Ariella’s Seer Summer Ch. 01


Julian pulled his car into the driveway of his childhood home, the large brick house loomed over him making him feel like a child again. He turned his attention to daughter in the seat beside him, she was 21 years old but to him she was still his little girl. Her eyes closed, her pale blonde hair falling over her face as her music blared from her phone. He wasn’t even sure if she was even awake until she paused the music, she looked up at him her blue-green eyes were cold and blood shot, they glazed for a second as if staring though him. “Watch the first step, the railing will hold though.” She said motioning to the stairs leading up to the front door, with a sigh she closed her eyes again turning the music back on. Lowering her head she wrapped her arms around herself trying to hold onto something real.

With a sigh he unfastened his seat belt, Julian promised himself he would never come back here. His family home, a large detached house close to the border of France and Germany, he wondered how many would be inside, no doubt most of his older brother Derek’s children would be at school. He reached for the first step, it was cracked on the edge, as he bore his weight on his foot the step broke, he stumbled slightly but caught himself on the railing. Looking back at the car he knew she was a seer but he didn’t expect her to be that accurate.

As he arrived at the door he reached for the handle it opened easily, just like before the house was never locked before 8pm. Julian walked into the house pushing his own dirty blonde hair from his eyes, it had been 25 years since he had stepped inside, ever since he gave up his family for the women he loved, yet he was back here hoping to get help for his middle child.

The entrance hall looked the same, the same rug was on the floor, with the slight burn where Derek had caught him smoking inside the house. The small table and sofa sat still beside the entrance to the parlor, but the only thing that was different was the largest portrait that hung on the wall, no longer his parents and siblings but of various children all with the same Rickard blonde hair and blue eyes, all except his three. Shaking his head he knew this task was going to be hard, he hoped that his mother would help.

He looked at the picture, as a pang of jealously ripped through him, it wasn’t his fault he fell in love bursa bayan eskort with someone their parents considered ‘unsuitable’. He did miss them, well he missed his mother, not his father so much but he loved his mother, the day he left it hurt him seeing her so cold. There was a sound behind him, turning he was shocked at the sight of his mother, she had barely aged a day, her hair showed no signs of gray, her face had no wrinkles, but there was a deep sadness to her eyes.

Mariela Rickard looked at her son, “Derek, what are…” She paused as he turned towards her, “Julian.” Her lips turned slightly, before she looked away from him. “What are you doing here?” She asked, her voice was clipped at the end.

He looked down at her before pushing his hair from his face, “I need to speak to you mother…I was hoping for your help.” He bit his lip, he could hear Rosie as if she was behind him. ‘You know she’s going to say no, she doesn’t care about you or the kids.’ He hoped she was wrong.

Mariela nodded directing him into the parlor, she moved gracefully but Julian noticed she was favoring her left leg, he said nothing as he followed her dutifully, sitting on the old couch, more pictures of his family hung on the wall.

“I don’t know how I can help…after all you said you’d never set foot in this house again.” She frowned moving to her chair she sat down.

Julian stood looking at the pictures on the mantle piece, he knew Derek had 8 kids but seeing the pictures was almost shocking, he had no idea how they managed, he was having a hard time with the 3 he had.

“I got your letters, Petrus burnt them…but I read them first.” She offered trying to breech the heavy silence between them, the mention of his father sent a shiver down his spine, there was something so cruel about the man, it took all his willpower not to stand up and leave. “I kept the photos though, I just wish I had a more recent one.”

He took his wallet from his pocket pulling a picture of his 3, “Here.” He offered her the picture, it was a Muggle picture so it didn’t move.

“They look happy.” She offered, she smiled at the images before offering it back to him.

Julian shook his head, “Keep it, I can send more, I didn’t think to bring anymore with me, we left England so suddenly.” He looked bursa evi olan escort away from her as he thought about how he would explain what he was hoping for, slowly he sat on the sofa, he leaned on the arm of the chair, his finger finding the tear in the same spot it had been. Derek and himself were playing pirates one day when they were little, he jumped off the arm but his wooden sword was sharper than expected, it had cut the fabric, his mother had fixed it but there was this little tear as a reminder.

“There’s something else that’s bothering you.” She said softly looking over at her youngest son, she could almost see the memory washing over him. “Your eldest, Ariella.” She gave a heavy sighed, “I had hoped that Derek’s oldest would have gotten it but it seems fate favors you instead.” Mariela sat back in her seat she brought a finger to her lip as she thought.

“She found out she was a seer a few months ago, she doesn’t know how to handle what she’s seeing, I thought since you…you could help her.” Julian watched as Mariela blanched.

“Don’t tell me…too stubborn to tell anyone and now it’s getting out of control?” She asked.

“Yes, again how did you know?” He leaned forward looking intensely at her.

“Did you ever wonder why I limp?” She asked, the question caught him off guard, he shook frowning. “When I was her age, I found out I was a seer, I had no one to turn to…I was by the sea watching the waves when I had a vision, but I kept walking and fell off…I was lucky.” She sighed. “What happened? I know the school year hasn’t ended for her.”

“She was in the city shopping with her brother when she moved onto the ledge of the bridge over a busy road.” He paused, “Hayden grabbed her before she pushed herself off, all she could say was ‘I don’t want to see, I just want to sleep’.” He shook his head trying to hide the tears forming.

Mariela gasped at the revelation, “Oh no.” She shook her head, “I knew something was going to happen.” She felt tears filling her eyes. “Your father won’t approve and Derek…well I’m sure he’ll be very animated on the subject, but she needs to stay, I need to help her.”

“We took her to the doctor, I thought they might help her sleep but they wanted to evaluate her mental state, they kept saying that visions bursa rus escort are a sign of schizophrenia, but I know what you are I know that seeing is real and she has it too. Can you help her?” He asked, he knew if anyone had the answer she would.

Mariela sighed “I will take her in, she needs training but it wont be easy. Is she strong?” She asked.

“She was, I don’t know about anymore, but she was a fighter, but now.” Standing up he looked towards the window, she was sat in the car, head bent, her hands were in her hair and her eyes screwed shut, tears freshly falling down her cheeks. “I’m not sure.” He wanted to hold her like he used to, brush her hair and tell her he’d get rid of the monsters, but he couldn’t rescue her this time.

Looking up at him she stood, “Why don’t you bring her in? I’ll settle her in but it will be hard for both of you if you stay.” He was under no illusion, she meant ‘if your father found you here’, he would more than likely throw her out then if she was by herself. Mariela walked over to her son touching his arm softly.

“That was all I wanted.” Without warning he turned wrapping his arms around his mother. “I regret the things I said when I left. I miss you all, but I would never give up my children or Rosie for anything.”

“I don’t expect you to.” She hugging him back before pulling away.

“Keep her safe.” He said softly as he headed to the front door.

“I will, I’ll bring her back in a few months…I just hope I can reach her before it’s too late.” She sighed, watching Julian walk out the door, at least this time they weren’t screaming at one another.

Walking to his car he opened the door, Ariella quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, she said nothing as she picked up her bag slinging it over one shoulder.

Julian grabbed her pulling her in for a hug, she hugged him back before walking to the open door, she said nothing, but she already knew what was said. Once at the doorway she turned to face him, she smiled weakly and waved.

Ariella walked inside the house, turning the music off she looked at her grandmother. “Hello.” Mariela said stiffly.

“Hi.” Ariella replied, she looked around but her eyes were having a hard time focusing, the neighbor was getting into a fight with the gasman, a car 2 miles away was about to crash, she suddenly felt the hand on her cheek as she was slapped. “Ow.” She scowled rubbing her cheek.

“You feel that? Focus on the pain.” Mariela smiled slightly, “Believe me when I say that pain will become your friend.” With that she turned heading up the stairs, still rubbing her cheek she followed…not realizing for the first time in weeks she had a thought of her own.