Angel 4


Angel 4
©This is a fantasy; any resemblance to real people or places is coincidental.
Angel had been following the flagstone path for two days now. Not to long ago she saw a tall castle on a mountaintop in the distance. Bright flags flew from tall towers set in high-buttressed walls. She wondered who would live there and if they would know how she could get home.

By now, her tits had stopped growing. They were now an enticing ‘C’ cup size that bounced with each step she took. Her hips had grown to a womanly shape. Angel’s fourteen-year-old body was plush and curvy. Her pussy had returned to its tight condition. It was covered with light downy dark fuzz now.

As hot, as it was she was glad her dress was slit to the waist. It cooled her ever-wet young cunt. Nothing had been in it from the time Alonzo had fucked her. That caused a problem she did her best to ignore. Every time she saw something that resembled a cock, she had to suppress a desire to squat on it. To her dismay, Angel was beginning to believe that she really was a slut.

As Angel rounded a curve in the path, she saw a stone bench sitting in the shade of some large trees. It looked like a good place to rest her feet. After taking a drink from a small brook, she sat down with a sigh. Soon she was nodding off. After napping for a few minutes, the sound of an almost indistinct feminine laughter in the trees woke her up.

“What was that?” She wondered. Then she heard it again. The giggles sounded a lot like a girl or young woman. It came from deeper in the grove of trees. Angel followed a narrow path that ran along the small brook. After short ways up the path, the sound of merriment got louder.

She crossed a stone bridge, climbed a hill to a large grassy clearing. The first thing she saw was a large cottage with a smoking chimney sticking out of a thatched roof. Then she saw the source of the sound she followed.

Off to one side of the clearing a group of small men was dancing, in a circle, around a very young woman. She had long red hair and danced with them. As she danced, she flipped her very short skirt up and down exposing her tight smooth ass and shaven pussy. She giggled whenever one of the dwarves would pat or grab her ass now and then.

Angel was astounded at the young woman’s clothing. The skirt was indeed very short, and she was not wearing any panties. Her white blouse, tucked in the skirt, was open to her waist, plainly displaying the curves of her tits.
As Angel watched, occasionally one or both of the girl’s breasts bounced into view. Much earlier, in Angel’s journey, she would have been shocked at the blatant display of flesh. One of the small men spotted Angel and they all stopped.

Embarrassed at being caught spying Angel turned to leave. “Wait, don’t go.” The girl called. “You’re welcome here.” She hurried over and took Angel’s hand. “Come join our party, the dwarves won’t hurt you, they like company.”

“You’re sure?” Angel asked. “Do you have something to eat? I haven’t eaten all day.”

“We have plenty to spare, I’m Snow. What’s your name?” Angel introduced herself, and then apologized for spying. “Now need for that.” The girl said. “Actually we were sort of expecting you.”

“Expecting me?” Angel said. “I didn’t even know this place was here. Who told you?” She asked suspiciously.
“The Sparrows told us. They are little gossips.” She said with a raised brow. “They seem to know every thing.” Snow hugged Angel. Then took her hand and led her to a table all but covered with steaming dishes of food.

One of the smiling dwarves brought a chair, another plate, and other utensils. Yet another brought her a glass of iced tea. “Please help yourself Angel.” Another said. “I helped cook this and it’s some of the best Snow has ever done. You can sit at the table over there.”

Angel was all but overwhelmed by the attention and smiles. For a time all that could heard was the click of knives and forks, and an occasional burp as they ate.

As Angel ate, she counted six dwarves. Two with neat moustaches, two with short beards, and two were clean-shaven. They were dressed in long shorts, “T’ shirts, billed caps, and sandals. Two of them wore their caps with the bill reversed.

Each cap had a name embroidered on the front and back. She read Tom, mark, Harry, Dick, Luke, and Bob.
When everyone was finished, two dwarves picked up the utensils. Two others carried the food dishes into the cottage. The final two washed the dishes.

Snow moved her chair next to Angel and sat down. “You’re wondering about all this aren’t you dear?” Snow said. Angel nodded. “And you think it’s unusual for a girl to be living with six dwarves.”

“That had crossed my mind.” Angel smiled. “They all seem so nice and…they make me feel…so…” She blushed.

“Horney?” Snow suggested. Then she laughed. “They have that effect on me too. That’s one of the reasons I’ve moved in with them two years ago. I was banished from the castle by my Grandmother the Queen.” Angel was shocked. “Whatever for?” She asked.

Snow giggled. “She caught me in bed with my grandfather the chief Huntsman. “She was really pissed about it. She ordered out with nothing but the clothes on my back. That was inconvenient considering I was naked at the time. And I was only thirteen.”

“That’s terrible!” Angel gasped. “How did you come to live here?”

Snow giggled. “I’m a slut, like you are Angel. I hadn‘t come to terms with it, I was much like you.” One of the dwarves brought the girls each a glass of iced tea and a small blue round pill.

Snow washed her pill down with a swig of tea. Angel held her pill in her hand wondering if she should take it. “Go ahead, take it. “ Snow said. “It’s good for you.”

“It is?” Angel asked. “Oh yes.” Snow smiled. “It’s full of vitamins and other stuff good for you.” Show continued telling her story.

“I wandered around for days until I met the dwarves at their mine not far from here. All six of them gangbanged me and I loved every second of it.” Snow grinned and twitched in her chair. “It’s been wonderful. I cook and clean for them. They keep me satisfied.” Snow giggled again. “The only thing I miss is another girl around. Can you stay awhile?”

“I suppose.” Angel mused. “Not too long. I do need to find my way home.”

Just then, the little men came trooping out of the cottage in their work clothes. They carried shovels and picks. Dick the leader walked over and said. “We have a little work to do at the mine. Why don’t you girls give us a reason to come back?”

“Oh, yes!” Exclaimed Snow, she jumped up and started pulling her skirt and blouse off. The dwarves all started pulling their pants and shirts off. “Join us Angel. You’ll love it!” Angel was not sure she wanted to do this, but some how she was carried along in the excitement.

Before Angel knew what she was doing, her panties were on a chair with her dress on top of them. The naked dwarves crowed around the girls groping them. Their thick fingers and thumbs found tits, pussies and assholes.

Angel watched with astonishment as Snow knelt in front of three of the little men, kissed the heads of their cocks. Then she sucked one cock after the other to full size.

Angel attacked the other three dwarves in the same way. She felt giddy and a little confused at first, as she slurped each cock to hardness. She watched Snow and mimicked her moves. In seemly seconds, all of her confusion vanished. She knew she would eagerly fuck all six of them given the chance. Almost without thinking about it, Angel found herself on her hands and knees offering her pussy to the first one who would claim the prize.

Angel Gasped with pleasure when Tom’s thick nine-inch dick slipped in her wet pussy. It felt so good! He started slow at first then increased his speed as the seconds flashed by. Angel opened her mouth for Dick’s ten-inch meaty cock. She was surprised how easy the thick monster slid past her tongue and down her throat. The dwarf fucked her mouth lustfully. Angel rocked between the two cocks with abandon, loving every second of it.

When Snow moaned, Angel turned her eyes to look at what she was doing. Snow lowered herself on a massive cock slipping in her ass. A painful expression flickered on her face for a moment then turned to one of delight when the whole cock vanished into her body. “Give me one more!” She shouted opening her legs.

Harry grabbed her legs and pushed them back to her tits. Snow guided his thick dick to her pussy. “Yes!” The girl shrieked. “Fuck meee!” The dwarves quickly found a good rhythm and fucked both holes to the sound of Snow’s gasps of pleasure. “Fuck my mouth!” Snow moaned between gasps. “Please! I need it.” The girl
hesitantly turned her head to take the third cock in her open mouth. There was a touch of fear in Snow’s eyes as the cock slipped over her tongue and down her throat.

Angel watched in shocked amazement as the dwarves brutally fucked all three of the Snow’s holes. She realized with horror Snow was nothing more than a receptacle for their cocks and cum.

Tom asked Angel if she wanted to go airtight. “I…I don’t think I’m ready for that.” She stammered. “The rocking horse did me in the ass a little…You’re bigger that it was. I don’t think I could take a cock in my ass…not with one in my pussy and mouth too.”
Bob grinned. “We are just the guys to break you in Angel.” He said. “It’ll hurt a little at first. After the first time it gets better.”

“I’m not sure.” Angel said uncertainly looking at the dwarves big cocks. “Not… right now.”

Tom pulled out of her pussy and pressed his cock against the tight round hole between her ass cheeks. “You’re tight.” He said. “It won’t hurt much Slut.” He growled. “Since I’m the smallest I get to open her up first…right guys?” He said. The other two nodded in agreement.

‘From what I see you are a fully developed Slut.” Mark said stroking his massive eleven-inch cock. “Your pussy and ass are ready for any of the cocks we have.” His grin was hard. “Hold off a bit Tom I’ll get the lube. Then we’ll all fuck her. You‘ll love it.” He hissed in her ear. “The more you protest. The more it’ll hurt.”
“I don’t want too!” Angel insisted, sweating in fear. “Please don’t hurt me!”

Tom slammed his cock back in her pussy, and then grabbed her arms by the elbows. “No use fighting it Slut. We do this to Snow too. Look at her now. She can’t get enough.”

Snow was oblivious to any thing else that was happening. For the moment she lay twitching on the grass. Her legs were spread wide demanding a cock. “Fuck me.” Snow begged. “Fuck me!” She humped and pleaded. “Fuck me!”

Angel struggled to no avail. Tom’s hands held her like steel bands. “Please don’t do this to me.” Angel pleaded, suddenly very afraid.

Mark laughed, rubbing his thick cock-head over Angel’s lips. “Every once in a while we have to rape a reluctant slut. After that they eagerly let us do any thing we want.” He pinched one of her nipples making her winch in pain. “It’s your turn now.”

“Oh please.” Angel whimpered, “Don’t hurt me. Why are you being so mean?”

“It’s our job.” Mark slapped Angel’s face with his cock. “The Emperor wants us to get every slut we get our hands on ready and willing to fuck all the time.”

Luke came back with a small vial of lube. “Lets do her like the bitch she is.” He said handing the lube to Tom. Tom pulled back and smeared the greasy stuff on her asshole. Then slipped two lube covered thick fingers in Angel’s asshole.

“Oh!” Angel grunted as he worked them deep in her ass. “Oh, please stop! That hurts!” She whined when he slipped thee fingers in her ass.

“I’m going to start slow. Don’t you dare try to get away!” Tom snapped. With that, he pressed his bulbous cock-head anginst her tight sphincter. Slowly his cock stretched her asshole open. “Nice and tight.” He grunted pushing harder.

“No! No!” Angel whimpered as his cock spread her ass wider. “Oh, please Stop!” She wailed. “Oh! It hurts! You’re killing meeee!” She wailed again. Tom was relentless. The more she complained the broader his smile became.

“Your mine now slut!” He snarled, giving Angel half of his thick cock with a quick jab. “Ahhhheeee!” Angel screamed, “Pull it out!” She begged. “It’s too big!” She struggled fruitlessly against his iron grip. Her efforts to escape succeeded in only driving the sodomizing cock deeper.

Angel’s body was covered with sweat. Tears ran freely down her flushed face. “Oh, oh, oh, God!” She sobbed. “Stop! You’re tearing me apart!”

Tom leaned over and growled in her ear. “Does it really hurt?” He asked, pushing deeper until he was in her to gaziantep escort his hairy balls. “Oh, yes! Please take it out!” she begged again. “OK.” He said with a nasty smile. He pulled back until only the head of his cock was in her ass. “Yes, yes, take it out, please!” she sobbed.

Tom slammed deep in her ass again, Then began fucking her with deep fast strokes. “After I fill your ass with cum slut!” He snarled, roughly pushing her face in the grass.

Barely conscious Angel only dimly noticed Harry take over after Tom filled her bowels with cum. “Oh, Yea slut! Harry shouted slamming into her. “I’m going to fuck you half to death!” Angel whimpered in reply. She shrieked when Mark jammed his eleven-inch monster in her.

About the time Mark groaned the last drop of his cum into Angel, the other three were finished with Snow. They left her cum spattered and twitching on the grass.

Bob rolled Angel over on her back. Then he lifted her legs up against her tits. “Hold them up Dick.” He laughed. “This is the only way to butt fuck a slut!” With that, he slammed into Angel’s ravaged ass to his balls. Angel shuttered and only whimpered. It did not hurt as much now. Dick held her ankles together with a big hand. He put his slimy cock in Angel’s hand and ordered her to suck it clean. Dazed and all but incoherent she licked and sucked it as ordered. After Bob came, Dick fucked her ass, while she cleaned bob’s cock. When Mark started fucking, her Angel fainted.

The dwarves put their pants and shirts back on, tucked limp clean cocks’ away. Then they marched off whistling a merry tune.

After a half an hour, the girls started waking up. They lay on the grass moaning as they recovered. “Is it always like this?” Angel asked. Snow rolled over on her belly. “No, thankfully they had two girls to fuck instead just me.” She sighed then groaned again. “Does this happen often?” Angel asked.

“Not every day I’m happy to say. Sometimes two or three of them are out on work contract at the castle. Grandma works them hard. When they get home they just want to eat and go to bed.”

“They worked me hard.” Angel sighed groaning again. After a few minutes of putting herself together she realized, even after six cocks shoved up her ass, she wasn’t sore at all. Then she remembered the blue pill. “The pill…that’s why I’m not sore.”

Snow nodded with a grimace. “It’s the sluts delight. Along with the vitamins it also helps a slut recover quickly from a gangbang.” Snow said. “After a while you won’t need it. Your body will recover by it’s self.”
Angel felt a moment of despair. “I’m trapped in this place were ever it is.” She shuttered, pushing the horror deep in the back of her mind. “Now I need to clean up.”

“Me too.” Snow agreed giving Angel a strange look then said. “Why don’t you lay back and let me clean out your pussy and ass girl?”

Angel’s cunt responded with a twitch to that suggestion. “I’ve never done anything like that. I think I’m to the point of were I’ll try it, do you really want too? “

“Oh yes.” Snow said pushing Angel back. “Open your legs and I’ll do you first.” Then she gave Angel a sly look. “Maybe we could do each other at the same time.”

Angel hesitated only a second. Back in the real world, one of her friends told her about girl to girl sex. At the time, she thought it sounded disgusting, but now the thought of it made her pussy tingle. “Let’s do it.” Angel said, “I’ve never done it you’ll have to tell me what to do.”

In a very short time, Snow had her face buried in Angel’s muff. She greedily licked the tasty cum oozing from her new friends cunt. Angel was urged on by the wonderful feelings coming from her pussy, attacked Snow’s twat with relish. The girls rattled through several orgasms before they stopped gasping for air.

Snow stood up. “For an amateur you’re very good.” She panted wiping sweat from her eyes. “Follow me girl. There is a warm pool behind the cottage. The dwarves built it for me. A hot spring feeds it. We can take a bath together.” Snow giggled again. “Then go another round if you like.”

Angel hugged Snow rubbing her sweaty tits with hers. “I would really like that.” She said. Hand in hand, they walked to the pool.

To be continued……