An African Discovery


NOTE: This story contains interracial sex and sex between an early twenties women and older man/men (50+). If such topics offend you then please do not continue reading. Regarding what is defined as “old age”: in Tanzania, where this story is based, 50’s is considered old because the average life expectancy for a male is about 59!


Maya Schönarsch was super excited. She and her boyfriend Joachim Shizcoff had both been selected along with another student from their university to accompany Professor Karl Schwengel on a research trip to the Serengeti. They were being paid to live and work in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park for six months. It was a dream come true for biology students like herself and would go a long way in strengthening her application for a PhD program. The wise old professor would only be staying with them for the first three weeks to get the trip organized and then the students would be on their own for five months, collecting data and making observations for the professor’s research project.

As far as appearances went, twenty-one year old Maya was a classical stereotypical German girl: long blond hair and blue eyes and everything else that went with it. Many people had told her she looked like Heidi Klum. She didn’t care much about her looks herself as she was a certified nerd whose only aim in life was to the best student in her class.

Joachim had been dating Maya for a few months now, and their relationship was still in the honeymoon period. They were both madly infatuated by each others’ appearances. The upcoming African trip would test their relationship. What was not known to Maya was that Joachim was an egomaniac, and he believed that Maya was only picked to go because of him. He thought that the professor had also chosen Maya so that he could be kept well serviced on the long trip. However, what was not known to him was that Maya had pleaded with Professor Schwengel to choose Joachim despite his average scores and bad attitude. As the best student in class according to the professor, Maya commanded great respect from her advisor and she had given him the ultimatum that she would only go if Joachim went.


The professor’s research camp was a modest one in a remote part of the Serengeti which was out of bounds for tourists. It had two large tents, an in-ground toilet and a shabby fence. The students would have to make weekly trips to the main administration village for showers, ration and gasoline. Maya shared her tent with the other female student, Heidi, while the professor and Joachim took the second tent. Maya figured that she could move in with Joachim after the professor went back to Germany as it would be indecent to ask to Heidi to share a tent with her professor.

Over the first few days the professor trained the students with the park etiquettes and the dangers they could face, which was pretty much everything: lions, elephants, spitting cobras, black mambas, buffalo, baboons… you name it!

Professor Schwengel’s research group was well loved by the park administration. He had built trust and friendship with the Tanzanians by working with them through the thick and thin for over three decades. Towards the end of his stay, the professor introduced his latest recruits to the park staff at an informal dinner party that he hosted at the research camp. At the party he introduced Maya to the Tanzanians as the leader for his research group in his absence. She was to coordinate with Mr. Ziddi, who was the superintendent for the range in which the research would be carried out.

On the day the professor left, Maya decided to accompany him back to Arusha so that she could discuss more science with him. Heidi and Joachim opted to stay back at the camp because they were not interested in the long drive to and back from Arusha.

When Maya was away, everything unraveled.

Unknown to her, Joachim had started hating Maya deeply. He had been pissed since the professor made Maya the leader of the group. Like a true egomaniac, he believed he was a better scientist and leader and that the only reason Maya was made the leader was because she must have slept with the professor. In his mind, there was no other way, and Maya’s decision to accompany the professor on a day-long journey to the airport and back only strengthened his belief.

When Maya came back to the camp, she was shocked to see that Heidi had moved in with Joachim! She was heartbroken and felt betrayed. With tears in her eyes, she asked Joachim how he could do that to her. Joachim coldly replied, “Do you think I’m a cuckold to carry on with you? It is obvious you were sleeping with that old bastard. Ya?”

“WHAT? Am I sleeping with Professor Schwengel? Who told you that?”

“Who should tell me that? It was clear to everyone here. He made you the leader of the group. You also proved it by accompanying him to Arusha. You’re his little slut, aren’t you? Did he give his you a nice fuck?”

“JOACHIM,” Maya screamed, “You have no idea. I have nothing more to say to you.”

Maya Ankara bayan escort then wiped the tears of her eyes and said, “Heidi, you’re making a mistake. A big mistake.”

“No Maya. You made a mistake. You cheated on such a good person like Joachim. That too with an old professor. Do you realize how disgusting that is?”

“HEIDI! STOP IT,” screamed Maya. “You guys are disgusting. Both of you.”

“No, Maya, YOU are disgusting,” said Joachim.

Outnumbered, Maya could take the vitriol anymore. Overcome by sadness, she absentmindedly started walking towards the administration village completely unaware of her surroundings. She had walked a good half an hour, past herds of gazelles, giraffes, zebras and gnus. She finally stopped to look at the antics of a baboon troop when she noticed that the sky had turned crimson. That’s when she came to her senses and realized that she was in the middle of the African savanna and it would soon be night. The hyenas could be heard cackling in the distance. The lions had started their late-evening spacing calls. Maya was scared. The already nightmarish time would continue into the night.

As she sat crying next to the road, staring at the vast savanna, Maya saw car lights in the distance. At first she thought she was dreaming, but soon realized it was real. She hoped it was coming her way. And it was! She watched the lights like a hawk. It was a park administration vehicle and in it was Mr. Ziddi, the superintendent for the range. Mr. Ziddi was an older man, in his fifties, with greying facial hair, a clean shaven head and a fat belly. He was black as coal. He had a big smile when he saw Maya.

“Miss Maya. I am glad I found you before the lions did. Your friends radioed my office telling me you had walked away.”

All that Maya could muster was, “They are not my friends.”

Suddenly Ziddi realized that the tears in Maya’s eyes were not because she was scared. “Please come in Miss Maya. I will take you back to the research camp.”

“I’d rather take my chances with the lions than go back to the research camp.”

“I’m sorry Miss Maya, but there’s no other place for researchers to stay around here.”

Maya got out of the car and said, “Then I’ll stay right here.”

“Miss Maya. Please. If you’d like to, you can stay in the spare bedroom in my house tonight. We can discuss the situation tomorrow.”

“I would be forever grateful if you could allow me to stay with you Mr. Ziddi,” said Maya as she hugged the helpful administrator.

Ziddi wanted to know what had happened, but knew better that Maya needed some time to calm down. They drove back to the administration village in silence.


It was very dark by the time Ziddi drove into the village and made his way around narrow roads to his quarters. As head of the range, Ziddi had the best house in the village. He parked his car in front of the house and invited Maya inside. The house had one living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. There weren’t many things in the house. There was an old television box sitting atop a chair, two cane chairs and a cane mat on the floor. There were some books on the floor and an old pendulum clock. Ziddi’s room had one cot and the guest room had a mattress on the floor. The plaster on the walls was peeling off in places. It was modest living for a man in charge of thousands of square miles of the most visited savanna in the world.

“Miss Maya, can I offer you something to drink,” Ziddi asked.

“I would love to drink something really strong.”


Maya laughed. It was the first time she had done so since his trip back to the research camp that afternoon. “No, Mr. Ziddi, I was talking about alcohol. Vodka or rum or something like that. I really need something strong to drown my sorrows.”

“I see. I am sorry Miss Maya. You see, I was raised as a Muslim, so I have never tasted alcohol and don’t have alcohol in my house. I’ll see if any of my staff have something like that.”

“No, no, Mr. Ziddi. You are already being too kind. I do not want to trouble you more.”

“It’s fine Miss Maya. I don’t know what happened, but I see how sad you are. I think it may help you if that is how you cope with sorrow.”

Ziddi got on the phone and blasted out some Kiswahili.

After a few phone calls, Ziddi said, “Miss Maya. From what I’ve found out so far, there are a few guys with Tekawima here. It is a local drink made from maize. In Tanzania, foreign drinks are expensive, so locals prefer drinking local brews. I hear it is very strong.”

Maya thought for a second and then said, “I’d love to try it.”

Ziddi got back on the phone and ordered someone to bring him a few bottles of Tekawima. When the drink arrived, Maya wasn’t so sure she should be drinking it. Tekawima came in repurposed beer bottles and smelled really strong. On another day, Maya might have declined on another day, but she really wanted to drink something strong that day and also didn’t want Ziddi to feel Escort bayan Ankara bad after he had organized it. So, Maya picked up a bottle and took a sip. And then another, followed by another.

Ziddi asked, “Is it any good?”

“It tastes very different. I think I like it!”


“Thank you Mr. Ziddi. And I’m sorry to be consuming alcohol in your house. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, no problem. I have no problem with people drinking alcohol. I don’t drink it, that’s all,” he laughed. “Would you like to eat something? The guy who dropped it off said Tekawima must never be consumed on an empty stomach.”

“I am hungry.”

“Alright. Today, I am having some Ugali, which is hard cornmeal, and some grilled meat. Is that OK for you? Or do you want something different?”

“I’ll eat whatever you are having, sir.”

Maya and Ziddi sat on the floor as they ate their food. Ziddi spoke about his long tenure in the Serengeti and Maya shared about life in Germany. Maya found out that Ziddi was a widower and his adult children and grandkids lived in the nation’s largest city, Dar es Salaam.

Maya had already finished one bottle of Tekawima and was feeling the full effects of the powerful alcohol when Ziddi asked her about her troubles at the research camp. Maya broke down and wailed as she shared her sob story. Ziddi offered her moral support and said, “Young men are such idiots these days. Such idiots.”

“What do you mean,” asked Maya.

“I mean that Joachim had a real diamond in you and he went after a common pebble that Heidi is.”

“Why am I like a diamond?”

“Miss Maya. I have worked with many researchers from your country over the last thirty years. I have not seen someone as dedicated as you are when it comes to work. I have also not seen someone as beautiful as you are. You are the definition of what they call beauty with brains.”

Maya giggled at that. “You’re just saying that because I am sad.”

“If you want I can repeat what I just said when you are not sad.”

Maya laughed. And blushed.

“Miss Maya,” Ziddi continued, “I know the professor would rather have you work in the park than Joachim and Heidi. Do you want me to kick them out of the research camp tomorrow? I’ll tell the professor that they broke rules of the park and I want them out. That way you don’t have to share your story once again.”

An evil cackle escaped Maya as she giggled and said, “I would absolutely love it if you kicked those bastards out. I’ll even sleep with you if you do that for me!”

Ziddi went solemn when he heard that. Was that drunk girl serious? He had not thought anything sexual about Maya so far. After all, she was younger than his youngest daughter and he had taken on a fatherly role in helping the young German until now. As Maya went back to eating and drinking, Ziddi stared at Maya. Her long blond hair was braided. Her pale white skin had turned red in the parts exposed to the Equatorial sun. Her 32B breasts looked soft and inviting. He imagined how Maya looked naked. Ziddi felt discomfort in his pants. During his younger days, he had been presented with a few opportunities to hook up with visiting European students, but he had always thwarted attempts by being too professional. He had gotten more open in his older days, but his young hot physique wasn’t opening any doors for more opportunities. Suddenly, he saw potential in Maya and had to play his cards carefully if he wanted to fulfill this fantasy of his.

Ziddi realized he had to act swiftly to keep the sexual conversation alive. He figured that if he acted as if he hadn’t heard it, then the conversation would quickly die. If he made any aggressive moves, then there was a good chance Maya would resist as she would think that this man with power was trying to take advantage of his position and her situation. There was a fine line of hope for him between passiveness and aggressiveness, and he decided to take that passive-egressive approach.

“Miss Maya, that was a very rude thing to say to a widower if you were not serious about following it through,” Ziddi said.

“Rude thing? What did I say?”

“I think you said you’ll sleep with me if I kicked out Joachim and Heidi out of the park. You cannot tell that to a man who hasn’t had sex in so many years.”

Ziddi knew he had made his move. If Maya apologized, then it would be all over. It was a risk he was willing to take. Ziddi was hoping that a concoction of revenge, favor and lack of sex would propel Maya towards his side. While Maya looked a little flustered without saying anything, Ziddi quickly added, “Why the hesitation Miss Maya? Do you think I’m ugly?”

“No No No, Mr. Ziddi. I find you extremely attractive. I was just thinking about the consequences for our professional lives.”

Ziddi’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that. The blonde German chick was all there for the picking. He had to just do enough to get her now without appearing to be too desperate or too creepy.

“Miss Maya…”

“You Bayan escort Ankara may just call me Maya.”

“Maya, a man like me can never refuse a lady like you. I don’t want to sit here and tell you what to do or what not to do. I think it’s best I go to my room. You think it over and decide which room you want to sleep in tonight. Please do not feel you have to do something because of pressure. I won’t hold anything against you even if you decide to sleep alone. I will never bring up this topic again on my own.”

“I understand.”

Ziddi then quietly got up, trying hard to conceal his erection from the watchful eyes of Maya. He walked briskly into his room and gently closed the door. Once inside his room, Ziddi got naked and laid down on his bed, covered himself with a light blanket and stared at the ceiling. All he could do now was to pray that Maya would choose his room for the night.

Meanwhile, Maya was drinking more Tekawima. Her heart was pounding with excitement too. The sheer naughtiness of sleeping with Ziddi – a powerful, older man – was making her pussy wet. However, the scientist in her wanted to think thoroughly before hastily jumping into bed with a man who had full authority over her research prospects in the area. She realized that such trysts would never end well. Her practical side overpowered her sensual side.

Ziddi’s heart sank when he heard the door to the adjacent room open and shut. He sighed as he realized that his fantasies of fucking foreign researchers would just remain fantasies for now.

In the guest room, Maya quietly undressed herself and laid down on her bed. She too stared at the ceiling as she gently played with her moist pussy. She rubbed her clit. Her mind was overloaded with dirty thoughts. Maya’s little puffy nipples were erect and begged for attention. Maya squeezed them gently and felt her pussy getting moister. She masturbated imagining Ziddi to be fucking her.

The walls between the two rooms were thin and offered no sort of sound insulation. Ziddi could hear Maya moaning by pleasuring herself. His cock got harder. He imagined that he was the man fucking her. He closed his eyes and masturbated to the sweet sounds of Maya’s moans.


The next morning, Maya woke up to the smell of frying eggs and brewing coffee. She put on her panties and her T-shirt and went into the kitchen.

“Good morning Miss Maya. Did you have a nice sleep,” asked Ziddi.

“Morning! Yes, I did. Thank you,” replied Maya.

Maya noticed that the ‘Miss’ salutation was back as Ziddi had reverted to his professional self. Maya saw there was no anger or hate in the way Ziddi was behaving even though she had led him to believe she would sleep with him the previous night and backed out of it. She felt happy that Ziddi was every bit of a gentleman she had imagined him to be. She then noticed Ziddi trying hard not to stare at her braless breasts. Suddenly, her mind veered into dirty territory and begged to know if he was as good in bed as her masturbation fantasy from the previous night imagined him to be.

“You know you don’t need to call me Miss,” said Maya with a smile.

“It is my nature to be respectful to colleagues and guests – however old or young they are,” replied Ziddi with a smile.

“Sorry about last night,” Maya said after a pause. “I was a little too drunk and said things I shouldn’t have said. However, I realized after you left that that sort of a relationship could affect both our careers. So, I wanted to think through this when I’m not drunk or feeling vulnerable.”

“Like I said yesterday, Miss Maya, a man like me can never refuse a lady like you. However, I am not the kind of man who will abuse his powers or use a certain situation to get what he wants.”

With that Ziddi made it perfectly clear to Maya what his position was. He then served Maya some fried eggs, coffee and a few slices of toasted bread. “Now, please eat your breakfast. After that, we’ll drive to the research camp and see if we can sort out the problem you are having with your fellow researchers.”

Maya and Ziddi ate their breakfast in silence.

Just as they were about to start their hour long trip to the research camp, Maya said, “Were you serious about kicking them out of the park?”

Ziddi said, “I can if you want me to. I’d rather have a smart and dedicated researcher working in my park rather than pigs like Joachim and Heidi.”

Maya smiled and asked, “Do you need any favors from me to do that?”

“Miss Maya, you’re just teasing me now.”

“Quid pro quo, Mr. Ziddi?”

“Excuse me?”

“Give something. Take something,” giggled Maya.

“Are you offering me a bribe?”

“Yes. I would love to corrupt a sincere officer.”

“Miss Maya, this is an offer I cannot refuse. I would be a fool if I refused.”

“Back inside the house then?”

“No, the village is awake. There are too many eyes and ears here. Quick, get into the car.”

As they drove out the village, Maya put her hand on Ziddi’s thighs and looked lustily at the superintendent. Ziddi put his hand on top of hers and said, “Remember Maya, we always need to be professional around other people. Whatever happens, this must stay between us. It is the best way for both of us.”