egg. It felt so good! Brian had the controller and he was changing the intensity to send me up and down! I looked down to see Brenda move close. I felt her mouth touch my pussy. She began to dine on my fine asian twat! I could feel her suck my lips, then move to my clit. She would flick it with her tongue or nose, then move back down the other side in big circles. Brian turned the viberations all the way up, and I thrust my pussy high in the air. Brenda drove her tongue into my cunt, removing it just as quickly. Over and over, faster and faster. I felt a climax brewing deep within me. My head was spinning as it grew stronger. My arms and legs began to tingle as I felt a lot more pressure against my ass and clit. She held the eggs there and the two of them watched me as I began to shake and cum. I cried out as the first wave hit me. I collapsed on the table, my pussy still pulsing from coming.

Brenda didn’t let me catch my breath. She had a dildo inside me almost immediately after I came. Brian applied KY to one of the eggs and handed it to her. She pulled my ass off the coffee table and began to push the egg inside my ass. It hurt, and I winced. She eased off the pressure for a moment, then pushed again. Brian knelt next to the table by my side. He offered his hands to hold onto as she pushed. I squeezed his big hands as she pushed the egg again. I felt it begin to enter. I felt the pain in my stomach, and grit my teeth. She pushed a little more and it popped in all at once. I Think that I launched off the table in one great scream! I flopped back down, my ass hurt. I bursa üniversiteli escort felt the egg, but it was kind of weird. It felt like it was half way in my pussy, and half in my stomach. Brenda to a Viberating dildo and placed the head against my clit. Brian turned the egg on as well.

All I can say was that it was a very weird, but erotic feeling. I felt the vibes in my ass against my backbone. The vibes against my cunt was making me spread my legs farther apart. Brenda was stroking Brian as they watched me writhe in heat on the coffee table.

I came twice more on the table in front of them. When it was over, I realized what I had just done. I felt a little humiliated lying there naked. I also felt exausted. Brenda helped me off the table and took me to the bedroom. She laid down next to me complimenting me on the excellent show. Her beautiful hands caressed me as Brian laid down behind me.

“Are you ready for Brian? He would like to go inside you now.” She asked. I smiled and nodded.

“How do you want her, love?” Brenda said.

Brian laid me on my back on the coffee table. He positioned Brenda stradling my head, her pussy in my face. I was to go down on her again while he entered me. Brenda reached down and parted my pussy with one hand. She moistened her fingers by putting them inside me for a moment. Then she took Brian’s cock and guided him to me. He entered slowly, his head stretching my cunt apart. I gasped and moaned. The viberation from my moan made Brenda move her cunt down on to my mouth. I began tounging her pussy. She sat on top of me, heaving. Her hands were massaging my tits as Brian drove deep inside me. After a little while, Brenda got off of me.

“Brian needs to cum now. He’s ready.” I knelt in front of the coffee table now. Brenda knelt beside me guiding Brian back into my passage. I noticed almost immediatly that he could go deeper from the back. I pushed the coffee table out of the way and laid my face against the floor. I spread my legs more to give him easier access. He drove hard and deep. I was screaming as he pounded me.

It kind of feels like your stomach is being stretched and relaxed at the same time. My cunt was trying to grip the cock, but being so slippery, it couldn’t. I knew if he kept this up, he’d cum soon. His thrusts became frantic as he neared his peak.

“Tell me when you are gonna cum! I want it all over my face and tits!” I hissed at him. Brenda grabbed his balls and massaged them as he buried himself one last time for me.

“I’m Cumming!” He groaned. I spun around quick and laid down. Brenda took his cock and began milking it. I put my index finger right against his asshole as he began to cum. Every time he shot, I would apply pressure to his hole to strengthen his ejaculation. His first stream of cum shot from my right tit all the way over my face and on the carpet about a foot away. Brenda re-aimed him down to my tits. He shot 2 more powerful jets across both my big tits in a “V” shape. The last 4 shots fell across my tits in a nice arc from his swollen cock. Brenda cleaned his cock off, but told me to leave the cum on my tits.

“Doesnt she look so beautiful with you cum all over her?” Brenda cooed to Brian as she stroked his semi-hard cock. “Now, I want to have her too. Brian, will you get me my strapon and the black dildo?” Brenda turned her attention to me.

Brian came back with the strapon. Brenda put it on and sat on the couch. The black cock was 8″ long and quite thick. I stradled Brenda as she guided the cock into me. I moaned and winced as it slowly penetrated me. Each inch made the blood rush to my head, making me feel like I was going to pass out. Brenda slowly ate the cum off my tits as she went deeper and deeper. At the point that she had hilted her dildo inside me, Brian turned on the viberator. The head of the dildo deep inside me began to rotate and shake driving me into a frenzy! I was screaming, moaning, wincing and gasping all at once, it seemed. Brian came up behind me and gripped my ass cheeks and spread them. I was hugging Brenda so tightly trying not to pass out! Brian put his cock against my asshole and began entering. The added feeling of stretching drove me over the edge. I had multiple orgasms while on top of Brenda.

Brian was deep inside my ass. He couldnt move very fast or it would hurt too much. Brenda asked what I had done to Brian to make him cum so much last time. Between thrusts, I described how I pushed my finger against his ass to get him to shoot harder. She now did this as Brian was nearing climax again. Brenda took some lube as he pumped furiously and began to cover my asshole with it. She instructed me to take Brian’s load in my ass when he was ready.

I pulled off of Brian just as he was about to cum. Brenda opened my asshole and quickly guided Brian inside. His cock felt burning hot inside my ass. It felt like he was going to tear me apart as he plunged in. He finally came to rest, his balls against my spent pussy as he began to unload burst after burst into my ass. I moaned out loud with each spurt, feeling him fill me up with his cum.

Brenda wasn’t finished with me yet. She had me put on the strap on again and spred her legs. She was laying on the coffee table, sucking Brian’s cock while massaging her clit. I entered her and begain to thrust hard. She screamed with each thrust!