Anything For Billy


The expression on 66 year old Elsie Comstock’s face was an accurate barometer on how the stunned woman felt when she figured out exactly what her grandson Billy had in mind, yet she knew in her heart that she had only herself to blame.

The widow had enjoyed a perfectly normal relationship with her daughter’s son Billy, a charming and adorable boy who was 19 and just starting his second year in college, but that all changed that one night when the boy came across town to pay her a visit.

It was the alcohol’s fault, Elsie reasoned. She hadn’t been expecting company and had been taking a nip or two of the brandy she used to warm her insides and dull the pain of being alone and lonely.

Billy had been different that evening when he spoke to her and his hands were – well, he was always an affectionate lad but that night his hands were more affectionate than a grandson’s hands should be.

The next thing Elsie knew Billy had brought her into the bedroom and was undressing her, and the elderly woman made no effort to stop him. The alcohol may have dulled her senses and impaired her judgement but not enough to make her less embarrassed about having her grandson see her naked body. Billy didn’t care though and kept telling her how sexy she was and how much he had always wanted her.

Elsie could have stopped her grandson because while he was larger than the slender senior citizen the difference was not that great, and besides Elsie knew that Billy would never hurt her for anything in the world so if she resisted for real he would have stopped.

In her mind Elsie was trying to tell him to stop but somewhere between her brain and her vocal chords the message was lost. Had she led him on? Had all those hours of reading those naughty stories on that Literotica website warped her judgement?

Elsie Comstock liked the spicy tales of women her age doing things she used to do so often with her late husband and had especially enjoyed the tales of young men with women her age, although to Elsie it seemed unlikely that any young fellow would lust after her like that in real life.

And then there were those awful stories about grandmothers and their grandsons. The first time she saw some of the titles she shook her head, revolted at the suggestion that there were grandmothers doing such things with their babies, and just because the boys were 18 didn’t make it right.

So she passes the Incest stories at first, but as time went on she began to get curious. The curiosity got the best of her, until not only did she read the occasional tale of Grandmas and Grandsons being intimate, she found herself searching them out.

When Billy showed up at the door that night Elsie had been at the computer with her brandy reading an especially naughty story, and as if he had sensed her vulnerable state of mine she soon had been maneuvered into her bedroom by her grandson.

Billy’s hands were everywhere at once, sliding into the folds of her bathrobe and groping her through the nightie she was wearing while her hands were on the boy’s shoulders, trying even less than halfheartedly to ease him away from her as her back pressed against the wall.

“Want you so bad Grandma,” Billy was saying, his eyes wild with a look she had never seen before. “Always have and you’ve known it too.”

Had she? She thought it was her imagination when he would see him looking in her direction when she would bend over, not believing that her grandson would be trying to look down the front of her blouse, especially since there was so little to look at.

Yet now Billy’s hands were on her breasts, roughly kneading the low-hanging orbs through the satin, and Elsie cursed her body for betraying her as her nipples blossomed in Billy’s palms while he nuzzled into her neck.

Her robe was now on the carpet, Billy having worked it off of her as she squirmed against the wall, and although there was no light in the bedroom except for what came in from the hall it was still too bright for Elsie who felt naked clad only in the modest nightie.

“Tell me you want me Grandma,” Billy was mumbling as he leaned lightly into her and chewed on her neck.

“Billy – please,” Elsie almost sobbed as she felt his hardness press against her while Billy’s hands moved up and down her sides, pausing to let his thumbs stroke the moist peach fuzz under her arms as Elsie shivered.

The hardness. Elsie’s head was spinning as she recalled last summer when Billy had stayed with her for a while as she recovered from wrist surgery and she had accidentally seen her grandson naked after he showered.

That HAD been an accident, Elsie had kept telling herself afterward, and bayan esmer escort bursa while that was true it was true only to a point. She could have turned away but she hadn’t. Instead she had stayed and watched as Billy dried off oblivious to his audience, and as her grandson dried his hair she looked at the lad who was now a man even if his 5’6″ frame was still boyish.

Oh, Elsie’s eyes did take in all of Billy as she saw him naked for the first time since the days 18 years ago when she had changed his diapers and powdered his bottom, smiling as she saw his bushy armpits and furry calves which looked out of place on his boyish body, but most of her attention had been focused between his legs and what had certainly changed the most over the years.

Elsie had been stunned when she saw her grandson’s flaccid penis hanging there under the nest of brown curls, and while she hadn’t seen all that many of them – only one other man since she was 18 herself – the sight of Billy’s over-sized organ nearly made her faint from shock.

Afterward Elsie had told herself that it was the fact that Billy was such a slight lad that made his penis look so large on his frame, but that was only part of it. Billy’s penis was quite large, as was the scrotum that dangled behind it, and although Elsie thought that her late husband was nicely endowed frankly he paled in comparison to Billy.

Now that very same penis was not soft and harmless but hard and angry, and when Billy grabbed her hand and brought it down, while he might have pushed her hand onto the bulge at first he didn’t make her squeeze it. Elsie shivered when she felt the blood making the organ pulsate in her grasp.

“Feel it Grandma? Feel how hard my cock is?” Billy was asking, and as if he was reading her mind he continued. “Remember that time last year when I took a shower and you peeked in the door at me?”

“What?” Elsie mumbled as she felt her nightie being lifted.

“You know Grandma – when I was drying off and you watched? I kept drying my hair and hoping you would come down the hall, hoping that you would see me and want me like I’ve wanted you all these years,” Billy explained. “I wanted you to see that I wasn’t a little kid anymore. Did you like what you saw?”

“Billy please – I’m weak,” Elsie said just before Billy’s lips covered hers, and then his tongue was sliding between her lips as her nightie was pulled off her bony shoulders and quickly dropped to the carpet.

The room spun around the senior citizen as her grandson’s mouth and hands were everywhere as once while he moved them both over to the bed with tiny steps, and as she was eased down to the fluffy bedding Elsie stopped struggling.

“Oh man – I knew you’d have a hairy pussy,” Billy was saying as she moved under her so her skinny legs were over her shoulders, his voice becoming muffled as his face ducked between her legs, lapping at her sex which was wet before his tongue even got there.

“Billy,” Elsie cried as she looked down at the back of her grandson’s head wiggling as he lapped her womanhood like a frantic puppy while working his own clothes off at the same time.

“I’ll be gentle Grandma,” Billy assured her after he got up from her pussy long enough to yank his pants from around his ankles, the horror in her eyes obvious even in the dim light as the old woman stared at the nearly 8″ of throbbing penis that sprang around in front of him like a diving board.

“Just relax Grandma,” Billy was saying as she kept telling her grandson this was wrong – she was too old – it had been so long since she had done this – he was too big. “You want it as bad as I do.”

They were both right, Elsie realized. At 66 she was too old for this and it had been seven long years since she had intercourse, and to suddenly be taken by a man the size of Billy after all this time was painful. The fact that it was her grandson on top of her made it completely wrong on all levels, but Billy was right when he told Elsie she wanted it. She would never had looked for it on her own but now? She did want it.

The searing pain that came with Billy pushing his bulbous cock head into her was not enough for Elsie’s hands to push her grandson’s shoulders away. Instead her weathered hands gripped those shoulders as Billy’s penis kept going deeper and deeper into her long-neglected pussy until he had fully impaled her.

“Oh man,” Billy mumbled as he looked down at his grandmother’s eyes bulging while he began thrusting in and out of her, his nuts slapping against her as he moved faster and harder.

Resisting was no longer on the senior citizen’s agenda as her bursa ucuz eskort feet kicked wildly in her air, the bed bouncing as she clawed at her grandson’s shoulders and arms and a feeling she hadn’t experienced in so long came over her.

Billy fought the urge to cum himself as he felt his grandmother’s pussy convulse around his cock while her body writhed and contorted in the bedding, and after her body finally calmed down he bent down and kissed her sweaty brow.

“Love you Grandma,” Billy whispered as he nibbled her neck and collarbone. “Want to make you so happy.”

“Omigod,” Elsie mumbled when she realized that not only wasn’t her grandson finished, in his mind he had hardly begun.

Billy moved them onto their sides, spooning against his grandmother and slipping his stiff prong into her from behind, and although she was sore down there already the feel of that throbbing flesh inside her was too good to deny.

So Elsie took it, and not only took it but began pushing herself into Billy as he slowly slid deep into her starving pussy. Even the fact that her grandson’s hands were kneading breasts that were nothing like the firm cones they had been in her prime didn’t bother her after a while as he kneaded and mauled the plaint hangers roughly.

Elsie came again, a much less violent orgasm than the first but satisfying nonetheless, and after that she was limp as a rag doll in Billy’s hands, her body spent and her pussy aching, helpless as her grandson moved her onto all fours.

“No – please,” Elsie mumbled as she tried to hold herself up with her arms when she felt Billy’s finger toying with her anus, poking the tip of his digit into her while she gasped, “No honey – please don’t. You’re way too big.”

“I won’t Grandma,” Billy said, a surge of pride going through him as he heard her praise while moving his cock into her pussy again. “Gonna cum soon.”

“Okay honey. Cum good for Grandma,” Elsie gasped as Billy’s manhood probed her ravaged sex, the pleasure and discomfort somehow balancing out in a weird way.

“So good,” Billy wheezed as he leaned lightly over his Grandma, his hands reaching around to cup the slender teats that swayed down near the sheets, fingers twisting the fat nipples as his seed surged up from his balls.

“Oooh!” Elsie cried out as she felt her grandson’s cock jump inside her as the warm semen soothed her tender insides, and then it was over and she collapsed into the sheets.

“Love you so much Grandma,” Billy said as he kissed her neck under her grey hair. “Was it good for you?”

“Yes,” Elsie responded. “Heavens forgive me but I liked it so much.”

“Me too,” her grandson agreed as Elsie closed her eyes and leaned into the hug she was getting.


Elsie was disoriented when she woke up, not used to feeling a body next to her own in the bed after so long, and then she realized that it had not been a dream. The man next to her was real and was her grandson, and the raw ache between her legs had been caused by the penis that was hard and pressed against her hip.

Elsie was on her back and Billy was at her side, nursing on her breast much like her daughter had forty some years ago, and the gentle sucking felt good to the aging woman.

“About an hour,” Billy answered, taking his lips off of his grandmother’s teat long enough to answer her question about how long she had slept before going back to her breast which had mostly disappeared with her on her back like this.

“Billy,” Elsie started to say but her grandson cut her off.

“Tell me you loved it. Tell me I made you cum like Grandpa used to. Tell me anything but that it was wrong and that you regret it,” Billy insisted. “Tell me it was good, so good that you want it again. I’m ready you know.”

“I know. I can feel you,” Elsie replied as the stiff prong rubbed against her hip. “To be honest if I wasn’t so sore I would love you to make love with me again despite it all, but I’m just not used to this.”

“You know we could always…”

“No honey,” Elsie said as she figured out what he was going to suggest. “I didn’t care for it the time I did that and that was 50 years ago when I was in a lot better shape.”

“Okay Grandma, I don’t want to do anything you don’t like. I’m just happy to be with you like this,” Billy said as he lifted his grandmother’s slender and still trim arm back up to the headboard, taking a deep breath and enjoying the soft lavender scent that he always had associated with her. “Mmm.”

“Oh, I’m probably a sweaty smelly mess,” Elsie said.

“Never, and I’ll bet you taste even better than you smell,” bursa anal yapan escort Billy opined as her kissed his way over from his grandmother’s breast to her side, planting butterfly kisses all over the deep pocket of her armpit and the sparse patch of peach fuzz while Elsie squirmed.

“Oh dear,” Elsie exclaimed as she blushed. “I would have shaved if I knew this was going to happen – I hardly bother these days and it barely grows anymore.”

“I think it’s sexy and delicious,” Billy suggested as he ground into her.

“You’re incorrigible,” Elsie remarked with a shake of the head. “What am I going to do with you?”

“I’ve got an idea,” Billy offered as he lowered her arm and brought her wrinkled hand down to his throbbing cock.

“Oh!” Elsie said as she squeezed what her hand had been placed onto. “Is this what you want me to do?”

“Oh yes Grandma,” Billy sighed as he felt her hand moving up and down the shaft of his tool, rubbing over the ridge of the glans just as he liked it. “You always made me so horny. I would do this to myself after every time I would visit.”

“Really?” Elsie said as she struggled to roll over onto her hip while pushing Billy onto his back. “This must not be all that exciting for you though, especially after what we just did.”

“Feels good – and it looks good too,” Billy assured her as he watched her pale hand sliding up and down his beige manhood.

“Such a big fellow you are,” Elsie marveled as she got her first up close look at what had ravaged her. “I wasn’t exactly a prude before I met Grandpa so I’ve seen a few of these, but I never saw a bigger one than this. I’ll bet the girls love you.”

“I’m not much interested in girls. I prefer women, and one in particular,” Billy replied.

“You’re so sweet Billy,” Elsie said as she leaned over and kissed the top of the mushroom crown before taking a deep breath and continuing. “You can only go to hell once I guess. Now if I don’t do this right…”

“Omigod!” Billy cried out as his grandmother’s lips slid down the bulbous knob, and he brushed the silver hair back over her shoulder so he could watch her sweet face as she took him into her mouth.

Billy said that several times as he squirmed around helplessly while Elsie’s mouth bobbed up and down her grandson’s cock, making a little more than half of Billy’s manhood glisten with her saliva while her hand kneaded his balls.

He knew he couldn’t last, his legs churning as he clutched the sheets and practically spoke in tongues, and when he couldn’t hold it back he blurted out, “Grandma – gonna cum!” but that only made her take him deeper as the spurts of semen hosed down her throat and the roof of her mouth.

Elsie only choked a little bit as Billy’s seed filled her mouth before either sliding down her throat or down over her fist and she kept sucking until he was limp and spent.

“Whew,” Elsie said when she finally let go and sat up, catching her breath as she used the back of her hand to clear the semen that was drooling out of the corners of her mouth. “I think this eliminates any chance of me being named Grandma Of The Year.”

“You know you’ll get one vote for sure,” Billy said as he reached over and cupped her hanging breast.

“I suppose so,” Elsie said. “Not that many old ladies would do anything like this.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Billy offered. “There seems to be a lot of this sort of thing going on according to that Literotica website.”

“Literotica?” Elsie said as she caught herself before her back went down to the mattress. “How do you know…”

“I saw it on your computer’s history one time,” Billy said as she chuckled at his grandmother’s embarrassment over being busted. “I checked it out and it was really good, especially when I thought about you reading there.”

“Oh my word.”

“I even wrote a story there myself about this guy who always wanted to have sex with his grandmother,” Billy explained. “People seemed to like it.”

“Omigod! What’s it called? No, wait! Don’t tell me,” Elsie babbled. “I can’t believe I’m in a story there. What if people read it and know it’s me? What would the Ladies Auxiliary at the church think?”

“I didn’t use your real name but I wonder if you read it,” Billy suggested. “Wouldn’t that be cool? Do you do what I do when I read a good story there? I jerk off sometimes. Do you play with yourself? I bet you do and I would love to watch that.”

“I feel like crawling under the bed,” Elsie said as she settled for pulling the sheet over her head, chuckling softly to herself despite her humiliation.

“Don’t be embarrassed Grandma. You’re an alive and vibrant women who still has needs and desires,” Billy said as he joined her under the sheet and added, “And now that we both know what each other wants, I think this is only the beginning for us.”

“You might be right,” Elsie admitted as they hugged, biting playfully on Billy’s neck and earlobe. “You might actually be right.”


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