An Amazing Discovery


A fictional story by Skodaw.

I would like to thank everyone who has commented on this story, both positive & negative. I hope This edited version is an easier read.


My name is Dave; I live with my parents and my sister Clare.

Clare and I are twins – similar but not identical, we are just turned 21.

Clare has wonderful blonde hair that rests just on her shoulders, she has a great smile and I must admit a wonderful figure, with a nice cute backside and lovely boobs. She however thinks she is very plain and finds it difficult to accept compliments.

I on the other hand, well I am plain not fat but not thin not lanky but not muscular – Mr Average Joe with short light brown hair and glasses. As you might expect Clare has always been the one to get the attention, but that has never bothered me in the slightest.

My mum and dad have always taught me to look out for Clare and her for me, as such we have quite an unusual and close relationship – we hardly ever quarrel and if we do it doesn’t take us long to make up.

Until the age of 10 we both shared a bedroom, but our parents felt as we were growing up we needed a bit of privacy.

Our house is quite small being only a two-bedroom town house, but the rooms are unusually large so my dad set to and converted our one bedroom into two by building a dividing wall. Clare and I found it strange at first and tended to end up in one or the others side for most of the time, only returning to our respective sides to sleep.

As we got older and puberty took over, we drifted apart a little as I; spose is normal, that is until last week….

I couldn’t recall the last time that I had been in Clare’s room, we just didn’t spend much time together anymore.

I was either working or Clare would be at College, she’s doing an art course much to dad’s dismay, he had hoped that she would join dad and me in the family business.

We run a small garage, nothing flash but quite a profitable place with plenty of longstanding customers.

I think of the two I probably was more successful at dating, by numbers anyway, I never really got beyond 2 or 3 dates with girls, but I never was able to pin down why?

Not that Clare didn’t date, she of course did I just don’t recall her talking about many or indeed many guys coming to pick her up.

Anyway two weeks ago I was working on a gearbox repair and managed to get covered in old gearbox oil, anyone who has knowledge of what this stuff smells like will not be surprised to find that I had to go home and change, luckily we only live round the corner so I walked. When I opened the door I could hear music from upstairs, “Clare?” no answer not a problem she must have come home early from college. As I made my way up the stairs I could hear talking, no wait that’s not talking – that’s screaming! My heart felt like it was going to explode as I ran up the remaining stairs and burst into Clare’s room.

I hadn’t registered what she was screaming until I entered her room to find her on her bed with some guy on top of her obviously trying to get in her knickers; Clare was screaming, “Stop! Get off me I said NO you Bastard”

I lost it big time “What the fuck’s going on?”

“Dave, get him off me PLEASE I SAID NO.”

I grabbed the guy by his shoulders and dragged from the room and virtually threw him down the stairs, it was only when I got to the bottom to throw him out that I realised who it was. Brad was the son of one of our best customers, and it just happened to be his gearbox I was fixing!

I grabbed him round the throat and was gradually throttling him – he turned quite a nice shade of purple! I think I must have lost it, I have no idea how long I stood there and only gradually did I begin to hear Clare, she was begging me to let him go before I killed him

“He’s not worth it Dave, please”

I let go of his throat but gave him a good hiding for the trauma he’d put Clare through, I told him that he’d got off lightly and all he could say was that I was going to pay for this – he’d tell his father and we would loose his business.

Once he had gone, Clare just broke down into tears, I’d never seen her in such a state, she was trembling, she had gone into shock, I gave her a hug and she just grabbed hold and held on as if her life depended gorukle escort bayan on it. I was aware that she was only wearing a black lace bra and a pair of matching knickers, I was aware that I STUNK! I got her back to her room and put her into bed, she was still sobbing, I watched as she cried herself to sleep and then went to get a shower.

I had only just stripped off and got under the shower when I heard Clare screaming my name, I thought that Brad might have come back to try his luck again, and without thinking just leapt from the shower and ran into Clare’s room. To my relief she was alone, she had woken up from a fitful sleep and felt scared, I think she was still in shock.

“Are you OK?” I asked

“Yeah I guess so…I, I don’t know what came over Brad, he’s never done that before.”

I did not know you were seeing him.

“We’ve only dated maybe three or four times, he’s always been real nice. I don’t think I egged him on, in fact I’m sure I didn’t.”

I thought Clare might be cold, I could see her nipples were standing proud, I had never really noticed them before but they are quite long, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like them the girls I’ve been with just had “normal” nipples sure they grew but not this much.

Clare it does not matter whether you did or did not – when you said NO he should have stopped.

“I Guess, I’m sorry I interrupted your shower!”

Oh my god – I am naked, in front of my sister, what the hell! “Clare I’m sorry when I heard you scream I just ran”

“It’s OK I’m glad you came home when you did, God knows what would have happened if you hadn’t. Anyway – it’s nothing I haven’t seen before!”

I thought I saw a little sparkle in Clare’s eyes but thought nothing of it and returned to my shower. As I washed the oil from my skin I just couldn’t get the sight of my sisters nipples out of my mind, oh my god what they be like to suck on? … What the hell, she’s your sister get a grip of yourself.

I never made it back to work that afternoon, I had to take matters in hand so to speak, I had the biggest hard-on I’d ever had and just had to take care of it.

I tried to pretend I was looking at the porn in front of me, but I had only one vision, my sisters nipples, even though I’d only seen them through a lace bra I was taken.

I soon came round though when I heard the front door slam and my dad shouting.

“Dave? Where the hell are you?”

“Sorry dad, it took longer than I thought”

I did not want to tell him about Clare and Brad in the mood he was in, he was likely to go round and kill him and his dad, it would appear a nasty streak runs through the family!

“Well you better make an early start in the morning!” was his reply.

“No problems dad I can do that.”

My dad went back to the garage, I decided to check on Clare, she was fast asleep but her quilt was ruffled, it looked like she was having restless sleep I took the quilt in my hands to straighten it.

She was lying on her back with arms and legs splayed like a starfish, I straightened the quilt and was going to leave, but I just couldn’t don’t ask why because I don’t know.

I just sat there next to her bed, watching her sleep, I had never felt like this before I had always loved Clare, but as my sister, this was different and I realised I would do anything for her, anything at all. Just then, I realised I was hard again, what am I doing? This is wrong!

I was in turmoil I did not know what was going on I had to get away; I left the house with nowhere in particular to go and just started wandering around.

“Hey Dave! Over here I’m sorry man!”

It was Brad, and suddenly I was very angry again, without thinking I walked over to him and before he could say or do anything, I laid into him like a man possessed. A couple of passers by managed to separate us and Brad skulked off looking very worse for wear, I headed for the nearest bar and started to get rapidly and loudly drunk.

The problem with living in a small town is that everyone knows who you are, Keith the bar owner decided I had had enough I when I would not listen he called my dad. It only took him a couple of minutes to get there and he took me home, I just crashed on my bed I vaguely remember my dad shouting nilüfer escort bayan I still had that bloody gearbox to finish and I was going to be in bloody early – hangover or not!

Sure enough early next morning I was at work feeling like death warmed up, sweating, mouth dry and very queasy. I was doing my best to concentrate on work when in breezed Clare, looking amazing in a white t-shirt and shorts.

“I thought I’d bring you some emergency rations, you can’t beat a bacon and egg butty to cure a hangover.”

Oh! Don’t I feel sick, but I could eat a horse!

“My turn to look after you now Dave, you certainly were worse for wear last night weren’t you?”

Yeah I could not even get undressed; I guess dad helped me out of my clothes.

“No, not dad, ME!”

WHAT? But I was naked this morning…

“Yes, I know, I undressed you last night, you were in no fit state and dad was in no mood to help you, why didn’t you tell him about Brad?”

You know what he is like he would have gone straight round and sorted him.

“Like you did you mean?”

I know, I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me, you know I’m not normally violent but I couldn’t help myself last night, after I saw what he’d put you through.

“He deserved it, anyway it’s not like you didn’t enjoy some of yesterday….”

What do you mean?

“I wasn’t asleep when you came into my room, you know when you urm straightened my quilt, you took quite a long while to put the quilt down after you lifted it, did you like what you saw?”

Clare, I can’t… you can’t ask me that you are my sister

“I know I’m your sister, but… if I wasn’t your sister would you have liked what you saw?”

Yes, of course you’re a beautiful young lady, but you ARE my sister, I’m sorry I shouldn’t look at you like that, I don’t know what happened, it won’t happen again.

“Never say never brother of mine” She said, that glint was back in her eye.

Clare! I’m busy please let me get on, we’ll talk tonight

“You’re on…!”

I didn’t really know what the hell was going on, so I got stuck into work, got on and finished Brad’s gearbox repair – although I would have loved to sabotage it I couldn’t do it, this is a family business after all and it would only damage our reputation. As the day wore on I began to feel a little better so carried on with some other jobs we had around us, my dad came in around 4 and was really pleased with the work I had done, he said I could go so off I went straight back home.

First thing I did was get in the shower, the warm water running over my skin was like a battery charger, I felt so relaxed just standing there, no cares, no worries.

It felt like hours, but I’m sure was no more than five minutes before I heard the door slam,” Hello? Anyone home?” it was Clare.

“Yeah! I’m in the shower” I called cursing the fact that I was no longer alone.

“OK see you in a minute, want anything to eat? Mum and Dad are going out tonight so we need to take care of ourselves.”

Yeah some food would be great, you choose-OK.

I finished my shower and got changed and joined my sister downstairs, she was in the kitchen checking what we had to eat. I sat at the kitchen table watching her as she moved around the kitchen, I found myself taking her body in, checking her out, I had never really spent any time looking at my sister in such a way.

Before very long I realised that I was becoming hard, so much so I was becoming quite uncomfortable and started shifting round on the chair.

Clare must have noticed because she stopped what she was doing and turned round looking me first straight in the eye, and then I’m sure I saw her checking me out, then sure enough that glint was back in her eye. Clare said nothing but left the kitchen, giving me time to re-arrange myself and get a grip.

Clare came back into the room,” How’d you fancy a Chicken Tika?”

Sounds great to me, you make a mean Tika, can I help?

“No it’s fine, you’ve been working all day, fancy a beer?” She replied.

“That would be lovely!” I said.

With that Clare spun round to the fridge to get a can, but instead of crouching down to get to the fridge she bent straight over from her waist. My eyes nearly bursa otele gelen escort bayan popped out on stalks, there was my sister bent over in front of me with her tight short’s riding high into the cheeks of her arse – leaving in me in no doubt – my sister was not wearing any knickers!!

I couldn’t believe it “Clare! What the fuck is going on?”

“Don’t you dare tell me you don’t like what you see; I’ve seen that bulge in your pants!”

“Bulge or not your my sister, what are you trying to do!” This was outrageous.

“Isn’t it obvious – I WANT TO FUCK YOU? And don’t give me any more of that sister bullshit, I’m a women with great tit’s and a soaking wet pussy. I’ve seen you checking me out. And when you came into my room from the shower the other day I couldn’t help but check you out, and I want your cock it’s quite a bit larger than I’m used to seeing and I need to feel that inside me, stretching my pussy, filling me up.”

I was in turmoil, my brain was telling me this was wrong, but my dick was saying what the fuck are you waiting for! I was so hard that it was becoming more and more painful and one way or the other I was going to need to do something about it.

“Dave I know you find this difficult, but I don’t want to marry you and have your kids, I just want your cock, and it looks to me like your cock wants me! After all, we are both adults! “

With that, she slid over to me and grabbed my hand, taking it straight to her pussy. Even through her tight shorts, I could feel her wetness, feeling the heat in her pussy was like an electric shock. I could feel my physical needs overcoming the psychological boundaries.

“Here feel how hot and wet I am, you did this, you need to take care of your sister, like mum & dad have taught you! “

I couldn’t believe how wet she was, and before I knew what was going on, I had two fingers sliding in and out of her soaking wet snatch, she was starting to breath heavily and I felt her hand on my zipper next she was grabbing my dick and pulling out into the air

Clare started to rub my shaft up and down. I couldn’t control myself any longer and moved my free hand to Clare’s breast’s, I fondled her through her blouse and then slowly moved my hand to unbutton her blouse fully expecting her to come to her senses and knock my hand away. Far from it, she moved away from me and proceeded to do the most provocative sexy strip I’ve ever had the good fortune to watch.

Once completely naked I was struck by her total beauty, her skin smooth with a light tan, with no unsightly tan lines, her legs seemed to carry on forever rising to her gorgeous cherry bum. Her pussy is almost totally clean shaven apart from a little tuft just above her lips, along with a little tattoo (something else I didn’t know about!) her stomach is flat and toned. Her breasts are fantastic, just slightly larger than average in size but wonderfully shaped and pert with, as I’ve already mentioned the most amazing nipples, which were by now fully engorged and extended.

Clare moved over to the bed and lay down on her back, as she lay there she spread her legs and proceeded to play with her pussy, first working one and then two fingers into her pussy, she was groaning with pleasure her face total ecstasy. I moved over to the bed, lent down over Clare’s right breast, and took her nipple into my mouth, sucking it gently in, swirling round with my tongue.

“Oh yeah, that’s fantastic I’m gooonnnaaa ccuuuuuuuum ooooh my goooooodd Dave don’t you ever stop, gimme more I need your cock”

I could not believe this, here was my sister lying totally naked in front of me, in the throws of what appeared to me to be a fairly massive orgasm and she want’s me! What’s more, there was nothing now going to stop me, my brain losing out to my body’s more physical and basic needs.

Clare beckoned me onto the bed, she then quickly pushed me back and proceeded to remove my shirt and trousers, followed by my boxers, She then slowly but surely caressed every part of my body with such a gentle touch that only a woman can posses.

She kissed me, fully on the lips for the first time, I could feel her tongue probing my lips – I opened my mouth slightly to allow her to probe my mouth and tongue. We lay there for what felt like an eternity, and then slowly she kissed her way all down my neck, shoulders and chest – finally reaching the area just above my penis. She looked me straight in the eye and told me she was now going to give me the best blowjob I had ever had!

My reply surprised her “That won’t be difficult…. I’ve never had one!”

WHAT? You’re a virgin?

To be continued…