Amy’s Lays By the Thames – Day 03


Day Three Thursday

The next morning we tidied up our sleeping bags and dressed. We trooped down to the farmhouse and took it in turns to use the shower, first me and then Mel Joe and I are going to have a foursome with the farmer and his wife after breakfast.” Mel added as if reading my thoughts.

“Will you have enough energy for later with your friends?” I asked.

“Hell yes, it’s not until this evening that we’re meeting up for food and fun.” Mel replied. We joined the farmer and his rather portly wife for breakfast. Mel it was breathless, which given that she was apparently running in the pouring rain, was to be expected. Glancing at my watch, I suddenly realised that it was only 5.25; I wasn’t due to arrive until 6.00. I’d made better time than I expected, given the length of this stretch of the walk and I’d also ‘put the spurt on’ when I saw the gathering storm clouds.

“That’s okay, I’ll be waiting.” I replied sheepishly, realising I was actually the one to blame. True to her word, approximately five minutes later I saw a figure rounding the corner of the close and run towards me. It couldn’t have been more perfect if she’d been running in slow motion to the theme from ‘Chariots of Fire’.

She ran up the short garden path and stopped beside me, jogging on the spot as she checked her pulse before halting. She leaned over and resting her hands on her knees began taking in great lungfuls of air. Her long, blonde hair held in a pony tail flicking back with the suddenness by which she brought her head back, a feat even more impressive given that her hair must have been sodden from the rain like mine. She was in her early to mid-thirties, about 5″9, athletically built, with medium sized breasts, straining to be released from the clutches of the sports-bra she wore beneath her neon-pink running top. Soaking with a mixture of sweat and rain water, the top clung to Lydia’s upper torso and I spied her nipples.

“You’re Amy?” Lydia asked upon regaining her breath. I nodded. She took my hand and shook it warmly.

“Pleased to meet you, I’m Lydia Summers, call me Lydia. Apologies for keeping you out here, especially in weather like this. Now, no arguments, you’ll stay here tonight half-price and instead of putting up with my so, so cooking, I’ll treat you to a meal at one of the many eateries our fair town has to offer.” She said all this in a breezy, business-like tone that left me hoping that she was single and not straight.

I followed her inside her house and gratefully closed the door. She helped me off with my backpack after first putting down some newspaper pages on a spot in her hallway. For my part I slipped out of my hiking boots and the thick walking socks I’d been wearing under them and began kneading my feet.

“You look drenched.” Lydia remarked, as she returned from the kitchen clutching two glasses of water. I accepted my glass and emptied the contents in just a couple of gulps, whereas my hostess took a few sips of hers.

“Um, listen. I believe I owe you the apology. You didn’t keep me waiting; more like I was about forty minutes early.”

“That doesn’t matter. I should have still have been here. Its just mersin escort I’d been too busy to go jogging earlier today and when I finished work early, I saw my chance and took it. I had hoped to beat the weather though.”

As Lydia spoke, she ran her hand up and down her pony tail and removed the band that held it in place. She let her hair down which took my breath away and examined her hand with the band, tutting as she did.

“Well, lets get you to your room. It’s all ready and waiting for you.” I followed Lydia as she stomped up the stairs, me with the backpack and she with newspaper pages. It afforded me a very fine view of her rump through the jogging shorts she wore, very nice indeed. At the top of the landing there were three doors. At the front end were the small bedroom and the rear, the bathroom. To the side, parallel with the stairwell were the doors to the two main bedrooms. I moved to the small one at the front.

“No, No. It’s this one.” Lydia steered me to the front bedroom. The door opened onto a pleasant, square shaped-room with cream-coloured walls and a double-bed with a wooden headboard that screamed IKEA.

“I was expecting the small room.” I said as I put my backpack on the newspapers Lydia had laid down.

“That’s for my cousin when she comes over.” Lydia explained.

I quickly examined the contents of the backpack. Though its outside was ringing wet, the inside was nice and dry. That just left the clothes I was wearing.

“Get your kit off.” Lydia ordered, a part of me hoping that she meant how it sounded. Another part of me, the bedraggled part of me though, thought otherwise. Guessing that she meant to wash and dry my clothes, probably whilst doing the same to her own jogging items I did as I was bid. I neatly folded them and gave them to her. I could tell she was checking me out as I undressed and had therefore took a little more time about it, shimmying out of clothes instead of just tugging them off.

“You’ll find fresh towels in the bottom drawer.” She bobbed her head in the direction of a white chest of drawers beneath the window.

I wrapped myself in a pale-pink bath towel as Lydia disappeared down the stairs with my clothes. I padded out into the landing in time to see her remove my socks from my shoes and disappear into the kitchen. I walked into the bathroom and removing my towel noticed the growth of hair on my legs, under my armpits and of course, my groin. If I was going to go out tonight for a meal, I’d need to do something about that. I looked around in the medicine cabinet and found a woman’s razor and cream. I also found a bright-pink ‘Rampant Rabbit’ vibrator! I took it gingerly out of the cabinet and switched it on. It came to life, making it’s distinctive buzz. I could feel the vibes and briefly fantasized about its most recent use, and its user. I quickly switched it off and put it back where I’d found it.

“Do you mind if I use these?” I called down from the top of the landing, towel back in place holding up the razor. I was shocked when Lydia appeared at the bottom, naked save for a pair of pink fluffy slippers!

Her body was lithe and lean with a naked pussy and very mersin escort bayan pert, ample breasts. Her areolas were small and along with her nipples, not much redder than the rest of her milky-white skin. With her hair draped down over her shoulders, they reached to her cleavage.

“Use what?” She asked. I just stood there transfixed at this vision of beauty in slippers below me.

“Your razor, I could do with a trim.” I gestured to my armpits and legs, though not my pussy as it was damp and swollen from the sight of my naked hostess.

“Absolutely and take your time in the bath and relax. I’ll go in after you’ve finished. Oh, one more thing, if you could fill the bath with hot and cold at the same time?” Recovering my composure I nodded and returned to the sanctity of the bathroom. As I shaved myself all over I filled the bath, adding some bath salts and bubble-bath as I did so. I may have gone too far with the bath and the water crept up to my navel as I lay down inside it. I truly wallowed in the warm, relaxing suds and lathered myself all over. Finally, after perhaps half-an-hour I tore myself out of the bath.

“Do you want me to refill the bath or will you do it yourself?” I called down.

“Just empty a little of it out and top it up with some hot.” She called back. I did and then swiftly retreated to my bedroom to dry off.

I heard her come upstairs and enter the bathroom. I opened the bedroom door a crack and heard splashing about coming from the bath. I also heard a very familiar buzzing. I tip-toed across the landing and placed my ear to the door.

“Mmm! Ahhh!” She was moaning as she used the vibe on her. I could picture her, head thrown back and eyes closed in ecstasy as she rammed the vibe in and out of her sopping wet pussy. The little ‘tail’ extension rubbing her clit. I found one of my hands drifting down to my own pussy and I began rubbing my clit as I heard Lydia’s moaning grow and grow.

“Ohhh! Ahhh! OH YES! OHHH YESSSS!” She came, at least I presume she did at the exact moment I did. Though I had to clamp my free hand over my mouth to stop myself crying out in orgasmic satisfaction also. I quickly and silently made my way back to my room and closing the door, resumed drying my hair and body. Not long afterwards I heard her emerge from the bathroom. There was a gentle rapping on my door.

“Are you decent?” Lydia asked, not that I suspected she cared, by now I was convinced I had a shot at bedding her tonight, which reinvigorated from my bath I was well and truly up for.

“Yes.” I called. The word had barely escaped my lips when she entered the room wearing two wet towels. One wrapped around her torso, the other her hair like a walnut whip.

“I was thinking about The Red Lion on the high street for dinner. It’s very nice and not too far to walk.” My stomach rumbled in seeming response.

“Terrific.” was my only reply. I then moved to my backpack and started looking through my things for something appropriate to wear.

“Don’t worry you’re about my cousin’s height and build, why don’t you wear something of hers?” Lydia walked into the small room and I followed. The décor was the same escort mersin as my room. Lydia had both the wardrobe and a couple of drawers open and soon the bed contained several dresses, skirts, blouses, bra lounging on an L-shaped black-leather sofa, without the dress or bra and with no knickers on under her tights which I realised had a semi-circular hole in the crotch, exposing her pussy!

“Forgive me I just had to take them off. I’m more comfortable like this.” She said. Sitting down on the sofa next to me and crossing one nylon-clad leg over the other, which made a wonderful ‘swishing’ sound as she did.

“I’m feeling a little overdressed her, I’ll take off mine, and the tights.” I felt uncomfortable being dressed when she wasn’t and if this was the preamble to a seduction, I didn’t want to waste anymore time than I needed. I slipped out of the dress and then removed the nylons.

“I’ll take them, your bra & panties as well if you’d like, so that I can put them in the wash ready for my cousin to wear.” Lydia stood up and, arms outstretched, received my clothes.

“See?” I quipped as I handed her the tights, “No ladders.” She laughed, theatrically examining them before heading for the kitchen.

She returned shortly afterwards. Put some soft ‘mood music’ on her IPad and a small desk lamp before switching off the main light. Yep, a seduction, well that was fine with me. She returned to her spot on the sofa.

“Do you always go to this much trouble for your guests, or is it just the ones you leave out in the rain?” I asked.

“Only the ones I find attractive. Tell me, did you try my Rabbit?” Lydia began gently stroking my bare thigh whilst still keeping eye contact with me. I was tempted to play ‘dumb’ and say something about not knowing she had pets.

“Should I have?” I replied instead.

“You know, when I had my bath, I used it on me, imagining that you’d tried it yourself. It gave me a thrill to know it had been in your pussy and rubbed your clit before mine.”

“Sorry. I was tempted, but other than briefly turning it on…” I responded, unconsciously reaching out with my right hand and running it up and down her stockinged thighs as I spoke.

“You know of course why I ‘Air B-n-B’, besides the money and company?” She teased.

“To meet and seduce people?” I replied breathlessly. We’d both been inching towards each other and our lips were now inches apart.

“Precisely.” Lydia replied and leaned over me.

Her lips, when they touched mine were soft and tasted sweet, almost fruity — Lydia explained later that she had flavoured lipstick. At first the touch of our lips was the merest brush of skin against skin, lasting only a moment. She pulled away lightly so that I could see the smile on them. She then went back in and deftly moved her lips across mine a couple of times before settling them firmly into place on mine. Our lips soon opened and our tongues began dancing in each others’ mouths like two ballerinas pirouetting on a stage. She then withdrew her own tongue from my mouth and gently but firmly grasped my tongue with her lips and began sucking on it as if my tongue were a penis. Eventually she ended the kiss after what seemed like an eternity, a blissful, rewarding eternity.

“Wow!” I half-muttered, half-stammered, and that was after just one, admittedly long and fantastic kiss. What would happen when genitals came into play?